A Little Bit of Ireland

A General Directory of the Kingdom of Ireland,1788

By Richard Lucas

Limerick, County of Limerick

Alexander, Samuel; grocer; Broad-street

Alley, Thomas; chandler; Mary-street

Alley, George; mercer; Mary-street

Allison, Abel; cabinet-maker; Mary-street

Alps, George; attorney at law and proctor; Creagh-lane

Alps, William; attorney at law and proctor; Creagh-lane

Ambrose, Robert; linen-draper and haberdasher; Broad-street

Ankettle, Ellen; wine-merchant; Mary-street

Appleyard, Thomas; skin and feather ware-house; Nicholas-street

Arthur, Patrick and Francis; timber-merchant; Denmark-street

Baggot, Daniel; shoe and boot-maker; Mary-street

Banks, adam; chandler and soap-boiler; Broad-street

Barnes, Mrs; toy-shop; Nicholas-street

Barrett, I.; breeches-maker; Mary-street

Barron, and West; milliners; Mary-street

Barron, Richard; herald-painter; Parade

Barry, James; cooper; St. Francis Abbey

Barry, James; tobacconist; Mary-street

Beauchamp, Guy; woollen-manufacturer; Thomond-gate

Bennis, Thomas; hardware-house; Nicholas-st.

Blackwell, Richard; proprietor of the bleach-green at Newport-office for receiving linen;


Blood, Alexander; hosier; Mary-street

Blood, Neptune; merchant, salt and lime manufacturer; Thomond-gate

Bluett, Thomas; wine-merchant; Mary-st.

Bluett, Patrick; spirit-merchant; Mary-st.

Bodkin, Anthony; grocer and spirit-merchant; Mary-street

Boland, Patrick; cooper; Palmerstown

Bold, John; apothecary; Broad-street

Bolster, John; chandler; Mongret-street

Bourke, Thomas; grocer; John-street

Bowerman, Richard; grocer and spirit-merchant; Mary-street

Bowles, Mrs; baker; John-street

Boyce, John; attorney at law; Mary-street

Boyd, James; coach-maker; Outside the Square

Brady, Hugh; flour merchant and miller; Lock-Quay

Brady and Rochford; merchants and Brewers; City Brewery

Brenan, Margaret; linen-draper; Mary-st.

Brown, David; grocer; Broad-street

Browning, Hercules; proprietor of the bleach-green office for receiving linen; Mary-st.

Bryan, Thomas; gun-maker; Nicholas-st.

Buchanan, Henry; coach master; Henry-st.

Buckry, John; grocer; John-st.

Burgess, James; tobacconist; John-st.

Burke, Thomas; goldsmith and Jeweller; Bridge-street

Burke, Mrs.; linen-draper; Broad-street

Bushell, Benjamin; chandler; John-street

Bushell, Mrs; grocer; John-street

Byrne, John; grocer and spirit merchant; Mary-street

Callanane, Thomas; woollen-draper and manufactureer; Broad-street

Callanane, Andrew; skin and feather merchant; Broad-street

Carey, Mathew; grocer and spirit merchant; Broad-street

Carey, Patrick; grocer; Broad-street

Carmody, Patrick; tobacconist; John-street

Carr, Robert and William; tanners; St. Michael

Carroll, Henry Pierce; attorney at law; Mungret-street

Casey, John; cooper; Ship-street

Casey's, Messrs.; coopers; Thomond-gate

Cauldfield, James; baker; Mary-street

Clancy,Bartholomew; skinner; Castle-street

Clancy, James; baker; Mary-street

Clandinan, Robert; woollen-manufacturer; Palmerstown

Clark, Richard; cabinet-maker; upholder and auctionier; Nicholas-street

Cogan, Mrs; dealer in spirits; John-street

Cogan, Maurice; grocer; John-street

Collins, Michael; taylor; Mungret-street

Connell, John; brewer; Fox and Goose St.

