A Little Bit of Ireland

Registry of Deeds, Dublin Abstracts of Wills, Volume I, 1708 to 1745. 1956.
Reprint, Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing, Co., Inc., 1996.


2 SULLIVAN, DARBY, Gortnecrehy, parish of Clouncagh,
    Barony of Conellce, Co. Limerick. 22 July 1708. Narrate, 1 1/2p.,
    4 Nov. 1708.
Wife Catherine Sullivan. Sons John and Thomas Sullivan. Third son Daniel,
fourth son Dennis Sullivan. Daughter Catherine Sullivan.

John Collins, Ballynoe, parish of Clouneilty, B. Conelloe, Co. Limerick,

His real and personal estate in kingdom of Ireland.

Witnesses: Teige Sullivan, Clouny, Co. Cork, Maurice Nash, Ballyhahill,
Daniel O'Bryan, Curraghnageare, Richard Cantilon, Morenane, Daniel Sullivan,
Gortncreghy, John FitzGerald, Greenhill, Timothy Sullivan, Ahadagh, Derby
Sullivan and Matthew Sullivan both of the same, all in the Co. Limerick.

Memorial witnessed by: Daniel Sullivan, John Connell.

40 EVANS, GEORGE, Ballygrenane, Co. Limerick, Esq., the elder.
    26 Feb. 1705. Narrate, 3 pp., 15 Feb. 1710.
Eldest son George Evans, exor. Son John Evans. "William Evans the son of
Jane Teale wife of Thomas Martin." Mr. Jonathan Perry and Mr. Thomas Wills,

The house testator lived in when in city of Cork. Killmallock Lane and Cross
Street, parish of St. Peter, city Cork. Ballinvarrigg, Killcully, Carrow,
Raghenisky, Killcronane, Garranboy, Gortrikinokannter als. Westgortinockane,
and Laghardane, North Liberties, city of Cork. Milltown, B. Orrery and
Kilmore, Co. Cork, purchased from Edward Reyley, gent.

Witnesses: Francis Willmoth, Ballygrenane, George Riggs, Milltown, Nathaniel
Evans, Carassy, Thomas Clancy and Edmond Bourke, both of Ballygrenane, all
in Co. Limerick.

Memorial witnessed by: Nathaniel Evans, John Branville.

46 WEEKES, JOHN, Knockstevenogh, Co. Limerick, gent.
    17 July 1708. Narrate, 1 1/2 p., 2 June 1711.
His wife. Son Nicholas under age. Daughter Anne (unmarried). Father-in-law
George Chinnery, brother-in-law John Chinnery, and Nicholas Lysaght of
Kilmallock, Esq., trustees. Brother Nicholas Weekes. Sister Elizabeth

Cahirgyllimore, Ballynanties, Co. Limerick. Knockbrack, B. Duhallow, Co.

Witnesses: Alphonsus Cullen, Ballygrenan, clerk, John FitzGibbon, Fort,
Doctor of Physic, Moses Wilmott, late of Knockstevana, gent., all in Co.

Memorial witnessed by: Hen. Buckley, John Connell, clerk to Bruen
    8 July 1710. Narrate, 3/4p., 4 June 1711.
Father Sir Drury Wray, Bart. Sisters Frances Wray, Bridget Howard, Eliz.
FitzGerald, Diana Twigg, and Mary Whitacre. Niece Mary Kerr. Brother Cecil
Wray. John Pigott Coleclough, trustee. John Dowdall, Middle Temple, London,
Esq., legatee.

Knockihernane, Co. Limerick. Lands tenements and hereditaments in Great
Britain and Ireland.

Witnesses: Nicholas Westby, Ennis, Co. Clare, Esq., John Higgins, Limerick,
apothecary, John Dowdall, Middle Temple, London.

