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Descendants of Thomas Egan and Johanna O'Neill

Generation No. 1

1. THOMAS1 EGAN was born 07/17/1831 in King's Co, Ireland (Source: Obit.), and died 03/12/1913 in Great Oak Township, Palo Alto, Iowa (Source: Obit.). He married JOHANNA O'NEILL 07/06/1857 in St Paul, Minnesota (Source: Obit.). She was born Abt. 1831 in Ireland (Source: 1870 Census.), and died 10/1890.

Notes for THOMAS EGAN:

Emmetsburg Democrat

Emmetsburg, Palo Alto, Iowa

12 March 1913

Thomas Egan Burned to Death

Perished in His Own Home in Great Oak Township Early Thursday Morning

The citizens of our community were shocked Thursday morning to learn that Thomas Egan, one of the old and best known residents of our county, was burned to death in his home in Great Oak township about 1 o'clock in the morning. He lived alone. His house was situated about ten rods from another house on the place, which is occupied by his tenant., Wm. Hamilton. His son, C.C. Egan, lives about 80 rods to the west. Mrs. Hamilton says that she noticed a light in his house about 9:30 Wednesday evening an that he probably retired about that hour. The origin of the fire will, of course, never be known. It probably started in the chimney or from some wood that was in the room back of the kitchen stove. The blaze was first noticed by Mr. Hamilton who had been in Emmetsburg attending a meeting of the Woodmen, to which he belongs. As he was leaving town he noticed that the sky in the vicinity of his home was quite red. He hurried as fast as he could, thinking that perhaps his own house was on fire. When he reached the place he discovered that the front part of Mr. Egan's house was practically burned to the ground but that the flames had not completely consumed the rear of the building. He broke in the window, which was situated close to where Mr. Egan slept, but the fire was so hot that he could not do anything. In a few moments Dennis Carroll, Jr. and Joe Early of this city, who was visiting him, arrived and cut a hole through the side of the house close to where they knew he slept and, with a long pole, tried to locate the body but they could not do so. The fire was so hot that nothing could be done to check the flames until the building was entirely consumed. Several neighbors who arrived within an hour hauled as much water as was possible from the well some distance away and kept the corner of the building where his remains were supposed to be, partly wet down. At the space that had been occupied by the building was a mass of coals, the body could not be recovered until the flames died down. Judging from the position in which the remains were discovered he was aroused by the gas and smoke but probably became suffocated and fell forward to the floor. He was found in that position. The knob of the bed room door was in the ahes close to his right side. The remains were charred beyond recognition, although the body was not so badly burned. The feet and parts of the limbs were entirely consumed.

The remains, after being prepared for burial , by Undertaker E.J. Foy, were brought to the home of his daughter Mrs. W.I. Branagan.

The funeral was held on Saturday. It was very largely attended by old friends and neighbors. Services were conducted at Assumption church, Very Rev. P.F. Farrelly celebrating a solemn requiem mass. He was assisted by Fathers McNerney and Sweeney. The burial was in the family block in St. John's cemetery. The pall bearers were John S. Murray, James Burns, Peter O'Brien, M.F. Coonan, Edward Ryan and Edward McNally.

Mr. Egan was born in King's county, Ireland, July 17, 1831. Hence he was on his 82nd year. he came to the United States at the age of 17. He spent a couple of years in Philadelphia, after which he came west. He worked at various places for a short time and finally located at St. Paul. He assisted in building the first small court house in that city about 185. He also aided in constructing the old stone cathedral which is soon to be replaced by the magnificent new structure now in the course of erection. Mr. Egan was married at St. Paul July 6, 1857, to Miss Johanna O'Neill, a first cousin of James O'Neill, the well known actor. Mrs. Egan died in October, 1890. Mr. and Mrs. Egan lived on a farm near St. Paul until 1869 when they became residents of Great Oak township, this county. Mr. Egan came to Palo Alto in 1867 and located and later moved his family. Eight sons and three daughters were born to Mr. and Mrs. Egan. Thoms F. and John J., who were engaged in the mercantile business in Emmetsburg thirty years ago, are dead. Mrs. James F. Nolan, another daughter, died at Ruthven in the fall of 1891. The surviving members of the family are Mrs. M.F. Kerwick and Mrs. W.I. Branagan of this city, C.C. Egan of Great Oak township, Lawrence J., of ElDorado, Kansas, William C of Woodward, Oklahoma, and James H. of St Francis, Kansas. Michael I died at Tacoma several years ago. The younges son, Patrick, is supposed to be in Central America.

