Joynt Family Chronicles
A One-Name Study

JOYNT/JOINT Death/Cemetery Index

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JOYNT, William...died in ...age 45...1876D 1840 [b. abt 1831]
Source: San Francisco Call Newspaper Vital Records for the Ten Years 1875-1884

JOYNT, Gerald Raymond; age 76, d:12 Mar 1999, Telegram Tribune Sun Bulletin San Luis Obispo Co, CA

Name: JOYANT, Clement J
Gender: M
Birth Date: 28 Apr 1905, Canada
Death Date: 25 Sep 1969, Los Angeles, CA
SS: 554509796
Mother's Maiden Name: McLaughlin

Name: JOYANT, Mary
Gender: F
Birth Date: 26 May 1889, Iowa
Death Date: 26 Sep 1948, Los Angeles, CA
Maiden Name: McLaughlin
Mother's Maiden Name: O'Meara


JOYNT, Earl H male, white d. Feb 8, 1959 in Akron, Summit Co. at age 49 yrs (b. abt 1910) Married
Certificate # 14078 vol 15697
Source: Ohio Death Index 1958-1967

JOYNT, Michael male, white d. Aug 11, 1963 in Canton, Stark Co. at age 90 yrs (b. abt. 1873). Never married. Certificate # 64439 vol. 17396
Source: Ohio Death Index 1958-1967


JOYNT, Helen M. d. Oct 29, 1955 age 52 yrs (b. abt. 1903) in Hartford, Hartford Co. Married to Frank.
Source: Connecticut Death Index 1949-1970

JOYNT, Sherw A d. Sep 01, 1958 age 62 (b. abt 1896) in Montville, New London spouse: Chris
Source: Connecticut Death Index 1949-1970

JOYNT, Frank d. May 11, 1980 age 78 (b. abt. 1902) in Bristol. Residence in East Windsor. Born PA. State file number 09859. Marital status unknown.
Source: Connecticut Death Index 1971-1987

JOYNT, Anna Daley. Spouse John JOYNT. d. Oct 3, 1981 age 82 yrs (b. abt 1909 in CT) in Bridgeport. Residence 325 Woodstock Ave, Stratford, CT 06497. Widowed housewife. Father's surname: Daley. State file number 19686
Source: Connecticut Death Index 1971-1987

JOYNT, Elinor (m. Charles Moran) b. May 25, 1935 in CT d. Sep 9, 1995 in Branford, New Haven Co. Res. 135 Walnut St. Stratford, Fairfield Co., CT. Homemaker. State file number 21457
Source: Connecticut Death Index 1988-1996


JOINT, Mary b. abt. 1929 female, black d. Aug 24, 1968 in Raleigh, Wake Co. at age 39 yrs. Married.
Source: North Carolina Death Records 1968-1969

JOINT, Benny b. abt 1950 male, black d. Jul 29, 1973 in Raleigh, Wake Co. at age 23 yrs in a farm accident. Never married.
Source: North Carolina Death Records 1970-1974

JOINT, William b. June 25, 1925 male, black d. Jan 26, 1976 in Durham, Durham Co. at age 50 yrs. Widowed
Source: North Carolina Death Records 1976-1977

JOINT, Charlene Denise b. Mar 1, 1977 female, black d. Sep 24, 1977 in Durham,Durham Co. at age 6 mos.
Source: North Carolina Death Records 1976-1977

JOINT, Mary (m. Cogdell) b. Jul 24, 1918 female, black d. Mar 7, 1991 age 72 yrs at Greensboro, Guilford Co. Widowed. Fathers Surname: Brincefield SS # 245548183
Source: North Carolina Death Records 1988-1992

JOINT, Kenneth Allen b. Oct 22, 1961 male, black d. Jul 30, 1992 age 30 yrs in Durham, Durham Co. Never married. Father's Surname: JOINT SS # 238219273
Source: North Carolina Death Records 1988-1992

JOINT, Desiree Denise b. May 4, 1978 in PA female, black d. Aug 28, 1995 age 17 yrs at Fayetteville, Cumberland Co. never married Father's surname: JOINT Sr. SS # 196645852
Source: North Carolina Death Records 1993-1997

