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Riverside Cemetery in Section 21 of West Bend Township of Palo Alto County IOWA

OR from West Bend 3 1/2 miles west and one mile south (4803 - 545th Ave. - West Bend, Iowa).  

Walked and Recorded May 28, 2002 Two days after Memorial Day and there was NOT a memorial on any of the graves.  Last burial was 1998. This is a very poorly kept cemetery. Some stones were laying in a heap under a nearby tree!  

Interesting inscription was that on the Dewitt Plot, it read:
"Here lies the remains of the Dewitt Family, where there gone
or how they fare, nobody knows and nobody cares"  

Transcription by Letty Hurlburt

Surname        Given Name      Birthdate     Death Date    Age           Inscription/Notes             Notes
Acheson        James A.        7/15/1870     1/19/1872                                       s/o David & M. Acheson
Acheson        Clara           7/25/1872     4/15/1876                                       s/o David & M. Acheson
Ballard        Darius                        1/28/1844     10Y11M15D                         Died at Westfield, Ohio
Ballard        Eli                           1/12/1837     9M                                Died at Lawrenceville, NY
Ballard        Elizabeth (Lavery)            5/22/1846     38Y3M10D    w/o Ezekial Ballard   Died at Westfield, Ohio
Ballard        Ezekial                       2/25/1876     73Y8M3D
Ballard        Ida May                       10/30/1873    9Y5M25D                           adopted dau of S.W. & E.S.
Ballard        Susan (Clark)                 5/20/1855     39Y         2nd wife of Ezekial   Died at Brant, NY
Brown          Geo             1808          1882                                            h/o Jennie Story
Brown          Jennie Story    1822          1902                                            w/o Geo. Brown
Brown          Trinklet        8/22/1818     9/5/1873                                        w/o M.L. Brown
Burr           Jane                          12/19/1892    78Y                               w/o Rollin Burr
Carter         Allen B.        1841          1924
Carter         Clara L.        1864          1912
Carter         Frank A.        1868          1868
Carter         Franklin        6/2/1868      6/8/1868      6D                                s/o A.B. & M.M. Carter
Carter         Mary M.         1850          1888
Carter         Nancy           1800          1884
Carter         William         1798          1882
Dewitt         Angeline        1871          6/3/1871                                        d/o Dewitt's
Evans          Mrs. W.C.                     8/28/1877     23Y6M7D
Evans          George E.       10/2/1871     10/10/1871                                      s/o W.C. & A. Evans
Evans          John F.         10/2/1872     9/18/1873                                       s/o W.C. & A. Evans
Franklin       Little Arthur                 10/5/1870     8M20D       Buried at Byron, Ill. s/o B. & S.G. Franklin
Franklin       Sara G.                       12/5/1870     21Y4M8D                           w/o B. Franklin
Fritz          Katie M.                      3/4/1882      18D                               d/o M.L. & A. Fritz
Griffin        Emma H.         1875          1959                                            w/o George H.
Griffin        George H.       1854          1935                                            h/o Emma H.
Griffin        Fred K.         1908          1984
Griffin        Leon            1900          1978
Grove          Alice W.                      1/11/1873     14D                               d/o C.C. & G. Grove
Grove          Elmer E.                      5/9/1877      2Y3M                              s/o C.C. & G. Grove
Grove          Garfield C.                   11/28/1883    51Y 11M
Grove          Ray                           4/25/1888     Infant Son                        s/o George C. & Francis
Huntley        Solomon                       3/18/1876                                       s/o S. & S. Huntley
Johnston       Alda E.                       3/18/1879                                       d/o J.W. & Emily J.
Johnston       Carrie D.                     2/4/1888      28Y                               w/o Byron Gray
Johnston       James                         10/21/1886    62Y10M12D
Karch          Mary A.                       ??/15/1888    78Y1M28D                          w/o Michael Karch
Knapp          Joseph          2/19/1812     2/1/1892                                        Born in Norwich N.
Knapp          Sally K.                      12/2/1878     61Y5M                             w/o Joseph Knapp
Kramer         Darlene (Noll)  3/7/31        9/4/90                                          d/o Ivan & Mabel Noll
Leedy          Mary E.                       6/16/1873     27Y2M17D                          w/o H.M. Leedy
McClelland                                                                                   just a marker
McClelland     Delia A.        10/8/1829     9/1/05                                          w/o Samuel McClelland
McClelland     Isic                          2/24/1888     62Y5M7D     Father
McClelland     Matilda A.                    3/4/1883      18Y1M28D                          d/o Samuel & Delia A.
McClelland     Mattie                        3/7/1888      2Y2D                              d/o J. & S. McClelland
McMillan       Florence                      3/18/1888     11M18D                            d/o D. & L. McMillan
Noll           Isaac Henry     9/7/1862      9/28/35
Noll           M. Ivan         1898          1974
Noll           Mabel S.        1910          1998                      Mother of Darlene, Dale,Doris, Harold, Rosie, & Irene
Noll           Rosa Belle      10/28/1870    3/28/44
Power          Curtis C.       3/16/07       12/11/20
Power          John E.         10/15/1878    12/11/20
Powers         Wm. D.                                                  Veteran               Co. 1 32 IA. Inf.
Rowley         N.J.                          12/21/1875    22Y2M4D                           w/o M.S. Rowley
Simpson        Orenos D.                     1/26/1890     5M                                s/o H.H. & Mary Simpson
Sloan          David                         3/20/1871     65Y
Thatcher       Bartholomew     2/22/1804     10/10/1881                                      h/o Dorcus
Thatcher       Dorcus          8/7/1801      4/17/1871                                       w/o Bartholomew
Thompson       Levi                                                    just a marker         h/o Lugena
Thompson       Lugena (Balgam) 4/17/1809     7/9/1880                                        w/o Levi Thompson Esq.
Underwood      James H.                      7/5/1880      45Y4M8D
Watson         George Morris                 10/10/31                  1 Lt. Tank Corps      WWI U.S. Veteran
???????????    Carrie
???????????    Harry M.                                                bottom of stone illegible
???????????                                  9/3/1882      3M11D

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