Joynt Family Chronicles
A One-Name Study

Registry of Deeds

To the Register Appointed for Registering Deeds and so forth

A Memorial of an Indented Deed of Mortgage bearing date the Nineteenth day of May One thousand eight hundred and four Between Dudley Joynt of Askeaton in the barony of Limerick Gent of the one part and Jas OShaughnessy of Askeaton Innkeeper of the other part by which the said Dudley Joynt in consideration of the Sum of One Hundred Sixty Nine Pounds Six Shillings two penses (Here in the deed is a strange symbol and an arrow pointing downward) other the (consideration?) in said Deed of Mtgagement did Grant bargain Sell Allow Release and Confirm Mortgage unto the said Jas OShaughnessy his Heir and assigns that part of the Lands of Ballnaeahara leased by Michl Ford Royce to said Dudley Joynt and that part of the Lands of Mullogh leased by John OBrien Esq to Hugh Joynt deceased father of the said Dudley Joynt Both Situate in the Barony of Lower Connello and County of Limerick and did also Grant Bargain Sell Assign Transfer and Make over to said Jas OShaughnessy that part of the lease of North Lissane leased by Thos Davenport to said Dudley Joynt which deed contains a clause or covenant of Redemption on Repayment of Sum of One Hundred Sixty Nine pounds six shillings two pence with legal (intent?) in two years and said Deed contains a covenant of Further assurance Witness to said Deed are John Oconnor of Askeaton Co Limerick (labourer?) and the Wm Macnamara of Rathkeale Gent and Witness to the Memorial are the said Thos Willima Macnamnara and Edmd OShaughnessy of Cappa in the County of Limerick Gent

The above named Thos W Macnamara maketh oath an Saith he is a Subscriber and Witness to the original Deed of which the above writing is a memorial and also to the above memorial and saith he did see the said Deed duly recited by Dudley Joynt and James OShaughnessy the (executing parties?) thereto that he did also see the above mentioned duly executed by the said Jas OShaughnessy and Saith that the Name Thos Wm Macnamara Signed as Witness to said Deed and this memorial Respectively as the name and proper hand of this Deed.


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