Connell, Patrick; jeweller and goldsmith; Mary-street

Connell, Francis; tobacconist; Broad-street

Connelly, Peter; spirit-merchant; Merchant's Quay

Connery, Patrick; Cabinet-maker and upholder; Charlotte-quay

Connor, James; linen-draper; Broad-street

Connor, Michael; spirit-dealer; Mary-street

Conway, Thomas; shoe-maker and leather cutter; Mary-street

Creagh, James, John and Paul; Merchants; St. Michael

Creagh, Francis; skin and feather merchant; Mary-street

Creagh, John; woollen-draper; Mary-st.

Creagh, William; linen-draper; Broad-street

Creagh, John; attorney at law; Lock-quay

Crowe, James; hardware-house; Broad-st

Cudmore, John; woollen-draper; Broad-st.

Davis, George; apothecary; Mary-st

Delany, Daniel; dealer in spirits; John-st

D'Esterre, Arthur Henry; attorney at law; Charlotte-quay

Dickson, Daniel; woollen-draper; Mungret-st

Dickson, William; dyer; Castle-street

Dickson, Samuel; dyer; John-st

Dobbs, Michael; slator; Hogg's-lane

Douglas, William; linen-draper; Mary-street

Douglas, Benjamin; tobacconist; Broad-st

Downes, Henry; goldsmith; Bridge-street

Downes, John; grocer; Creagh-lane

Downham, Jonathon; clothier; Mungret-street

Drew, Lambert; baker; St. Mary's Abbey

Duffy, Dennis; linen and woollen-manufacturer; New town-Perry

Douglas, ---; clothier; Broad-street

Dundon, James; merchant; Bolisboy-road, New town-Perry

Dunn, Peter; linen and woollen-draper; Broad-st

Dwyer, Thomas; grocer; John-street

Dwyer, David; clerk of the County of Limerick and inspector of linen yard No 18; Broad-st

Dwyer, James; grocer; John-street

Edwards, Mrs; dealer in tin-ware; Nicholas-street

Egan, Mort; vintner; Blackswan-Inn; Thomond-gate

England, Thomas; grocer; Mary-street

England, Richard; merchant; Broad-street

England, Alice; linen-draper; John-street

Evans, Joseph; grocer and spirit-merchant; John-street

Evans, Richard; guager; Francis-street

Evans, Francis; chandler; Broad-street

Farrell, Lewis; clothier; Norris's-lane

Fayle, Nehemiah; dyer; Mungret-street

Feake, George; sadler and bridle-cutter; Mary-street

Fennessey, William; nursery and seedsman; Wilson's-quay

Ferguson, John Robert; merchant; Broad-st.

Ferguson, John Jr; grocer; Broad-street

Ferguson, William; woollen-draper; Mary-st.

Field, Patrick; livery stables; Square; New-town Perry

Fihilly, James; livery stables and liquor dealer; John-street

Fitzgerald, John; wine-merchant; Mary-st

Fitzgerald, Maurice; goldsmith; Mary-st

Fitzgerald, Richard; sadler and bridle-cutter; Mary-st

Fitzgerald, Nicholas; green-dragon-Inn; John-street

Fitzgerald, Thomas; shoe-maker; John-st

Fitzgerald, Frank; skinner; John-st

Flanery, J; grocer; John-st

Flin, Edward; printer and bookseller; Mary-street

Fosberry, William; merchant; Broad-street

Fowles, Thomas; woollen-manufacturer; John's-gate

Gabbett, John; woollen and linen-draper; Mary-street

Galbraith, John; woollard-maker; Bear-lane; Broad-street

Gavin, Michael; grocer; wine and spirit-merchant; Mungret-street

Geary, William; carpenter; builder and grocer; Mungret-street

Gilmor, William; spirit-merchant; Broad-st

Glaser, John; china and glassware-house; Nicholas-street

Glisson, John; grocer; Mary-street

Gloster, James; clothier and woollen-draper, the corner of Thomond-bridge, without

