Irish Marriages

1771 to 1812
By Henry Farrar; London, England; 1890


NOTE: Be sure to check the entries for both bride and groom as groom's entry contains the most information.
I am not sure but I do not believe any copies of this magazine still exist.

This is only a partial transcription and is far from complete. I add surnames as time permits.

Naghten, Thos., Thomastown, co. Roscommon=Hume, Mrs. r. of Dennison Oct. 1780 p. 576

Naghton, Thomas, Thomastown, co. Roscommon=D'Arcy, Ann, d. of late John, of Houndswood Oct. 1794 p. 384

Nagle, Francis, Moyra=Joyce, E., Portadown Feb. 1790 p. 192

Nangle, Miss=Fox, Mr. 1772 p. 400

Nash, Miss=Wood, Michael i 1791 p. 383
Nash, Miss=Franks, Charles i 1794 p. 568
Nash, Miss=Burke, Patrick 1806 p. 126
Nash, Deane=Tisdall, Miss, 2nd d. of late Archdn, at Cork May 1793 p. 480
Nash, rev. Edward=Ferguson, Miss, d. of late Chas., in Cork Aug. 1808 p. 511
Nash, Jane=Nelson, John 1776 p. 432
Nash, Jane=Wright, rev. Jos. 1777 p. 640
Nash, John, co. Cork=Harrold, Mrs., Limerick July 1771 p. 336
Nash, John, jr., Brinny, co. Cork=Hoare, Jane, d. of rev. Deane, of Limerick Feb. 1784 p. 111
Nash, Lewellin, Covan, co. Tipperary=Spread, Priscilla Dean, 3rd d. of Wm, Ballycannon Sep. 1786 p. 504
Nash, Mary=Vize, Joseph ii 1796 p. 480
Nash, William, Ballyteige=Rowan, Mrs., r. of George, Ratanny, co. Kerry, in Tralee April 1789 p 222

No entries

Neary, J., distiller, of Church St.=Fitzgerald, Elizabeth, of Fishamble St. Sep. 1801  p. 575

No entries

Needham, Mr. Longford=Kelly, Mrs., Whitefriars St. Mar. 1808 p. 191
Needham, rev. Fdk., A.B., V. of Tunstal, Lancs. [Yorks.]=Moller, Miss, e.d. of Andrew, York St. Feb. 1806 p. 126

Nelson, Geo.=Browne, Anne, of Allan Hall, in Derry Jan. 1801 p. 63
Nelson, James, farmer, Fadney, Dromore=McCullagh, Miss, Killyscolven, nr. Dromore Oct. 1808 p. 640
Nelson, John=Nash, Jane, both of Brioe St. June 1776 p. 432

Netterville, Celia=Mayne, Henry 1801 p. 575
Netterville, Fdk., s. of Edmund, of Longford, co. Galway=Keogh, Mary, d. of Walter, of Portumna, co. Galway 3 Oct 1775 p. 629
Netterville, Robt., Cruicerath, co. Meath=Bernard, Miss, e.d. of late John, Ballynegar, co. Kerry, at house of Geo. Raymond, Lower Gloucester St. Jan 1805 p. 62

Newcome, William, Aghanville, King's co.=Atkinson, Miss, d. of late Thomas, Caven Garden, co. Donegal Sep. 1792 p. 288

Newenham, Edw., s. of Sir Edw.=Persse, Elizabeth, d. of Wm., at Roxborough, co. Galway 5 Mar 1787 p. 166

Newnham, Wm., 2nd s. of Edward=Green, Barbara, 10,000 Oct. 1792 p. 384

Nicholson, Miss=Fellowes, Lt. T.B., R.N. 1808 p. 383
Nicholson, Miss=James, Rhd., ii 1798 p. 813
Nicholson, Lt.-col., A.D.C. to General Lake, com.-in-chief in India=Russell, Mary, d. of John, jr., clerk of signet, at Edinburgh Aug. 1804 p. 512
Nicholson, Lt., of the Islanderry Yeomanry=Sherrard, Miss, of Lamb's Island Dec. 1804 p. 763
Nicholson, Christiana=Caufield, Lt. 1807 p. 319
Nicholson, Chris., Armitage=Newcome, Miss, d. of Wm. Archbp. of Armagh may 1796 p. 480
Nicholson, Sir James, Bt., Glenberry=Wharton, Miss, d. of Major Augl 1799 p. 143
Nicholson, Molyneaux, of Summerhill=Ransford, Miss, of same place Apr. 1805 p. 255
Nicholson, Olympia=King, Paul 1809 p. 431
Nicholson, Robt. Jaffray, Banford Green, co. down=Orr, Henrietta, e.d. of James. of Thornley Park, North Britain May 1802 p. 319
Nicholson, Wm., Dame St.=Archer, Miss, d. of Joseph, Kiltimon, co. Wicklow Dec. 1786 p. 672
Nicholson, Wm., late 18th Dragoons=Blunden, Miss, d. of John, Kilmacolver, co. Kilkenny Feb. 1794 p. 192
Nicholson, Wm., Sligo=Phipps, Miss June 1771 p. 280

Nixon, Rev., Chap. to Earl of Lanesborough=Hartigan, Miss, Grafton St. Oct. 1780 p. 576
Nixon, Wm. ,Multadoff=Monaghan, Jane Feb. 1792 p. 192

Nolan, Cath.=Duffy, John 1806 p. 448

Noon, J., Coolisland=McDowell, Miss, d. of Alexander, of Springfield Feb. 1809 p. 128

Noone, Bridget=McDonaugh, S. ii 1790 p. 384

North, Roger, King's co.=Mackay, Miss mar. 1772 p. 168

Nowlan, Miss=Kavanagh, Patrick i 1791 p. 480
Nowlan, Cath.=Mehan, John 1806 p. 320
Nowlan, Dan, co. Clare=Kean, Mrs. Anne, r. of Mr., d. of Wroth Watson Sep. 1777 p. 640
Nowlan, Michael=Thwaits, Miss, July 1772 p. 400
Nowlan, [Qr. Master Michael, late 5th Dragoons] 27th Foot=McCreedy, Miss, at Sligo June 1807 p. 383

Nugent, hon. Miss=Bellew, Chris. Dillon ii 1794 p. 480
Nugent, Miss=Dillon, Jas. 1771 p. 280
Nugent, Miss=Fitzgerald, Maurice i 1796 p. 96
Nugent, Lady=Johnson, Gen. 1802 p. 256
Nugent, Miss=Magill, Lt. i 1791 p. 104
Nugent, Miss=Nugent, Sir Jas., Bt. 1788 p. 224
Nugent, Miss=Sinnott, Mark 1777 p. 376
Nugent, Miss=Rochfort, hon. Rbt. 1776 p. 143
Nugent, Major-gen.=Skinner, Maria, d. of Gen. Dec. 1797 p. 568
Nugent, Lady Cath. = Rodney, hon. John 1784 p. 488
Nugent, Chas., Carpenterstown, co. Westmeath=Reynell, Miss, Ship St. May 1775 p. 437
Nugent, Coyne, bar. at law=Chevers, Miss Oct. 1771 p. 512
Nugent, Edw. John Gordon, Westmeath Regt. = Batty, Letitia Amelia, 2nd d. of John Espine, Ballyhealy, co. Westmeath.
Nugent, Sir Jas., Bt., Donore, Co. Westmeath=Nugent, Miss, s. of Laurence, Coyne Apr. 1788 p. 224
Nugent, John, co. Westmeath=McDonagh, Miss Aug. 1771 p. 392
Nugent, John, of London=Nagle, Lucy, d. of Garret, of Fountainville July 1786 p. 391
Nugent, Edw., Cloncullen, co. Longford=Bignell, Miss, Henry St. Dec. 1786 p. 672
Nugent, Matthew, Summerhill=Bland, Miss, d. of late John, of Blandsfort Jan 1797 p. 96
Nugent, R. = Fisher, Letitia, at Cornville Apr. 1779 p. 256
Nugent, Earl Robt. Nugent Craggs. b. 1703, Westmeath, cr. 1756 Baron, of Carlanstown, Visct. Claro, cr. 1776 Earl, P.C. for both England and Ireland=1. 14 July 1730, Plunket, Lady Emilia, 2nd d. of Peter, 4th Earl of Fingal, she d. 1731.=2. 23 Mar 1736, Knight, Anne, r. of John, of Gosfield Hall, Essex, d. of Jas. Craggs, postmaster-gen. she d. 1756=3. 2 Jan. 1757, at Spring Gardens, St. Martin's-in-Fields, Berkley, Ctss. Elizabeth of , r. of Augustus, 4th Earl 1788 p. 505 [This entry has a portrait of the Earl and also an account of his ancestry].
Nugent, Thos. =Gamble, Anne, d. of John, both co. Westmeath, in Scotland Aug. 1776 p. 648
Nugent, hon. Wm. e.s. of Lord Riverston=Bellew, Miss d. of Michael, of and at Mount Bellew Nov. 1794 p. 480

