A Little Bit of Ireland

Extracted Probates 1630-1655


Abstracts of Probate Acts in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury
 London: unknown, 1902-1926

Anno 1630

CARYE, DARBY, (mariner, son of DANIEL C, of Waterford, Ireland,) decd. abr. Admon w. Will [81 Scroope] Sept 16 to WM. WHITE, EDW. MORRIS, and RIC. MAYLER, N.E.

COLLEN, WALTER, (of the "Speedwell" of Washford in Ireland, 1629,) Decd. abr. Admon w. Will [85 Scroope] Oct 26 to father JOHN, N.E.

INGOULD, JOHN, (of P. St. Mary Abeh, Lond. cit & grocer,) decd, in Ireland. Admon w. Will [12 Scroope] Feb. 5, 1629-30 to bro. NATH; rel ANNE ren.

Anno 1631

DILLON, SIR JOHN, of Carrickmacross, co. Monaghan, Ireland, Kt. but deceased in p. St. Andrew Holborn, London.
Admon w. Will [33 St. John] Mar. 4, 1630-1 to HENRY MURRAY, the relict Dame ANNE DILLON consenting. N.E.

THOMPSON, TIMOTHY, ( of Oysterhaven, co. Cork, Ireland, merchant, in March) deceased abroad unmarried. Admon w. Will [72 St. John] June 25 to NEWMAN ROOKES, of p St. James Garlickhithe, clothworker, during absence of EDW. THOMPSON and RANDALL ALDERSEY; SAMUEL THOMPSON, ren.

Anno 1632

BAXTER, ANDREW, of Limerick, in Ireland, (mariner). Admon w. Will [104 Audley] Oct 17 to relict MARGARET, during the absence of WILLIAM CASBY, now in Ireland.

PARKER, FRANCES, of Catherlough (alias Carlow), Ireland, spinster. Will [84 Audley] pr. May 3 by rel. WINIFRED, and sons WM. and JOHN.

Anno 1633

GAGE, WILLIAM, of Ardmagilligan, co. Londonderry, Ireland, Esq. Will [65 Russell] pr July 8 by brother JOHN GAGE, the elder, Esq. P.r. GEORGE CARY, Esq. and JOHN GAGE, the younger, gent.

Anno 1634

BOWYER, JANE, deceased, at Kinsale, in Ireland. Admon w. Will [75 Seager] Aug 7 to ISABELL COPELAND. N.E.

Anno 1635

BADEN, ANNE, of Tralee, in Ireland, widow, but decd. in London. Will [123 Sadler] pr Nov 17 by bro. WENTWORTH WOODORD, gent.

FAIRFAX, George, of Armagh, Ireland. Will [61 Sadler] pr. June 8 by relict MARY.

HADSOR, RICHARD, of Keppock, co. Louth, Ireland, K.C. one of the Readers of the Middle Temple. Will [ 33 Sadler] pr. Ap. 24 by WM. CLARKE, P.r. CHRISTOPHER DARCIE, Esq.

RAWLINS, HUMFREY, of p. St. Bridget, in Dublin, Ireland; (formerly of Edgton, co. Salop) Will [78 Sadler] pr. pr. July 23 by PETER WEBB.

Anno 1636

BALFOUR, Lord, JAMES, Baron of Glenawaley, (co Fermanagh) in Ireland. Admon w. Will [ 76 Sadler] June 2 to GEORGE CARTWRIGHT, of p. St. Peter and Vincula, London, gent. N.E.

CHAMBRE, CALCOTT, of Carnowe (Carnew) co Wicklow, Ireland. Will [52 Pile] pr. May 23 by son CALCOTT.

DEANE, EDWARD, of Tully, co .Roscommon, Ireland, (Esq) Will [4 Pile] pr. Jan 30, 1635-6 by EDWARD OSHULDTON and JOHN ST. BARBE.

WARNETT, JOHN, of Dublin, in Ireland, Esq. Will [31 Pile] pr. Mar. 23, 1635-6 by THOMAS COULE.

Anno 1638

BRABAZON, Lord EDWARD, Baron of Ardee in the Kingdom of Ireland. Admon w. Will [46 Lee] Ap. 23 to son WILLIAM, Earl of MEATH; relict MARY, Lady BRABAZON, having died.

BRABAZON, Sir ANTHONY, Kt, deceased in Ireland. Admon w. Will [44Lee] Ap. 23 to brother WILLIAM, Earl of MEATH, d.m. children EDWARD, JAMES, ANNE, DORCAS, CATHERINE, MAGDALEN, and MARGERY; relict Dame MARGT. having died.

Anno 1638

FOWLE, Joseph, of Mallow, co. Cork, Ireland, clerk. Will [70 Lee] pr. June 11 by relict ANNE.

HAWKINS, THOMAS of Mevage (Mevagh, in Ireland) but deceased in Cornwall. (of Mevagessey alias Portillie, Cornwall:- Will) Will [52 Lee] pr. May 4 by relict AWDRY.

