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Registry of Deeds
Memorial 506033

To the Registrar appointed by Act of Parliament for Registering Deeds, Leases, Conveyances and So Forth:

A memorial of an Indented Deed of Conveyance bearing date the eleventh day of March one thousand Eight hundred and nineteen and made between Stewart KING of the City of Dublin Esquire one of the Masters of his Majesty's High Court of Chancery in Ireland of the first part John JOYNT of Portadowne in the County of Armagh Esquire and Dudley JOYNT of Kilmore in the county of Galway Esquire and Anthony LENNON of Cottage in the County of Roscommon Executors of the last will and Testament of James JOYNT of Hollymount in the said County of Galway deceased and Richard GALBRAITH of Cappard in the said county of Galway Esquire of the second part, John MAHON of the city of Dublin Esquire of the third part, and John WADE of Ballinasloe in said County Galway Esquire of the fourth part reciting that under and by virtue of a Decree of the Said Court of Chancery pronounced on or about the twelfth day of June one thousand Eight hundred and fifteen in a cause herein said John JOYNT, Dudley JOYNT and Anthony LENNON Executors of said James JOYNT deceased were Plaintiffs and one John Power TRENCH since deceased and the said Richard GALBRAITH were Defendants, the said Stewart KING on or about the thirteenth June one thousand eight hundred and eighteen set up and sold by public Auction unto said John MAHON In Trust for the said John WADE for the Sum of five hundred and fifty Pounds All That the Lands of Louluadonoughoe otherwise Louledonoghoe containing forty Eight acres be the same more or less Situate in the Barony of Kiltartan and said county of Galway which Sale was afterwards duly confirmed, Said Indenture witnessed that in obedience to said Decree and in consideration of said Sum of five hundred and fifty pounds lodged by said John MAHON in Trust for the Said John WADE in the Bank of Ireland to the credit of Said cause, and also for and in consideration of five Shillings Sterling to Said John JOYNT, Dudley JOYNT, Anthony LENNON and Richard GALBRAITH respectively by and with the consent and approbation of the said Stewart KING and John MAHON each according to their respective Estates and Interests therein, Granted, Bargained, Sold, Aliened, Remised, Released and Confirmed unto the said John WADE in his actual possession then being by virtue of the Bargain and Sale therein mentioned, and to his Heirs and Assigns all That and Those the Said Lands with their appurtenances Situate as afroesaid and all the Estate, right, Title, Interest and Trust, Benefit, property, challenge claim and Demand whatsoever both at Law in Equity of them the said John JOYNT, Dudley JOYNT of in to or out of the Said Lands and Premises, To hold to the Said John WADE his Heirs and Assigns for ever, and Said Deed Contained a Covenant for further assurance which said Deed as to the Execution thereof by said Stewart KING is witnessed by Daniel MURPHY and William MORGAN of the said city of Dublin Gent and the said Deed  and the Memorial as to the Execution thereof by the S. Richard GALBRAITH is witnessed by Thos GAHAN of the city of Dublin attorney and by John HILLARY of the Town of Galway Doctor of Medicine and this memorial as to the Execution thereof by the said John B. JOYNT witnessed by the said Thomas Wm. GAHAN and by the said Wm MORGAN

(signed) Rich. GALBRAITH, John B (or P) JOYNT

Signed sealed and delivered by said Rich GALBRAITH in presence of (signed) John HILLARY and T M GAHAN
Signed sealed and delivered by the said John B (or P) JOYNT and T M GAHAN

The above named Thomas GAHAN of Hardwiche St in the city of Dublin Atty has maketh oath and Saith that he was present and saw Stewart KING Richard GALBRAITH and the above named John JOYNT duly sign Seal and Execute the Deed of Conveyance whereof the above writing is a Memorial and Saith he also saw Richard GALBRAITH and John JOYNT duly sign and seal the above Memorial and Saith that the proper name Thomas GAHAN Subscribed as a witness to the Said Deed and Memorial is this Deponents  proper name and handwriting and Saith he delivered the said deed and Memorial to Oliver MOORS Deputy Register on Friday the thirtieth day of July one thousand eight hundred and Nineteen between the hour of two and three oclock in the afternoon. Sworn before me this thirtieth day of July 1819 (signed) Olr MOORS, Depty

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