Mr. Egan was a typical Irishman and one of the most substantial and patriotic of American citizens. He was rugged, hearty, genial, happy, humorous, and generous hearted. He was large of stature and was powerful physically and intellectually. During pioneer days he wouldspend weeks assisting new comers of hs neighborhood in putting up their humble homes and in preparing their fields, and he often did as much as two average men while at such work. he was never too tired to go to the homes of those who were sick or in distress to provide for their needs and to remain until morning if necessary. When neighbors were short of grain, hay, or other necessaries, he would do what he could to supply their needs and he would seldom charge market prices for any products sold to them. They might pay him when they could spare the money and they were never asked for any interest. He had ever an encouraging word for the disappointed or the despondent and he was too charitable to say an unkind word abut the morally unfortunate. He was thrifty, lived within his means and prospered. He had an abundance of the world's goods and he was generous to members of his family. Though 81 years of age, he was as healthy, as active and as intellectually vigorous as most men of 65. His daughters frequently urged him to come and live with them or buy a home close to them so they could give him the attention he needed in his advancing years, but he would always offer some plausible excuse and as smoothly as possible postpone consideration of the matter. Like many other old people, he did not wish to become subject to the care and the attention of his children until physical infirmity would compel him to submit. His sons and daughters do not remember that he was ever sick enough to require the attention of others. He was through life a studious reader and a close observer and few men were better posted on matters of general importance. He was a good judge of men and their motives. His opinions were well worthy of consideration and they were usually valuable to those who sought them. When the Civil war broke out in 1861, he enlisted in the Tenth Minnesota regiment but he was mustered out before he gave any active service. Mr. Egan gave much of his time and efforts to the organization of our county and to the upbuilding of its various enterprises. He organized his own school district and was its first director. In 1879 he was elected a member of the board of supervisors. He served continuously until 1891 when he refused to allow the use of his name for a renomination. He was chairman of the board for several years. The Court House was built during this time and he and Charles Gibbs, a neighboring supervisor, were the leading members in the defense of the county's interests during the long vexations, and expensive litigation involving the ownership of 60,000 acres of swamp land. They stood loyally by the people and they triumphed. Never have we heard so many people express their high apprectiation of the generosity, integrity, and general worth of a citizen as we have since the sad occurence of last Thursday morning. Even little children lament his loss. He was indeed a friend to many of them, for he treated them in a manner that was most pleasing to childish simplicity and expectancy.

The writer, because of family relations, is reluctant about eulogizing the deceased but we feel justified in speaking of him in the language of the many who knew him intimately for many years and who have expressed so freely since his sad death their high regard for his many splendid personal traits. It is needless to say that the kindness, the sympathy, and the general appreciation of his worth by the citizens of our community is very consoling to the surviving members of the family.


Children of THOMAS EGAN and JOHANNA O'NEILL are:

2. i. THOMAS F2 EGAN, b. 05/1858, Rich Valley, Minnesota; d. 02/02/1901, St Francis, Cheyenne, Kansas.

3. ii. ANASTASIA M EGAN, b. Bet. 1859 - 1860, Minnesota; d. 10/20/1891.

4. iii. MARY EGAN, b. Bet. 1860 - 1861, Minnesota.

iv. JOHN J EGAN, b. Bet. 1862 - 1863, Minnesota; d. 07/1891, St Paul, Minnesota.

More About JOHN J EGAN:

Burial: St John's Cemetery, Emmetsburg, Iowa

5. v. JOSEPHINE EGAN, b. 07/1864, Minnesota.

vi. LAWRENCE J EGAN, b. Bet. 1864 - 1865, Minnesota.


1880 census-herder

vii. CORNELIUS C EGAN, b. Bet. 1866 - 1867, Minnesota; d. 1941; m. ROSE J SHEA, 01/29/1901; b. 03/1875 (Source: 1900 Census Palo Alto County, Iowa.).