INKERSALL, JOHN of Castle Mote, (p. Dysart Gallen,) Queen's County, Ireland, Esq. Will [45 Lee] pr. Ap. 27 by half-brother JOHN SOMNER. P.r. half-brother STEPHEN SOMNER.

KNOWLES, THOMAS of Birr alias Parson's Town, King's County, Ireland. Admon w. will [41 Lee] Ap 2 THOMAS GRIFFIN. N.E.

MACHET, JAMES, of Cromer, Norfolk, (Rector of the parishes of Killmore and Drumbanagher, co Armagh, Ireland) Will [70 Lee] pr. June 25 by MEREDITH M. P.r. son DANIEL.

MILTON, JOHN, of Dublin, Ireland, bachelor. Admon. w. Will [ 35 Lee] Ap. 9 to sister ALICE, wife of ROGER KITTLEWELL. N.E.

MOUNSELL, JOHN, (citizen and salter of London,) of Court Browne Castle, p. Askeaton, co. Limerick, Ireland, but decd. at Cardiff, co. Glamorgan. Will [19 Lee] pr. Feb 19, 1637-8 by son PETER.

SCOTT, Sir RICHARD, of Dublin, Ireland, Kt. Will [ 125 Lee] pr. Oct 23 by RIC. WATTS (Vicar of Chesterton, Cambs.)

SYNNOTT, GEORGE, (Colonel of an Irish regiment in the service of King Lewis XII, of France,) decd. abroad (son of STEPHEN S. of Ferns, co. Wexford, Ireland). Admon. w. Will [111 Lee] Sep. 5 to relict ANNE. N.E.

Anno 1639

DAVENANT, EDWARD, of Whiddy Island, co Cork, Ireland, Esq. but at death of New Sarum, Wilts. Will [139 Harvey] pr Aug 2 by son EDWARD DAVENANT, D.D.

Anno 1640

KINGSMELL, FRANCIS, ( of Balligeg, co Cork, Ireland, gent. in Aug;) deceased abroad unmarried. (to be buried in the church of Bridgewater.) Will [134 Coventry] pr. Oct. 1 by brother WILLIAM KINGSMELL, Esq.

Anno 1641

CORNWATH, ANDREW, ( of p. St. Martin, in the Fields, gent. 1636; son of ANDREW, of Tanghboyne, co Donegal, Ireland,) decd. abr. unm. Admon w. Will [42 Evelyn] Ap 10 to brother JOHN. N.E.

POLE, HENRY, of Ardsallagh Castle, co Meath, Ireland, (Esq), but deceased at Radbourne, co Derby. Will [103 Evelyn] pr. July 24 by rel ELIZ. P.r. JOHN (? WM) COCKE.

Anno 1642

BROWNE, ABRAHAM, ( of p. St. Finbars, Cork, gent.), decd. in Ireland. Will [124 Campbell] pr. Nov. 1 by son WILLIAM.

COOKE, SAMUEL, of Dublin, Ireland. Will [111 Campbell] pr. Sep. 29 by bro. ERASMUS, and THOS. COOKE, (of London, goldsmith), P.r. kinsman CLEMENT CHAPLYN (of New England) and TOBIAS NORRIS.

STORER, WILLIAM, of Dublin, Ireland. Will [3 Campbell] pr. Jan 18, 1641-2 by WILLIAM RAYLTON. P.r. JOSHUA CARPENTER and THOMAS LITTLE, the elder.

VANDERSCUDEN, NICASIUS, of Six Mile Bridge, co Clare, Ireland, merchant. Will [119 Campbell] pr Nov 15 by relict MARGARET.

Anno 1643

PEISLEY, JOSEPH, of Dublin, Ireland, (gent.) bachelor. Will [6 Crane) pr. Jan. 17, 1642-3 by brother FRANCIS.

Anno 1647

AXTELL, JOSEPH, of Dublin, Ireland. Admon w. Will [53 Fines] Mar. 18, 1646-7 to MARGT. HOANE alias SHARPE; DAN. NICHOLLS and JOSEPH WATSON neither accepting nor renouncing.

CARPENTER, EDWARD, of (Galway) Ireland, (merchant). Admon w. Will [259 Fines] Dec. 1 to JOHN TURNER, late husband of ELEANOR TURNER decd., sometime relict of deceased. Admon. t.a.i. May 10, 1645 to HUMFREY DEWELL, revoked. (Admon Oct. 15, 1658 to ROBERT CARPENTER, son of nephew THOMAS, d.b.n. JOHN TURNER, decd.)

SMITH, THOMAS of Gill Abbey, (p. St. Finbar), Cork, Ireland. Admon w. Will [101 Fines] May 7 to relict MARY DAVIES alias SMITH; son JOHN having died.

TYNT, Sir ROBERT, of Ballycreenan, (p. Killcredan,) co. Cork, Kt. Admon w. Will [18 Fines] Feb. 2, 1646-7 to grandson HENRY TYNT Esq.; son ROBERT having died.