Memorial witnessed by: John Connell, Hen. Buckley, clerk to Bruen
Worthington, Dublin.
60  ORMSBY, JOHN, Alacca, Co. Limerick, Esq.
     13 Oct. 1705. Narrate, 3 pp., in May 1712.
(son of Arthur Ormsby, the elder, of Ballyvinoge, Co. Limerick, Esq.).
Wife Elizabeth Ormsby. Son John Ormsby [? the testator--son of Arthur].
Eldest daughter Jane Ormsby and younger daughter Katherine Ormsby (both
under 18 years).

Mentions "the great debts the said John Ormsby the Testator was necessitated
to contract in England for the support of him and his family during the late
rebellion in this kingdom."

Robert Ormsby, the younger, son and heir apparent of Robert Ormsby, Dublin,
counsellor-at-law. Gilbert Ormsby, Esq. Lands mortgaged to Mr. Joseph Damer,
Mr. Nathaniel Weld and George Evans, Esq. Recites indenture of 29 May 1686,
deed poll 15 Jan. 1688, and a settlement, mentioned in deed of 20 April
1688, of Postume Ormsby, Esq., deceased.

Ballyvinoge, Ballincolla, Clogher, Carhow, Ballysallogh, Millagh, Ballybegg,
Knockballinebough, Clonbryan, Coulraversy Land, Knockballintorliss,
Ballyvoymana, Dromin als. Fansland als. Faranoula, Fox Acre, Rawleighs Acre,
Scoalls, Ballinclony, Ballinity, Carroghbegg, Ballinlee, Ballinguyraur,
Gortneraughny, Coolreah, Carroghbegg, Ballincurre, Clondruma, in B. Coshma.
Milltown als. Ballymullin, Ballyneguyly, Feehedes, in B. Conello, Co.
Limerick. Rosstemple, Rosstemplebegg, Ballycullen, Finiterstowne,
Killtenane, Garranboy, Gortnegrewer als. Gertincore, Co. Limerick.

Witnesses: Hugh Gough, Kilfinny, Co. Limerick, clerk, Lewis Geness,
Ballyneycleour, Co. Limerick, gent., William Taylor, Alacca, yeoman.

Memorial witnessed by: Fra. Fling, Ja. Hill, Hugh Gough, Lewis Geness.

261 WEBB, WILLIAM, Garrane, Co. Limerick, Esq.
    16 Nov. 1722. Pr,cis, 1/2 p., 14 Dec. 1722.
Wife Ann Webb, extx. His father William Webb senr. His nephew Wm. Webb, son
of James Webb. Cousin James Dickson.

Ballymartin, Kildonell, Lackengrenane als. Lackenegrenane in B. Pubblebrien,
Co. Limerick.

Witnesses: John Van Lewen, Doctor of Physic, James Webb, gent. and George
More, gent., all of city of Dublin.

Memorial witnessed by: James Webb, Robert Hoare, Dublin, gent.

288 KING, GEORGE, Kilpeacan, Co. Limerick, Esq.
    27 June 1719. Pr,cis, 3/4 p., 20 Sept. 1723.
His wife Margaret King. Estate in B. Conagh, Co. Limerick. Kilpecan,
Killmorris, Rathmoile, Skeanea, Ballyshane, Carnemeerlevane,
Knocknebolighshy and Ballyinroghue, all in Baronies. of Publebryen and
Smallcounty, Co. Limerick.

Witnesses: Richd. Pomeroy, Ballysimon, Esq., Thomas Gooduck, Graige, gent.,
and John Hicky, Killpecan, yeoman, all in Co. Limerick.

Memorial witnessed by: Francis Cripps, Dublin, gent., John Hicky.

311  SOUTHWELL, SIR THOMAS, Castlemartyr, Co. Limerick,
     Bart. 22 Aug. 1713. Narrate, 3/4 p., 9 Oct. 1724.
Wife Dame Meliora Southwell. His son Thomas. His other sons Henry, Robert,
William and Richard. His brother Hon. Col. Wm. Southwell, Robert Taylor,
Esq., of Ballynort, Co. Limerick, Joseph Deane, Esq., of Crumlin and Robert
Oliver of Cloghnotfoy, exors.