September, 1907:

A son was born to Mr. and Mrs. C.C. Egan Tuesday of last week. It is needless to say that the happy father is still wearing the smile that will not disappear.

Emmetsburg Democrat

Emmetsburg, Palo Alto Co, IA

7 Sep 1910


While reading of the wonderful record made by Dairymaid, owned by W.W. MARSH

of Waterloo, we are reminded that C.C. EGAN of Great Oak township has a cow

that averaged 44 pounds of butter per month for two months. On this basis,

at present prices, she ought to produce over $150 worth of butter per year.

We do not understand that Mr. EGAN took special care of her or fed her any

better that his other cows. Good cows are cheap at $60 to $70. It pays to

grade up. Farmers send to Ames for the latest bulletins on dairying and get

busy. You should be getting better returns on $85 to $100 per acre land.


Emmetsburg Democrat

Emmetsburg, Palo Alto County, Iowa

5 Aug 1914


Mrs. C.C. EGAN and sons, Thomas and William, and Miss Nellie MARTIN left for Deer Lodge, Montana Wednesday to visit relatives for a month. Mrs. EGAN's mother and three brothers live at that place.



Burial: St John's Cemetery, Emmetsburg, Iowa

viii. WILLIAM C EGAN, b. Bet. 1868 - 1869, Minnesota.

ix. JAMES H EGAN, b. 1870.

Notes for JAMES H EGAN:

Emmetsburg Democrat

Emmetsburg, Palo Alto Co, Iowa

26 June 1912


A Few Items Taken From the Files of the Democrat of June 22, 1892

James EGAN is home from Highland Park where he had been attending school


A Few Items Taken From the Files of the Democrat of December 14, 1892

James EGAN has accepted a position in a drug store at Sibley.



x. MICHAEL I EGAN, b. 10/08/1872, Palo Alto County,Iowa (Source: 1880 Palo Alto Co. Census.); d. 10/05/1904, Pierce, Tacoma, Washington (Source: Obit of Emmetsburg Democrat, 12 Oct 1904.).


Emmetsburg Democrat

Emmetsburg, Palo Alto Co, Iowa

26 June 1912


A Few Items Taken From the Files of the Democrat of June 22, 1892


Michael EGAN will deliver the Fourth of July oration at the Fairfield township celebration.


Obit Emmetsburg Democrat, 12 Oct 1904

Taught school in Emmetsburg. Attended Highland Park Normal in Des Moines. About 12 years ago he went to St. Francis, Ks and was admitted to the bar. Served two or three terms as Co. Atty. Enlisted for Sapnish American war. Was a First Lieutenant. While in camp he contracted an illness that took his life. In addition to the Emmetsburg relatives, he has one brother in Texas, two in Kansas and one is unknown.



Burial: 10/06/1904, Pierce, Tacoma, Washington

xi. PATRICK EGAN, b. Bet. 1875 - 1876, Iowa (Source: 1880 Palo Alto Co. Census.); m. MARY J CLARE, 04/21/1890, Palo Alto Co, Iowa (Source: Newspaper.); b. Bet. 1868 - 1870, Canada.

More About MARY J CLARE:

Residence: 1911, Laurens, Iowa

Marriage Notes for PATRICK EGAN and MARY CLARE:

From the Emmetsburg Democrat 5 Feb 1908:


Many Marriages in 1890

Names and Dates of Marriages Seventeen Years Ago

Patrick Eagan and Mary Jane Clear, April 21




Generation No. 2


2. THOMAS F2 EGAN (THOMAS1) was born 05/1858 in Rich Valley, Minnesota (Source: 1870 Census.), and died 02/02/1901 in St Francis, Cheyenne, Kansas. He married JESSIE UNKNOWN.

Notes for THOMAS F EGAN:

1880 Census enum with James Fitzgerald as partner in General Merchandise Store.

1882 Iowa Business Directory-Emmetsburg, Palo Alto Co.

Fitzgerald & Egan; general store


Emmetsburg Democrat, 7 Sep 1898

Thos. Egan went with son and daughter to visit father, sisters, and other relatives. He formerly was the Sr. partner of Egan Bros., Emmetsburg. He went to Kansas ten years ago where he practices law and invests in real estate. He has served several years as the county attorney of Cheyenne Co.