JOINT, Leon b. May 12, 1957 male, black d. Feb 23, 1996 age 38 yrs at Granville Co. resided Wake Co. Never married. Died in mental hospital. Fathers Surname: JOINT SS# 246021688


1880 Kansas Mortality Index
JOINT, Estella; age 1, female; state of birth=Illinois; scalded
Location: Norton Co, KS


Gertrude   MCJOYNT d. 25 May 1989 
County of Death:Jefferson 
County of Residence: JEFFERSON 
Age at death: 90 Years 
Volume/Certificate: 89 12983

James R. Mcjoynt d. 20 Jun 1975
County of Death: OH
County of Residence: Mason 
Age at death: 47 Years 
Volume/certificate:75 01184


Grand Traverse Co,MI Death Index :
JOYNT, SARAH 00-00-1898 Liber 1, page 166
JOYNT, MARY A 12-29-1938
JOYNT, HERBERT O 12-23-1942
JOYNT, ANNA Z 06-24-1944
JOYNT, THOMAS V 06-11-1976
JOYNT, DANIEL R 08-11-1987

1971-1996 Michigan Death Index
JOINT, Adrian res. Escanaba, Delta, Michigan b. 10 Dec 1893 d. 05 Mar 1972

JOINT, Lawrence R res. Escanaba, Delta, Michigan b. 20 Oct 1908 d. 06 May 1974

JOYNT, Stuart Ernest res. Grand Rapids, Kent, Michigan b. 03 Mar 1935 d. 31 Mar 1993

JOYNT, Dennis Patrick res. Pontiac, Oakland, Michigan b. 02 May 1967 d. 13 May 1996

Old Hope Cemetery, Hope, Midland County, Michigan:

BAKER, ? daughter of D. & L. Baker d. May 18, 1908 1y2m
BAKER, Letticia Joynt 1875 - 1956
JOYNT, Catherine d. October 6, 1907 61y wife of C.L.
MILLER, infant son of George & Anna Miller May 21- May 24, 1901
JOYNT, William H. d. Nov. 6, 1898 17y3m21d son of C.L. & C. Joynt brother

East Sebewa Cemetery - W. Bippley Road - Sebewa Twp., Ionia County, Michigan

JOYNT, John C. ;1870 4-20-1936 ;55-4
JOYNT, Mabel A. ;1874 10-28-1960 ;55-3

JOYNT,  Edwin P.  1872 - 1951  father
JOYNT,  Charlotte  1876 - 1962  (b. 6/22)  mother
JOYNT,  William E.  1901 - 1924
JOYNT,  E.R.  3/6/1928

Thursday, February 18, 1971 (D5)
Maiden Name: SCHAFER
Spouse's Name: ROBERT
Date of Birth: Saturday, June 16, 1906
Place of Birth: HOPE, MI
Date of Death: Wednesday, February 17, 1971 
Place of Death:  MIDLAND, MI
Sunday, March 26, 1989 (G9)

Spouse's Name: DONNA GILBERT
Date of Birth: Saturday, October 19, 1929
Place of Birth: HOPE, MI
Date of Death: Friday, March 24, 1989 
Place of Death:  SAGINAW, MI
Cemetery: MAPLE HILL


Peotone Township, Will County, Illinois
Section 3SE
Will county, Illinois death index(1877-1915 inclusive)
Henry age 75yrs 10m 29 d died 9 aug 1883 in Peotone buried Peotone(1/2mile)
Erected by Michael E. Joint in memory of his father. (Also:1860 Census)
JOINT, Henry County: Will Location: Peotone page 579 (FTM cd 318) and 1878
History of will county: present Peotone township collector  Henry JOINT)

Henrie age 3 m died 5 mar 1879 in Peotone buried Manteno,Kankakee cty

Margareth age 22 yrs died 9 oct 1879 in Peotone buried Joliet twp.

Dudley age 78yrs died 8 mar 1903 in Joliet buried Oakwood cem.

Two Mile Grove Cemetery is located in Lake Fork Township in southeastern
Logan County, IL.