Mr. John Bellaquer his son Thomas's "governor." Mrs. Frances Rogers.

His house etc. in Clontarf, Co. Dublin, held by lease from Mrs. Mary Vernon
and Mr. Edward Vernon her heir at law. Kilcooleen, Singland, Clounagh,
Loghill, Lisskilleen, Gortavelly, Knockbrack, all in B. Connelloe, Co.
Limerick. Cartine, Pollogh, B. Coshma, Co. Limerick. Portrynand and Great
Knockneskennagh, Gortnebouly, Rathgrogane, Fahebane, Latterrugh "and
Garrybane in Ardagh," Acrenruddery als. Knight's Acre, and Scartnenacre, in
B. Connelloe, Co. Limerick.

Witnesses: Hanniball Hall, surgeon, Daniel Hintze, Bartholomew Clossy,
gent., Thos. Cooke, notary public, all of Dublin.

Memorial witnessed by: Rev. Mr. Frederick Usher, Clontarf, Co. Dublin,
clerk, John Sparkes, Dublin.

344 LYSAGHT, NICHOLAS, Brickfield, Co. Limerick, Esq.
     24 Sept. 1724. Codicil 25 Aug. 1725. Full, 3 pp., 7 May 1726.
"My body to be decently interred by my dear wife and children in in the
church of Ballyclogh if I happen to dye in Co. of Limerick or Co. of Cork."
Son and heir John Lysaght. My second son Nicholas Lysaght, my son Arthur
Lysaght (both under age). My daughter Ann. My daughter Mary. My sister
Magdalen Cuningham. Berkeley Taylor of Ballynort, Esq., John Croker of
Ballynegard, Esq., and testator's son John, exors, and guardians. Friends
Robert Oliver of Clonadfry and Bartholomew Purdon, Esq., additional
guardians. To poor of parish of Ballyclogh o4 yearly for ever, same to poor
of Kilmallock, to be paid out of tythes of parish of Drumtarriffe, B.
Duhallow, Co. Cork.

Ballinvelly als. Brickfield, Co. Limerick. Ardehoig als. Mountnorth,
Curraghlehane (Curoghlehone), Clareen, Garriduff, Ballynalta and
Ballycussin, in B. Orrery and Kilmore, Co. Cork, "my copyholds in Mallow all
the aforementioned lands being my paternal estate." Lands impropriate tythes
etc. of parish of Drumtarriffe, "Fayers and marketts of Shandrum which I
purchased from Lyonell late Earl of Orrey viz. the lands of Lisrobin,
Foybreagh, Glassihinlin, Minetena, Meenskeaghy, Collogh, Tureer, Caghill [?
Tureen Caghill], Knockscorane, Knockskegh, Knockspunane, Knockane,
Gereaghmeenin, Manus, two Meenclees, Minehaha, Glenekeil, Knockaclarigg,
Turreenfinine, Reineboulemeen, Gorman, Tureenemeer, Knocknenanagh, Tureen
Dermot, Tureen Jon. O'Loghlin, Minliny, Tureen Donnell, the said tythes of
Drumtarriffe and fayres and markets of Shandrum with the several plotts of
ground in Shandrum" also Wallingstowne, Courtstown, Inishera Island commonly
called the Little Island, Co. Cork (purchased from Randall Chaytor, Esq.),
Fish Weyers of Tullegull. Moorstown and Rossnetstowne, Co. Limerick
(purchased from Richard Earl of Bellomont, Mr. James Godsell now lessee).
Dorenstowne and Martinstowne etc. (Mr. John Swayne, lessee) and lands of
Coshe (Mr. Samuel Bennett lessee) in B. Coslea, Co. Limerick, purchased by
testator from Earl of Bellomont.
Witnesses: Edward Napp, Cork, alderman, John Harper, Cork, banker, James
Harnett, Cork, banker, John Armstead, cashier to said John Harper and James

Witnesses to codicil: John Mead, Cork, Esq., Darby Fusiny and Lawrence
Poyse, servants to said testator.