Emmetsburg Democrat, 10 Dec 1899.

Last week portions of the town of St. Francis were destroyed by fire including T.F. Egan's law office and his building and stock of drugs. He suffered burns fighting the fire. His loss was estimated as five to six thousand dollars and his insurance was only for one thousand dollars.


Obit, Emmetsburg Democrat, 6 Feb 1901

Leaves five small children, the oldest nine years old and the youngest one three. Moved to Emmetsburg when he was ten. Taught school for several terms. In 1881 he engaged in the mercantile business, later taking his brother J.J. as partner. Summer of 1888 he went to Kansas and engaged in the real estate business in St. Francis. Later he studied law and was admitted to the bar. Served two terms as the Co. Atty. for Cheyenne Co. He owned a drugstore with his brother, J.H. Egan. Three years ago he lost his law office and stock of goods in a fire. However, he rebuilt and continued in business until his death.




Burial: 02/04/1901, St Francis, Cheyenne, Kansas


Names of children from Palo Alto probate #535 dated 13 Feb 1901 in the matter of Josephine Branagan for guardianship of minor children, parents being deceased.









3. ANASTASIA M2 EGAN (THOMAS1) was born Bet. 1859 - 1860 in Minnesota (Source: 1870 Census.), and died 10/20/1891. She married JAMES F NOLAN 05/22/1882 in Ruthven, Palo Alto, Iowa, son of JAMES NOLAN and ANASTASIA FITZGERALD. He was born 06/04/1854 in Kane County, Illinois, and died 02/20/1930.


1880 Census-teacher


Burial: St John's Cemetery, Emmetsburg, Iowa

Notes for JAMES F NOLAN:

1920 Census he was living with his sister in law, Anna Healy, wife of William C and nephew, Bernard J.

Emmetsburg Democrat

Emmetsburg, Palo Alto, Iowa

9 Aug 1893

Jas. Nolan left Sunday for Chicago to visit the fair and will meet his brother, J.F. Nolan of Montana.

3 Jan 1900

J.F. Nolan has sold his hardware stock and business and has retired. James Nolan has been one of our most popular and progressive merchants during his long business career.

17 Feb 1904

J.F. Nolan of Ruthven spent some time with his uncle, Patrick Nolan of Emmetsburg.

Emmetsburg Democrat

Emmetsburg, Palo Alto, Iowa

7 Oct 1914

James F. NOLAN and the members of his household joined the Ruthven boosting party that visited Emmetsburg Monday morning. They favored the Democrat office with a brief call while in town.

From Parish Families of Sacred Heart Parish of Ruthven 1891-1991:

Death occurred at age 75 after a long illness. Funeral at Sacred Heart Parish in Ruthven. He was eulogized by Father Colman "as a wonderful family man and friend whose deep faith in God was a tribute to his beliefs in the Catholic faith."

When he was two the family moved to Ruthven and then settled in Emmetsburg. He attended the first school in Palo Alto Co taught by James P. White.

Located in Ruthven in Fall of 1883. Opened hardware store that he operated for 17 years until his retirement. He was on town council, school board, and a director of Farmer's Savings and Trust.




Burial: St John's Cemetery, E'burg, Iowa

Marriage Notes for ANASTASIA EGAN and JAMES NOLAN:

Parish Families of Sacred Heart Parish of Ruthven 1891-1991:

Married at Catholic church in Ruthven in a double ceremony with Mr. and Mrs. M. Kerwick (Mary Egan) by Rev. J.J. Smith.



i. MARY3 NOLAN, d. 09/21/1881.

Notes for MARY NOLAN:

Headstone states, "infant daughter"

More About MARY NOLAN:

Burial: St John's Cemetery, Emmetsburg, Iowa

6. ii. JOSIE NOLAN, b. Bet. 1884 - 1885; d. Aft. 1936.

iii. J CORNELIUS NOLAN, b. 1887, Iowa; d. 1946.


Burial: St John's Cemetery, Emmetsburg, Iowa

iv. LORETTA ALICE NOLAN, b. 08/01/1889, Iowa; d. 1941.


