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Fairview Cemetery Records, Scott County, Iowa


Border,Lelia Priest,07/01/1894,03/16/1974,b. and d. in Scott Co, Ia.
Border, Samuel,1894,1933
Campbell,Archibald C,,06/27/1871,son of Wm. and S.E.Campbell aged (????)
Campbell,Archibald M,,07/27/1864,aged 43 ys and 3 mos
Campbell,Eliza,04/16/1816,09/23/1854,wife of S.Campbell I've lost a companion/But she has gained a Heaven
Campbell,Esther,08/1790,04/13/1851,wife of John Campbell
Campbell,Nancy J,,09/23/1864,dau of A.M. and S. Campbell aged 2 mos
Carpenter,Abigail,,05/01/1871,wife of Elijah Carpenter aged 72 y and 7 ??
Carpenter,Daniel,,02/13/1860,ae 13 ys 16 dys
Carpenter,Edy L,,18?2,son of D. and M.E.Carpenter age 1 m 18 d
Danforth,Lucy,,06/12/1851,aged 54 y 4 ms 22 ds
Davidson,Ann,,12/05/1869,There is rest in heaven ann wife of Wm. Davidson Aged ?? ys 11ms 5ds
Don??ue,Clyde U,,10/21/1862,son of U. and S.M. Don?? ue
Dulin,Alexander,10/20/1846,,aged 10 months
Dulin,Almira,04/08/1812,03/31/1881,aged 72 yr 11 m 22 ds Be Ye also ready
Dulin,Bushrod,09/29/1840,04/09/1872,aged 31 yr 6 m 20 d son of James and Almira Farewell my friends,I am now at rest/Weep not for I am blest
Dulin,James,09/14/1812,05/12/1882,aged 69 yr 7 m 26 d Behold and see as you walk by/As you are now so once was I/As I am now so you must be/Prepare for death and follow me
English,Alvira J,,10/30/1856,dau of D.E. and R. English aged 2 yrs and 16 da
Gosch, Clara,03/08/1882,02/11/1909,b. Butler Twp, Scott Co d. Davenport, IA
Gosch,Julius,09/10/1874,07/19/1888,b. Scott Co, d. Butler Twp, Scott Co.
Gosch,Margaretha (Gretchen) Rathje, 11/14/1850,01/20/1884, b. Schleswig, Holstein,Ger. d. Butler Twp, Scott Co.
Gosch,Peter Frederick,02/26/1843,06/03/1893,b. Schleswig,Holstein,Ger. d. Butler Twp, Scott Co.
Haines,Nettie E Pike,07/19/1859,3/30/00,
Hanson,John F,,06/17/1855,aged 65 y 6 m 17 d
Hart,Daniel,,12/23/1873,aged 72 ys 10 ms 7 ds
Hart,Elizabeth,,04/20/1877,aged 78 ys 3 ms 11 ds Forget me not
Hayward,Anna,,09/23/1851,wife of Chilon Hayward aged ??
Holet,Robt,,02/07/1870,aged 81 yrs 9 mo 26 ds
Hoover,Adomiram J,,10/22/1859,son of J.D. and M. Hoover aged 10 y 7 m 12 days
Hoover,Mary Jane,,11/20/1859,dau of J.D. and M. Hoover aged 18 yr and 24 days I have come to the ??? in Spirit life
Lambach,Albert B,,02/18/1868,son of F. And A. Lambach aged 11 ys 14 ds
Lambach,Elizabeth,1780,09/1854,aged 74 yrs
Lambach,Emely,,02/19/1865,dau of F. and A. Lambach aged 2 yrs 3 mos 5 dys
Lambach,Henry,,03/22/1848,son of F. and A. Lambach aged 5 mos 15 dys
Lambach,Matilda,,07/02/1851,dau of F. and A. Lambach aged 2 yrs 3 ms 9 ds
Lambach,Matilda J,,06/14/1855,dau of F. and A. Lambach aged 33 yrs 11 mos 18 dys
Lambach,Mother Francis,,07/17/1883,aged 70 yrs 8 mos
Leamer,David,,11/12/1857,Aged 42 yrs 7 mo 18 ds
Leamer,Susan E,,06/03/1888,dau of D. and E.J. Leamer aged 18 yrs 8 mos
Littlepage,Catharine,,07/21/1851,daughter of J.D. and Mary J. Littlepage aged 2 months 5 days
Littlepage,Charles P.,,02/17/1854,aged 65 yrs 11 ms 8 ds
Littlepage,Lucinda,,10/03/1854,daughter of S.B. and M.A.Littlepage aged 8 mos 14 days
Littlepage,Roana L,,04/16/1855,wife of James B. Littlepage aged 28 yrs
Long,Jacob,,04/29/1877,Aged 86 yr 1 mos and 22 ds
Long,Mary,,07/22/1876,wife of Jacob Long Aged 86 yrs 1 ms and 22 ds
McConnell,Joshua,,09/20/1855,son of ?? and L. McConnell aged 1 year 29 days
McGinnis,Arlie,1876,07/21/1879,son of J.C. and E.H. McGinnis aged ?? yr ?? ms ?? ds
McGinnis,Charles,,11/03/1883,son of Wm. and Mary McGinnis aged 16 yr 3 mo 3 days
McGinnis,Eliza,1879,09/29/1880,dau of J.C. and E.H. McGinnis aged 1 y 3 m 20 d