Memorial witnessed by: William Devall, Thomas Mullock, Dublin, gents.

364 ORMSBY, JOHN, Athlacca, Co. Limerick, Esq.
     18 June 1717. Codicil 27 June 1724. Narrate, 1 p., 21
     June 1727.
Wife Mary Ormsby (a settlement made 4 March last past on his intermarriage
then intended). Doctor Duncan Comyng, his said wife's father, and Mary
Comyng his wife. Lawrence Steele, Rathbride, Co. Kildare, Esq., and James
Howison, Dublin, gent., trustees.

Athlacca. "His uncle Postume's [Postume Ormsby] estate" [situation not
mentioned] and rest of his real estate.

Witnesses: John Disney, county of the town of Galway, Esq., Thos., Cooke,
junr., late of city of Dublin, notary public, deceased, Thos. Cooke, senr.,
Dublin, notary public
Codicil witnessed by: Hanniball Hall, Dublin, chirurgeon, said Thos. Cooke
junr., and Thos. Cooke senr.

Memorial witnessed by: Michael Jones, Dublin, gent., Will French, clerk to
Henry Buckley, Dublin, notary public.
369 GREEN, ABRAHAM, Ballymacross, Co. Limerick, Esq.
     7 April 1724. Narrate, 1 3/4 p., 26 Nov. 1727
His wife Annabell Blenerhassett, articles of intermarriage 5 Nov. 1694. His
nephew Henry Green of Co. Fermanagh, exor. His grandnephew Abraham Green
aged about five years, son of said Henry.

His nephew Brockhill Green, brother of said Henry. His nephew Nicholas
Green, son of his brother Francis Green. His niece [Hester] Martin.

His estate of inheritance and personal estate. His servant Thos. Bourke. His
servant Jane Kinkade. Honnor Backram. Brian McThomas McGuier. Slany, widow
of John Borane. Elizabeth Lillis, wife of Edmond McMahon. Patrick Behane.
Richard Bourke of Dromsalla, gent. Legacy to poor of parish of Cahircon.

Witnesses: John Vincent, Limerick, alderman, Benjamin Barington, Limerick,
pewterer, William Keating, Pallisgreny, Terence Magrath, Garrydolish, Richd.
Bourke, Dromsallagh, Richard Moore, Limerick, innholder, all in Co.

Memorial witnessed by: Terence Magrath, Roger Moore of Bohurnegragy, Co.
Limerick, gent.

399 GIBSON, ELIZABETH, city of Limerick, widow.
     4 Feb. 1727. Pr,cis, 1/2 p., 4 Feb. 1728.
Her son Henry Gibson, exor.

The front house and lonny behind the same wherein Paul Faryes deceased and
John Boucherye lived . . . which she held by lease from said Faryes
[situation not mentioned]. To said son Henry baker's trough and all other
materials belonging to the baking trade.

Witnesses: Charles Copley, Limerick, alderman, Richard Morgan, Limerick,
cordwainer, Thomas Stoakes, Limerick, yeoman.

Memorial witnessed by: Charles Copley, William Holland, Limerick, clothier.
418 SOUTHWELL, RICHARD, Enniscouch, Co. Limerick, Esq.
     9 Sept. 1729. Pr,cis, 1/2 p., 20 Feb. 1729/30.
"His wife Agnes Southwell, Sir Maurice Crosby, Knt. and his brother Henry
Rose, Esq.," trustees. Eldest son John Southwell. John Fitzgerald and George
Rose, trustees.

Lands of Enniscouch (Enniscoush), Ballyhines, Ardbohill, Lissaddeen and
Ballivinterrourk, Co. Limerick, and all his lands, tenements and
hereditaments etc.

Witnesses: Donat O'Brien, city of Limerick, Doctor of Physick, Henry Peacock
of Enniscouch, gent., Jonas Leake, Rathkeil, Co. Limerick, gent.