Baptism: 08/14/1889, Sacred Heart Parish/Ruthven

Burial: St John's Cemetery, Emmetsburg, Iowa


4. MARY2 EGAN (THOMAS1) was born Bet. 1860 - 1861 in Minnesota (Source: 1895 Iowa Census-City of Emmetsburg.). She married MICHAEL KERWICK 05/22/1882 in Ruthven, Palo Alto Co, Iowa (Source: Palo Alto County Marriage Records-Book 1.). He was born Abt. 1856 in Ireland (Source: 1895 Iowa Census-City of Emmetsburg.), and died 1937.

Notes for MARY EGAN:

Emmetsburg Democrat

Emmetsburg, Palo Alto, Iowa

26 June 1912


Mrs. M.F. KERWICK arrived home from Sioux City Monday evening, having spent several weeks in St. John's hospital at that place, where she underwent a surgical operation. It was performed by Dr. JEPPESON, the well known specialist. Although she is somewhat reduced in flesh, she feels quite strong and is greatly encouraged. Her many friends are pleased to have her back in Emmetsburg again and to know that she is steadily improving.

More About MARY EGAN:

Burial: St John's Cemetery, Emmetsburg, Iowa


1920 census owned a hardware store in Emmetsburg.



A Few Items Taken from the Files of June 20, 1894

The following are the newly elected officers of the A.O.H. President, W.J. O'BRIEN; vice-president, M. JOYNT; corresponding secretary, J.J. DENEEN; financial secretary, P.H. HAND; treasurer, M.F. KERWICK; sergeant-at-arms, M.D. KANE; doorkeeper, Charles FLYNN; county president, Dan KELLY.


A Few Items From the Democrat of January 29, 1890

Tuesday M.F. Kerwick shipped 17,000 pounds of dressed turkeys to Boston.


From Polk's Iowa State Gazeteer and Business Directory 1922-1923:

Kerwick Michael F, hardware


From the Iowa Commercial Directory 1938-1939:


Kerwick, M.F.



Burial: St John's Cemetery, Emmetsburg, Iowa

Emigration: 1870, Ireland

Naturalization: 1885


Children of MARY EGAN and MICHAEL KERWICK are:

i. NELLIE3 KERWICK, b. Bet. 1882 - 1883, Palo Alto County, Iowa (Source: 1895 Iowa Census-City of Emmetsburg.); m. HUGH MCLAUGHLIN, 09/03/1913, Emmetsburg, Palo Alto, Iowa (Source: Newspaper.).


Emmetsburg Democrat

Emmetsburg, Palo Alto Co, Iowa

3 Jan 1912



Misses Lyme FILATREAN, Bessie HOWARD, and Celia CASEDY of Minneapolis were New Year's guests at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph P. JOYCE. During the past week Miss Anna RUTLEDGE, Josephine DEALY, and Mary DUFFY were entertained at luncheons by the E.M.A. club at the homes of Miss Nell M. KERWICK, Agnes RUTLEDGE, Mrs. C.F. MORAN and T.S. HESSION.


Emmetsburg Democrat

Emmetsburg, Palo Alto Co, Iowa

28 Aug 1912


Miss Nell M. KERWICK arrived home from Yellowstone Park Friday. She reports

a most delightful trip.


Emmetsburg Democrat

Emmetsburg, Palo Alto Co, Iowa

30 Aug 1911


Joe and Miss Nell M. KERWICK and their mother went to Sioux City Monday to remain for a short time. Mrs. KERWICK will consult Dr. JEPPESON again before returning home.



Emmetsburg Democrat

Emmetsburg, Palo Alto, Iowa

3 Sep 1913


Mr. Hugh McLAUGHLIN, Jr., and Miss Nell M. KERWICK are to be married this morning at St. Thomas church. Particulars will be given next week.


7. ii. THOMAS F KERWICK, b. Bet. 1884 - 1885, Palo Alto County, Iowa; d. 1970.

iii. WILLIAM P KERWICK, b. 08/26/1890, Palo Alto County, Iowa (Source: 1895 Iowa Census-City of Emmetsburg.); d. 02/13/1973; m. AGNES C HAND; b. 11/10/1894; d. 11/21/1978.


