Henry Co., Iowa

From A.T. Andreas Illustrated Historical Atlas of the State of Iowa 1875

NAME                 RESIDENCE        BUSINESS                                     NATIVITY            CAME TO STATE   P.O.


Ambler, H& R         Mt. Pleasant     Attorneys at Law                             Organized           1862            Mt. Pleasant
Ackerman, F.G.       Mt. Pleasant     Confectionery & Bakery                       Germany             1855            Mt. Pleasant
Bowman, P.N.         Mt. Pleasant     Attorney at Law                              Mercer Co, Pa.      1844            Mt. Pleasant
Baxter, Robert       Mt. Pleasant     County Auditor                               Westmoreland Co, Pa.1851            Mt. Pleasant
Brooks, A.T.         Mt. Pleasant     Mayor                                        Clarke Co, Ohio     1838            Mt. Pleasant
Burton, W.S.         Mt. Pleasant     Carriage and Wagon Shop                      Davidson Co, N.C.   1854            Mt. Pleasant
Baxter, J.A.         Mt. Pleasant     Omnibus Line                                 Butler Co, Ohio     1854            Mt. Pleasant
Buck, A.H.           Mt. Pleasant     Banner Clothing Store                        Franklin Co., Vt.   1871            Mt. Pleasant
Beckwith, W.         Mt. Pleasant     SuptTr'ck&Bri'ges B&M RR                     (Left Blank)        (Left Blank)    Mt. Pleasant
Clarke, Henry S      Mt. Pleasant     Cashier First National Bank                  Beaver Co., Pa.     1855            Mt. Pleasant
Crane, B.H.          Mt. Pleasant     Hardw. Stoves & Farm Impts                   Portage Co., Ohio   1853            Mt. Pleasant
Carey, J.H.          Mt. Pleasant     Carriage Painter                             Oneida Co, N.Y.     1868            Mt. Pleasant
Comstock, A.W.       Mt. Pleasant     Mt. Pleasant Scale Works                     Hamilton Co, Ohio   1838            Mt. Pleasant
Carie, N.E.          Mt. Pleasant     Marble Works                                 Canada East         1867            Mt. Pleasant
Cook, W. Mode        Mt. Pleasant     Salesman                                     Jefferson Co., Ohio 1870            Mt. Pleasant
Cogswell, E.T.       Mt. Pleasant     Superindendent Gas Works                     Vermont             1873            Mt. Pleasant
Corkhill, Geo. B.    Mt. Pleasant     Clerk U.S. District Court                    Ohio                1847            Mt. Pleasant
Coats, Geo. F.       Mt. Pleasant     Carriage Manufacturer                        Lee Co, Iowa        1842            Mt. Pleasant
Dugdale, John B.     Mt. Pleasant     Livery                                       Chester Co, Pa.     1862            Mt. Pleasant
Done, Malin          Section 31       Farmer                                       Orange Co, N.C.     1848            Mt. Pleasant
Eshelman, Reuben     Mt. Pleasant     Dealer in Clothing                           Lebanon Co, Pa.     1848            Mt. Pleasant
Eshelman, John       Mt. Pleasant     Clothier                                     Established         1845            Mt. Pleasant
Foulke, W.B.         Mt. Pleasant     Merchant                                     Harrisburg, Pa.     1875            Mt. Pleasant
Greusel, Col. N.     Mt. Pleasant     Agt. Mcht. AirLine Freight Co.               Bavaria, Germany    1864            Mt. Pleasant
Houseman, J.F.       Mt. Pleasant     County Treasurer                             Henry Co, Iowa      1845            Mt. Pleasant
Harbin, J.C.         Mt. Pleasant     Real Estate and Insurance                    Iredell Co, N.C.    1859            Mt. Pleasant
Hill, Enoch S.       Mt. Pleasant     Merchant                                     Hunterdon Co, N.J.  1836            Mt. Pleasant
Harrison, Henry      Mt. Pleasant     Butcher                                      England             1874            Mt. Pleasant
Journal Publishing CoMt. Pleasant     All Kinds of Printing                        Organized           1858            Mt. Pleasant