Gloster, John; bookseller; Broad-street

Goggin, Thomas; watch and clock-maker; Mary-street

Goggin, William; bookseller and stationer; Mary-street

Goonan, Kate; woollen and linen-draper; Thomond-gate

Gough, Hugh; wine and spirit merchant; Bridge-street

Graves, Bartholomew William; stocking-manufacturer; Nicholas-street

Griffin, Patrick; grocer; Broad-street

Griffin, Patrick; carpenter and liquor-dealer; Broad-street

Gubbins, John; shoe-maker; Mary-street

Gubbins, Margaret; milliner; Mary-street

Gubbins, --; coach-maker; outside the Square

Hallinan, James; plumber and glazier; Change-lane

Halloran, Thomas; pewterer and brazier; Broad-street

Harrison, Charles; watch and clock-maker; opposite St. Mary's Church

Harrison, Charles; dealer in hardware, china, glass and Staffordshire ware-house; Bridge- street

Harrison, Thomas; attorney at law; Change-lane

Harrison, Ann; linen-draper; Nicholas-street

Harrold, Richard; brewer; Penny-well

Harvey, Joseph Massey; merchant; Vinient's place

Hastings, Ann; chandler; Broad-street

Hayes, Jeremiah; linen-draper and spirit-merchant; Broad-street

Hayes, Robert; dealer in spiritous liquors; John-street

Hayes; J; livery stables; Mary-street

Healy, P; shoe and boot-maker; Nicholas-street

Heffernan, J; shoe-maker; Mary-street

Henchy, George; apothecary; Mary-street

Henesey, Patt; cabinet-maker; George's-quay

Henesey, John; cabinet-maker; George's-quay

Herbert, David; chandler and tanner; Mary-street

Hickey, William; woollen-draper; Mary-st

Hickey, Mrs; linen-draper; John-street

Hickey, Margaret; milliner; Mary-street

Higgins, William; boot and shoe-maker; Mary-street

Hill, Launcelot; timber-merchant; New-town Perry

Hill, William; tanner; Hill's-lane; Broad-st

Hogan, John; woollen-draper; Mary-street

Hogan, Matthew; woollen-draper; Broad-st

Hogan, John; grocer; Mary-street

Hogan, Dennis; woollen-manufacturer; Palmer's-town

Hogan, John; cooper; Peter's Cell

Hogan, Mary; milliner; Mary-street

Hogg, William; punch-house and porter-room; Broad-street

Holland, William; attorney at law; Bridge-st

Holland, Joseph; attorney at law; Bridge-st

Honan, Matthew; merchant; Honan's-quay

Honan, Martin; taylor; Nicholas-street

Howly, John; linen-draper; Charlotte-quay

Hunt, George; taylor; Mary-street

Hunter, Samuel; woollen-draper; Mary-st

Hurley, James; shoe-maker; John-street

Jackson, John; trimming warehouse; Broad-street

Jaques, Isaac; clothier and dyer; Mungret-street

Jellico, James; confectioner; Mary-street

Jephson, William; iron-monger; Nicholas-st

Johns, Samuel; attorney at law; Change-lane

Johns, Samuel; silversmith; Mary-street

Jones, the Rev William; master of the Diocesan school; Mungret-street

Jones, Stephen; grocer; Nicholas-street

Joynt, Eliza; chandler; John-street

Irwin, James; teacher of the Mathematics, the English and Mathematical Academy; Back-lane