Memorial witnessed by: Hen. Peacock, Matt. Slatery and George Studdert, all
of the city of Limerick, gents.
464  VIRGIN, MARY, Limerick, widow.
      30 Aug. 1732. Full, 2 1/2 pp., 16 Nov. 1732.
My daughter-in-law Ann Virgin, (named in deed of lease of 1722 recited in
Will). My cousin Thomas Ewer of Clonmell, Co. Tipperary, gent. His present
wife Anne Ewer als. Virgin. My cousin Anne Ewer, sister of said Thos. Ewer.
Desires to be buried in St. Mary's Church, Limerick "where my father is

Mrs Elizabeth Dowdall, Mrs Anne Sandys, widow. Mrs Jane Knight. Mrs Martha
Davis, widow. The Mayor, Bishop and Dean of Limerick. Alderman Foxrock.
Susanna Mayne. The widow of Chancellor Keefe. winifred McNemara and her
sister. Anne Wilkinson, wife of Edwd. Wilkinson of Galway. The Rev. Mr John
Tunnadine. Mr Simon White and Mr John Phillips (my friends).

Houses etc. on High Street, parish and ward of Blessed Virgin Mary,
Limerick. My house etc. in Key Lane, Limerick, Mr Simon Holland lessee, to
Dean of Limerick and his successors in trust to buy bread for Protestant
poor in parish of Blessed Virgin Mary.

Witnesses: Richd. Maunsell, notary public, Benjamin Barrington, junr.,
pewterer, John Meade Richd., merchant, all of Limerick.

Memorial witnessed by: Benjamin Barrington, junr., John Meade Richd.

482 POWELL, GILES, Glinlary, Co. Limerick.
     14 Aug. 1733. Narrate, 3/4 p., 20 Sept. 1733.
His mother Eliz. Powell, exor. Hassard Powell, Esq., deceased [testator's
father]1 and his wife Elizabeth. His brother Hassard Powell. His sisters
Eliz. Ryves [als. Powell], Ann Powell and Mary Powell. Edwd. Moore Ryves,
exor. and guardian of testator's brother till of age.

Glinlary, Reaske, Mitchellstowne, Hammon[d]stowne, Clocashy, Killgarruffee.
Tully. Village and lands of Inchicome [? Inchacoomb, Co. Limerick]. Lands of
Buellenlisheen, and Ballynamudough, Turneheen [situation not mentioned, ?
Co. Limerick].

Witnesses: Ann Powell, John Dwyer, Wm. Linnane, Robt. Morgan.

Memorial witnessed by: Jon. Dwyer, Robt. Morgan.

1 Will of Eliz. Powell, proved 1751, and grant of Prerogative Administration
Intestate of Hassard Powell dated 1 Oct. 1733. Betham's Abstracts,
487 HAYES, JEREMIAH, Cahirquillymore, Co. Limerick.
    31 Aug. 1732. Narrate, 1 1/2 p., 5 Nov. 1733.
His wife, her two daughters. His brother Daniel Hayes and his nephew John
FitzGibbon, trustees. His eldest daughter Margaret Blen[n]erhassett. His
grandson Hayes Blen[n]erhassett. His daughter Honoria Grady. His
son[-in-law] [Standish] Grady. His brother William Hayes. His sister Mary
Terry. His nephew Patrick Furnell. Desires to be buried in the old church of
Lands of Cahirquillymore, Ballynanty, Knockstephen, Farantlaba. and farm of
Knockdromrooe in B. Connello [Co. Limerick]. His farm of Knockbrack and
Rathbrassill, Co. Cork.

Witnesses: Patrick Terry, Limerick, Doctor in Physick, John Nihell,
Glasscrione [? Glascloon], Co. Clare, gent., Ignatius Terry, Bohargeely, Co.
Limerick, yeoman, Michael Hannan, Limerick, yeoman.

Memorial witnessed by: Ignatius Terry, Thomas Hopkins, Limerick, merchant.

489 COPLEN, JOHN, Killcosgrave, Co. Limerick, gent.
     2 June 1719. Narrate, 1/2 p., 30 April 1733.
Wife Susanna Coplen, extx. Richard Coplen Langford son of James Langford,
brother of testator's said wife.

