A Little Bit of Ireland

Registry of Deeds, Dublin Abstracts of Wills, Volume I, 1708 to 1745. 1956.
Reprint, Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing, Co., Inc., 1996.


585 FARRELL, JAMES, Killmore, Co. Roscommon, Esq.
     25 July 1738. Codicil 18 Aug. 1738. Full, 3 1/2 pp., 27 Jan.
Wife Jean Farrell als. Blake. My brother-in-law Peter Daly of Quansbury and
my kinsman Denis Daly of Raford, both Co. Galway, Esqrs., trustees and
exors. (revoked in codicil). In default of issue male or female of my own
... estates etc.... to John Kelly, junr., second son of my nephew Jno. Kelly
of Clonlyon, and his heirs; they are to assume surname of Farrell and take
the coat of arms of Farrell. Richard Caddell eldest son of my sister Cecila
Caddell als. Farrell by my brother-in-law Thos. Caddell; Robert Caddell,
second son of said sister Celia. Denis Kelly the youngest son of my
brother-in-law Jno. Kelly of Clonlyon deceased. My sister Anstas Kirwan als.
Farrell, her husband Richard Kirwan. My nephew Arthur French (trustee); my
nieces Margery and Rose French, sisters of said nephew. My nephew Patrick
French their brother. My nieces Fras. Kelly and Hellen Kelly, two of the
daughters of my brother-in-law John Kelly. My nephew John Kelly their
brother. Bridget Nettervill, daughter of my brother-in-law Patrick
Nettervill. Edmd. Nettervill, Esq., (a trustee named in codicil). My sister
Rose Farrell. Great loss sustained by my poor kinsman James Costelloe,
brother to William Costelloe of Tullaghan, Co. Mayo, in his long lawsuit
with my late mother.

All my estate in the counties of Galway, Roscommon and Sligo. My estate in
the north of Ireland in the counties of Down and Monaghan. Lease of houses
and plots in Meeting House Lane [Dublin].

Witnesses: Richd. Shillen, merchant, Patrick Missett, wool draper, both of
Dublin, Myles McDonough, clerk to Peter Daly, Dublin, Esq.

Codicil witnessed by: Thos. Caddell, Herbertstown, Co. Meath, gent., Rich.
Caddell, Dublin, linen draper, Elinor Caddell his wife.

Memorial witnessed by: James Saunders, Bartholomew Delandre, clerks to Wm.
Parry, Dublin, public notary.

703 McDERMOTT, JAMES, Castleteheen, Co. Roscommon, Esq.
     2 June 1744. Narrate, 3/4 p., 20 July 1744.
His sisters Mary and Margaret McDermott. Sir Edward Crofton Moate, Co.
Roscommon, Bart., Robt. Sandford, Castlereagh, Co Roscommon, Esq., trustees.
Patk. Curtis, Dublin, sadler, Mary McDermot his sister, and Edmond O'Flynn,
Torlogh, Co. Galway, Esq., exors.

Lands of Kiltultoge [Co. Roscommon] and Garruclonagh purchased from Edw.
Gardiner, Esq., and lands of Drumlogh, Annylough and Brenabegg purchased
from Caaugh Fallon, gent., then in possession of Owen Connor, gent.,
[situation not mentioned]. Lands of Corgarrue [? Corgarrow, Co. Roscommon].

Witnesses: Richd. Wenston, Moneen, Co. Roscommon, gent., Jas. Horoghy,
Kilbegnet, Co. Galway, Patk. Flynn, Dublin, merchant.

Memorial witnessed by: Patk. Flyn, Patk. Cruise.

721 CROFTON, SIR EDWARD, Moate, Co. Roscommon, Bart.
     -- Feb. 1741. Full, 2 pp., 1 June 1745.
My mother Dame Mary Crofton. My wife Dame Martha Crofton. Having as yet no
issue. To be interred at the church of Killmaine in my family vault there.
My cousin Oliver Crofton, Lissanougrow, Co. Limerick, Esq., trustee and
exor.; his present wife. James Farrell and James Etheridge, two of my
servants. Estates in remainder to my sister Catherine Crofton (unmarried);
she and her husband to take names and arms of Crofton. Mr. James Cane,
Dublin, gent. Legacy to Mr. Robert Mitchell of Moate aforesaid "in case he
lives with me at the time of my death." Henry St. George, Woodsgift, Co.
Kilkenny, Esq.

Lands, tenements, etc. particularly in Co. Roscommon, Co. Sligo and Co.

Witnesses: Jno. Morrison, late of Dublin, merchant, deceased, Owen Dermott,
late of Cork, servant, deceased, Thos. Branon, Dublin, late servant to Wm.
Roan, Esq., council-at-law.

Memorial witnessed by: Thos. Branon, Saml. Wallace, Dublin, gent.

732 DOGHERTY, JAMES, Tully, Co. Roscommon, gent.
     29 Jan. 1743. Pr,cis, 1/2 p., 26 Aug. 1745.
James Lawder the younger, Lowfield, Co. Roscommon, Esq. Exors.: John
Harward, Portorny, Co. Roscommon, Esq., Wentworth Thewles, Dublin, gent.,
and Edmond Kelly, Churchborough, Co. Roscommon, gent.

His estate of Tully, B. Bal[l]intober, parish of Kilmore, Co. Roscommon.

Witnesses: George Cammell, Hugh Purcell, Owen Mulvey, all of Churchborough,
Co. Roscommon, yeoman.

Memorial witnessed by: Owen Mulvey, John Lawder, Dublin, gent.

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