Oakes, John=Boyle, Elinor June 1808 p. 383

O'Beirne, Miss=Byrne, J.T. ii 1791 p. 288
O'Beirne, Capt., bro to Bishop of Meath=Poacock, Eliza June 1801 p. 384
O'Beirne, Connell, bar.-at-law=Bingham, Miss, d. of late Henry, of Newbrooke Oct. 1796 p. 384
O'Beirne, Connel, bar.-at-law=Bourke, Miss, Glink, co. Galway, d. of late Sir John, Bt. Mar. 1791 p. 288

O'Berne, Bridget=Power, John 1784 p. 112
O'Berne, rev. Chas.=Donnellan, Miss, d. of Jas., of Tubbettinan, co. Meath May 1784 p. 280

O'Birne, Bryan=Martin, Catherine, d. of late Peter, Thomas St. June 1805 p. 384

O'Brien, Miss=Finnucane, Mat. 1775 p. 255
O'Brien, Miss=Cox Lt. Dir Rhd., Bt. 1780 p. 120
O'Brien, Miss=Comeford, Edmd. 1784 p. 744
O'Brien, Miss=O'Brien, Lt.-col. Jas. 1788 p. 111
O'Brien, Miss=Ryan, Jeremiah 1788 p. 336
O'Brien, Miss=Boylan, Thomas ii 1798 p. 908
O'Brien, Miss=Ormsby, Edw. i 1791 p. 288
O'Brien, Miss=O'Callaghan, John i 1795 p. 383
O'Brien, Miss=Wilkinson, J.S. i 1800 p. 381
O'Brien, Miss=Blaquiere, hon. P.B. 1804 p. 639
O'Brien, Miss=Dundas, John 1805 p. 254
O'Brien, Miss=Scully, Edmd. 1806 p. 191
O'Brien, Miss=Parker, Rbt. 1807 p. 511
O'Brien, Miss=Cole, Darby 1809 p. 127
O'Brien, Miss=Scott, Wm. 1810 p. 384
O'Brien, Ann=Fitzgerald, Rhd. ii 1791 p. 480
O'Brien, Anna Maria=Spooner, rev. Wm. 1810
O'Brien, Anthy.=O'Connor, Mary, in Dominick St. Jan 1801 p. 63
O'Brien, Anthy., e.s. of Denis Thomas, of city of Dublin=O'Connor, Miss, 4th d. of Hugh, of same city Feb. 1801 p. 127
O'Brien, B.=Codd,Thomas 1804 p. 639
O'Brien, Caroline=Powell, James 1801 p. 191
O'Brien, Chas., Woodtwon, co. Dublin=Findlay, Miss, Dorset St. May 1793 p. 480
O'Brien, Christiana=O'Donnell, John ii 1791 p. 96
O'Brien, Christopher James, Ennis, co. Clare=Fitzgerald, Miss, d. of Augustine, of Tureen, Clare Jan. 1791 p. 104
O'Brien, Cornelius, Bonnymore, co. Leitrim=Johnson, Mary, Augacashel, same co. Sep. 1781 p. 504
O'Brien, rev. David=Hamilton, Miss, at Belmont, co. Westmeath Aug. 1776 p. 576
O'Brien, David, Critton, co. Cork=Holmes, Catherine, d. of late Rbt., Balladam, co. Limerick Jan. 1811 p. 56
O'Brien, Dennis, Nenagh=White, Susannah, d. of late Benj., of Limerick Jan. 1806 p. 63
O'Brien, Digby=Saunders, Barbara, d. of Henry, late of Charleville, at Cork Aug. 1789 p. 447
O'Brien, E.=Parker, Robt. 1807 p. 320
O'Brien, Rear-adm E., of the Blue=Brady, Miss, Cariafield, Hampshire May 1808 p. 319
O'Brien, Sir Edward, Bt., M.P. boro Ennis=Smith, Miss, e.d. of Wm Nov. 1799 p. 360
O'Brien, Ellen=O'Callaghan, Edmd. 1785 p. 391
O'Brien, H., Bromley=Roche, Miss, d. of J., of Cove, at Whitepoint, co. Cork Nov. 1807 p. 703
O'Brien, Henry=O'Callaghan, Miss, Kilgorey, co. Limerick 10 Mar 1779 p. 192
O'Brien, Lt.-col., James=O'Brien, Miss, e.d. of Col Jas, at Lifford, co. Donegal Feb. 1788 p. 111
O'Brien, Jas. Geo. Marlborough St.=Grace, Maria, 2nd d. of James, of Ballinan, Queen's co. Aug. 1790 p. 192
O'Brien, Capt. James=Maddock, Johanna, d. of Capt., at Waterford Mar. 1793 p. 280
O'Brien, James=Stronge, Miss, at the seat of rev. Mr. O'Brien at Thornhill Sep. 1802 p. 576
O'Brien, Julia=Halliman, John 1801 p. 384
O'Brien, Lawrence=Hewitt, Miss, d. of Capt. Henry, of "Beresford," at Castle Townsend 20 Mar 1778 p. 192
O'Brien, Marcella=Finegan, Lt. 1785 p. 168
O'Brien, Lady Mary=Fitzmaurice, hon. Thos 1778 p. 64
O'Brien, Mary=Lloyde, David 1800 p. 255
O'Brien, Mary=Lumsden, Andrew 1802 p. 128
O'Brien, Mary=Macale, Rhd., 1804 p. 447
O'Brien, Mary Ann=Hilbert, Robt. 1801 p. 255
O'Brien, Matt., bar-at-law=Quinn, Miss, only d. and h. of John Rossbrien Sep 1796 p. 287
O'Brien, Matt, M.D., Ennis=McMahon, Miss, d. of he late C., of Claremount, at Castle Connell 2 Aug 1803 p. 511
O'Brien, Rbt., Ballytuckle=Magrath, Catherine, Carrick-on-Suir May 1806 p. 320
O'Brien, Terence=Stretch, Miss, Bridge St. May 1795 p. 480
O'Brien, Terence=Lloyd, Mrs., r. of Robt., of Creagh Lane, at Limerick 1805 p. 602
O'Brien, Thady, co. Limerick=Nagle, Theresa, Annakissy, at Cork 7 Dec 1774 p. 758
O'Brien, Wm., of Leitrim=Irwin, Miss Aug 1772 p. 456
O'Brien, Capt. Wm., 46th Foot=Corbet, Miss, d. of Major at Exeter Sep. 1797 p. 287
O'Brien, Wm., Drumrahan, high Sheriff of co. Leitrim=Alego, Miss, of Holly Mount, same co. Feb. 1801 p. 128
O'Brien, Wm., Cope St.=Lyons, Miss, Essex St. Sep 1801 p. 575

O'Bryan, John, Limerick=McNamara, Miss, d. of Thos. Ardelooney, co. Clare, in London Mar. 1791 p. 288

O'Bryen, Capt. Jas., R.N., n. to Earl of Inchiquin=Williams, B., at Truro Jan. 1801 p. 63

O'Callaghan, Edmd., Kilgory, co. Clare=O'Brien, Ellen, d. of Denis, Stephen's Green July 1785 p. 391
O'Callaghan, John, co. Clare=O'Brien, Miss, d. of late Capt., of Ennis Apr. 1795 p. 383