Lands, or part of lands of Killcosgrave, Ballycormuck, Knockane, Cloneykill,
Ballycullinane, Farinfada, Gortmornburgasty, Lisneburgasty,
Gortgarryneburgasty, Gortgarry, Gortmore, Garrymore, Garrymorebreckne,
Garrynyste, Garrynycory, Craganecheckery als. Duronaghton, Gareinsty being
part of the Mannor of Mount Trenchard, B. Connelloe, Co. Limerick.

Witnesses: Simon Warner, Callow, Co. Limerick, clerk, Silvester Lockwood,
Shanagolden, Co. Limerick, chirurgeon, John Williams, Appletown, Co.
Limerick, gent.
Memorial witnessed by: Robt. Langford, brother of said Richard Coplen
Langford, Geo. Studdert, Dublin, gent

532  GABBETT, WILLIAM, Caherline, Co. Limerick, Esq.
      25 July 1727. Narrate, 1/2 p., 27 May 1736.
His eldest son William Gabbett. His son Jno. Gabbett. William Freeman,
Castlecurr, Co. Cork, Esq., and Thos. Walter, Baggotstown, Co. Limerick,
gent., trustees.

His estate and interest in town and lands of Caherline, Ballyhobine,
Tonetiry, Ballyvorheen, the Two Griernanes, Killeagh and Carrigerila, the
farms of Clashbane, Baggotstown, Boherduff and Dunwillen [situation not
mentioned. ? all in Co. Limerick].

Witnesses: Jas. Uniack, late of Cappagh, Co. Tipperary, Esq., deceased, Jas.
Webb, late of Dublin, gent., deceased, Jno. Williams, Appletown, Co.
Limerick, farmer.

Memorial witnessed by: Thos. Maunsell, Dublin, gent., Richard Maunsell,
Limerick, Esq.

549 WRAY, SIR CECIL, Branston, Lincoln, Bart.
     21 Jan. 1735. Narrate, 3/4 p., 21 March 1736.
His wife Dame Mary Wray. His natural and reputed daughter Miss Anne Casey
then living with him at Branston.

Castle, town and lands of Cathcannon, B. Coshma, Co. Limerick. The Rectory
impropriate and the Glebe lands and tythes of the church and parish of
Uregare, and the advowson of said parish of Uregar, B. Coshma, Co. Limerick.
Town and lands of Clonanna, Lissleenbeg als. Lisseen, B. Puble Bryan, Co.
Limerick. Ballynegaedy als. Ballygaedy, Casey, Liscanah, part of
Ballynegaedy and Garrykettin, B. Coshlea, Co. Limerick. Greybridge (about
160 acres) als. Drohidiglissan, part of the lands of Rathmore, B. Coshma,
Co. Limerick, and the other part of said lands of Rathmore in B. Small
County, Co. Limerick. Messuage in Kilmallock, Co. Limerick and all other his
lands etc. in said county of Limerick and elsewhere in said kingdom of
Witnesses: Thos. Becke, Edwd. Litherland and Jno. Becke, all of Lincoln
city, gents.

Memorial executed by: Dame Mary Wray, Hanover Street, Parish of St. George,
Hanover Square, Co. of Middlesex, widow of testator, Hon. Jno. Selwyn,
Cleveland Court, parish of St. James, Westminster, Esq., Thos. Farrington,
Chiswelhurst, Co. Kent, who by said will are appointed guardians and
trustees of said Ann Casey, now the wife of Rt. Hon. the Lord Vere Bertie,
and by Lord Vere Bertie and Lady Ann Bertie. Memorial witnessed by: Thos.
Adamson, Lincoln's Inn, Middlesex, gent., David Jones, of same, gent.