Kane, Nicholas; grocer; John-street

Kane, I; woollen-manufacturer; Palmer's-town

Kearney, Michael; woollen-draper; Ball's-Bridge

Keating, Charles; haberdasher and hardware house; Mary-st corner of Bridge-st

Keating, Mary Ann; grocer; Nicholas-st

Kelly, James; grocer and spirit-dealer; John's-Gate

Kelly, Rebecca; haberdasher; Mary-street

Kennedy, James; grocer; Mary-street

Kennedy, Dennis; chandler and soap-boiler; Mary-street

Kennedy, John; snuff and tobacco manufacturer;Broad-street

Kendall, Thomas; linen-draper; Broad-st

Kenny, Michael; merchant; Broad-st

Kenny, John; woollen-manufacturer; Thomond-gate

Kent, Simon; tanner; St. Francis Abbey

Kirby, Nicholas; coach-maker; outside the Square

Lacy, John; haberdasher; Mary-street

Lacy, Edy; ship-chandler; Merchant's-quay

Lambert, Grace; milliner; Mary-street

Lee, John; chandler and soap-boiler; St. Francis Abbey

Lenham, Thomas; coach-maker; Mungret-street

Lettsome, Mrs; hatter; Mary-street

Long, Edmond; woollen-draper; Broad-st

Lynch, James; hardware merchant; Mungret-street

Lynch, James; grocer; Mungret-street

Lynch, Edward; grocer and spirit-merchant; John-street

Lynch, Robert; haberdasher; John-street

Lyng, Arthur; linen-draper; Broad-street

Lyons, James and Son; merchants; Charlotte-quay

Lyons, James; manufacturer of the Queen;'s Gloves; Mary-street

Lysaght, Thomas; woollen-draper; Mary-st

Lysaght, Daniel; goldsmith; Mary-street

Macallister; William; woollen-draper; Mary-street

M'Carthy, Daniel; linen-draper; Broad-st

M'Cormick, Thomas; glazier; Mary-st

M'Donnell, John; glover; Charlotte-quay

M'Donnell, Pat; cooper; St. Francis Abbey

M'Grath, Edmond; cooper; Mardyke

M'Greggor, John; hatter; Nicholas-street

M'Loughlan, Maurice; tanner; St. Michael's

M'Mahon, Henry; attorney at law; Charlotte-quay

M'Mahon, John; woollen-manufacturer; Palmerstown

M'Mahon, Edw; linen-draper; Mungret-st

M'Mahon, John; breeches-maker; Ball's-Bridge

M'Mahon, Patrick; dealer in hardware; Broad-st

M'Nemara, Patrick; grocer; Mungret-st

M'Nemara, Wm; spirit-merchant; Mary-st

Madder, Henry; wine and spirit-merchant; Mary-st

Madder, Jane; grocer; Mary-street

Maddock, George; hatter; Assembly-house

Mahon, Nicholas; woollen-draper; Mary-st

Mahon, James; woollen-draper; Mary-st

Mahony, Dennis; grocer; Nicholas-street

Mahony, John; cooper; Mungret-street

Martin, George; watch and clock-maker; Mary-street

Martin, Walter; distiller; Old Barrack

Mason, Thomas; clothier; Nicholas-street

Meade, Thomas and John; linen-drapers; Mary-street

Mehan, John; cooper; Mungret-street

Mell, Mary; gun-maker; Mary-street

Meskill, John; spirit-dealer; Water-gate

Miller, John; spirit-dealer; Mary-street

Milward, Richard; fishing-tackle maker; Merchant's-quay

Minchin, Frederick; grocer and spirit-merchant; Mary-st

Molony, James; grocer; Broad-st

Molony, John; chandler and soap-boiler; Broad-street

Moore, Samuel; chandler and soap-boiler; Mary-street

Moore, Robert; dyer; Thomond-gate

Mulville, Cornelius; shoe-maker; Nicholas-street

Murphy, John; sadler and cap-maker; John-street

Neale, Honoria; linen-draper; Broad-street

Nolan, James; teacher of the mathematics; Wilson's-quay

Noonan, James; taylor; Mary-street

Norris, John; grocer; Broad-street

Norris, William; wine-merchant; Vincent's-place

Nowland, James; tobacconist; Broad-street

O'Brien, John; merchant; Vincent's-place

O'Brien, James; brewer; Thomond-brewery

O'Brien, Oliver; brewer; Newtown-Perry

O'Brien, William, merchant; John-street

O'Brien, M'Nemara; grocer; John-street

O'Brien, John; high constable; Assembly-quay

O'Connor, Daniel; grocer and spirit merchant; Castle-street

O'Connor, John; baker; Mungret-street

O'Connor, Jane; linen-draper; Mary-street

O'Donnell, Thomas; sadler; Mary-street

O'Donnell, Thomas; shoe and boot-maker; Ball's-Bridge

O'Hallaran, Cornelius; chandler and soap-boiler; Nicholas-street

O'Halloran, Silvester; surgeon; Merchant's-quay

O'Hehir, Jonathon; merchant and manufacturer of fine broad stuffs, serges, callamancoes, druggets, etc; Old Archdeaconry-House near Nicholas-street