Section B-Starting with row closest to middle lane.
Row 1:
B-1-1 Joynt, E. A.
Born April 4, 1832-Died July 10, 1916
Joynt, Sophia-wife of E. A. Joynt
Died March 24,1902 Aged 74 years, 8 months, 9 days
B-1-2 Joynt, Alice A. -dau. of J.J. + L.O. Joynt
Died Aug. 13, 1888
Aged 1 year, 8 months, 16 days
Gone but not forgotten

Dec 1998 Herald & Review, Decatur, IL
Dec 13
JOYNT, Paul Frederick, 90, Decatur


Evergreen Cemetery JO-KL, Colorado Springs, El Paso County, Colo:

JOYNT CLEVE V.; 19 SEP 1899- 02 DEC 1969; T-217 (Bur w/Esther L.)
JOYNT ESTHER L. ;23 JUN 1903;  -217 (no burial date given; Bur w/Cleve V.)

Fairview Cemetery (Surname Index), Fountain, El Paso County, Colorado:

BAILEY Ann JOYNT ;BLO 017 LOT 003 PLOT 023; 10 APR 1915- 8 MAR 1993


From the Seattle Post -Intelligencer Nov 1, 1994:
JOYNT, Gilbert T, 80, of Seattle, Oct 22 [b. abt 1904]


Cemetery Inscriptions from
Lawrenceville, Pennsylvania


JOYNT, EDWARD, 1864-1885
JOYNT, JAMES, D: SEP. 29, 1887, 58YRS.
JOYNT, JOHN, 1858-1883
JOYNT, JOSEPH, 1876-1898
JOYNT, MARGARET, 1837-1909


Robinson's Run Cemetery
also known as Arlington Cemetery
(Incorporated about early 1900s--some graves from 1800s)
Robinson's Run Road
McDonald, PA 15057

(South Fayette Township)

Hugh Joynt 1879-1931


From Jefferson Co, NY Town of Orleans. Grove Cemetery.
JOYNT,JOSEPH D. 1892-1953


Joynt, Bella 1876-1959 husband William Morford bur. East Greenbush, cem.
Greenbush (Clinton Heights)
Joynt, John d. 11 Sep 1852 age 33y bur. East Greenbush, cem: Holy Sepulchre
Joynt, John P. 15 Nov 1850-05 May 1852 father John Joynt bur. East Greenbush
cem: Holy Sepulchre
Joynt, Matilda 1834-1914 husband Bryan Murphy bur. East Greenbush cem: Holy
Joynt, William 28 Apr 1844-31 July 1869 father John Joynt bur. East
Greenbush cem: Holy Sepulchre

Hope Cemetery
Town of Campbell, Steuben County, New York

Harriet E.  1884-1921
William H.  1915-1918
Henry E. 1875-1947
From:  LDS Film 1451449 Item 3

Savona Seamons Cemetery
Bath Township, Steuben County, New York

Thomas  b. March 10, 1832 d. April 11, 1921 (Father)
Maria  b. Nov. 22, 1840  d. Feb. 8, 1918 (Mother)
Hannah E.  b. Oct. 14, 1864  d. Aug. 29, 1912
Lizzie J.  b. Nov. 24, 1873  d. Nov. 17, 1880
John J.  b. March 2, 1869  d. Sept. 2, 1889
Albert T.  1866-1939
Delia 1867-1960
Harriet  1867-1948
William  1862-1941
Carrie M.  1893-
Harry C.  b. June 8, 1892  d. Aug 29, 1973
Fred C.  1878-1953
Cora H.  1884-1966
Chester B., s/o Fred C. & Cora H., 1921-1927
From:  LDS Film 1451449 Item 3

This is a Catholic Cemetery located in The Town of Watertown, Jefferson County, New York
Copyright 2001, : by Alice Corbett

Please be aware this cemetery index is compiled from stone readings. Not all the people listed here are deceased.