Emmetsburg Democrat

Emmetsburg, Palo Alto, Iowa

21 June 1911

Joe and Will KERWICK are home from St. Joseph's college to remain during the summer vacation.

Emmetsburg Democrat

Emmetsburg, Palo Alto, Iowa

17 Feb 1915

Will KERWICK left for Des Moines the first of the week. He will attend the State Hardware Dealers' convention. He intends visiting Iowa City and Cedar Rapids before returning home.




Burial: St John's Cemetery, Emmetsburg, Iowa

More About AGNES C HAND:

Burial: St John's Cemetery, Emmetsburg, Iowa

iv. JOSEPH KERWICK, b. Bet. 1891 - 1892, Palo Alto County, Iowa (Source: 1895 Iowa Census-City of Emmetsburg.); d. 1958.


Emmetsburg Democrat

Emmetsburg, Palo Alto, Iowa

21 June 1911

Joe and Will KERWICK are home from St. Joseph's college to remain during the summer vacation.


Emmetsburg Democrat

Emmetsburg, Palo Alto, Iowa

17 June 1914

Joe KERWICK arrived home from Iowa City Sunday morning. He has been attending the State University of Iowa.




Burial: St John's Cemetery, Emmetsburg, Iowa

v. EDNA KERWICK, b. 1894, Palo Alto County, Iowa (Source: 1895 Iowa Census-City of Emmetsburg.).


Emmetsburg Democrat

Emmetsburg, Palo Alto, Iowa

26 June 1913


Commencement Exercises of St. Mary's Academy Very Creditable.

The St. Mary Academy commencement exercises held at the Iowa Tuesday evening of last week brought out a large audience, and they were of such a pleasing and elevating character that all who were in attendance returned to their home with only words of praise for the general excellence of the program and those who participated in it. The selections, "Better Be Good," by the minims; "Beautiful Roses with Tableaux," by the intermediate grades; "The Old Minstrel," by the High School girls; and the "Cymbal Drill," by the seventh grade girls, would, from a spectacular standpoint, have won applause from the most critical audiences. The opening march and chorus and the various instrumental selections were very creditable. The three part song, "My Mother," would merit favorable mention on any musical program. The scene, "A Conspiracy in Court" and the two scenes from "King Richard III" and the readings from Shakespeare by Misses Edna KERWICK and Mary McNALLY showed the high character of the literature to which the members of the class had been giving attention and the careful training that had been given them both in elecutionary and dramatic art. The piano selection "Erl-King," from Schubert-Liszt, by Miss Edna KERWICK, sustained well her reputation as a pianist.

At the close of the exercises graduating honors were conferred on Misses Edna KERWICK, Mary McNALLY, Veronica NALLY and Esther WALDRON. Miss Edna KERWICK was awarded a diploma for completing her course in music.


Emmetsburg Democrat

Emmetsburg, Palo Alto, Iowa

17 June 1914


Miss Edna KERWICK arrived home from St. Mary-of-the-Woods, Indiana, Thursday evening. She was a student at the college at that place during the past year.


5. JOSEPHINE2 EGAN (THOMAS1) was born 07/1864 in Minnesota (Source: 1895 Iowa Census-City of Emmetsburg.). She married WM I BRANAGAN 09/12/1888 in Palo Alto Co, Iowa (Source: Palo Alto County Marriage Records-Book 2.). He was born 01/1863 in Chickasaw Co, Iowa (Source: 1895 Iowa Census-City of Emmetsburg.).


1900 Census lists she had given birth to 2 children, 1 living.


Emmetsburg Democrat

Emmetsburg,Palo Alto Co, Iowa

6 Sep 1911


Mrs. W.I. BRANAGAN spent Friday and Saturday at Colman, South Dakota. She was accompanied home by Miss Ruth EGAN, who had been visiting Mr. and Mrs. E.A. BRANAGAN for a couple of months. Corn is pretty fair near Colman but small grain is not very good. People are farily well satisfied with their crops considering the dry season they have had.

Notes for WM I BRANAGAN:

Emmetsburg Democrat

Emmetsburg, Palo Alto, Iowa

11 June 1913


Mr. and Mrs. W.I. BRANAGAN left for Dubuque Saturday evening. They attended the commencement exercises at St. Joseph's college yesterday morning. Their son, William T. BRANAGAN, and their nephews, Glenn and Wade EGAN were members of the academic class of 1913.