O'Neil, Michael; iron-monger; Mary-street

O'Neil, Charles; gunsmith; Wilson's-quay

Osborn, Charles; organist; Nicholas-street

O'Shaughnessey, John; grocer; Nicholas-st

O'Sullivan, Thomas; woollen-draper; Broad-street

O'Sullivan, James; tobacco and snuff manufacturer; Broad-street

Palmer, Alexander; linen-manufacturer; Nicholas-street

Palmer, --; milliner; Bridge-street

Parker, Philip; watch and clock maker; Bridge-st

Parker, Edward; clerk of the crown and town clerk; Dominick-street

Peacock, James; chandler and soap-boiler; Broad-street

Phillips, James Hill; druggist and apothecary; Mary-street

Pinchin, John; woollen-draper; Broad-st

Pinchin, Michael Sr; manufacturer of fine broad stuffs, serges and bayes; John-st

Pinchin, Michael Jr; clothier and serge manufacturer; Palmerstown

Poe, Harman; proprietor of the bleach-green; Singland near Limerick

Porter, James; chandler and soap-boiler; Broad-street

Portly, Miss; mercher and haberdasher; Broad-street

Powell, Thomas; gun-smith and goaler; City Marshalsea

Prestly, John; vintner; Black-horser Inn; Thomond-gate

Purcell, Mary; liquor dealer; George's-quay

Quan, Thomas; tobacconist; John-street

Quin, Patrick; apothecary; Broad-street

Rahilly, Eustace; apothecary; Mungret-street

Ready, Mrs; grocer; John-street

Roche, Philip; merchant; Rutland-place office; Mary-street

Roche, Stephen John; merchant; George's-quay

Roche, David Jr; grocer and spirit-merchant; Mary-street

Roche, Thomas; ship-chandler; merchant's-quay

Roche, Philip; merchant; Mary-street

Roche, --; haberdasher; Mary-street

Rochford, Michael Sr; merchant; Mary-street

Rochford, Michael Jr; brewer; Pump-lane

Rochford, Michael; merchant; Peter-street

Rochford, Paul; merchant; Rutland-row

Rose, John; attorney at law; Newtown-Perry

Rose, John; glazier; Change-lane

Rowe, Luke; apothecary; Mungret-street

Russell, William; grocer; Broad-street

Russell, Abraham; grocer; Broad-street

Russell, Francis; malster; Mungret-street

Russell, George; cotton-manufacturer and colourer of threads; Broad-street

Russell, John; linen-draper and auctionier; Broad-street

Russell, James; brazier and Stafforshire warehouse; Charlotte-quay

Ryan, James; linen-draper; Mary-street

Ryan, George; wine-merchant; Mary-street

Ryan, John; glover; Balls-Bridge

Ryan, Patrick; tobacconist; Nicholas-street

Ryan, Philip; paper-manufacturer; Anny-Atty, near Limerick

Ryan, Patrick; skinner; Water-gate

Ryan, Edmond; cooper; Palmerstown

Sargent, Francis Wm; tanner; Bicker-st

Sarsfield, James; cooper; South-mall

Shea, Wm; vintner; New-Inn, outside the Square

Smith, Philip; wine-merchant; near the Custom-house

Smith, Nicholas; boot and shoe-maker; Nicholas-street

Staunton, John; spirit-merchant; John-st

Stuart, James; stone-mason; Island

Sullivan, Christopher; grocer and spirit-merchant; Mary-street

Sweeny, John; woollen-manufacturer; John-street

Taverner, Thomas Samuel; hosier and haberdasher; Mary-street

Taylor, John; brewer; High-street Square

Taylor, Thomas; vintner; New-Inn Square

Tubbs, Nicholas; attorney at law; James's-st

Turton, Francis; attorney at law; Mary-st

Vaughn, Edmond; spirit-dealer; Mary-st

