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Williamstown Advertiser (Victoria Australia) Sept 24, 1921, written by
Captain F. JOYNT


I have sailed the seas both north and south,
         And away to the east and west;
Have lain becalmed with the sea like oil,
         And weathered the gale at its best,
Yes, many times have I crossed the line
         Round south for the stormy Horn;
Have headed my way through Biscay Bay,
         To the toot of a hoarse fog horn.

Have taken my trick at a slipping wheel
         And dossed in a soaking bunk;
I know the taste of the weevily bread
         And the stench of the soaking junk,
Have scrambled aloft to a weather yardarm
         Swinging out on a footrope light,
And scratched at the bellying canvas iced
         As we snugged her down for the night.

Have watched the tapering masthead sway,
         To the south-east trade winds sigh,
And sighted the curl on the staysail leech
         As we sailed her full and by,
Till the Dolphin's flash like a silver streak
         As they cut on the water line,
And the deep down blue of the ocean hue
         Is lost in the eight bell chime.

Have seen the rag in every clime,
         From Sol to the straits of Bass,
And had my fling in the good old way
         With a rollicking Highland lass,
Have drawn my voyage's pay in a lump
         And lived for a week like a lord;
Then sold my advance to the landlord's wife
         For a smile and a week-back board.

And the end of it all, when the end does come,
         Is a second-hand canvas sheet;
A Union Jack thrown over your hulk
         And some spare chain down at your feet;
A cursing skipper to read a prayer,
         Then a splash in the deep sea wave;
It's life on top, but rest below
         Deep down in a sailor's grave.

Please, if you know anything further of these families or belong to any of these families, let me know more! These families have been pieced together from various years of study of the surname JOYNT.  Basically, I started searching for siblings or parents for my great,great grandfather, David Joynt. I still haven't found any of his relatives; however, I have pieced together other Joynt families. I will be adding lots more to the pages in weeks to come so please check back often. Thanks, Cathy Joynt Labath

Dr. Edward MacLysaght in his book "Surnames of Ireland" says: JOYNT, a Huguenot name (Fr. le joint) slim, graceful. Formerly well-known in both Cos. Limerick and Mayo.

In "Irish Church Records", edited by James G. Ryan, published by Flyleaf Press, Dublin, Vivien Costello points out there were four waves of Huguenots that emigrated to Ireland following persecution in continental Europe: the second half of the 16th century; early 17th century; 60 years following the 1685 Edict of Nantes; and after the war of Austrian Succession ended in 1748.

The Huguenots usually arrived in Ireland via England, having first fled to Switzerland, Germany or Holland. Although some of the Huguenots in Ireland were essentially religious refugees, their numbers were increased by five Huguenot regiments recruited in Holland for William of Orange's army (1689-1691) to fight against James II's troops. William encouraged (forced) the Huguenots to settle in Ireland and by 1710 they numbered several thousand.

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Could this  Edmond be my ggg grandfather????


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