Joynt Family Chronicles
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Ireland Registry of Deeds
Joynt Memorials Index

Grantor, Grantee,County-etc., yr,vol,memorial

Joynt,Edward; Joynt,Galbraith; Clare Co.; 1860; 14; 143
Joynt, Edward; Joynt, Dudley; Limerick City; 1860;5;290
Joynt, Edward; Stritch, Arthur; Clare Co; 1864; 11;206
Joynt, Edward; Hannon, Joseph; Clare Co; 1868; 5; 252
Joynt, James O'Donnell; Joynt, Dudley; Limerick City; 1863; 5; 290
Joynt, William; Keane, John; Limerick City; 1860; 7; 193
Joynt, William; Powell, Eyre; Clare Co; 1867;13;202
Joynt, Arabella, Mary &ors; Duggan, Henry; City of Limerick; 1847; 2; 72
Joynt, Andrew, James &ors; Poor Law Commissioners; Co Mayo; 1849;1;8
Joynt, Anthony; Joynt, Diana; Mayo Co.; 1842;;176
Joynt, John; Layng, Edward; Mayo Co.; 1800;;356811
Joynt, Henry &ors; Higgins, James; Mayo Co.;1852;;36
Joynt;;Galway Co.; 1819;;506033

Indented Articles of Agreement between James Joynt and Jane Brown 1781; Co. Galway-Memorial 229441
Deed of Mortgage between Dudley Joynt and James O'Shaughnessy 1804
; Co. Limerick;
Deed of Assignment between Charles Joynt and Michael Bartley 1817; Co. Limerick-Memorial 492778
Deed of Assignment; George Joynt et al. 1805 ; Co Mayo;
Deed of Indenture between James Joynt and Richard Galbreath 1805; Co. Galway-Memorial 382040
Deed of Assignment between Dudley Joynt and James Mahon 1802; Co Limerick;
Indented Articles of Marriage Settlement between Jane Frazer and Richard Joynte 1809;


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