Tippecanoe Township, Henry Co., Iowa


Town 71, Range 7.
Post Office-Rome     L. Fairchild, P.M.

     ROME and CHECAQUA- two villages joined in one-are situated on the banks of Skunk River at the crossing of the Burlington and Missouri River Railroad; the principal point of business in this township.
     A large portion of this township is timber. Perhaps there can be found here as fine a body of timber as there is in the State.
     OAKLAND MILLS is a place of some note on Skunk River, there and a half miles south-west of Mt. Pleasant.

Residents in Township.


Abels John
Agen, Patrick
Agirs, Michael
Alfred, James
Allender, Samuel
Allsup, James
Anderson, J.R.B.
Archibald, Jonathan.


Baker, Patrick
Balsley, Jacob
Barton, Benjamin
Barton, Thomas
Barnes, Ford
Barr, David
Baum, Michael
Baxter, Jared
Bealer, David
Bealer, George
Beals, Isaac
Beam, S.
Bean, J.N.
Beard, John
Beck, John
Bell, J.D.
Bell, George C.
Berry, Samuel
Blaney, James
Blaney, William
Bonfield, G.
Boyd, A.N.
Brenner, T.
Brier, Nancy
Brown, H.R.
Brown, John


Cammack, Amos
Campbell, John
Carr, Askel
Carrol, James
Casey, John
Chase, Lucias
Chatterton, A.
Chisman, William
Christner, P.C.
Collins, Elizabeth
Collins, John
Coliet, David
Conner, Catharine
Conner, Job
Cooper, William
Curl, Elias


Daugherty, Nancy B.
Davis, Hawkins
Dott, Bennett
Doublebower, C.
Doublebower, T.H.


Edwards, Collins
Eicher, John
Elliott, George
Elliott, O.T.




Fairchild, T.
Fisby, Frederick
Fitzgarles, R.
Flive, John
Foley, D.
Frazer, A.G.


Glasgow, Nancy
Glover, John
Graham, A.A.
Graham, J.H.
Grant, Thomas
Graw, John
Gregory, Anar
Griffee, Samuel
Griffee, William
Griffin, Patrick


Hammar, Hiram
Hammar, William
Hanna, Richard
Harchbarger, James
Harchbarger, William
Harper, John
Haskins, Joel
Hatfield, John
Helser, Joseph
Hewey, John
Hickman, Thomas
Hockett, Jehu
Hockett, Jonathan
Hockett, Stephen
Hockett, William
Hobbs, Nathaniel
Hobson, Edwin
Hobson, John
Holtzinger, Jacob
Hughs, J.M.
Hughs, Wesley


Johnson, Homer
Jankins, B.B.
Jay, Jesse
Jay, Marmaduke
Jay, William


Ketchum, Jesse
Kloppenstein, Michael


Langdon, J.O.
Lawrence, George
Lee, Martin
Lee, Joseph
Lee, Jackson
Lee, Harrison
Lee, Thomas
Lee, William
Liston, Robert
Logan, Isaac
Loper, John
Loyd, Brant
Luzadder, Jacob
Lyon, James M
Lyon, William


Mauldin, Mary
Maxwell, Charles
Mayfield, Leroy
McBride, John
McCann, James
McCabe, John
McCoy, Jacob
McEwen, Sarah
McMurren, Thomas
McMurren, A.
McMurren, John
McQuown, Mrs. Sarah
McQuown, Jacob
Melton, John
Millspaugh, J.W.
Millspaugh, W.H.
Mills, John
More, Peter
Montgomery, Joseph
Murphy, William J.


Neil, William M.
Nichols, William


Odoner, John
Ollson, Frederick
Osborn, William


Packer, T.V.
Pangbern, Syrenus
Parks, Elias
Paxton, John
Payne, Charles H
Pencil, John


Raney, David
Rhoads, J.W.
Richardson, G.W.
Riggs, A.S.
Riggs, A.W.


Saint, John
Saint, William
Scott, Philip
Scott, William
Scott, W.R.
Seton, William
Short, Joseph
Shuman, Mary
Shuman, Moses
Smith, Abram
Smith, James
Snelson, Charles
Spelman, Thomas
Strong, J.H.
Swan, Henry



Tazenby, B.J.
Terrell, Christopher
Thomas, Wright
Thorney, T.
Toll, Andrew
Trublood, Eli
Trublood, B.A.
Trublood, Jonathan
Trublood, William


Upton, Christopher
Upton, Benjamin


Vandoren, James
Vandoren, Jabes
Vannorstral, Abran
Vice, Franklin


Walter, Morgan
Webster, Earl
Wellar, John
Welch, Merrit
Welch, Manly
White, G.
White, Nathan
White, W.W.
White, John
Whipple, Virgil
Whitmyre, Jacob
Wilkinson, Grant
Williford, B.
Winslow, Jorden
Winslow, Mathew
Winters, John
Winther, C.E.
Wood, James M.
Wood, Simeon


Yakle, Luke

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