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Soldiers Living in Palo Alto County in 1885

From the Palo Alto Reporter dated July 17,1885


We publish below a list of the soldiers now residing in Palo Alto county who took part in the war of the Rebellion, with their rank and the company and regiment to which they belonged. One of the number, Mr. Jas. Foy, was a soldier in the Mexican War, while Mr. J.M. Hefley took a hand in both the Mexican war, and the war of the rebellion. The list may not be absolutely correct, but is nearly so:

ATKINSON, J S Sergt H 11 Ill. Cav.

ACKLEY, D C Pri B 1 Wis. Cav.

ALLEN, C T Sergt E 3 O. Cav.

ALLEN, H T Pri E 3 O. Cav.

ARMSTRONG, John Pri A 76 O. Inf.

BARBER, W W Corp F 186 NY Inf.

BODDY, John Pri 5 Wis. Art.

BENSON, Geo. Pri F 33 NY Inf.

BLACK, W A Pri E 21 Penn. Cav.

BOOTH, W H II Pri 6 Wis Batt.

BARLOW, Henry Pri H 1 Nev. Inf.

BOSTWICK, F L Cor F 12 Ohio Cav.

BOOKMAN, S Pri 3 Iowa Art.

BALLARD, S W Sergt A 68 NY Inf.

BARLOW, W A Corp K 112 NY Inf.

BUTTIE, Geo. Pri D 25 Ohio Inf.

BECK, A P Pri A 89 Ind. Inf.

CADY, Sheldon Surgeon 13 Wis Inf.

CASSIDY, P O Pri A 3 Wis Inf.

CLINE, C E Pri D 7 Wis Inf. & Lieu B 1 Minn. Batt.

CHURCH, L C Pri H 22 Wis Inf.

CARTER, A B Pri A 11 Penn. Cav.

CLARK, Geo Pri B 33 IA Inf

COLBURN, L B Sergt F 40 NY Inf.

COLBY, J P Pri H 13 Wis Inf.

CARTER, Wesley Pri D 16 Iowa Inf.

DARNELL, A D Pri K 62 Ill Inf.

DARRAH, H C Pri I 1 Iowa Inf.

DeSHIELDS, David Sergt Maj I 1 Penn Inf.

DOYLE, Martin Pri D Penn Inf.

DONALD, J W Pri C 42 Wis Inf.

DOWNS, Henry Pri K 44 NY Inf.

DOW, John Pri G 3 Mo Cav.

DOOLEY, Patrick Pri K 153 Ill. Inf.

DOMECK, Adam Sergt A 17 Wis. Inf.

DUNN, Emanuel Pri G 101 Ohio Inf.

DROWN, Geo. H Sergt E 14 NY Art.

DUNCAN, C S Pri B 4 Mich. Inf.

DORAN, John Pri G 138 Ill Inf.

ELLIS, G M Lieu A 3 Wis Cav.

EVERHART, John Pri E 45 Ill. Inf.

FOHLHAURE, John Pri C & D 1 Col. Inf.

FULLER, Anderw Pri Ill Inf.

FOY, James Mexican War

FOSTER, John Pri C 7 Wis Cav.

FRIES, Geo Pri B 37 Ohio Inf.

FULLER, A B Pri 3 46 Ill Inf.

FRANKLIN, B Pri A 33 Wis Inf

GROUT, LeRoy QM Sergt 16 US Inf.

GOFF, A W Pri A 13 Iowa Inf.

GOULD, Elijah Pri Iowa Inf.

GREGG, John A Pri H 6 Mich Inf.

GOFF, John Pri A 20 Ill. Inf.

GARTHWAIT, Benj. Pri H 43 Wis Inf.

GILBERT, LeRoy A Pri H 21 Iowa Inf.

HENRY, W G Pri E 115 Ill Inf.

HEFLEY, J M Pri J 32 Iowa Inf.

HARTSHORN, E J Capt G 17 Ver Inf.

HOFFMAN, C A Pri H 1 Wis Cav.

HARRISON, T W Sergt E 10 Wis Inf.

HOVEY, J W Pri M 1 Wis Inf.

HARRISON, W M Pri E 10 Wis Inf.

HORLEY, Patrick Pri D 1 Minn. Inf.

HULSIZER, Benj. Pri G 32 Iowa Inf.

HODGES, Jas M Pri H 15 Ill Inf.

HOLDRIDGE, J M Corp Y 105 Ill Inf.

HOUGH, Wm Pri A 58 Ill. Inf.

HOSKINS, Stephen Corp E 11 Wis Inf.

JONES, W Serg E 8 Ill Inf.

JOHNSON, John Pri B 31 Wis Inf.

JOYCE, Edw Pri L 10 Ky Cav.