Joynt Andrew
Joynt Dorothy
Joynt Florance Isabelle
Joynt Florence B
Joynt Mary C
Joynt Stephen Andrew Jr
Joynt Stephen Andrew Sr


Fort Bliss National Cemetery, El Paso, TX:

Joynt , Albert S Jr, b. 07/17/1915, d. 08/14/1979, US Army, SFC, Res: El
Paso, TX, Plot: D 0 2798, bur. 09/05/1979
Joynt, Iva Louise, b. 04/17/1929, d. 01/07/1967, US Army, SFC, Res: El Paso,
TX, Plot: D 0 2798, bur. 01/11/1967


Cemeteries in Adair County

Page: 229
Name: C. B. Joint
Birth Date: 26 Feb 1847
Death Date: 25 Apr 19??
Cemetery: Oakwood
Town: Walnut
Comment: (Was born in Joliet Illinois, and died at Valley Junction Ia. of
heart trouble); His wife's maiden name was Helen Cunningham. They had 6
children. Mrs. Jennie McCampbell of Valley J?? Mrs. H. W. Brower of
Greenfield Ia. Mrs. Walter Smith of Fontanelle
Relative: wif: Helen Cunningham; chi: Mrs. Jennie McCampbell; chi: Mrs. H.
W. Brower; chi: Mrs. Walter Smith; chi: George; chi: Tyler; chi: Perry

Page: 230
Name: Cyrus Joint
Birth Date: 1882
Death Date: 1905
Cemetery: Oakwood
Town: Walnut
Relative: son of: C. B.; son of: E.

Page: 230
Name: Ella Joint
Birth Date: 1850
Death Date: 1928
Cemetery: Oakwood
Town: Walnut

Page: 230
Name: Henry Joint
Birth Date: 1873
Death Date: 1909
Cemetery: Oakwood
Town: Walnut
Relative: son of: C.; son of: E.

Page: 230
Name: Mabel Morgan Joint
Birth Date: 1902
Death Date: 1928
Cemetery: Canby
Town: Walnut

Page: 230
Name: Pierce Joint
Birth Date: 31 13 1906
Death Date: 02 Jan 1909
Cemetery: Oakwood
Town: Walnut
Relative: son of: P. O.

Page: 230
Name: Lee Tyler Joint
Birth Date: 1903
Death Date: 1905
Cemetery: Oakwood
Town: Walnut
Relative: son of: T.; son of: Jessie


Calvary (Catholic) Cemetery, St. Louis, Mo.

Joynt, John        Sec 008; Row 16; Lot 000A; Grave 20;  burial:  12/28/1896
Joynt, John W    Sec 020; Lot: 1297; Grave 0003;  burial:  07/25/1921
Joynt, Michael    Sec 001; Lot 0425; Grave 0002; Burial:  08/13/1895

St. Louis City Death Records 1850-1908

Name: Joynt, James
Death Date: 02 Feb 1888
Volume: 21
Page: 105.00
Address: 1533 Singleton
County Library: RDSL 29
Missouri Archive: C 646-3
SLGS Roll: 321.00

Name: Joynt, John
Death Date: 26 Dec 1896
Volume: 34
Page: 471.00
Address: 1421a Chouteau
County Library: RDSL 43
Missouri Archive: C 10399
Calvary Cemetery

Name: Joynt, Joseph
Death Date: 12 Jul 1896
Volume: 33
Page: 268.00
Address: 2207 Chouteau
SLGS Roll: 328.00
Bellefontaine Cemetery

Name: Joynt, Michael
Death Date: 11 May 1895
Volume: 32
Page: 437.00
Address: 1215 N 7th
County Library: RDSL 41
Missouri Archive: C 10397
SLGS Roll: 327.00

Name: Joynt, Phoebe
Death Date: 19 Jun 1897
Volume: 35
Page: 93.00
Address: 2315 Biddle
County Library: RDSL 44
Missouri Archive: C 10400
SLGS Roll: 328.00

Name: Joynt, William Armstrong
Death Date: 21 Apr 1857
Volume: E
Page: 174.00
County Library: RDSL 3
Missouri Archive: C 10361
SLGS Roll: 302.00
Christ Church Cemetery

Name: Joint, Joseph
Death Date: 08 Nov 1859
Volume: I
Page: 16
Address:  Marion & Carroll
Birth Place: Germany
County Library: RDSL 5
Missouri Archive: C 10363
SLGS Rolls: 305
Cemetery: St Vincent's