O'Conner, Mary=Malone, Edmd 1774 p. 493

O'Connor, Miss=Donnelan, Thos 1771 p. 336
O'Connor, Mr., co Limerick=Penefather, Miss, Newpark, co Tipperary 6 Feb 1779 p. 128
O'Connor, Mr., Ardentenard=McCarrey, Mary, d. of Daniel, at Bantry June 1794 p. 568
O'Connor, Miss=Shee, Lt. col ii 1797 p. 566
O'Connor, Miss=Power, Capt. Jas. ii 1800 p. 255
O'Connor, Miss=O'Brien, Anthy 1801 p. 127
O'Connor, Mr. High Leak, Mullingar=Evans, Elizabeth, of Castle Pollard Sep 1801 p. 575
O'Connor, Miss=Blake, Major Maurice 1803 p. 512
O'Connor, Miss=Robinson, A.G. 1807 p. 384
O'Connor, Miss=McDermote, Hugh ii 1793 p. 191
O'Connor, Miss=O'Flynn, Matt. 1781 p. 448
O'Connor, Emily=Crauford, W.K., M.D. 1801 p. 447
O'Connor, James=O'Connel, Miss, d. of late Thos., at Tralee Nov. 1792 p. 480
O'Connor, John, Inner Temple=Barons, Harriet, d. and s.h. of Benj., of Kent. July 1776 p. 503
O'Connor, John, Carrick-on-Shannon=Blyth, Miss, of Cootehill, co. Roscommon Jan. 1779 p. 64
O'Connor, John, of Cloyne=Meade, Elizabeth, of Youghall Mar. 1792 p. 208
O'Connor, Mary=McAuliffe, Wm 1807 p. 63
O'Connor, Peter, Edenderry=O'keenaghan, Kitty, same town Dec. 1780 p. 688
O'Connor, Roger=I. Strachan, Louisa Ann, e.d. of Col, of 32nd Foot, she d. 1787, leaving issue 2 children, Louisa and Roderick=2. Bowen, Wilhelmina, only d. of Nicholas, Aug. 1788 Mar. 1798 p. 193 [ a fine portrait is given of him in this no.]
O'Connor, Terr., butter mcht., city of Cork=Hickie, Miss, d. of late Michael, Kildenlea, of same co. June 1810 p. 288
O'Connor, Valentine, jr.=Hinchey, Miss, d. of David Jan. 1797 p. 96

No entries

O'Dell, Thos., Creden Lodge, co. Wexford=Lambert, Miss, d. of W. Apr. 1807 p. 255

O'Donnel, Miss=Harkin, Luke 1807 p. 63
O'Donnel, Maurice, Maganstown, co. Tipperary=Smith, Anne, d. of Valentine, of Carrick-on-Suir Nov. 1774 p. 757
O'Donnel, Wm.=Ormsby, Mary, at Limerick Feb. 1781 p. 112

O'Donnell, Miss=Barnes, Patrick 1805 p. 254
O'Donnell, Miss=Molyneaux, Capel 1785 p. 391
O'Donnell, Miss=Smith, Dr. ii 1800 p. 255
O'Donnell, Miss=White, Rhd. 1775 p. 502
O'Donnell, Hugh, Greyfield=Lyon, Honora, of Lyonstown, both of co. Roscommon July 1791 p. 96
O'Donnell, John=O'Brien, Christiana, at Limerick July 1791 p. 96
O'Donnell, John, victualler=Kerin, Miss, d. of late Michael, of Ennis, at Limerick Oct. 1805 p. 639
O'Donnell, Maria=O'Herny, Geoffrey ii 1793 p. 384
O'Donnell, Simon, Clonmony, co. Clare=Smith, Miss, d. of Sam, New Garden, co. Tipperary Apr 1786 p. 224

O'Donoughue, Miss=Murphy, John ii 1791 p. 288

O'Dwyer, H.=Lysaght, Miss, d. of late A. Feb. 1807 p. 128
O'Dwyer, Lt. Morgan, Cullen, co. Tipperary=Keating, C., d. of Bryan, of the same co. Sep 1798 p. 656

O'Flaherty, Edmd., co Roscommon=Dillon, Barbara, d. of John, Lung, co. Mayo May 1771 p. 224
O'Flaherty, Ellis Agar=Reynold, Wm. ii 1792 p, 288

O'Flyn, Wm., M.D., of Cloyne=Barry, Catherine, d. of James, of Barrymore Feb. 1792 p. 192

O'Flynn, Matt.=O'Connor, Elizabeth at Edenderry Aug. 1781 p. 448

No entries

Ogel, John, Ardpark, co. Louth=Sandys, Miss, Drogheda Sep. 1786 p. 504

O'Gorman, Miss=Mahon, Patrick i 1798 p. 191
O'Gorman, The Chevalier=Cuffe, Mrs. Oct. 1792 p. 384

O'Grady, Gilbert S., of Limerick Regt.=Vernon, Miss, Downpatrick Nov. 1808 p. 704
O'Grady, John, Cahir, co. Limerick=Croker, Miss, e. d. of John, Rawleighstown Aug. 1789 p. 447

O'Halloran, Joseph, of Limerick=Bailey, Miss, d. of Col., of Isle of Anglesea, n. to Earl of Uxbridge, at Calcutta, E. Indes. July 1791 p. 96
O'Halloran, Matt., Ballycumeon=McMahon, Miss, Trinity St. Feb. 1792 p. 192

O'Hara, Miss=Greer, James 1805 p. 254
O'Hara, Miss=Maxwell, Rev. B 1809 p. 431
O'Hara, Constantine, attorney=Lyden, Alicia, d. of Mr., of Galway Aug. 1806 p. 512
O'Hara, Jas., of Galway=Moore, Miss, d. of Counsellor, at Kinsale Jan. 1789 p. 56
O'Hara, Jane=Wright, Mr. 1775 p. 63
O'Hara, John, Ratrour, King's co. =Moran, Elizabeth, at Belview, co. Galway Jan. 1806 p. 63

No entries

O'Herny, Geoffrey=O'Donnell, Maria, d. of Daniel, Mocroom Oct. 1793 p. 384

O'Loghlin, Major, 14th Dragoons=Dupre, Miss, of Portland Place Dec. 1799 p. 424

O'Mooney, John, Code, King's co.=Hickey, Miss, Ballynakill, nr. same place Sep. 1782 p. 504

Oliver, Miss=Sanford, Hy. Moore 1780 p. 352
Oliver, Anne=Disney, Wm. 1804 p. 384
Oliver, Chas. D., of Spahill, co. Limerick=Roberts, Miss, d. of S.B., at Charleville Dec. 1804 p. 763
Oliver, Chas. S., Kt. of Shire, co Limerick=Morris, Miss, 2nd d. of Abraham, Dunkettle Jan. 1805 p. 62
Oliver, Eliza=Aldworth, R.Rogers i 1793 p. 384
Oliver, Eliz.=Coote, Chas. 1775 p. 255
Oliver, rev. Jas.=Ames, Phoebe, d. of Aldm.Levi, of Bristol Aug. 1800 p. 127
Oliver, Susanna=Hamilton, rev. H. 1801 p. 639
Oliver, Thos., Mount Oliver=Morrison, Mary, d. of John, Sheepshed, co. Wexford Nov. 1800 p. 319

O'Malley, Chas., Snogborough, co. Mayo=Bagott, Mrs., r. of S., of Harwich Feb. 1795 p. 192
O'Malley, Owen, Melcomb, c. Mayo=McGeough, Ann, d. of Sam., Newry July 1777 p. 512

O'Mara, Capt. of Major-gent. Count Conway's Regt. of R. Irish Brigade=Masterson, Miss Nov 1795 p. 480

No entries

O'Neil, Miss=Ledwich, Thos. 1776 p. 504
O'Neil, Miss=Downing, John 1779 p. 375
O'Neil, Miss=Mandeville, Edw. 1782 p. 224
O'Neil, Miss=Knight, Lt. col. 1788 p. 560
O'Neil, Capt.=Johns, Miss, d. of Samuel, goldsmith, at Limerick May 1791 p. 480
O'Neil, Miss=Hartwell, Geo. i 1792 p. 568
O'Neil, Miss=Barrington, Wheeler ii 1793 p. 384
O'Neil, Miss=Begley, Alex. 1806 p. 640
O'Neil, Arabella=Crumpe, Nath. i 1792 p. 94
O'Neil, Charlotta=Prendergast, Thos. i 1792 p. 568
O'Neil, Felix=Mundy, Frances at Sligo June 1791 p. 568
O'Neil, Grace=Walsh, Nicholas ii 1790 p. 480
O'Neil, rev. Hugh, of Chapelizod=Weld, Eliza Apr. 1779 p. 256
O'Neil, Jas., Liverpool=Gardiner, Miss, d. of James, Chester Feb. 1806 p. 126
O'Neil Luke, co. Antrim=Tobin, Lucinda, co. Wexford 15 Dec 1774 p. 758
O'Neil, Mary Ann=Field, John 1806 p. 576
O'Neil, Rachel=Power, Nich. 1780 p. 520