JONES, H B Pri F 7 Wis. Inf.

KOCLER, J F Pri H 36 Wis Inf.

KARCH, Michael Pri K 21 Iowa Inf.

KELLEY, Dan Pri I 2 Wis. Inf.

KANE, JJ 2 Lieu I 17 Wis Inf.

KEEPERS, W A sergt A 39 Ill Inf.

KELLY, Jeremiah Pri F&C Wis Inf.

KINNIE,Isaac Pri H 7 Wis Inf.

KANE, John Pri A 11 Mass. Inf.

LOOMIS, Henophnie Pri B 2 Wis Cav

LYONS, T J Corp E 13 Wis Inf.

LUNWOOD, W Pri I 94 Ohio Inf.

LYONS, Timothy Pri G Wis Cav

MONCRIEF, Thos Pri F 146 Ill Inf.

MARTIN, J L Corp C & E 41 & 52 Wis Inf.

MAXON, N E Corp D 49 Wis Inf.

McCUNE, W H Pri H 12 Iowa Inf.

McCORMICK, J T Corp F 27 Wis Inf.

McNALLY, Miles Pri D 17 Wis Inf.

MAHER, Thos Pri A 6 Iowa Inf.

MAHONEY, Jas Pri K 6 US Inf.

MORRIS, E D Pri 1 Wis Art.

MAHR, H J Pri B 19 Wis Inf.

MAHONEY,Jas Pri K 6 US Inf.

MORRIS, E D Pri 1 Wis Rat.

MAHR, H J Pri B 19 Wis Inf.

MARTIN, J E Pri B 21 Iowa Inf.

MELLON, W H Pri A 57 Ill. Inf.

McCOY, John Pri I 147 NY Inf.

NORTON, M A Pri M 4 Mich Inf.

NELF, J V Pri E 9 NY Inf.

NOBLE, C D Serg H 3 Wis Inf.

NOBLE, O A Pri D 16 Iowa Inf.

NICHOLAS, Pri H 22 Iowa Inf.

ORMSBY, E S Lieut L 1 Mich Eng.

ORMSBY, A L Pri L 1 Mich Eng.

PHOENIX, J W Pri E 28 Wis Inf.

PROUTY, T J Capt B 45 Ill. Inf.

POWERS, W D Sergt I 32 Iowa Inf.

PHOENIX, Jas Pri E 28 Wis Inf.

ROWE, J F Pri B 17 Mich Inf

RODGERS, Jno Pri G 26 Iowa Inf.

RODGERS, Patrick Pri G 32 Ill Inf.

RIDER, Silas Pri 22 Wis Inf.

RYAN, Thos Pri H 16 US Inf.

REED, Wm Sergt C 50 Ill. Inf.

RANDALL, D L Pri K 10 Wis Inf.

SLATER, Thos Pri K Wis Inf.

SOPER, E B Capt D 12 Iowa Inf.

STEVENS, W A Pri E 7 Minn Inf.

SMITH, G R Lieut C&B 6&48 Wis Inf.

SLOAN, Orrin Sergt H 3 Wis Cav.

STOKES, T B Acting Ensign NY

STONEMAN, G S Pri B 20 Ind Inf.

SMITH, J R Pri K 118 NY Inf.

SCOTT, Wm Pri G 12 Wis Inf.

SCOTT, Jacob Pri G 12 Wis Inf.

SPAULDING, Jas Pri E 105 Ill. Inf.

SHEA, John Sergt E 35 Iowa Inf.

SHEA, James Pri 39 Ill Inf.

STARR, David Pri E 31 Iowa Inf.

STILLMAN, L P Corp F 6 Iowa Cav.

SANDS, C H Sergt E 59 Wis Inf.


SLOAN, D Pri 1 Wis Inf.

THATCHER, Julius Pri F 16 Wis Inf.

THAYER, D F Pri B 7 Iowa Inf.

TRESSLER, S W Sergt H 92 Ill. Inf.

TOOLE, Asa Pri I 2 Kan Cav

VAN BUSKIRK, W Lieut Col 92 Ill Inf.

VANCE, E P Pri F Ill Inf.

VANDERRYTE, B Pri I 25 Wis Inf.

WHITFORD, M M Pri M 3 Wis Inf.

WHITMAN, Mark Pri G 7 Iowa Cav.

WILLIE, Wm Sergt 1 Mo Batt

WILLIAMS, J M Pri A 89 Ill Inf.

WYCOFF, H P Pri D 112 Ill Inf.

WHITE, Augustus Pri H 10 Wis Inf.

WOOLEY, John Pri I 15 Penn Inf

WILSON, John Pri E 17 Iowa Inf.

YOUNG, X Pri B 152 NY Inf

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