Oregon Death Index 1903-1998

Name: Joynt, William L
County: Portland
Death Date: 14 Feb 1922
Certificate: 418

Name: Joynt, Maude M
County: Portland
Death Date: 02 Jul 1948
Certificate: 7343

Name: Joynt, William Eve
County: Linn
Death Date: 02 Jul 1972
Certificate: 72-10621
Birth Date: - Apr 1925

Name: Joynt, Charles
County: Portland
Death Date: 09 Mar 1937
Certificate: 1031
Spouse: Lucette

Name: Joynt, Terry Charles
County: Klamath
Death Date: 16 Apr 1995
Certificate: 95-07890
Birth Date: 06 Dec 1949


Alabama Deaths, 1908-59
Name: JOYANT, Irene G
Death Date: 15 Apr 1956
Death Place: Mobile
Vol: 17
Certificate: 8037
Role: 6


From Minnesota Death Index

JOYNT, Asmuel (Samuel?)
CertID# 1941-MN-007649   
Date of Death: 08/28/1941
County of Death: Lincoln

JOYNT, Elizabeth
CertID# 1956-MN-019884   
Date of Birth: 08/21/1875
Date of Death: 01/27/1956
County of Death: Hennepin
Mother's Maiden Name: Dustman

JOYNT, Henry Joseph
CertID# 1943-MN-010695  
Date of Death: 10/10/1943
County of Death: Olmstead

JOYNT, James William
CertID# 1955-MN-005759   
Date of Birth: 08/12/1873
Mother's Maiden Name: Sheridan
Date of Death: 10/11/1955
County of Death: Hennepin

JOYNT, Joseph T
CertID# 1944-MN-009918   
Date of Death: 02/03/1944
County of Death: Olmstead

JOYNT, Mrs. Talma
CertID# 1928-MN-007428   
Date of Death: 10/23/1928
County of Death: Lincoln

JOYNT, Norma Lorrayne
CertID# 1941-MN-023535  
Date of Death: 01/11/1941
County of Death: Ramsey




From the Coburg Star Newspaper pages 157-158 Dec 4, 1844:

On Friday, 15th inst. , in Bytown, Jane Emily, daughter of James JOYNT, aged 1 year.

From the Toronto Herald Newspaper page 342 Aug 12, 1847:

On 29th ult., at his son's residence, Bytown, Andrew JOYNT, aged 74 years. He was one of the first settlers in that section of the country, having resided in that District since 1820.

From the Ontario Register, Volume VI, Inscriptions from the Church of the Japanese Martyrs, Philipsville, page 89:

JOYNT, Catherine wf of Thomas, d. March 16, 1891 ae 75.

Lambton County, Ontario

Cemetery: Lakeview, Sarnia Sarnia Twp

JOYNT, Ada LB-197-2
JOYNT, Charles LB-197-2
JOYNT, Robert LB-197-2

Cemetery: Errol, Plympton Twp

JOYNT, Alice LB-P-
JOYNT, Carrie LB-P-(b. ? d. 03/28/1823)
JOYNT, Dudley LB-P-(son of Robert b. 1851 d. 1924)
JOYNT, Ellen LB-P-
JOYNT, Joseph LB-P- (b. 1751 d. 01/17/1822)
JOYNT, Maria CANTON LB-P-(wife of Robert b. 1819 d. 03/04/1892)
JOYNT, Mary E LB-P- (wife of Dudley b. 1867 d. 1964)
JOYNT, Robert LB-P- (b. 1817 d. 08/20/1894)
JOYNT, William LB-P-

Cemetery: Watford Municipal, Warwick Twp

JOYNT, Charles LB-933-3
JOYNT, Mrs. Charles LB-933-3
JOYNT, Clarence LB-933-3
JOYNT, Edith LB-933-3
JOYNT, John LB-933-3

Cemetery: Arkona, Bosanquet Twp

JOYNT, Mary M LB-Arkona

Huron County, Ontario

Cemetery: Hensall Union, Usborne Twp

JOYNT, Alice HU-3266
JOYNT, Florence Edna HU-3266
JOYNT, George HU-3266
JOYNT, Thomas Cleveland HU-3266
JOYNT, William Thomas HU-3266