Vereker, Amos; hardware merchant; Broad-st

Vincent, Thomas; merchant; George's-quay

Vincent, Arthur; merchant; Vincent's-place

Vincent, Exham; post-master; office, Nicholas-street

Unthank, John; spirit-merchant; Mary-st

Unthank, Robert; woollen-draper and manufacturer; Mungret-street

Unthank, Benjamin; merchant and stone-blue manufacturer; Creagh lane

Unthank, Joshua; woollen-manufacturer and dyer; Mungret-street

Unthank, George; brush-maker; Mungret-street

Wallace, William; merchant; Broad-street

Walsh, Philip; distributor of stamps; office, Nicholas-street

Walsh, James; boot and shoe-maker; Ball's-Bridge

Watson, Andrew and Co; booksellers and printers of the Limerick Chronicle, agents for the Dublin Fire Insurance Company and Irish Insurance Company for ships and lives, Mary-street

Walton, William; sadler and bridle-cutter; Mary-street

Welsh, --; printer; John-street

White, Jasper; merchant; Pump-lane; Englishtown

White, John; grocer and spirit-merchant; John-street

Williams, James; carpenter; outside the Square

Worrell and Co; Tanner's Abbey

Worrell, Edw; shoe and boot-maker; Ball's-Bridge

Worrell, Thomas; shoe and boot-maker; Ball's-Bridge

Worrell, Wm; shoe and boot-maker; John-st

Worrell, John; shoe and boot-maker; John-street

Young, William; mercer and haberdasher; Mary-street



John Creagh, Esq; Mayor

George Smyth, Esq; Recorder

Samuel Hunter, Esq; Sheriff

Robert Wallace, Esq; Sheriff

J. Prendergast Smyth, Esq; Chamberlain

Christopher Carr, Esq; City Treasurer

Francis Turton, Esq; coroner

Robert Hallem, Water Bailiff

George Vincent; Weigh-master

James Russell, Clerk of the Market



D'Esterre, Henry, Esq; Charlotte-quay

Dwyer, Anthony, Esq; Charlotte-quay

Pitt, George, Esq; Nicholas-street

Smith, George, Esq; George's-quay

Tomkins, George, Esq; St. Mary's Mall



Sayers, Edward, MD and MM; Square

Keating, George, MD; Francis-street

Creagh, Andrew, MD; Mary's-Abbey

Piercy, William, surgeon; Island-gate

O'Callaghan, David, MD; Church-street

O'Rahilly, Martin, MD; Broad-street

Kelly, Cornelius, MD; Wilson's-quay

Lloyd, Francis, MD; Mungret-street

Allen,--, MD and MM; Fish-lane

Hassett, John, MD; Mungret-street

Unthank, Isaac, MD and MM; Mungret-street

M'Knight, John, surgeon; Lock-quay

O'Hallaran, Silvester, surgeon and MM; Merchant's-quay

O'Kane, --, surgeon and MM; Broad-st

Fitzgerald, John, surgeon; Broad-st

Fruen,--, surgeon; Broad-st

M'Keogh, John, surgeon and MM; Broad-st

Shearer, Alex, MD and MM; Charlotte-quay

Unthank, John, MD and MM; Mungret-street



George Manusell, Esq; collector

Sexton Baylie, Esq; Post Surveyor

Arthur Adams, Esq; Land-waiter

Robert Lloyd, Esq; Surveyor of Excise and Guaging surveyor

John Alexander Tomkins, Esq; Surveyor of Excise

Thomas Rumly, Esq; Surveyor at Scattery

John Perry, Esq; Surveyor at Tarbut

Andrew M'Mahon, Esq; Surveyor in the Pool

John Downs, Esq; Inspector of Excise



Raymond Evans, ChCP

Alexander Franklin, KBCP Exch

John Dowdell Hammond, Ch. KB

Joseph Holland, 4 Courts

Samuel Johns, 4 Courts

Henry M'Mahon, Ch

Mathew Moynham, Exchequer


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