Lost Towns of Scott County
Report by Elaine Rathmann


  1. Allen’s Grove, Allens Grove or Allensgrove. Located two miles northwest of Donahue, 5 miles southeast of Dixon at the corner of Allen’s Grove Road and Y4E. Post office established July 8, 1850 and discontinued February 28, 1902. The apostrophe may have been dropped after 1902.
  1. Amity. Located at the village of Maysville which is located 14 miles northwest of Davenport and 78 miles northeast of Walcott in Hickory Grove Twp. Post office established July 3, 1851, Philip Baker postmaster. Post office discontinued July 31, 1902.
  1. Argo. Located six miles northwest of LeClaire, 3 ˝ miles southwest of Princeton on the corner of Territorial Road and Well’s Ferry Road in LeClaire Twp. Post office established August 27, 1897, Henry L. Stafford, postmaster. Post office discontinued July 31, 1902.
  1. Balluff. Now located within Davenport city limits, Sec. 23. Post office established January 21, 1884, John C. Balluff, postmaster. Post office discontinued July 9, 1890.
  1. Barrwood. Located about 14 miles north of Davenport and 7 miles south of DeWitt in Butler Twp. Barrwood was the successor of the Walnut Grove post office Established February 2, 1881, Samuel Barr, postmaster. Post office discontinued April 9, 1883.
  1. Berlin. Located at the northeast corner of LeClaire, LeClaire Twp. Post office established as Parkhurst May 8, 1839, Thomas C. Eads, postmaster. Renamed Berlin December 23, 1839. Name Parkhurst re-established December 3, 1845; renamed LeClaire May 14, 1847, Lemuel Parkhurst, postmaster.
  1. Blackhawk. Located in Davenport Twp between Fairmount Cemetery and Schuetzen Park. It apparently never had a post office.
  1. Cadda. Located in Winfield Twp., 144th Ave., about 5 ˝ miles northwest of Long Grove, 8 miles northeast of Donahue. Post office established May 17, 1888, James F. Mason, postmaster; discontinued January 16, 1895.
  1. Carlson. No information found.
  1. Churchville. Reportedly located in eastern Hickory Grove Twp, east of Maysville and south of Donahue. Post office established February 18, 1860, Benjamin Painter, postmaster and discontinued March 3, 186?.
  1. Clarks Ferry. Located at or just west of the present-day town of Buffalo on the Mississippi River about 10 miles southwest of Davenport. Post office established April 12, 1836, Mather N. Bosworth, postmaster. Renamed Glendale June 26, 1839; renamed West Buffalo October 4, 1841, Caleb H. Gardner, postmaster. Renamed Buffalo July 15, 1857, Warham J. Ruby, postmaster.
  1. Cottage Grove. No information found on this settlement.
  1. Cook’s Point. No information found on this settlement.
  1. Dale or Oakdale Station. Located in Rockingham Twp, on Rt. 22 on the very south end of Davenport.
  1. Eldridge Junction. Located in Sheridan Twp, became Eldridge after incorporation.
  1. Elizabeth City. Was in Princeton Twp, in the north part of the town of Princeton, north of Fillmore Street.
  1. Farming Grove. Location unknown. Established August 19, 1843, George Lathrop, postmaster, discontinued September 27, 1845.
  1. Farnam. Located in Davenport Twp, at Wisconsin Avenue and 46th Street.
  1. Fishertown. Located in Davenport and former Rockingham Twp. at the entrance to Credit Island on Hwy 61.
  1. Gambril. Located at Martin’s Station on Rock Island RR, 16 miles north of Davenport, 5 miles south of DeWitt on old Hwy 61 just north of 305th Street in Butler Twp. Post office established January 21, 1884, Robert Martin, postmaster. P.O. discontinued July 15, 1922.
  1. Gilbert or Gilbertown. Predecessor of Bettendorf at the same site. Post office established August 30, 1856, Gustav Lehnetyer, postmaster. Discontinued September 26, 1870 and reopened April 7, 1871, Justav Borenmann, postmaster. Closed August 31, 1900.
  1. Glendale. See Clark’s Ferry.
  1. Green Tree, Greentree or Green Tree Tavern. Located about 5 ˝ -6 miles northwest of Davenport, 6 miles south of Eldridge at the corner of Northwest Blvd. and 76th Street in Davenport Twp. Established as Green Tree Tavern April 4, 1878, John Borchers, postmaster. Name shortened to Green Tree June 20, 1883, discontinued September 15, 1903. The period of time during which Greentree was used is unknown.
  1. Hamburg. An unspecified area of the southwest city of Davenport ca. 1870.
  1. Hetzel. No information found on this settlement.
  1. Hickory Grove. Located three miles southwest of Donahue and three miles northeast of Maysville in Hickory Grove Twp. Post office established September 11, 1839, Vincent S. Carter, postmaster; discontinued May 16, 1845.
  1. Husam. Located about 6 ˝ miles northeast of Blue Grass and 6 miles southeast of Walcott in Blue Grass Twp. Post office established April 21, 1882, Jens Petersen, postmaster; discontinued October 29, 1883.
  1. Iowana Station. Located in Pleasant Valley about where the Alcoa plant is situated now on State Street in Bettendorf.
  1. Island City also known as Tile Works. Located in LeClaire Twp, the far southwest corner of the city of LeClaire. It never had a post office, although there was talk of petitioning for one in 1900. It had a tile plant, hotel and general store and some homes.
