Joynt Family Chronicles
A One-Name Study

Registry of Deeds
Memorial 492778

To The Register Appointed by Act of Parliament for Registering Deeds Conveyances & So forth

A Memorial of an Indented Deed of Assignment bearing date the Eighteenth Day of October One thousand Eight hundred and Seventeen and made between Charles Joynt of the City of Limerick Tallow Chandler of the one part and Michael Bartley of said City Dealer of the other part. Reciting as therein is recited That John Brennan of said City Brewer by Lease Dated the twenty fifth of March One Thousand Seven Hundred and Ninety four for the consideration therein metioned Demised and Set unto the said Charles Joynt all that and those the ????? Back House and Yard then in the possession of the said Charles Joynt Situate outside John's Gate Parish of St. John and ?????? of said City Bounded on the North by John Theas Holdings in the South by William Thynes Holdings in the West by Morgan Tweeneys holdings and in the East by the High Road leading from Limerick to( Cork?) from the twenty fifth day of March then East for and during the Natural Life of the said Charles Joynt and the term of forty Eight years after the Decease of the said Charles Joynt At the yearly Rent of Six pounds ten schills then payable March & September Said deed of which this is a Memorial Witnessed that the said Charles Joynt for the Consideration therein mentioned Granted Assigned and made over all his Estate and Interest in and to said premises unto the said Michael Bartley his heirs and Assigns from the twenty ninth day of September last In which said Deed there ??? Contained Several Clauses and Covenants and which said Deed is Duly Executed by the said Charles Joynt and Michael Bartley and the Mermorial Duly Executed by the said Charles Joynt both in presence of and Witnessed by James Dwyer Gent and Darby Hayes Broker both of said City

(Signature of Charles Joynt)

Signed and Sealed in the presence of (signatures of James Dwyer and Darby Hayes)

The above named Darby Hayes Maketh Oath and Saith that he is a Subscribing Witness to the Original Deed of Consignment of which the above Writing is a Memorial and also to the above Memorial Saith he saw said Deed Duly Signed and Executed by the above named Charles Joynt and Michael Bartley and also Saw the above Memorial duly Signed and Executed by the said Charles Joynt and Saith that the name Darby Hayes Subscribed as a Witness to said Deed and the above Memorial is this Deponents proper name and HandWriting.

Sworn before me at the City of Limerick the 10th day of October 1817 ?????????? of His Majestys Court of Exchequer in Ireland for taking of affadavits at said City and I know the deponent. (Signed by James Dwyer)

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