Emmetsburg Democrat
Emmetsburg, Palo Alto, Iowa
3 July 1912

Thursday morning a kerosene stove damaged slightly one of the W.I. BRANAGAN houses. The loss, however, will not exceed $50. Mr. and Mrs. Patrick O'BRIEN occupy the house.


From Polk's Iowa State Gazeteer and Business Directory 1922-1923:

Branagan Wm I, publr Emmetsburg Democrat

From the Iowa Commercial Directory 1938-1939:


Branagan, W.T.



Occupation: Bet. 1899 - 1900, Newspaper Publisher/Emmetsburg, Iowa



i. WILLIAM T3 BRANAGAN, b. 04/1896, Iowa (Source: 1900 Census Palo Alto County, Iowa.).


Generation No. 3


6. JOSIE3 NOLAN (ANASTASIA M2 EGAN, THOMAS1) was born Bet. 1884 - 1885, and died Aft. 1936. She married HOWARD MILTON LEGRAND GOFF 11/14/1905, son of DWIGHT GOFF and MARY BRAYTON. He was born 05/05/1883 in Ruthven, Iowa, and died 02/01/1930 in Dickens, Iowa.


Burial: St John's Cemetery, Emmetsburg, Iowa


LEGRAND GOFF (Feb 1, 1930)

LeGrand Goff, who was manager of the Shipping association in Ruthven for almost five years, and well known citizen of this vicinity and the Dickens neighborhood, passed away last Saturday after an illness of nearly a year and a half. Howard Milton LeGrand Goff, son of Dwight A. and Mary M. Goff, was born on May 5, 1883, at Ruthven, Iowa and died at the home of his mother in Dickens, Iowa, on February 1st, 1930, at the age of 46 years, 8 months, and 27 days. Mr. Goff received his education in the public schools of Ruthven, and he spent his entire life in this vicinity with the exception of two years that he spent on a homestead in Colorado. On November 14, 1905, he was united in marriage to Josie m. Nolan, also of Ruthven. To this marriage was born one daughter, Mary L. He was engaged in farming near Ruthven until 1924, when he accepted a position as manager of the Ruthven Livestock Shipping Association, a position which he continued to hold until he was taken ill in September, 1928. The funeral services were held in the Methodist Episcopal church at Dickens on Monday afternoon, February 3, 1930, with Rev. Oliver Wigdahl of Mason City, officiating. Burial was made in the Dickens cemetery. The funeral services were attended by a very large crowd of relatives and friends, who gathered to pay their last respects to a true friend and beloved citizen. The pallbeares were: Ray Garnett, Manuel Newgard, and his four cousins Emory Goff, Paul Goff, Harrison Goff, and Myron Needham. Mr. Goff leaves to mourn his death, his wife and one daughter, Mary, of Ruthven; his mother, Mrs. D. A. Goff, of Dickens; one brother, C. W. Goff, of Ruthven ; and one sister, Mrs. Ethel Gadsby, of Dickens; and a host of friends. Mr. Goff was always a great lover of horses, and at different times he had owned some of the best. The deceased was favored with a winning personality which made him popular with everyone who knew him. He was always pleasant, hopeful and considerate towards others. His honesty in his dealings with his fellowmen brought him prestige, but not only in his own community, but among those with whom he came into contact with in his every day life. He leaves a host of friends and acquaintances, who mourn at his untimely departure. Stricken in the prime of life, he bore his affliction bravely and took much joy in the kind words and deeds of his many friends, who sought to show their appreciation of his friendship. A true friend and a kind neighbor has gone to his reward, and the family and the relatives have the sympathy of the entire community in their hour of sorrow.








7. THOMAS F3 KERWICK (MARY2 EGAN, THOMAS1) was born Bet. 1884 - 1885 in Palo Alto County, Iowa (Source: 1895 Iowa Census-City of Emmetsburg.), and died 1970.


Emmetsburg Democrat, 28 Aug 1901:

Thomas Kerwick to attend St. Thomas college this coming year.


Burial: St John's Cemetery, Emmetsburg, Iowa


Children of THOMAS F KERWICK are:




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