Ketcham, L. & Bros   Mt. Pleasant     Grain, Lumber & Milling                      Organized           1873            Mt. Pleasant
Kaster & Farwell     Mt. Pleasant     Gain and Lumber Dealers                      Organized           1872            Mt. Pleasant
Leedham, W.D.        Mt. Pleasant     Justice of the Peace                         Washington Co, Ohio 1844            Mt. Pleasant
Leedham & Baugh      Mt. Pleasant     Sash, Door & Blind Manfry                    Organized           1872            Mt. Pleasant
McAdam, Geo.         Mt. Pleasant     Post Master                                  Harrison Co, Ohio   1866            Mt. Pleasant
Marsh, W.S.          Mt. Pleasant     Physician                                    Nantucket Island    1844            Mt. Pleasant
Melcher, P.          Mt. Pleasant     Marble Works                                 Germany             1852            Mt. Pleasant
McGeer, Mary         Mt. Pleasant     Teacher                                      Cook Co, Ill        1856            Mt. Pleasant
Peters, C.H.         Mt. Pleasant     Livery                                       Washington Co, Ohio 1841            Mt. Pleasant
Pitcher, C.F.        Mt. Pleasant     Druggist                                     Marion Co, W. Va    1837            Mt. Pleasant
Pyle, Samuel M       Mt. Pleasant     Druggist                                     Jefferson Co., Ohio 1865            Mt. Pleasant
Pray, S.M.           Mt. Pleasant     Commercial Traveler                          Indiana             1856            Mt. Pleasant
Robinson, D.W.       Mt. Pleasant     Physician & Surgeon                          Harrison Co, Va.    1855            Mt. Pleasant
Root, R.             Mt. Pleasant     Deputy U.S. Marshal                          Frederick, Md.      1861            Mt. Pleasant
Saunders, Presley    Mt. Pleasant     President 1st National Bank                  Fleming Co, Ky.     1834            Mt. Pleasant
Soles, James D       Mt. Pleasant     Commercial House                             Peoria Co, Ill.     1875            Mt. Pleasant
Snider, Charles      Mt. Pleasant     Druggist                                     Established         1855            Mt. Pleasant
Schliep, Wm H        Mt. Pleasant     Cigar Manufacturer                           Germany             1865            Mt. Pleasant
Simons, L.A.         Mt. Pleasant     Homeopathic Physician                        Chenango Co, N.Y.   1873            Mt. Pleasant
Schriener, T. & Sons Mt. Pleasant     Sash, Door & Blind Mfrs                      Organized           1855            Mt. Pleasant
Taylor, W.H. Jr      Mt. Pleasant     Trunk Manufacturer                           Washington Co, Ohio 1856            Mt. Pleasant
VanCise & Throop     Mt. Pleasant     Editors                                      Organized           1867            Mt. Pleasant
Vernon, J.B.         Mt. Pleasant     Justice of the Peace                         Washington Co, Ohio 1852            Mt. Pleasant
Woolson & Babb       Mt. Pleasant     Attorneys at Law                             Organized           1872            Mt. Pleasant
Whiting, T.          Mt. Pleasant     President Natn'l State Bank                  Hancock Co, Me.     1857            Mt. Pleasant
Whiting, J.H.        Mt. Pleasant     Cashier National State Bank                  Steuben Co, N.Y.    1857            Mt. Pleasant
Waters, O.P.         Mt. Pleasant     "Oakland Woolen Mills"                       Delaware Co, N.Y.   1848            Mt. Pleasant
Wertz, John N.       Mt. Pleasant     "Excelsior Mills"                            Bedford Co, Pa.     1855            Mt. Pleasant
White, Geo.          Mt. Pleasant     Contractor and Builder                       Hamilton Co, Ohio   1838            Mt. Pleasant
Wheeler, John        Mt. Pleasant     Prest. Iowa Wesleyan Un'sity                 Portsmouth, England 1870            Mt. Pleasant
Woodward, J.L.       Mt. Pleasant     Barber                                       Portage Co., Ohio   1874            Mt. Pleasant