  1. Jamestown. Located about 3 ˝ miles southeast of Blue Grass, 3 miles north of Buffalo, in Buffalo Twp at the corner of Chapel Hill Rd. and 100th Ave.  Post office established December 19, 1889, Clara B. James, postmistress. Renamed Morris January 30, 1890. Post office discontinued December 31, 1904.
  1. Kerr. Located about 2 ˝ miles southeast of McCausland, 7 miles northwest of Princeton in Princeton Twp. Established March 2, 1881, Isreal T. Kerr. Post office discontinued January 16, 1882.
  1. Le Claire Centre or Le Claire Center. Exact location unknown, but in LeClaire Twp. The center of the township is about 3 to 4 miles northwest of the town of Le Claire. Post office established February 27, 1855, John Lincoln, postmaster. Post office discontinued January 30, 1856.
  1. Lilienthal. Located in Davenport Twp., Bettendorf 10th Street to I-74 and Grant Street to the river. Dates of existence unknown. No post office.
  1. Linn Grove. Specific location unknown but possibly found in central Sheridan Twp., or 8 to 10 miles northwest of Davenport and 2 or 3 miles southwest of Eldridge. Post office established October 1, 1853, Alexander Wells, postmaster. Office discontinued June 10, 1859.
  1. Linwood. Located about 1 ˝ miles east of Buffalo on the Mississippi River and on Milwaukee and Rock Island RR in Buffalo Twp. Established as Spinneyville June 4, 1872, David Dutcker, postmaster. Renamed Linwood April 20, 1880, renamed White Sulpher February 4, 1889, discontinued October 14, 1905.
  1. Longgrove. One-word form of Long Grove used for an undetermined period.
  1. Maple Island. Located in Davenport Twp. An island that used to be in the Mississippi River across River Drive from City Cemetery. Also possibly known as Mabel Island.
  1. Martin’s Station. See Gambril.
  1. Middletown. Possibly located between Parkhurst and LeClaire.
  1. Monte Video. Located 1 mile east of Rockingham on the Mississippi River ca. 1863.
  1. Morris. See Jamestown.
  1. Nahant. Believed to have been established along the Milwaukee railroad line, located in southwest Davenport, southwest of Credit Island. It is bordered on three sides by Wapello Ave, Railroad Street and South Concord. A large marsh is located on the river side.
  1. New Buffalo. Now Buffalo, Iowa.
  1. New Hamburgh. Located about 2 ˝ miles southwest of Donahue and 6 miles north of Walcott in Hickory Grove Twp. Post office established February 17, 1869, Jens Peterson, postmaster. Office discontinued June 4, 1872.
  1. Noel. Located on Milwaukee railroad, 3 ˝ miles north of Long Grove and 9 miles southwest of DeWitt in Winfield Twp. Post office established September 26, 1882, John T. Noel, postmaster. Post office discontinued March 16, 1914.
  1. Nutting Farms. Located in Pleasant Valley Twp on what is now Devil’s Glen Park.
  1. Nutting Station. Located in Pleasant Valley Twp on what is now Devil’s Glen Park.
  1. Oakdale Station. See Dale.
  1. Oakton. Located in Davenport Twp on the Mississippi River southwest of Pleasant Valley, near present day Riverdale.
  1. Parkhurst. See Berlin.
  1. Pinacle Point. Unknown location.
  1. Pleasant. Temporary shortening of the name Pleasant Valley from April 27, 1894 to November 17, 1894.
  1. Point Pleasant. Located on the south bank of the Wapsipinicon River, 6 miles northwest of Long Grove and 8 miles northeast of Donahue in Winfield Twp. Post office established January 30, 1840 with Martin Howard postmaster and discontinued October 23, 1844.
  1. Price. Location not definite, but possibly in southern Sheridan Twp or a few miles north or northwest of Davenport. Post office established Jun 9, 1864, Lorenzo D. Cordery, postmaster and discontinued January 4, 1865.
  1. Rockingham. Located on the Mississippi River, 4 miles southwest of Davenport and 6 miles northeast of Buffalo, at the southwest corner of Davenport city limits in Rockingham Twp., Section 8. Post office established March 11, 1837, John H. Sullivan, postmaster and discontinued December 16, 1847.
  1. Round Grove. Ten miles northwest of Walcott, 4 ˝ miles to 5 miles southeast of New Liberty in Cleona Twp. Post office established August 30, 1855, Joseph H. Freeman, postmaster. Office discontinued March 31, 1904. The one-word name Roundgrove was used during an unknown period.
  1. Spinneyville. See Linwood.
  1. Tile Works. See Island City.
  1. Turnout. Located in Blue Grass Twp at I-280 and the railroad.
  1. Valley City. Pleasant Valley Twp, just east of Bettendorf city limits on US 67, Pleasant Valley.
  1. Walnut Grove. Located about 14 miles north of Davenport, 7 miles south of DeWitt, less than a mile west of the site of Barrwood post office, Butler Twp. Post office established February 13, 1844, Henry H. Pease, postmaster. Office discontinued January 9, 1872.
  1. West Buffalo. See Clark’s Ferry.
  1. White Sulpher. See Linwood.
  1. Willow Island. Located in Davenport Twp, an island that used to be in the Mississippi across the road from City Cemetery and a little farther into the river than Maple Island.
  1. Wolcott. Spelling of the name of Walcott post office at establishment June 12, 1854, Horace Carpenter, postmaster. Spelling changed to Walcott May 6, 1898, Bernard Schwarling, postmaster. First postmarks were “Wolcott’s Mills”.



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