O'Neill, Rob., Castlewellan=Bailey, Miss, of same place Feb. 1806 p. 126

O'Reilly, Miss=Burke, John 1807 p. 255
O'Reilly, Miss=Everard, Thos. 1777 p. 72
O'Reilly, Widow=Fagan, John 1782 p. 448
O'Reilly, Miss=O'Reilly, Dan, M.D. 1803 p. 72
O'Reilly, Mrs. John=O'Reilly, John 1806 p. 126
O'Reilly, Alice=O'Reilly, Joseph 1783 p. 504
O'Reilly, Archbold, of Newtown, co. Kildare=Drake, Miss, d. of Columbine, of Roristown, co. Meath Nov. 1796 p. 480
O'Reilly, Cath=Mitchell, T.1811 p. 448
O'Reilly, Dan., M.D., Carrickmacross=O'Reilly, Miss, of Ballichborough Nov. 1803 p. 702
O'Reilly, Darby, aet 85, Rutland St.=Archbold, Miss, aet. 16, North Strand, formerly Eadstown, co. Kildare Jan. 1806 p. 63
O'Reilly, Edmund, Crossakeile, co. Meath=Carey, Miss, Mullingar Feb. 1784 p. 112
O'Reilly, Eliza=Dowdall, Joseph 1782 p. 448
O'Reilly, Harriet=Hoey, Geo. Brown 1783 p. 616
O'Reilly, James, Thomas St.=Cormick, Mary, Parliament St. Dec. 1786 p. 672
O'Reilly, James, Tipperary=Laurence, Miss, d. of Sam, of Moyrce, nr. that town, at Nenagh, by rev. Mr. Bailey Feb. 1809 p. 127
O'Reilly, John, Bridge St.=Fallon, Miss, Cloons, co. Roscommon July 1776 p. 504
O'Reilly, John, Ballymorris, co. Longford=O'Rielly, Mrs., r. of James, Higginstown, same co. Feb. 1806 p. 126
O'Reilly, Capt. John Tracy (late of 5th Dragoons), of H.E.I. Co.'s 3rd Regt. of Native Cavalry=Hunter, Isabella Sarah, only child of Andrew, of Queen St., Edinburgh, late of Bengal, in St. Mary's Church, at Madras, 1 July, 1807 Jan. 1808 p. 62
O'Reilly, Joseph, Corduff, co. Cavan=O'Reilly, Alice, Clonkrefey Sep. 1783 p. 504
O'Reilly, Philip, Tipperary=Lawrence, C., d. of Sam., of the same co. Mar. 1809 p. 192

O'Reily, Darrell=Connor, Margt., d. of John, Jervais St. 6 May 1775 p. 319

O'Riely, Allen, Mildtown, co. Meath=Norris, Miss, at Paris Feb. 1776 p. 143

O'Rilley, Thos., co. Meath=Sibthorpe, Miss, Mar. 1773 p. 160

Orme, Miss=Handy, Sam. 1804 p. 62
Orme, Miss=Webb, John ii 1797 p. 568
Orme, henrietta=Payne, T. 1807 p. 63

Ormsby, Miss=Brown, Morris G. 1775 p. 254
Ormsby, Miss=Corneille, John i 1796 p. 568
Ormsby, Major, of North Mayo militia=Elwood, Miss, Ashford June 1803 p. 383
Ormsby, Mrs.=Fleming, Lt. 1806 p. 63
Ormsby, Miss=Lloyd, Robt. 1784 p. 680
Ormsby, Miss=Perry, Edmd H. 1783 p. 112
Ormsby, Miss=Phibbs, Chas. 1787 p. 392
Ormsby, Ann=Ransford, E.H. 1811 p. 392
Ormsby, Arthur, Ballygrenan, co. Clare=Vecker, Maria, d. of Thos., Roxborough, co. Limerick Sep. 1786 p. 504
Ormsby, Catherine=Coulton, Capt. 1808 p. 191
Ormsby, Chas. Montague, bar.-at-law, M.P. boro, Dulek=Kingsbury, Miss, d. of Thomas, in Molesworth St. Aug. 1794 p. 192
Ormsby, George, Grenville St.=Newton, Miss, d. of John James, Abbeyville, co. Carlow Apr. 1801 p. 256
Ormsby, Lt. J., of Sligo Militia=Lightbourne, Miss, n. to Aldm, Willoughby, of Dublin, at Wexford Sep. 1800 p. 191
Ormsby, Edward=O'Brien, Miss, d. of Morgan Mar. 1791 p. 288
Ormsby, rev. Jas. Wilmot=Massey, Miss, only d. of Sir Hugh Dillon, Bt. Jan. 1798 p. 96
Ormsby, Jane=Carey, hon. and rev.Francis ii 1794 p. 384
Ormsby, John, Ballygrennan=Gore, Miss, d. of late Bishop of Limerick, n. to Ctss. of Milltown June 1802 p. 384
Ormsby, Joseph Mason, M.P. for Gorey=Johnston, Miss, d. of late Sir Rhd., Bt. Mar 1799 p. 208
Ormsby, Mary=O'Donnel, Wm. 1781 p. 312

Osborne, E.=McCarthy, Miss, of Woodhill, at Glanmire church May 1812 p. 240

O'Shaughnessy, R., Rockstown=Kenney, Miss, d. of Hugh, of same place June 1808 p. 383

O'Shea, Wm., Greenhills, co. Limerick=Howley, Miss, d. of John Sep. 1801 p. 575

No entries

Otway, rev. Jocelyn, s. of Cooke=Harte, Miss, at Castle Otway Nov. 1800 p. 319
Otway, Robt. Walter=Henry, Miss, Cashel Oct. 1801 p. 640

Otwell, Wm. co. Limerick=Clarke, Miss, Aungier St. Aug. 1790 p. 192

Overend, Geo., Lurgan St.=King, E., d. of Jas., Dame St. Feb. 1788 p. 111

Payne, Brig.-gen.=Quin, Miss, d. of lord Adair, at Adair church, by rev. Standish Grady Dec. 1804 p. 763
Payne, Henry Rhd., Inland Navigation Office=Taylor, Miss, d. of Wm., Dublin Castle may 1811 p. 280
Payne, T., of Upper Thames St.=Orme, Henrietta, 2nd d. of Wm., of Dulwich Common, at Camberwell Jan. 1807 p. 63

Peachy, Marjor-gen., of E.I.C. Service=Crawford, Mrs., late of Bengal July 1797 p. 95

Pace, Ambrose, Miselby, co. Kildare=Kelly, Miss, Sprattown, same co. Nov. 1777 p. 831

Pack, Herbert, Canterbury=Hunt, Mrs., d.-in-law to Henry, Henry St. July 1790 p. 96

Page, Rbt. Dundalk=Forde, Miss, Dominick St. Sep 1800 p. 191
Page, Sarah Anne=Ford, Capt. James i 1797 p. 290

Paget, Lady Louisa=Erskine, Lt col 1801 p. 255
Paget, Lady Mary=Graves, Lord 1803 p. 447

Pagett, Miss=Miller, John, Castleton i 1799 p. 208
Pagett, Thos., Cranmorehall, co. Cork=Moore, Mary, d. of Francis, Eddington, co. Tipperary Apr. 1800 p. 256

Palmer, Counsellor=Smyth, Miss Oct. 1771 p. 512
Palmer, rev. Henry=Smyth, Miss Oct 1774 p. 694
Palmer, Henry=Tully, Mrs., Park Lodge Apr. 1795 p. 383
Palmer, Joseph=Lysaght, Jane, d. of John, Barckhill, at Ennis, co. Clare Feb. 1788 p. 111

Park, Major, 27th Foot=Gibson, Jane July 1799 p. 72
Park, John, co. Armagh=Faulkner, Mrs., r. of Thos. Todd, d. of Aldm. Moncrieffe Sep. 1795 p. 288

Parke, Roger, of Sligo=Brown, Miss, g.d. to Archbp. of Tuam, at Rathcoony Church, co Cork 25 Sep 1775 p. 629

Parker, Robt.=O'Brien, Miss, at Tarbet Aug. 1807 p. 511
Parker, Robt., co. Limerick=O'Brien, E., Taghmom, Ireland, at Gretna Green May 1807 p. 320
Parker, Capt. Wm., 27th Regt.=Dalton, Miss, d. of Thos. of Ballychane 11 July 1774 p. 430

Parkes, Miss=Millis, Thomas 1801 p. 192

Parks, Jane=Dalzell, Lt. Rbt. A. 1789 p. 560

Parr,rev. Wm. Henry, r. of Jonesborough=Curry, Mary, 2nd d. of Isaac, senr., of Newry Sep. 1802 p. 576

Parsons, rev. Wm., Downpatrick=Ford, Miss, Newry Oct. 1801 p. 640

Paske, Judge Geo.  of Zillah, Vizagapatam=Miller, Helena, d. of late T., of Cork, at Madras station May 1809 p. 319