577 WALCOTT, JOHN, Croagh, Co. Limerick, Esq.
     27 March 1730. Narrate, 1 p., 2 May 1738.
His wife Elenor Walcott. A settlement to her dated 22, 23 Dec. 1712. William
FitzGerald, Sixmilebridge, Co. Clare, Esq., and Charles Smith, Newcastle,
Co. Limerick, Esq., trustees. His brother William Walcott. John Minchin,
eldest son of his cousin Edward Minchin of Glanahilty, Co. Tipperary, Esq.
Charles Minchin third son, Humphrey Minchin fourth son, Francis Minchin
fifth son and Wallcott Minchin sixth son of said Edward Minchin. Paul
Minchin of Ballynakill, Co. Tipperary, Esq. Persons in possession of estate
to take surname of Wallcott.

His wife to enjoy the mansion house of Croagh, and lands called Clonegraige,
the Pigeon's close, the wood als. Killadam, and the Raheens including the
mount and cony warren.

Witnesses: William Acton, Limerick, clothier, Samuel Hulett, Limerick,
gent., William Smith, Limerick, gent.
Memorial witnessed by: William Smith, Humphrey Minchin, Dublin, gent.

579 TAYLOR, BERKELEY, Ballynort, Co. Limerick.
     Not dated. Narrate, 3/4 p., 8 July 1738.
His wife. His son Wm. Taylor.

His farms and lands of Derintubrid, his share of farm of Knockcoolkear. All
his houses in Cork. Town and lands of Castlecor, Ardtemple, Ballymcpierce,
Knockballymartin North and South2 Ballydradin, Dromeenagore, Coolvaghan als.
Coolmachain, Lackillia als. Lackill, part of Ballyhasty, Rathnagard,
Mechanan, Glaunfaney, Drumsachane, Dwargin [? Duarrigle], Gurtigeen,
Coultefeune, Cuilehane, Rathroe, Lyrevihane, Cleawragh, Gurtefinogy, and
Killeen, Ballintubber and Ballyphillippeen, all in Co. Cork, and any other
farms and lands he was seized of in Co. Cork.

Witnesses: John Minchin, Dublin, Esq., John Moffit, Dublin, gent., George
Moore, Dublin, public notary.

Memorial witnessed by: John Minchin, John Wallis, Dublin, gent.

2Presumably N. and S. Knockballymartin
631  MOODY, SAMUEL, Limerick, perukemaker.
     15 July 1726. Pr,cis, a few lines, 13 Nov. 1740.
To his mother Ann Deaves his lands etc. without West Water Gate in the
county of the city of Limerick.

Witnesses: Jno. Rawlins, clothier, John Epwell, clothier, Joseph Evritt,
perukemaker, all of Limerick.

Memorial witnessed by: Jno. Scott, Limerick, gent., George Bell, his clerk.

632  MOODY, WILLIAM, Limerick, clothier.
     15 July 1726. Pr,cis, a few lines, 13 Feb. 1740.
To his mother Ann Deaves lands etc. without West Gate in the county of the
city of Limerick

Witnesses: Joseph Evritt, perukemaker, John Rawlines, clothier, John Epwell,
clothier, all of Limerick.

Memorial witnessed by: Jno. Scott, Limerick, gent., George Bell, his clerk.
637  ROCHE, GEORGE, Limerick, Esq.
     13 June 1740. Codicil 4 Dec. 1740. Narrate, 1 p., 14 May 1741.
His wife Mary Roche, extx. Francis Bindon and David Bindon, both of Dublin,
Esqrs., trustees. His son David Roche. His son Joseph Roche.

Towns and lands of Ballybigg, Co. Cork. Faranfierish [Farranferris] in
county of the city of Cork. Several houses and tenements in city of Cork,
and all other lands etc. in the city, the county of the city, and in the
county of Cork.

Will and codicil witnessed by: Samuel Bindon, Templemongreld, liberties of
city of Limerick, Esq., Ann Bindon, spinster, daughter of said Samuel
Bindon, Francis Mold, then of said city of Limerick and now of Dublin,

Memorial witnessed by: Frances Mold, Thos. Gloster, Limerick, gent., Thos.
Caffery, Dublin, yeoman.


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