Lanark County, Ontario

Cemetery: Beckwith United-Pinegrove, Beckwith Twp

JOYNT, Alma D OT-86-15

Cemetery: Crawford, Dalhousie Twp

JOYNT, Muriel OT-77-03

Grey County, Ontario

Cemetery: Boyd's, Keppel Twp

JOYNT, Anne Jane BG-
JOYNT, Margaret BG-
JOYNT, Maria BG-
JOYNT, N Newburn BG-
JOYNT, Thomas BG-

Wellington County, Ontario

Cemetery: St. John's Anglican, Maryborough Twp

JOYNT, Anthony WW-4331
JOYNT, Jane WW-4331
JOYNT, Maria WW-4331
JOYNT, Marilda WW-4331
JOYNT, Richard WW-4331

Carleton County, Ontario

Cemetery: Beechwood, Ottawa (1873-1900), Ottawa Twp

JOYNT, James OT-90-05
JOYNT, Sarah OT-90-05
JOYNT, Sarah Louisa OT-90-05

Cemetery: Beechwood, Ottawa (1901-1930), Ottawa Twp

JOYNT, Augusta OT-93-02
JOYNT, Eliza Marie OT-93-02
JOYNT, James Dudley OT-93-02
JOYNT, Jane OT-93-02
JOYNT, John OT-93-02
JOYNT, Matilda OT-93-02

Cemetery: Beechwood, Ottawa (1931-1955), Ottawa Twp

JOYNT, Isabella Harriet OT-95-01
JOYNT, James Persse OT-95-01
JOYNT, Thomas Gordon OT-95-01

Cemetery: Capital Memorial Gardens, Nepean Twp

JOYNT, James E OT-95-CMG

Lennox and Addington County, Ontario

Cemetery: Riverside, Napanee, Richmond Twp

JOYNT, Cecil A KG-922-8
JOYNT, M. Eileen KG-922-8

Haliburton County, Ontario

Cemetery: Maple Lake United Church, Stanhope Twp

JOYNT, Edith Ellen KW-H-541-2

Middlesex County, Ontario

Cemetery: Mt Pleasant, London Twp

JOYNT, Eva P MX-144-CS

Cemetery: Woodland, London Twp (section Q,QE,QG,QW)

JOYNT, Mina E MX-152-8

Cemetery: Old St. Paul's Anglican Burial Records, London Twp

JOINT, Jane MX-151

Fontenac County, Ontario

Cemetery: Sandhill, Battersea, Storrington Twp

JOYNT, Hilda M KG-83X
JOYNT, Thomas William KG-83X

Durham County, Ontario

Cemetery: Groveside, Brooklin, Sections C & H, Whitby Twp

JOYNT, Muriel Aileen WO-159-0
JOYNT, Newton Saunders WO-159-0
JOYNT, Roma Bell (CORNER) WO-159-0

Cemetery: Bowmanville (Section P), Darlington Twp

JOINT, Edith May WO-
JOINT, Edwin WO-

Renfrew County, Ontario

Cemetery: Union, Haley Station, Ross Twp

JOYNT, Phyllis M OT-87-02

Bruce County, Ontario

Cemetery: Hillcrest, Tara, Arran Twp

JOINT, Mabel BG-

Ontario, County of Middlesex, London Township, 1889

Record # 010597
Name and Surname of Deceased: Thomas Joynt
When Died: August 2nd 1889
Sex - Male or Female: Male
Age: 55
Rank or Profession: Farmer
Where Born: Ireland
Certified cause of Death and duration of Illness: Exhaustion of mania
Name of Physician, if any: Drs. Bucke and Beemes
Signature, Description and Resisdence of Informant: N. H. Beemes London Tp
When Registered: August 27th 1889
Religious Denomination of Deceased: E. C.
Signature of Registrar: James Grant