McGinnis,Elsie H,,08/04/1894,wife of John C McGinnis aged 44 yrs and 3 dys
McGinnis,Errett,1888,02/21/1892,son of J.C. and E.H. McGinnis aged 3 y 6 m 20 d
McGinnis,Father William,05/1815,08/11/1885,aged 78 ys 3 ms
McGinnis,Jane,,01/02/1854,wife of James McGinnis in the 37 yr of her age Forget me Not
McGinnis,Luella,1875,09/21/1880,dau of J.C. and E.H. McGinnis aged 5 yrs 3 ms 28 ds
McGinnis,Martha M,07/16/1848,01/05/1880,
McGinnis,Mary,??/22/1825,??/18/1909,wife of Wm. aged 73 y ?? m 26 d Mother
McGinnis,Mary Luella,,03/10/187?,aged ?? ds
McGinnis,Mary M,1878,07/21/1879,dau of J.C. and E.H. McGinnis aged 1 yr 2 ms 27 ds Go to thy rest my child, Go to thy ?? bed
McGinnis,Nelson M,,10/09/1880,son of Wm. and Mary McGinnis aged 14 ys 21 ds
McGinnis,W.C.,,09/17/18??,aged ??mo and 7 ds
McIntyre,Louis,,12/18/1853,daughter of S. and V. McIntyre age 8 mo 1 day
McIntyre,Violetta,,07/25/1853,wife of S.M. McIntyre aged 32 ys 7 ms 8 ds
Metthen,S.T.,,07/16/1859,aged 31 yrs 5 ms 21 ds
Peasley,Alma J,,08/07/1850,daughter of N. and A.W. Peasley aged 2 yrs
Peasley,Almon J,,02/14/1851,son of N. and A.W. Peasley aged 2 yrs 6 mos
Phares,Cornelius,,09/24/1853,son of Thomas E. and E. Phares aged 6 mo 26 days
Pike,Eliza h,12/19/1840,11/18/1898,
Priest, Amelia Breckan,08/12/1858,05/13/1918,b. Galena, Illinois d. Eldridge, Ia.
Priest,Fritz,,1863,d. Scott Co.
Priest, Fritz,02/09/1886,11/1918,b. in Scott Co, Ia
Priest,John,1862,02/13/1919,b. Scott Co d. Scott Co
Priest, William,1897,1940,b. Scott Co (William lived in the little red cabin in Scott Co Park built by brother Fritz)
Rathje,Detliff,11/17/1819,08/11/1878,b. Schleswig, Holstein,Ger. d. Scott Co, Ia.
Rathje, Marie Tiedje,10/3/1824,01/03/1920,b. Schleswig, Holstein,Germany d. Mt. Vernon, SD
Rogers,Hiram,,02/11/1863,aged 62 y 10 m 24 d
Scandrett,Almira J,,09/01/1854,dau of I.R. and E.A. Scandrett
Schacht,Herman H,12/10/1883,11/13/1886,beloved son of J.E. and L.M. Schacht aged 2 yr 11 mos and 3 dys
Scott,Ira L,,06/09/1855,son of R. and R.A. Scott age 3 mo 17 days
Slaughter,Hilah A,,01/18/1854,dau of J. and S. Slaughter aged 3 yrs 23 das
Sorrick,Melisa F,,04/18/1852,dau of M. and S. Sorrick aged 1 yrs 2 mo 20 ds
Stone,Henry C,,07/19/1871,aged 28 yrs 11 ms 23 ds
Stone,Myron,,02/21/1870,aged 46 ys 1 ms 27 ds Rest loved and lost one rest beneath the quiet sod/ With faith and hope and prayer we give thee up to God
Swain,Harriet,,04/16/1855,dau of A. and S.C. Swain aged 11 yrs
Sweet,Jerusha,,09/22/1860,in the 49th yr of her age
Tiedje, Alvin G,06/27/1914,02/07/1999,b. Scott Co, Ia d. Arizona
Tiedje, Detliff,1874,1953,b. and d. in Scott Co, Ia.
Tiedje, Ferdinand,02/04/1864,05/29/1944,b. and d. in Scott Co, Ia.
Tiedje, Henry F,08/26/1864,08/16/1934,b. and d. in Scott Co, Ia.
Tiedje, Julius,10/17/1878,10/29/1885,b. and d. in Scott Co, Ia
Tiedje, Jurgen Peter,04/09/1834,03/01/1917,b. Schleswig, Holstein,Ger.d. Scott Co, Ia.
Tiedje, Lena,12/22/1866,11/11/1942,b. and d. in Scott Co, Ia.
Tiedje,Lina Maria Catherina (Katrina) Gosch Priest,12/11/1838,11/07/1897,b. Schleswig, Holstein,Ger. d. Butler Twp, Scott Co
White,A.J.,,11/30/??,ag 49 yea
White,A.Milo,,07/04/1862,aged 3 yrs 11 mo 20 day
White,Alfred,,01/12/1870,aged 64 y 10 m 16 ds Farewell my wife and children all/From you a Father Christ doth call/Mourn not for me it is in vain/To call me to your sight again
White,George H,,08/20/1853,son of A. and M. White ae 5 m 10 d
White,Henrieta,,04/04/1845,dau. of A. and M. White aged 7 mo 11 dys
White,Horatio S.,,03/20/1846,son of A.and M. White aged 9 yrs 5 ms 14 ds
White,Infant,,03/12/1854,of A. and M. White aged 22 dys

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