Joynt Family Chronicles
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Registry of Deeds
Memorial 229441

To the Register appointed by Act of Parliament for registering Deeds and so forth or his Deputy

A Memorial of indented Articles of Agreement dated the twelfth day of September One thousand seven hundred and Eighty one made between James Joynt of Hollymount in the County of Galway Esquire of the first part Jane Brown of Ballysax in the County of Kildare Widow of James Brown late of the City of Dublin Esq deceased of the second part James Gailbraith of Capard Patrick Persse of Spring Garden both in the County of Galway Esqrs and Charles Annesley Esq Captain in his Majesty's ninth Regiment of Foot of the third part and Mrs Mary Annesley Widow Mother of the said Jane Brown of Ballysax aforesaid of the fourth part which recited that a Marriage was then shortly intended to be had and solemnized between said James Joynt and Jane Brown and that the Fortune of said Jane Brown amounted to One thousand pounds which consisted of three hundred pounds ????? devised to said Jane Brown by the last Will and Testament of Mrs Alice Heppy Widow then late of Ballysax in the County of Kildare one Bond with Warrant of Attorney for conferring Judgment thereon dated twelfth of September then Instant executed by John Annesley of Ballsax in the penal Sum of Eight hundred pounds then conditioned for payment of four hundred pounds with Intent and three hundred pounds given to said Jane Brown and made a ???? on the lands of Kilmore in the County of Galway at the Decease of the said Mrs Mary Annesley therefore by said Articles for the consideration therein mentioned said Jane Brown with the Consent of said James Joynt and Mary Annesley did assign and make over unto said James Gailbraith Patrick Persse and Charles Annesley The Survivor of them his Executors and admors said several Sums of Money secured as aforesaid to hold to said James Galbraith Patrick Persse and Charles Annesley and the survivor of them his Executors and Admors upon the several Trusts therein particularly ment. as by said Articles may more fully appear which said Marriage Articles are witnessed by Robert Saunders Esq. The Reverend Henry Annesley Clerk and Wynne Hillas Gent. and this Memorial is also witnessed by the said Henry Annesley and by John Coen the City of Dublin Gentelman.

Signed sealed and delivered in presence of Henry Annesley John Coen (signatures- also James Joynt signature)

Reg 29th Octr 1781 at half after 10 in the forenoon.

The Reverend Henry Annesley Clerk maketh Oath that he is a Subscribing Witness to the Original Indented Articles of Agreement whereof the above annexed Parchment writing is a Memorial and also to the said Memorial and that he saw the said Indented Articles duly executed by James Joynt Jane Browne Mary Annesley and Charles Annesley the Executing Parties thereto and also saw the said James Joynt duly Execute the said Memorial and delivered the said Indented Articles of Agreement and the said above annexed Memorial to Mr Wm Kelly Deputy Register at or near the Hour of Half after Ten OClock in the forenoon 29th Day of October One thousand seven hundred and eighty one.

Signed Henry Annesley

Sworn this 29th Day of October 1781 before me.

Signed Will Kelly Dep Reg


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