Vancouver Island, British Columbia

Cemetery: Royal Oak Burial Park-Grove Victoria, Falaise Drive


Cemetery: Hatley Memorial Gardens-Colwood, Sooke Road

JOYNT, William D. MC-097
JOYNT, Zelma H.V. MV-097

Cemetery: Ross Bay Burial Permit, Victoria Fairfield Rd

JOYNT, Elizabeth COVA-

Peace Country, British Columbia

Cemetery: Dawson Creek (Village) Dawson Creek

JOYNT, John Fulton PCRG-123C


1993 Herald Deaths for I and J (New Zealand):

JOYNT - Rebecca Louisa - 7-12-93
JOYNT- Robert Bramley - 29-10-92


1866 Deaths Registered in the District of Ballycastle in the Union of
Killala in the County of Mayo
Death and place of death: June 1866 at Ballinglen
Name: Andrew Joynt
Sex: Male
Condition: Married
Age last birthday: 46 years
Rank, profession, occupation: Farmer
Certified cause of death and Duration of Illness: Typhoid Fever, 12 days
Signature, qualification and residence of informant: Edward Joynt, brother
present at death Ballinglen
When registered: Twenty Ninth June 1866
1866 Deaths Registered in the District of Ballycastle in the Union of
Killala in the County of Mayo
Death and place of death: 28 Nov 1866 at Ballinglen
Name: Edward Joynt
Sex: Male
Condition: Widower
Age last Birthday: 54 years
Rank, profession,occupation: Small farmer
Certified cause of death and Duration of Illness: Typhoid fever, 1 month
Signature, qualification and residence of informant: John Joynt ["x" his
mark], son present at death Ballinglen
When registered: Twenty Eighth December 1866


1866 Deaths Registered in the District of Corrofin in the Union of Corrofin
in the County of Clare
Death and place of death: Fifteenth April 1866 at Poulataggle
Name: Edmond Joynt
Sex: Male
Condition: Married
Age last birthday: 82 years
Rank, profession, occupation: Farmer
Certified cause of death and duration of illness: Tumor on jaw five years
Signature, qualification and residence of informant: Thos. Mullins
Poulataggle present at death
When registered: Twentieth of April 1866

Clare Journal Nov 5 1821

In John's Street, Limerick, Miss Joynt, daughter of Mr. Charles Joynt, Chandler.


JOYNT Mary born Co Limerick died 1882 Tumut NSW


British Columbia Death Index: 1872 to 1979

Name: Joynt, Alfreda Anne E
Gender: F
Age: 71
Death Date: 4 Feb 1975
Place of Death: Vancouver
Registration #: 1975-09-002748; B13340 2050440

Name: Joynt, Edna
Gender: F
Age: 41
Death Date: 25 Oct 1974
Place of Death: Terrace
Registration #: 1974-09-017301; B13337 2050341

Name: Joynt, Elizabeth
Gender: F
Age: 80
Death Date: 21 Nov 1937
Place of Death: Victoria
Registration #: 1937-09-535378; B13161 1953194

Name: Joynt, George Robert
Gender: M
Age: 57
Death Date: 13 June 1928
Place of Death: Tranquille
Registration #: 1928-09-012224; B13134 1952313

Name: Joynt, James
Gender: M
Age: 71
Death Date: 12 May 1930
Place of Death: Victoria
Registration #: 1930-09-434400; B13138 1952650

Name: Joynt, John Fulton
Gender: M
Age: 0
Death Date: 10 Oct 1957
Place of Death: Fort St. John
Registration #: 1957-09-012224; B13234 2033184

Name: Joynt, Samuel
Gender: M
Age: 69
Death Date: 30 Nov 1935
Place of Death: Chilliwack
Registration #: 1935-09-507929; B13155 1953019

Name: Joynt, Zelma Helena Vera
Gender: F
Age: 71
Death Date: 25 May 1975
Place of Death: Victoria
Registration #: 1975-09-008164 B13342 2050442


London Times
London, Middlesex, England
Monday, April 24, 1933

JOYNT- On April 9, 1933 at Mandeville, Jamaica, Lieut-Colonel Henry W. Joynt, eldest son of the late Henry Joynt of Ballina, Co. Mayo, Ireland, aged 38 years.


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