Allen, R.D.          New London       Clothing                                     Ostego Co. N.Y.     1862            New London
Bledsoe, V.S.        New London       Hardware & Grocer                            Carroll Co, N.Y.    1868            New London
Beyer, Hugo          Section 5        Florist & Dlr in Seeds                       Prussia             1855            New London
Borton, A.S.         Section 7        Farmer                                       Knox Co., Ill.      1845            Mt. Pleasant
Foster, Alonzo       Section 15       Farmer                                       Windsor Co, Vt.     1863            New London
Gladman, M.B.        New London       Wagon & Carr'ge Mfr                          Fulton Co, Ill.     1855            New London
Hobbs, W.C.          New London       Physician & Surgeon                          Harding Co, Ky      1840            New London
Peterson, R.H.       New London       Merchant                                     Westmoreland Co., Pa1855            New London
Townsend, T.H.       New London       Hotel                                        Windsor co, Conn.   1857            New London
Wilder, F.C.         New London       Principal Academy                            Sagadahoe Co, Me    1849            New London
Waters, Samuel       Section 9        Farmer                                       Warwick Co., Ind.   1849            New London

Glover, S.K.         Section 31       Farmer                                       Henry Co, Iowa      1852            Salem
Heft, Walter P.      Section 9        Farmer                                       Shelby Co, Ohio     1859            Mt. Pleasant
Mills, Isaac         Section 6        Farmer                                       Guildord Co, N.C.   1841            Salem
Milligan, Samuel     Section 4        Farmer                                       Green Co, Pa.       1866            Mt. Pleasant
Noble, Charles       Section 6        Farmer                                       Geauga Co, Ohio     1853            Mt. Pleasant
Noble, Z.L.          Section 5        Farmer                                       Des Moines, Iowa    (Left Blank)    Mt. Pleasant
Ridout, Richard      Section 11       Farmer                                       Monroe Co, Va.      1866            Mt. Pleasant
Stull, Chrles        Section 11       Farmer                                       Lycoming Co, Pa.    1866            Mt. Pleasant

Ferguson, John S     Salem            M.E. Minister                                Beaver Co., Pa      1847            Salem
Knight, Marshal      Salem            Blksmith & Wagon Mnfr                        Frontenac Co, Can. W1849            Salem
Teter, A.W.          Salem            Hotel Dry Goods & Grocer                     Washington Co, Pa   1857            Salem

Noble, E.S.          Section 3        Farmer                                       Franklin Co., Ohio  1853            Marshall
Turney, D.           Section 27       Farmer & Stock Rsr                           Franklin Co., Ohio  1843            Trenton
Wideman, P.          Marshall         Druggist                                     Germany             1838            Marshall

McCulley, J.P.       Section 4        Far. &Bdr Short Horn Cattle and Poland China Green Co, O.        1838            Winfield

Olson, Rev. H.       Swedesburgh      Clergyman                                    Sweden              1858            Swedesburgh

Archibald, Wm        Section 28       Farmer                                       Hamilton Co, Ohio   1836            Lowell

From A.T. Andreas Illustrated Historical Atlas of the State of Iowa 1875
P.N.Bowman                     Attorney At Law
Woolson & Babb                 Attorneys At Law
H. & R. Ambler                 Attorneys At Law
T. Whiting, President          Bank, National State
J.B. Whiting, Cashier          Bank, National State
Presley Saunders, Pres         Bank, First National
Henry S. Clarke, Cashier       Bank, First National
Henry Harrison                 Butcher
J.L.Woodward                   Barber
Reuben Eshelman                Clothing,Hats, Caps,Furnishing Goods, and Tailoring
A.H. Buck                      Clothing
Wm. H. Schliep                 Cigar Manufacturer
F.G. Ackerman                  Confectionery & Bakery
W.S. Burton                    Carriage andWagon Mnfr
Geo. F. Coats & Co.            Carriages, Buggies, Sleighs and Wagons (Manufacturers)
J.H. Carey                     Carriage Painting
Geo. L. White                  Contractor & Builder
Chas. Snider                   Druggist
Pitcher & Pyle                 Druggists
Kaster & Farwell               Grain & Lumber Dealers
James D. Soles                 Hotel "Commercial House"
B.H. Crane                     Hardware, Stoves, and Farm Implts.
W.D. Leedham                   Justice of the Peace
J.B. Vernon                    Justice of the Peace
John D. Dugdale                Livery Stable
C.H. Peters                    Livery Stable
Enoch S. Hill                  Merchant
W.B. Poulke                    Merchant
J.S. Wertz                     Miller, "Excelsior Mills"
L. Ketcham & Bros.             Millers and Dealers in Grains and Lumber
P. Melcher & Co                Marble Works, Manufactrs. Tombstones, Monuments, etc.
John O. & N. Gruesel           Merchants Freight Lines
John Eshelman                  Merchant Tailors
J.A. Baxter                    Omnibus Line
Journal Pu'bg Co               Publishers Journal
Van Cise & Throop              Publishers Free Press
L.A. Simons                    Physician (Homeopathic)
D.W. Robinson                  Physician & Surgeon
W.S. Marsh                     Physician
H.C. Saunders                  Real Estate Agent
J.C. Harrin                    Real Estate & Insurance
A.W. Comstock                  Scale Works
Leedham & Baugh                Sash Doors and Blinds (Mnfrs.)
T. Schreiners & Sons           Sash Doors and Blinds (Mnfrs.)
W.H. Taylor Jr.                Trunk Manufacturers
Garlick, Waters & Co.          Woolen Mills, Manufacturers and Dealers, Cassimeres, Jeans, Tweeds, Flannels, Blankets, Yarns, etc.

R.D. Allen                     Clothing
R.H. Peterson                  General Merchandise
V.S. Bledsoe                   Hardware, Tinware, Cutlery, Staple and Fancy Groceries
T.H. Townsend                  Hotel
W.C. Hobbs                     Physician & Surgeon
M.B. Gladman                   Wagon & Carriage Mnfr.

Marshal Knight                 Blacksmith and Wagon Maker
A.W. Teter                     Hotel, Dry Goods and Groceries

P. Wideman                     Druggist

Hugo Beyer                     Florist and Seed Dealer (Sec. 5)

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