A Little Bit of Ireland

Registry of Deeds, Dublin Abstracts of Wills, Volume I, 1708 to 1745. 1956.
Reprint, Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing, Co., Inc., 1996.


86  BINGHAM, SIR HENRY, Castlebarr, Co. Mayo, Bart.
      10 May 1712. Pr,cis, 1 p., 27 Nov. 1714.
Wife Lettice Bingham als. Vesey. Nephew John Byngham, Esq., eldest son and
heir of testator's brother George Byngham of Foxford, Co. Mayo. Henry
Byngham, second son of said George.

Francis Byngham, Levalley, Co. Mayo, gent. Richard Bingham of Bynghams
Melcom, Dorset. Trustees: Lord Archbishop of Tuam (John Vesey), Gerald
Cuffe, Elmehall, George Browne, the Neal, Martin Blake, Cooleen, Co. Mayo,
Esq., and Robert Kearney, Ballinvilly, Co. Mayo, gent.

The Castle, manor, town and lands of Castlebarr and all fairs, markets,
mills, etc., Co. Mayo. Cloonegashell, Manor of Clooncashill, Clonecashill,
B. Killmaine, Brockagh, Fahy and Rosnemrahir, B. Burresoule, Co. Mayo.

Witnesses: Rev. James Gordon, Castlebarr, clerk, Rev. Andrew Semple, of
same, clerk, Henry Byngham, Levalley, Co. Mayo, gent.

Memorial witnessed by: Robt. Wallis, Hen. Buckley, clerk to Bruen
Worthington, Dublin, notary public.


89  CHAMBERS, WILLIAM, Kilboine, Co. Mayo, gent.
      19 Aug. 1714. Pr,cis, 3/4 p., 12 Feb. 1714/15.
Wife Susanna Chambers. Brother John Chambers of Cloonenrea, B. Gallen, Co.
Mayo, gent., Thomas Chambers the eldest son, William Chambers the younger
second son, John Chambers the younger, third son, and Edward Chambers the
youngest son of said brother John. His other brother Thomas Chambers,
Abergaveny, Monmouthshire in Wales.

Exors. Rev. Thomas Quarterman, Dunmore, clerk, John Ormsby, Dublin, Esq.,
Mathew Bell, Streamstown, Co. Mayo, Esq., and Daniel Surradge, Dunmore, Co.
Galway. A rent charge of o26 for ever for Protestant poor of parish of
Ballyhean, B. Carrow, Co. Mayo.

A house in Ballinrobe, Co. Mayo. Real estate in counties of Mayo and Galway
and elsewhere in Ireland.

Witnesses: Richard Delamer, Dublin, gent., John Sloper, Cloondeasy, B.
Carrow, Co. Mayo, gent., Thomas Tarry, Dublin, merchant.

Memorial witnessed by: Robt. Ormsby, Wm. Dick, servant to Samuel Cotton.

222 PALMER, FRANCIS, Farron, Co. Mayo, Esq.
     3 June 1721. Narrate, 1 p., 4 July 1721.
"Father Roger Palmer, gent. decd." Legacy to Roger Palmer senr. Roger Palmer
junr., son of Roger Palmer senr. Testator's wife Charity Palmer als.
Annesley. Son Thomas Palmer.

Rt. Hon. Thomas Lord Nugent of Riverstowne, William Nugent, Esq., Egnas
Nugent, Esq., and their mother the Lady Nugent, mortgagors. Francis Knox and
Arthur Knox, Esqrs.

His estate in counties of Mayo, Sligo, Roscommon, Leitrim and Westmeath,
viz.: Castlelackan, Killadvioge [Kildavaroge], Castleduny, Beltra,
Knockbogh, Carrow McCullin, Palmerstown, Crossmolina and Mullinmore with the
iron works thereon, Iniscoe and other lands, Kellcoulogh, Cloghbrack and
Dernine, Gorteneadin, Killderrick, Carrigbarrett, Ballyenelty, Rathmoreenay,
Cloonaloghan, Ballynalecka, Killcoe, Runmore, Kellgarruffe, Knockba,
Beltrassna, Ummune, rectorial tythes of B. of Gallen, Killdermot and tythes
thereof, Stockcela, town and lands of Knox's and Dunamonua, all in Co. Mayo.
Ragebb, Knockban, Ardgelly, Co. Sligo. Dungarbey, Co. Leitrim. Rossmore,
Donnellane, Co. Roscommon, purchased by him from James Donellan, Esq., and
his trustees upon an Irish Act of Parliament. Moyduffe [situation not

Witnesses: James Hughes, Richard Wills, Charles [? Cobbe] Lord Bishop of
Killalla, Patrick Fargus, Fargus Fargus, James Hughes junr., all of the Co.
Mayo, gents.

Memorial witnessed by: James Hughes, senr., James Hughes, junr.


320  PALMER, ROGER, senior, Palmerstown, Co. Mayo, Esq.
     12 Oct. 1724. Pr,cis, 1/2 p., 16 April 1725.
Son Thomas Palmer. Glanhurst [situation not mentioned] and lands etc. in
Counties of Mayo, Sligo, Leitrim, Roscommon or elsewhere.

Witnesses: Arthur Knox, Forebegg, Co. Mayo, Esq., John Hughes, senr., and
James Hughes, junr., both of Lecarrowinfolle, Co. Mayo.

Memorial witnessed by: James Hughes, senr., James Hughes, junr.

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