Tile Works or Island City

Davenport Times
Davenport, Scott, Iowa
May 6, 1900

Activity at the Tile Works and its Flattering Prospects

     There is a boom at Island City better known as the tile works. As was recently stated, the capacity of the tile plant is to be doubled, but that is not all. There is to be a three-story brick building built to take the place of the general store that was burned. A. Sargeant will build the
building for a general store.
     A movement is on foot to obtain a new station for Island City. The present flag station accommodations are proving inadequate for the business of the place which is one of the important shipping points on the D.R.I. &  N.W. railway. That there were 15 cars of brick shipped out there last week and that arrangements for the shipment of 25 cars from Island City this week shows the importance of the place to the railway. Mr. Heavland has offered to donate the brick and it is said that the railroad has under consideration the building of the finest station between Davenport and Clinton.
     Mr. Sargent says that there is a petition in circulation for the establishment of a postoffice at the general store at the Tile works. He
expects to have the postoffice called Island City. The petition will be pushed through all the preliminary forms as soon as possible so that the
postoffice may be established. 
     The other day a man from one of the large cities was at the Tile works and conferred with the owners of some of the land in regard to the
establishment of a plant for the manufacture of the large sewer tile that is used in cities. Thus it will be seen that there is considerable ground for the assertion that there may soon be new life infused into the neighborhood of the Tile works.