TYNT, ROBERT, decd., in Ireland. (Of Ballycreenan, p. Killcredan, Esq., 1644.) Admon w. Will [234 Fines] Nov. 6 to son HENRY; son ROBT. having died.

Anno 1648.

CHICHESTER, JOHN, of Dungannon, (p. Drumglass,) co Tyrone, Ireland, Esq. Will [16 Essex] pr. Feb. 4, 1647-8 by relict MARY.

LOFTUS, (Captain) JOHN of Ireland. Admon w. Will [115 Essex] July 5 to CATHERINE NEEDHAM, relict and extrix. of (Colonel) SIMON NEEDHAM.

NEEDHAM, SYMON, of (Bally-Carroll, Queen's County,) Ireland, (Esq.), Will [115 Essex] pr. July 5 by relict CATHERINE.

Anno 1649

CANNING, ROBERT, of Drogheda, in Ireland. Will [71 Fairfax] pr. May 7 by son THOMAS.

HARRIS, Sir THOMAS, of Tralee, co. Kerry, Ireland, Kt. Will [163 Fairfax] pr. Nov. - by relict Dame ELIZ. P.r. Sir EDWARD DENNY Kt., Sir HARDRES WALLER Kt., and brother EDMOND.

PERCIVALL, Sir PHILLIP, Kt. (Property in Dublin, and co. Cork, Ireland.) Will [61 Fairfax] pr. May 30 by eldest son JOHN. P.r. Sir WILLIAM USHER Kt. and Sir PAUL DAVIS, Kt.

Anno 1650

LOVE, THOMAS, of Bally Eagh, co. Kerry, Ireland, Oct 14, 1642. (Land in Littleport, Cambs., late in the possession of his father THOMAS.) Will [135 Pembroke] pr. Aug 2 by relict ELLEN.

SICELL, Captain WILLIAM, at the house of his sister ANNE COSSENS, in Kinsale, co. Cork, Ireland, July 18, 1650. Admon w. Will [180 Pembroke] Nov. 7 to sister ANNE COSSENS, d.m. son WILLIAM. N.E.

Anno 1651

DRURY, GEORGE, decd. in Ireland; (sometime Governor of Dungarvan, co. Waterford). Will [113 Grey] pr. June 26 by relict ELIZABETH.

WILKINS, RICHARD, of Wexford, Ireland, but decd. at sea. Will [13 Grey] pr. Jan 11, 1650-1 by THOMAS CLOAKE.

Anno 1652

CHAMBRE, CALLCOTT, of (Carnew, co Wicklow) Ireland, Esq. Will (242 Bowyer) pr. Sep. 2 by relict MARY.

DEVERIX, PETER, of Washford (Waterford), co. Washford (Waterford), Ireland. Will [157 Bowyer] pr. Oct. 15 by JASPER SIMITT.

HILL, JANE, of Maldon, Essex, (widow, formerly of Kinsale, Ireland), Admon w. Will [160 Bowyer) Oct. 14 to son JOHN HILL. N.E.

HOUGHTON, JOHN, of Dublin, Ireland, (gent.) Will [122 Bowyer] pr. May 25 by relict _____.

Anno 1653

PARSONS, WILLIAM, of Parsonstown alias Birr, King's Co., Ireland, Esq., Ap. 17, 1650. Will [330 Brent] pr. Ap. 14 by dau. DOROTHY P. P.r. (eldest) son LAWRENCE.

RHODES, SAMUEL, of Dublin, Ireland, Mar. 18, 1650-1; (decd. abroad. To be buried in St. Stephen's church.) Will [361 Brent] pr. July 7 by bro. JOHN. P.r. relict SARAH, (described in the Will as "SARAH R. alias DAYLE, formerly widow of JOHN RAWSON".)

SMYTH, JOHN, Rector of Inniskilling, (co Fermanagh, Ireland) Feb 8, 1652-3. (Lands at Cowling, p. Kildwick, Yorks. Will regd. in the Yorks. section) Will [59 Brent] pr. Sep. 28 by relict DELBORA.

Anno 1654

RICHARDSON, JOHN, D.D., Bishop of Ardagh, co. Longford, Ireland, Aug. 9, 1654. (Endowment out of lands in Co. Longford and Dunboe, for the maintenance of Scholars and Fellows in Trin. Coll., Dublin from the pp. of St. Audeons in Dublin, Granard co. Longford, Ardstraw, co. Tyrone, and Dunboe co. Londonderry.) Will [203 Alchin] pr. Aug. 21 by relict ELIZABETH.

SINGE, GEORGE, Bishop of Cloyne, in Ireland, July 7, 1651. (Lands in Bridgnorth and elsewhere in co. Salop, now in the occupation of his brother JOHN SINGE, mercer and JOHN STANNER. Lands in Ireland.) Will [374 Alchin] pr. Jan. 23, 1653-4 by relict ELIZABETH. and son GEO.

Anno 1655

BROCKETT, Colonel WILLIAM, of Castle Park, co Cork, Ireland. (Dwelling house in Saffron Walden, Essex.) Will [196 Aylett] pr. Sep. 13 by relict JANE.


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