Joynt Family Chronicles
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Registry of Deeds

To the Register Appointed by Act of Parliament for Registering Deeds Conveyances and So Forth

A Memorial of an Indented Deed of Assignment bearing date the tenth day of June in the year of our lord one thousand Eight Hundred and two made between Dudley Joynt of Askeaton in the County of Limerick Gent of the one part and James W Mahon of Donmoylan Farmer of the other part Reciting that said Dudley Joynt by Indenture of lease dated the fourth day of July one thousand and Seven hundred and ninety two to ?????? did demise unto the said James W Mahon that part of the Lands of Mullough in the Barony of Lower Connello and County of Limerick in said Lease mentioned for the term therein specified of and under the yearly Rent of Sixty seven pounds fourteen shillings and seven pence and which he the said Dudley sold to the said James W Mahon for five years to commence from the first day of May one thousand Seven hundred and Ninety Nine for a certain Consideration in a Deed bearing date the Twentieth day of March One thousand seven hundred and ninety nine particularly mentioned He the said Dudley Joint for the consideration in said Deed of the tenth day of June mentioned assigned transferred and Lett over unto the said James W Mahon all of his the said Dudley Joynts Right Title and Interest of in and to the said Lands of Mullough in said recited Indenture of lease mentioned to Hold to the said James W Mahon his Heirs ??? and Assign forth the term of four years to commence from the first day of May one thousand eight hundred and four which said contains several other Clauses and Covenants and the Execution thereof by the partys therto is Witnessed by Patrick O'Brien Junior of Dunmoylan Farmer and James Barry Junior of Rathcreagh Farmer both within the County of Limerick and the Execution of this memorial by the said James W Mahon.

The above named James Barry maketh oath and Saith that he saw the Deed whereof the above writing is a memorial duly Executed by the above James W Mahon Saith that he is Subscribing Witness to the said Deed of this Memorial and that the name James Barry subscribed as a Witness to each of them respectively is this deponents proper name and handwriting Sworn before me at the City of ??? of Limerick this 26th day of February 1803...


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