Paterson, Miss=Boisragon, Major 1774 p. 430

Patterson, Miss=Benson, Fdk. 1808 p. 383
Patterson, Miss=Fletcher, Alex 1778 p. 64
Patterson, Miss=Haslitt, John H. 1812 p. 320
Patterson, Miss=Conory, M.P.V. 1810 p. 240
Patterson, Miss=Patterson, Sam. 1812 p. 243
Patterson, Miss=Porter, Lt. G.D. 1804 p. 763
Patterson, David, Cavehill, Belfast=Lyons, Widow, Old Park Jan 1807 p. 64
Patterson, Jas., R.N.=White, Miss, d. of late Wm., at Limerick Jan. 1796 p. 96
Patterson, James, Ballymire=More, Miss, Lisnaditt Oct. 1810
Patterson, John, Mount Clements=Porter, M., Bridgetown Burt, at Londonderry Mar. 1806 p. 191
Patterson, Marcus, bar.-at-law, n. of Lord Chief Justice=Quin, Miss, d. of Wyndham, n. to Lord Dartrey Jan. 1779 p 64
Patterson, Margt.=Hadden, Rev. Wm. 1811 p. 448
Patterson, Margt.=Rowan, Wm. 1811 p. 504
Patterson, Sam., Downpatrick=Patterson, Miss, Corbally Mar. 1812 p. 143
Patterson, Capt. Wm. E.I.Co. Services=Babington, Miss, d. of Wm. of Marblehill, co. Derry Apr. 1789 p. 223

Payne, Brig-gen.=Quin, Miss, d. of Lord Adair, at Adair church, by rev. Standish Grady Dec. 1804 p. 763

Peacock, Mr.=Leslie, Miss, at Cork Aug. 1792 p. 456

Pearce, Miss=Grove, Capt. ii 1800 p. 127
Pearce, Ann=Borbridge, Lt. 1811 p. 336

Pearse, Miss=Thomas, Inigo F. ii 1797 p. 191

Pellegrini, Peter Alfonso, LL. D.,=Connor, Jane Louisa, in Anglesea St. June 1804 p. 383

No entries

Pendergart [Note: bride's index had PENDERGARST], M.G., M.P., Park Lane, London=Smith, Miss, e.d. of late Sir Skeffington, Bt., at Dallytown Mar. 1811 p. 168

Penefather, Thos., Marlow, co. Tipperary=Moore, Miss, Molesworth St. Nov. 1783 p. 616

Pepper, Thos., Meath=Moore, Miss Sep. 172 p. 512

Perry, Edmd. Henry=Ormsby, Miss, d. and s.h. of Henry Feb. 1783 p. 112

Perse, Miss=Fitzpatrick, Rev. J 1779 p. 600
Perse, Miss=Graham, Capt. 1808 p. 383

Persse, Elizabeth=Newenham, Edw. 1787 p. 166

Peshall, Capt. Chas., 88th Foot=Martin, Miss, d. of Rhd., M.P. for co. Galway, at Galway May 1808 p. 319

Peyton, Walter, Driny, co. Leitrim=Cunningham, Alicia, of Port Nov. 1789 p. 616

Phelan, Mrs.=Sinnot, Wm 1811 p 592

Phellan, Miss=Kenny, John 1805 p. 446
Phellan, Miss=Kenny, Rbt. 1804 p. 192

Phibbs, Chas., Bloomfield, co. Sligo=Ormsby, Miss, d. of Thos., Ballymore, co. Mayo July 1787 p. 392

Philips, Edward, Clonmore, co. Mayo=McDermott, Miss, of Mt. Talbot, co. Roscommon Mar. 1794 p. 287

Phillips, Stumble, Mount Phillips=Lee, Miss of and at Barna, co. Tipperary 7 Aug 1775 p. 502

No entries

Pidgeon, Mr., Cuffe St.=Higgins, Miss, d. of John, of Higginbrook, co. Meath Nov. 1784 p. 680

Piers, Miss=Plunket, Jas. 1775 p. 437
Piers, J.B., only s. of Sir Pigott Wm., Bt.=Pratt, Miss, d. of rev. Joseph, Carbo Castle Sep. 1796 p. 287
Piers, Sir Piggott, Bt.=Smyth, Miss, d. of John, Chancery Lane 1771 p. 568

Pigott, Geo., Knapton, Queen's co.=Kelly, Anna Isabella, d. of rt. hon. Thomas Justice, Com Pleas, by a lic. Mar. 1794 p. 287
Pigott, Wm., Doddershall Park, Bucks=King, Miss, Mallow, co. Cork Dec. 1794 p. 568

Pitt, Matt., Fermoy=Rose, Jane, d. of late Geo., Rathkeale, at Mitchelstown Nov. 1811 p. 592

Pittar, Sam., Stephen's Green=McNeil, Margt. Larne co. Antrim June 1809 p. 376

Plunket, Miss=Dermott,Terence 1775 p. 437
Plunket, Miss=French, Henry Walter 1776 p. 216
Plunket, Mrs.=Leadon, rev. Roger i 1790 p. 192
Plunket, Miss=Madden, Malachy i 1792 p. 208
Plunket, hon. Anne=Roche, Phil 1803 p. 511
Plunket, Jas., Rocksavage, co. Monaghan=Piers, Mrs. Lisclogher, co. Westmeath July 1775 p. 437
Plunket, Jas., of Kennaird, co. Roscommon=Reddy, Mrs. Jervais Street Feb. 1780 p. 120
Plunket, Jane=White, Laurence ii 1800 p. 191
Plunket, Wm. Conyngham=McCauseland, Miss, d. of John, of Marble-hill, Lyntsfoot Nov. 1790 p. 480

Plunkett, Dr.=Devereaux, Miss, at Kilkenny Aug. 1771 p. 392
Plunkett, Major=Gunning, Miss, an authoress Jan. 1804 p. 62
Plunkett, Miss=Hagan, P. 1805 p. 446
Plunkett, James=Farral, Miss, d. of James, of Merrion Square May 1798 p. 479

Pollock, A.H.C., only s. of John, Mountainstown=Clarke, Jesse, 2nd d. of Geo., West Hatch, Essex June 1811 p. 336
Pollock, Wm. Newry=Clarke, Miss, d. of Mr., banker, London Jan. 1791 p. 104

Pomeroy, hon. Henry, e.s. of Lord Harberton [s. 1798] bar.-at-law, M.P. Strabane, F.S. A.=Grady, Mary, 2nd d. of Nicholas, of Grange, co. Limerick, at Dover 20 Jan 1788 p. 111

Poole, Michael=Kelly, Eliza, in South Gt George St. Oct. 1790 p. 384

Pope, George, fishing tackle mfr=Kelly, Miss, d. of late Jasper July 1805 p. 445

Porter, Lt. G.D., R.N.=Patterson, Miss, of Mount Clements, at Londonderry Dec. 1804 p. 763
Porter, M.=Patterson, John 1806 p. 191

Potts, Robt=McCullogh, Miss, at Belfast Oct. 1804 p. 639

Powell, Jas., Bittesford, co. Waterford=O'Brien, Caroline, of Ennis, co. Clare Mar. 1801 p. 191

Power, Miss=Brady, Wm. 1806 p. 764
Power, Miss=Brennan, Peter 1801 p. 575
Power, Miss=Cullen, M. 1805 p. 446
Power, Capt., 89th Foot=Betty, Miss, d. of late Christopher, Cherrymount, co. Meath Apr. 1797 p. 384
Power, Catherine=Fitzgerald, Rhd. 1804 p. 575
Power, Catherine=Jackson, Bernard 1811 p. 448
Power, Capt. Jas., Royal Irish Artillery=O'Connor, Miss Oct. 1800 p. 255
Power, Edwd.=Crowe, Miss, d. of Rbt., at Ennis 1779 p. 198
Power, Elizabeth=Miles, Edward 1803 p. 447
Power, J., dancing master=Gleeson, Miss, at Limerick July 1805 p. 445
Power, James Fitzgerald, Clogheen, co. Waterford=Hutchinson, Miss, Cloney July 1805 p. 447
Power, James, Shannon Street=Foley, Mary Anne, at Cork Apr. 1809 p. 256
Power, John, M.D., Carrick-on-Suir, co. Tipperary=O'Berne, Bridget, Thomas St. Feb. 1784 p. 112
Power, John, co.Waterford=Barton, Miss, same co. Aug. 1788 p. 448
Power, Michael, M.D.=Wilson, Eliza, both Carrick-on-Suir May 1811 p. 280
Power, Morgan, of Woodsown=Archdeacon, Miss, at Waterford July 1795 p. 96
Power, Nich., Castletown, co. Waterford=O'Neil, Rachel, Dorset St. 16 Feb 1780 p. 120
Power, Nicholas, late of Seville, in Spain, of Waterford=Strange, Miss, d. of Peter, of Aylwardstown, co. Kilkenny, in London May 1802 p. 319
Power, Pierce, co. Waterford=Coppingor, Miss, of Barry Court Dec. 1788 p. 671
Power, Pierce, Seafield=Sweetman, Johanna, of co. Wexford, at Waterford Oct. 1792 p. 384
Power, Rhd., Bridepark=O'Callanghan, Miss, e.d. of Cornelius, of Cadogan, at Cork Oct. 1804 p. 639
Power, Sam, Assane, co. Waterford=Browne, Miss, d. of late Sir Geo., Bt. of Neale, n. to Lord Kilmaine June 1794 p. 568
Power, Thos., Dungarwan=Bryan, Mary, Waterford Nov. 1783 p. 615

Pratt, Miss=Stewart, Rbt. 1775 p. 437
Pratt, Capt., Royal Irish Artillery=Vallencey, Miss, d. of Col. Aug. 1782 p. 448
Pratt, Miss=Piers, J.B. ii 1796 p. 287
Pratt, rev. Jos.=Morres, Miss Apr. 1772 p. 224

Prendergast, Edwd.=Green, Mary, d. of Godfrey, of Scarf, at Limerick Sep. 1775 p. 566
Prendergast, Silvester, Francis Street=Ward, Miss, Upper Bridge St. Aug. 1806 p. 512
Prendergast, Thos., bar.-at-law=O'Neil, Charlotta, d. of Chas., K.C., M.P. for boro Cloghnikilty June 1792 p. 568

Price, Rhd., of London=Smith, Miss, only d. of Thomas, banker and Aldm., of York Dec. 1798 p. 908
Price, Rose, Trevayler, co. Cornwall=Lambert, Elizabeth, d. of late Chas., Beaupark, co. Meath, Nov. 1798 p. 815

Purcell, Miss=Jacob, Mr. 1803 p. 319
Purcell, Edmd., Killarney=McSwiney, Miss, Kanturk, co. Cork, at Rathoe, co. Kerry June 1807 p. 384
Purcell, Eliza=Fudge, Wm. ii 1800 p. 63
Purcell, Ignatius F.=Briston, Miss, d. of Major, in Belfast Apr. 1805 p. 225
Purcell, Dr. John=Fitzgerald, miss, Dawson St. 4 Oct 1774 p. 630
Purcell, Rhd., Stephen St.=Williams, Widow, of same st. Dec. 1772 p. 676
Purcell, Rhd., H.=Leader, Louisa, d. of Wm., of Mount Leader, in Cork July 1812 p. 320

Purdon, George, bar.-at-law=Mitchell, Miss, only d. of John, of Gore's Grove, co. Kilkenny Aug. 1797 p. 192

No entries

Purfield, James=Rielly, Miss Jan. 1780 p. 64

Quin, Mrs.=Almuty, Thomas ii 1792 p. 288
Quin, Miss=Gumbleton, Geo. i 1792 p. 568
Quin, Mrs.=Harris, Wesley ii 1793 p. 480
Quin, Miss=Headfort, Visct. 1778 p. 704
Quin, Miss=Magarth, G.F. 1775 p. 63
Quin, Miss=Patterson, Marcus 1779 p. 64
Quin, Miss=Payne, Brig.gen. 1804 p. 763
Quin, Miss=Sleeman, Capt. 1805 p. 445
Quin, Chas. Wm., M.D.=Preston, Miss, d. of rev. Nath., of Swainstown, co. Meath Aug 1784 p. 488
Quin, Christian=Grady, Thos. 1779 p. 256
Quin, Henrietta=Alexander, Rbt. 1785 p. 391
Quin, John, Newry=Campbell, Mary, d. of Rev. Dr. of same place July 1805 p. 446
Quin, Thos., bar.-at-law=Orpen, Miss, d. of late Rev. Frankfort, co. Cork Oct 1790 p. 384
Quin, rev. Thos.=Wilson, Miss, e.d. of Wm. of Wilson Castle, co. of and at Limerick July 1795 p. 96

Quinn, Miss=O'Brien, Matt. ii 1796 p. 287

Quinlan, Matthew=L'Estrange, Miss, in William St. Dec. 1804 p. 762

Quirk, Wil, city Dublin=Ryan, Ann, d. of Jas., city Limerick June 1808 p. 383

No entries

Radcliffe, rev. Stephen=Mitchell, Martha, d. of Thos., at Castlestrange Jan. 1786 p. 56
Radcliffe, rev. Thos.=Mitchell, Elizabeth, at Castlestrange Dec. 1792 p. 568

Rafferty, Lucy=Calderwood, Wm. 1805 p. 445

No entries

No entries

Ramsden, Rev.=Crawford, Miss, at Raphoe Sep. 1786 p. 504
Ramsden, rev. Wm=Douse, Miss Apr 1800 p. 256

Rankin, Geo., of E.I. Co's service=Allen, Miss, d. of Rbt., banker, at Edinburgh May 1799 p. 360

Ransford, Edw. Harman=Ormsby, Ann, d. of Christopher, Gloucester St., at St. Thomas ch. 10 July 1811 p. 392

Rawlins, Sam., Heovil (or Yeovil) Somersetshire=Leslie, Maria, of Henry St. May 1795 p. 480

Rawson, James, e.s. of Capt., Cardenten, Athy=Smyth, Rebecca, d. and co-h. of T., late of co. Cavan Mar. 1803 p. 192

Rea, Lt., Royal Marines=King, Miss Grafton St. Dec. 1802 p. 764

Read, Rbt., of Cary=Higgins, Miss, Dungannon May 1777 p. 376

Redford, Archibald, bar.-at-law=Mansergh, Miss, d. of late Bryan, of Limerick Jan. 1796 p. 96

Redmond, Joseph, Green hills, King's co.=Smith, Miss, e.d. of Ralph, of Milford, co. Tipperary May 1795 p. 480

Reynolds, John, co. Leitrim=Madden, Elinor, of Maddenstown Feb. 1802 p. 128

Richards, Capt. of the "Hope"=Webb, Miss, Wexford Jan. 1807 p. 64
Richards, Joseph, Kennedy Lane=Stokes, Maria, Mary St. June 1809 p. 376

Richardson, J., Nicholas St.=Brady, Anne, Hoey's court Nov. 1811 p. 592
Richardson, Wm., Athy=Hart, Susannah, d. of Edw., of Kilcock, Queen's co. Apr. 1789 p. 222
Richardson, Lt. Wm. W., of 16th Light Dragoons, Moulton Lodge, co. Chester=Gildea, Miss, d. of John, Ballinrobe, co. Mayo on Saturday Aug 1805 p. 511

Rielly, Miss=Purfield, Jas. 1780 p. 64
Rielly, Edmd., of York St., lat of Dame St.=Pope, Miss, s. to Somerville Pope-Stevens 24 Nov 1778 p. 648
Rielly, Edw., Cullenbrah, co. Cavan=Campbell, Miss, Bunne, same co., in Dorset St. Oct. 1791 p. 384
Rielly, Henry Stevens=Tracy, miss, of Ellis Quay June 1776 p. 432

Rilley, Tyrrell, Meath=Barnwall, Miss May 1772 p. 280

Riordan,Simon, M.D.=Considine, Eliza, d. of late Wm., of Shrone Hill, co. Tipperary, at Limerick Sep. 1804 p. 575

Ritchie, Jane=Jaffray, Joseph 1810 p. 527

Roach, Maurice=Graves, Miss, d. of James William, paymaster of 2nd batt. of 5th Foot Oct. 1810 p. 479

Roaches, Benj., Leighlinbridge, co. Carlow=Haughton, Emilia, d. of Arthur, Birrmount, co. Wexford Jan 1777 p. 72
Roache, Francis, linen draper=Barry, Miss, d. of late Garret, Curikeen, in Cork Feb. 1806 p. 125
Roache, Helena=Daly, Peter 1774 p. 493

Robbins, Miss=Blunden, Sir John, Bt. 1786 p. 111

Roberts, Robert, Strabally, Queen's co.=Gray, Miss, same place Mar. 1801 p. 191

Robinet,Peter=Morgan, Miss may 1773 p. 272

Robins, Mrs.=Deey, Chris 1774 p. 630
Robins, John=Heyden, Miss Mar. 1772 p. 168

Robinson, A.G., Cuffe St.=O'Connor, Miss, d. of A. , Peter St. June 1807 p. 384
Robinson, Jas., bar.-at-law, Peter's Row=King, Miss, of Athy June 1778 p. 424
Robinson, Rbt., n. of late Gen.=Stoney, Ruth, of Arranhill, co. Tipperary, on Monday, 7th inst. Dec. 1801 p. 763

Roche, Ambrose, Waterford=Dalton,Regina Maria, d. of late Capt. Blundel, at Rathkyran May 1792 p. 480
Roche, Edward, Kildinan=Curtin, Miss, Clonakilty July 1805 p. 446
Roche, Parke, Bandon=Browne, Miss, only d. of Thomas, of Castleview, Macromp Oct. 1807 p. 639
Roche, Phil. co. Limerick=Plunket, hon. Anne, y.d. of rt. hon. Ld.Dunsay, at Cheltenham Aug. 1803 p. 511

No entries

Rochfort, hon. Rbt., bro. of Earl of Belvedere=Nugent, Miss, of Clonlost, co. Westmeath 20 Feb 1776 p. 143
Rochfort [Note: bride's index had ROCHFORD], hon. Rbt., M.P., co. Westmeath, bro. of Earl of Belvedere=Smith, Miss, d. of Wm., Drumcree, M.P. for same co. Feb. 1789 p. 112

Rodney, hon. John, 2nd s. of Lord=Nugent, Lady Cath., d. of Earl of Westmeath, in London Aug. 1784 p. 488

Roe, Miss=Byrne, Edwd. ii 1797 p. 95
Roe, Miss=Byrne, James 1805 p. 254
Roe, Miss=Clarke, John Read 1808 p. 511
Roe, Anne, S.=Elliot, Rhd. 1780 p. 576
Roe, Frances=Boake, Thomas 1804 p. 447
Roe, James, co. Tipperary=Fenton, Miss, d. of late Capt. John, at Mackbridge, nr. Youghal Nov. 1790 p. 480
Roe, Peter, of city of Dublin=Pidgeon, Miss, d. of Edmond, at Kilkenny Nov. 1779 p. 656
Roe, rev.Rhd., Springhill, Queen's co.=Hood, Miss, Portarlington Sep. 1790 p. 288
Roe, Rbt. of Portarlington=Bailie, Miss, only d. of rev. Archdeacon Nov. 1797 p. 479
Roe, Robt., Camolin, co. Wexford=Plummer, Miss Mar. 1774 p. 172

No entries

No entries

Ronayne, Margaretta=Brown, Thos 1778 p. 248
Ronayne, Robt., College Green, nr. Youghal=Gratricks, Catherine, Brick-kilns, nr. Cork Oct. 1805 p. 639

Rooke, Counsellor, co. Limerick=Ward, Miss, d. of J. Surveyor, port of Waterford Aug. 1792 p. 190

Rooney, Cusack, of Arran Quay=Mullay, Charlotte, d. of late James, of Gloucester St., on Summerhill Dec. 1804 p. 763
Rooney, Rhd. J., mercer=Connell, Mrs. r. of Mr., clothier Dec. 1804 p. 763

Rose, Miss=Davies, Lt. 1777 p. 144
Rose, Miss=Kirby, John 1801 p. 575
Rose, Henry, Limerick=Hoops, Miss, at Tipperary 30 Oct. 1775 p. 823
Rose, Jane=Pitt, Matt. 1811 p. 592
Rose, Philippa, J.=Leeson, hon R. 1810 p. 512

Rosongrave, John, jr., Gort, co. Galway=Martin, Miss, of same town June 1809 p. 376

Ross, Lt. of 92nd Gordon Highlanders=Lamb, Mrs., r. of James, Aughavanagh, co. Wicklow, at Hacketstown, same co. 9 July 1806 p. 447
Ross, Major David, 71st Foot=Smith, Cath. May 1799 p. 359
Ross, Robt., M.D.,Kilsman=Hunt, Miss, d. of Vere, Fairtown Aug. 1791 p. 192

Rotheram, Geo., Crossorum=Smith, Miss, Beabeg, both co. Meath SEp. 1782 p. 504

Rowan, Wm., Downpatrick=Patterson, Margt., y.d. of James Sep. 1811 p. 504

Rowley, Capt. Chas., R.N., bro. of Sir Wm., Bt.=King, Miss, d. of Adm. Sir Rhd., Bt.,of Plymouth Jan. 1798 p. 96

No entries

No entries

Russell, Mrs.=Aubin, John ii 1797 p. 480
Russell, Miss=Creed, Edward 1801 p. 575
Russell, Miss=Delandre, Barth. 1802 p. 512
Russell, Miss=Gubbins, Stranger ii 1790 p. 384
Russell, Miss=Herbert, rev. John i 1797 p. 96
Russell, Major=McRobearts, Miss, co. Kildare Dec.  1771 p. 626
Russell, Lt. 50th Regt.=McRoberts, Miss Jan. 1772 p. 55
Russell, Miss=Stothard, Matt. i 1791 p. 288
Russell, Christopher, Gt. George St.=Bennett, M., d. of Jas., of Tanderagee Dec. 1781 p. 672
Russell, Edw., Tipperary=Keating, Miss Mar. 1781 p. 168
Russell, James J.=Gardner, Miss, co. Tipperary, at Limerick Apr. 1803 p. 255
Russell, John, of Glasgow=Bartholomew, Margt., d. of John, of Cotton Hall Sep. 1802 p. 575
Russell, Mary=Nicholson, Lt.-col. 1804 p. 512
Russell, Mary=Sirpell, John 1788 p. 392
Russell, Mary Anne=Bennett, Chas. 1804 p. 192
Russell, Philip, Wm., Limerick=Bennett, Miss, d. of late James, Ballinstone June 1801 p. 383
Russell, Robt., Ballymena=Clarke, Miss, d. of Sampson, hatter, of Belfast Oct. 1802 p. 639
Russell, Steph., Dungarvan=Shaw, Miss, d. of Dr., at Clonmel 1 May 1783 p. 280
Russell, Wm.=Dunscombe, Ann, in Limerick Aug. 1808 p. 511
Russell, Capt. Wm. of 20th Foot=Tarrant, Mary, 2nd d. of Samuel, Mallow, in Cork Dec. 1811 p. 636
Russell, Lord Wm., y.bro. to Duke of Bedford=Villiers, Lady Charlotte Anne, e.d. of Geo. Bussey, Earl of Jersey, in England, Visct. Grandison, of Limerick, Ireland [a minor] [July 11] 1789 p. 447 [Md. by s. lic from Archbp. of Canterbury, at her father's house, Grosvenor Sq. Witnesses "Jersey" and John Russell]

Ryan, Miss=Bourke, John 1774 p. 629
Ryan, Miss=Hanly, Dominick 1771 p. 568
Ryan, Rev.=Long, Anne at Cork Mar. 1775 p. 255
Ryan, Dr., of Dublin=McMahon, Miss, only d. of Mark, North Ann St. Aug. 1808 p. 511
Ryan, Miss=Matthew, Chas. 1773 p. 272
Ryan, Miss=Smyth, rev. James ii1791 p. 288
Ryan, Miss=Stoney, T.M. 1807 p. 128
Ryan, Ann=Quirk, W. 1808 p. 383
Ryan, Edmd., bar.-at-law=Jessop, Miss, Marlboro St. Dec. 1779 p. 711
Ryan, Edward=Madden, Miss, of Merchant's Quay Sep. 1806 p. 576
Ryan, David, Leighlin Bridge=Poe, Miss, at Kilkenny Mar. 1777 p. 216
Ryan, F., Aungier St.=Smart, Miss, North Strand June 1802 p. 384 448
Ryan, Francis=Mullane, Miss, at Cork Dec. 1771 p. 626
Ryan, Jacob, Mary's Abbey=Rawlins, Letitia, Aungier St. Mar. 1791 p. 288
Ryan, Jeremiah, Abbington, co. Limerick=O'Brien, Miss, Thurle June 1788 p. 336
Ryan, John, Clonmel=Collins, Miss, Digges St. Oct. 1808 p. 640
Ryan, John, bar.-at-law=Dwyer, Honora, d. of late Daniel, Shannon Hill, co. Tipperary, in Cumberland St. Oct. 1804 p. 639
Ryan, John, Ballyarthur=Lynch, anne, Aghabrin, in Cork Nov. 1784 p. 680
Ryan, Pat, Thurles=Cashin, Miss, d. of Wm., of Clonmel Apr. 1805 p. 254
Ryan, Peter=Wale, miss, at Waterford May 1773 p. 272
Ryan, Theobald, Ballyvesty, co. Limerick=Howley, Helen, d. of John, city of Limerick Aug. 1796 p. 287

Ryves, Chas., Mount Prospect. co. Tipperary=Brown, Miss, d. of James, Rosshill, co. Clare Jan. 1803 p. 64

St. Clair, Sterling, Finglass, co. Dublin=McDermott, Miss, s. of Col, of Emla, co. Roscommon Jan. 1786 p. 56

St. George, Thos., M.P. city of Clogher, s. of Dean=Acheson, Miss, d. of Lord Gosford Aug. 1776 p. 576 [At Gosford Castle, by Archbp. of Armagh.]

St. Laurence, Wm. Visct., e.s. of Earl of Howth=Bermingham, Lady Margt. [?Mary] d. of Thos., Earl of Louth 1 June 1777 p. 512

Salmon, Miss=Tighe, Wm 1777 p. 440
Salmon, Miss=White, David 1805 p. 254

Sampson, Wm., student Lincoln's Inn=Clarke, Miss, d. of Mr., Belfast Sep. 1790 p. 288

Sanderson, Rbt., co. Cavan=Madden, Miss May 1781 p. 280

Sands, Maria=Lamb, Capt. 1806 p. 191

Sandys, Miss=Croasdaile, Rhd. 1775 p. 566
Sandys, Miss=Fairford, Visct. 1786 p. 392
Sandys, Miss=Irvine, Hamilton i 1798 p. 191
Sandys, Miss=Ogel, John 1786 p. 504
Sandys, Rev., Min. of Powerscourt=Tighe, Miss, d. of Wm., Rosana, co. Wicklow 1 Aug 1776 p. 576
Sandys, Jane=Sandys, Pigot 1788 p. 166
Sandys, Geo., King's co.=Marshall, Miss, d. of late John, at Tralee Nov. 1790 p. 480
Sandys, John=Conway, Mary June 1776 p. 432
Sandys, Pigot, Woodfield, King's co.=Sandys, Jane, y.d. of Lancelot, of Kilcaven, Queen's co., in same co. Mar. 1788 p. 166
Sandys, Robt., Sandfield, co. Roscommon=Bouchier, Mary, d. of James, Killullan, at Limerick Nov. 1798 p. 815

Sanford, Henry Moore=Oliver, Miss, d. of rt. hon. Silver, of Castle Oliver, co. Limerick, at Bath June 1780 p. 352

Sankey, Lt.-col. Rhd. Jones, of Royal Dublin, regt.=Smith, Miss, in Cork Apr. 1802 p. 256

Saunders, Mr., optician,&c., George St.=Fitzgibbon, Miss, Youghal Sep 1793 p. 288
Saunders, Mr., Abbey St.=Ward, Miss, of Jervais St. Oct 1782 p. 552
Saunders, John=Brown, Miss, Townsend St. Jan 1782 p. 56
Saunders, Patterson, Dundee=Tandy, Mary, Lamphire, Charlemont St., Dublin Sept. 1806 p. 576

Savage, Francis, Ardkeen, Kt. of Shire for co. Down=Crawford, Miss, d. of late James, n. to John, of Crawfordsburn Nov. 1795 p. 480

Saville, Rhd., Lumley, bro. to Earl of Scarboro=Willoughby, Miss, y.s. to Henry Baron Middleton, of U.K. Aug. 1787 p. 448

Sayer, Henry Jenkinson=Lane, Miss Dec. 1798 p. 908

Sayers, Edw., M.D.=Lysaght, Miss, d. of Wm., at Castle Harrison, Cork June 1774 p. 366

Scanlan, Miss=Babington, Ralph 1789 p. 336
Scanlan, Miss=Lidwell, Mark 1775 p. 63
Scanlan, Michael, jr., Ballinaka, co. Limerick=Odell, Miss, d. of Col. Wm. of Grove, same Limerick Feb. 1794 p. 192

Scanlon, Miss=Cox, Wm. ii 1796 p. 96

No entries

Scott, Cornet, 1st Horse=Hill, Sarah, d. of rev. John, V. of Ballymore, Eustace, co Kildare Feb. 1788 p. 111
Scott, rt. hon. John, Attorney-gen.=Lawless, Miss, d. of Patrick, banker, Dublin 23 June 1779 p. 376 [At Sir N. Lawless's house, Merrion Sq., by Archbishop of Dublin]
Scott, Hepton Butler, Mount Butler, King's co.=Smith, Eliza, d. of late Sam., of New Garden Oct. 1792 p.384
Scott, John, Cahircon, co. Clare=Creaghe, Miss, d. of James, of Cahirbane, same co., at her father's house by rev. Mr. Palmer, s. lic. Sept 1807 p. 575
Scott, John, Hammersmith=Winter, Miss, e.d. of Thos. Bradbury Dec. 1797 p. 568
Scott, John, , s. of Baron=Leslie, Miss, d. of Bishop of Limerick June 1779 p. 432
Scott, Wm., Boskill, co. Limerick=O'Brien, Miss, d. of Brien, O'Brien's Bridge, co. Clare Ag. 1810 p. 384
Scott, Wm. recr.-general of Isle of Man=Murray, hon. Mrs., e.d. of late Lord Henry, n. to Duke of Athol, at Douglas, at house of Lady Henry Murray Aug. 1808 p. 511

Scully, Edmd., Kilseacle=O'Brien, Miss, d. of late Carbery, Nenagh, at Limerick mar. 1806 p. 192

Seagrave, Geo., Granby-row=Kennedy, Mary, Waterstown, co. Westmeath Dec. 1781 p. 672

Seale, Henry, s. of Edward, of Oldtown, Queen's co.=Green, Miss, Mountrath Oct. 1802 p. 639

Sealy, John=Fitzmaurice, Miss, d. of Late Redmond Dec. 1792 p. 568

Sergeson, Thomas, Ballinskellix, co. Kerry=Lalor, Charlotte, of Clinamange, co. Tipperary Dec. 1789 p. 672

Sexton, Miss=Cudmore, Mich. 1783 p. 616
Sexton, Dan., jr., Dunleary=Holland, Miss, of Foster Place Apr. 1802 p. 255
Sexton, James, Coonagh=Arthur, Miss, d. of John, at Ennis, co. Clare Dec. 1786 p. 672

Shadwell, Miss=Donnellan, John 1771 p. 224
Shadwell, Thos.=Kingston, Miss, in Cork Oct. 1778 p. 592

No entries

Shannon, Miss=Healy, Luke 1807 p. 256
Shannon, Miss=Valentine, John 1802 p. 383
Shannon, Oliver, Mount Brown=Murphy, Miss, d. of James, Breemont, co. Meath July 1809 p. 431
Shannon, Peter=Turbett, Miss, at Lurgan Oct. 1810 p. 479

Sharkey, E.=Hartford, Capt. T. 1806 p. 764

Sharp, Robt. Anthony Flood, Queen's co. =Horan, Miss, d. of Aldm. Jas., of Meath St., at Mitgrove, co. Dublin Sep 1783 p. 504

Sharpe, John, shoemaker (alias Bishop Sharpe) aet. 90=King, Molly, aet.16 at Malone,nr. Belfast Sep. 1774 p. 629

Shaw, Barnett, Finglass, co. Dublin=Corbett, Eliza, same place 17 Feb. 1779 p. 128
Shaw, Capt. Rbt.=Hart, Mary, at Woodstock, co. Galway Aug. 1782 p. 448
Shaw, Nicholas=Fitzpatrick, Miss, both of Cork St. Oct 1805 p. 639
Shaw, Rhd., Limerick=Hayes, Miss, d. of Wm. Whitestown Sep 1795 p. 288
Shaw, R.W., Lurgan=King, Miss, d. of rev. John, dramura Aug. 1799 p. 143

Shea, Miss=Coppinger, Edmond 1801 p. 515
Shea, Andrew=Trant, Miss Feb. 1783 p. 112
Shea, B.=Burke, Walter 1788 p. 616
Shea, John, printer, College Green=Gartside, Wlizabeth, d. oflate John of Montague St. Jan. 1801 p. 63
Shea, M.=Graham, James 1803 p. 511
Shea, Wm.=Higgins, Mary, d. of P., of and at Carrick-on-Suir Sep. 1804 p. 575

Shee, Lt. col.=O'Connor, Miss, d. of Neil, of Dominick St. Dec. 1797 p. 566

No entries

Shelburne, Earl of =Fitzpatrick, Lady Louisa, s. to Earl of upper Ossory, n. to Duchess of Bedford, and Earl Gower, in London by s. lic. July 1779 p. 432

Sheridan, Dr., Navan, co. