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 Hoffbauer Photo Collection
From Kathy (Johnson) Price a collection of family history and pictures by a joint effort with cousins, Mary Slyter, James Cornell, Madison Overmoen, Carole Hoschstetter, Mel Meyer & Tom Hoffbauer.

Additional Hoffbauer Family Information May be Found at
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hoffbauer1.jpg (57025 bytes)

Friederick Gustavus Halvor Hoffbauer

hoffbauer2.jpg (65932 bytes)

Mathilda Theresa Schneidewind, wife of Frederick Hoffbauer

hanshugohoffbauer.jpg (66258 bytes)

Hans Hugo Hoffbauer in Civil War Uniform 14th Iowa Infantry.

I am not sure as of course it is black and white but I think that it could be possible that he was actually wearing one of the first gray uniforms which in fact were made for The Union Army and of course upon learning that the Confederate Army had chosen the same color, gray, the Union Army then made their soldiers uniforms blue.

hugohoffbauer.jpg (20037 bytes)

Hans Hugo Hoffbauer
Buffalo, Iowa
Date taken unknown


hugohoffbauer2.jpg (34301 bytes)

Hugo Hans Hoffbauer and Granddaughter Marion Hoffbauer Gasman, she being the daughter of Max & Bessie "Moorehead" Hoffbauer.

Photo taken in Buffalo, Iowa

echoffbauer.jpg (45011 bytes)

Edward Charles Hoffbauer was the first born child to Hugo and Virginia Susannah Hoffbauer

hoffbauermarriage.jpg (38457 bytes)

Bride Katharina "Katie" Beh and Groom seated Edward Charles "E.C." Hoffbauer.
Best man standing next to groom is Ben Beh, brother of Katie
Next to him is Hugo Waldo Hoffbauer, brother of the Edward Charles
Bridesmaids are unknown

echoffbauerwed.jpg (61744 bytes)

Bride Katharina "Katie" Beh and Groom  Edward Charles "E.C." Hoffbauer.

    November 18, 1884     Place:  Buffalo, Iowa

katebehhoffbauer.jpg (28879 bytes)

Katharina "Katie" (Beh) Hoffbauer widowed and her two young children, Susannah Caroline and Edward Joseph. I would estimate this picture was taken in about 1889-90 as young Edward Joseph appears to be about 3-4 years old.

behstrohbehnwed.jpg (61627 bytes)

Katharina "Katie" remarried to Adolph Strohbehn in Scott County, Iowa 10 years after the death of her first husband Edward Charles Hoffbauer.

Marriage Date:
January 20, 1897

schoffbauer.jpg (77505 bytes)


Susannah Caroline Hoffbauer first child born to Edward Charles & Katharina "Katie"
(Beh) Hoffbauer.
Birth Date:  August 31, 1885
Place:  Bismarck, Burleigh County, North Dakota

hoffbauerschroder.jpg (49358 bytes)

Marriage of Susannah Caroline Hoffbauer & Henry Schroder

    Date: October 14, 1908
   Place: St. Peters Catholic Church, Buffalo, Iowa

Henry Schroder-Groom seated, lady standing is Katharine Lang, Susannah Caroline
  Bride seated, her brother Edward Joseph Hoffbauer standing behind her.

schroderchildren.jpg (46071 bytes)

Children of Susannah C. & Henry Schroder

Left: Katharine Marie Schroder
      Born:  January 11, 1911
Center:  Great Grandfather Hugo Hans Hoffbauer

Baby to right: Florence Agatha Schroder
        Born: January 6, 1915
I believe this picture to be taken in 1915 as baby Florence appears to be under 1 year old.
  Picture was taken in Buffalo, Iowa.

katebeh.jpg (104154 bytes)

Katharina "Katie" Beh-Hoffbauer-Strohbehn  1920

ejhoffbauer.jpg (53084 bytes)

Edward Joseph Hoffbauer second child born to Edward Charles & Katharina "Katie"-Beh-Hoffbauer

alinehoffbauer.jpg (49518 bytes)

Aline Hoffbauer
The 2nd child born to Friederick & Mathilda Hoffbauer

hoffbauerhugowaldo.jpg (36707 bytes)

Hugo Waldo Hoffbauer
Third child born to Hugo and Virginia S. Hoffbauer

hoffbauerholt.jpg (46148 bytes)

Willie Hoffbauer and Nellie Moss Holt
Willie was the sixth child born to Hugo and Virginia S. Hoffbauer

nellliemossholt.jpg (67461 bytes)

Wedding picture of Nellie Moss Holt, wife of Willie Hoffbauer
Marriage date was:  September 28, 1894
Place: Muscatine, Iowa

hoffbauer3.jpg (121195 bytes)

Child #9 of Hugo and Virginia Hoffbauer,
Louis Hoffbauer

Center child:
Child #6 of Hugo and Virginia Hoffbauer
William Hoffbauer (or Willy)

Child #8 of Hugo and Virginia Hoffbauer
Maxmillian Hoffbauer (or Max)

hoffbauerlulu1.jpg (74360 bytes)

Child #7 Louisa "Lulu" Hoffbauer born to Hugo and Virginia Hoffbauer
Louisa "Lulu"

hoffbauerlulu2.jpg (76523 bytes)

Louisa "Lulu" Hoffbauer at about age 18

hoffbauerlulu3.jpg (65767 bytes)

This is a very old picture that my Mother had that was handed down to her of Louisa or Lulu with her horse and carriage in Buffalo, Iowa.

vrheinbrecht1.jpg (53632 bytes)

Young Virginia F. Reinbrecht
Daughter of Louisa "Lulu" (Hoffbauer) & Lewis Reinbrecht

vrheinbrecht2.jpg (83263 bytes)

Virginia F. Reinbrecht as a teenager.
Photo taken Davenport, Iowa

 mhoffbauer1.jpg (6871 bytes)

Child #8 born to Hugo & Virginia Hoffbauer
Maximillian or known as Max

mhoffbauer2.jpg (40688 bytes)

Maximillian "Max" Hoffbauer

mhoffbauerkids.jpg (29960 bytes)

Marian, left and Billie, right, children of Max and Bessie Hoffbauer and this picture was taken in Buffalo, Iowa about 1916.

marianhoffbauer.jpg (59639 bytes)

Marian Hoffbauer, daughter of Maximillian & Bessie "Moorehead" Hoffbauer in front of her Grandfather Hugo Hans Hoffbauer's General Store in Buffalo, Iowa.  This picture was taken 1912.

marianhoffbauer2.jpg (19132 bytes)
Hugo Hans Hoffbauer & Granddaughter Marian Hoffbauer in front of Hoffbauer's General Store, Buffalo, Iowa.

lhoffbauer.jpg (10965 bytes)

Child #9 Louis Hoffbauer, son of Hugo & Virginia Hoffbauer


juliahoffbauer.jpg (56739 bytes)

Child #3-Julia S. Hoffbauer born to Friederick G.H. & Mathilda T. Hoffbauer

ottojunkerman.jpg (95869 bytes)

Otto Junkermann, husband of Julia Hoffbauer

hoffbauer4generations.jpg (34954 bytes)

Four Generations
This is Julia S. "Hoffbauer" Junkermann 3rd child born to Friederick G.H. & Mathilda Hoffbauer in a 4 generations picture.
Left, Elsa Kleine Mann (granddaughter of Julia, daughter of Theckla)
Seated, Julia holding Greatgrandson Merrill Mann
Right, Theckla Junkermann Kleine
Picture taken early 1900's  Place: Lakeside, California while Julia was visiting from Dubuque.

 hoffbauergert1.jpg (69942 bytes)

Gertrude "Girtie" Hoffbauer which was taken in Dubuque, IA.

Daughter of Charles and Anna Hoffbauer.

hoffbauergert2.jpg (145543 bytes)

Gertrude "Girtie" Hoffbauer Healy, daughter of Charles and Anna Hoffbauer.

hoffbauerdoc.jpg (16798 bytes)

This is a picture of Charles J. "Doc" Hoffbauer with his sister Gertrude "Girtie" Hoffbauer in their later years of life.  "Doc" ended up living in Los Angeles, California where he spent the last years of his life.  Gertrude traveled from St. Paul, Minnesota when this picture was taken to visit her brother and family. Picture taken in 1939.

hoffbauerjennie.jpg (45767 bytes)

August and Virginia "Jennie" (Hoffbauer) Koepke on their wedding day in Milwaukee, WI.

 hoffbauermbertha.jpg (43656 bytes)

Bertha Hoffbauer taken in Scott County, Iowa
Child #6 born to Friederick & Mathilda Hoffbauer

hoffmanberthadaus.jpg (39177 bytes)

Bertha Hoffbauer Huelshoff and daughters

huelshoff.jpg (28399 bytes)

Bernhard Huelshoff and sons
Standing left, Carl, seated Bernhard, right, Frank
seated left, Leo and seated right is Alphons.
Picture taken about 1898.

hoffbaueremma.jpg (63927 bytes)

Emma Mathilda born to Friederick G.H. & Mathilda Hoffbauer

mounts.jpg (59349 bytes)

Picture taken in 1888  Place: Bozeman, Montana
Emma Mathilda (Hoffbauer) & Mathias "Cy" Mounts and children
Left to right:  Charles Lewis, Frederick Hugo, Madison Mathias on Emma's lap, Marie Viola "Bengie" & Della.

hoffbauermax.jpg (44396 bytes)

Max and son Walter Hoffbauer was taken sometime before 1934.

 hoffbaueremmy.jpg (52897 bytes)

Emily "Emmy" Krebs-Mossler-Hoffbauer, 2d Wife of Hugo Hoffbauer


mountsemma.jpg (30928 bytes)

Emma Mathilda Hoffbauer Mounts, born April 1, 1855, Janesville, Wisconsin. Seventh child born to Friederick G. H. & Mathilda Hoffbauer.  Emma grew up in Wolcott-Walcott and Buffalo, Iowa and is also where she married Mathias "Cy" Mounts on July 23, 1870 in Buffalo, Iowa.  Their wedding ceremony was officiated by Emma's brother Hugo Hoffbauer, Justice of the Peace.  


fredghoffbauerstone.jpg (27203 bytes)

Friederick G. H. Hoffbauer Gravestone
Born: November 10, 1816 Kopenhavn, Denmark
Died:  February 9, 1879 

Rose Hill Cemetery
Buffalo, Iowa

mthoffbauerstone.jpg (65414 bytes)

Mathilda Theresa "Schneidewind" Hoffbauer Gravestone
Born: 1817 Preussen, German
Died: December 16, 1865 

Rose Hill Cemetery
Buffalo, Iowa


willhoffbauerstone.jpg (21787 bytes)

William Hoffbauer Gravestone

Born:  September 12, 1871
Died:  June 22, 1905

Rose Hill Cemetery
Buffalo, Iowa

hoffbauerkatie.jpg (57214 bytes)

Kate "Katie" Hoffbauer was born 1875 at Buffalo, Iowa
Died:  December 22, 1892
Age:  17 Years

Buried:  Rose Hill Cemetery, St. Peters Catholic Cemetery Section, Buffalo, Iowa


hoffbauerstones.jpg (50518 bytes)

Rose Hill Cemetery, Buffalo, Iowa
Left small gray stone is the headstone of Max Hoffbauer, son of Hugo & Virginia Hoffbauer
Max Born:  Jan. 21, 1875
       Died:   1968

Next to Max his wife:
Bessie  Born:  May 1, 1887
            Died:  1949

Bessie's stone is against large headstone of:
William "Willy" Hoffbauer (son of Hugo & Virginia Hoffbauer)
Born:  Sept. 12, 1871
Died:  June 22, 1905
and his wife
Nellie Hoffbauer
Born:  Feb. 17, 1874
Died:  Aug. 6, 1968

Small gray stone next to Bessie is also a stone for William "Willy" Hoffbauer

Next and last stone to far right is that of
Emmy Hoffbauer (Wife of Hugo)
Born:  Aug. 28, 1845
Died:  Mar. 16, 1913

 hoffbaueremmystone.jpg (53375 bytes)

Emmy Hoffbauer,
Wife of Hugo Hoffbauer
b. Aug 28, 1845
d. Mar 16, 1913

Rose Hill Cemetery
Buffalo, Iowa


bronze1.jpg (60648 bytes)

Hoffbauer Family Monument

August 1, 2004
Standing next to the headstone and newly added bronze plaque, Great Great Grandson, Reginald Melvin "Mel" Meyer III, of Friederick G. H. Hoffbauer (Born: Nov. 10, 1816 in Copenhagen, Denmark & Died: Feb. 9, 1879, in Buffalo, Iowa  & Mathilda T. "Schniedewind" Hoffbauer, (Born: 1817 in Preussen, Germany & Died: Dec. 16, 1865, in Buffalo, Iowa) located in Rose Hill Cemetery, Buffalo, Iowa.  Photograph taken by daughter of Reginald Melvin "Mel" Meyer, Vicki Meyer Griffiths.

In joint efforts by Hoffbauer descendent cousins Mary "Oxley" Slyter, Reginald Melvin "Mel" Meyer, and recently deceased, and mother of Reginald Melvin "Mel" Meyer lll, Katharine Marie "Schroder" Meyer, (daughter of Henry E. & Susie Caroline "Hoffbauer" Schroder) the bronze plaque was added to the headstone of Friederick G.H. & Mathilda T. Hoffbauer as the writing on the headstone over the years had deteriorated and the man who attached the bronze plaque to the headstone said that the original writing would have only lasted perhaps another 10 years.

bronze2.jpg (54058 bytes)

Hoffbauer Family Monument
 Bronze Plaque added to the Headstone of Friederick G. H. & Mathilda T. Hoffbauer.  Rose Hill Cemetery, Buffalo, Iowa-August 1, 2004.
Photograph taken by Vicki "Meyer" Griffiths, daughter of Reginald Melvin "Mel" Meyer and Granddaughter of Katharine Marie "Schroder" Meyer.


hoffbauerbenstone.jpg (47624 bytes)

Ben Hoffbauer

Bennie died in February 1910 when he was accidentally crushed to death by couplings from railroad cars. He was only 21 years of age.

Rose Hill Cemetery
Buffalo, Iowa

 hoffbauerdeed2.jpg (117813 bytes)

Warranty Land Deed Josephine Hiresmann to Nathan Bottomley


hoffbauerdeed.jpg (122312 bytes)

Warranty Land Deed
Hugo Hoffbauer to daughter Lulu Reinbrecht
Date: Nov. 2, 1914-Appears to have been executed about the time of Hugo Hoffbauer's death.

hoffbauerbottle.jpg (19980 bytes)

Collector bottle from the Hoffbauer's Brewery in Buffalo

hoffbauerprobate.jpg (106298 bytes)

Probate Paper is that upon the death of Mathilda Theresa Hoffbauer in December 1865, Buffalo, Iowa.
Petitioners are children of Mathilda, Hugo Hoffbauer, Aline Loeper, Julia Junkermann,
Charles, Frederick, Bertha, Emma & Max Hoffbauer.


lhoffbauercard.jpg (26085 bytes)

This is an advertisement for Louis Hoffbauer's business in Buffalo.  I believe that he also had a soda water business in Blue Grass as well.

lhoffbauerbottles.jpg (39394 bytes)

Two of the bottles that have been found that were used at Louis Hoffbauer's water and soft drinks factory.  One was found by a cousin who traveled to Buffalo in the mid 1980's and was walking by the river and it was laying by the river bed.


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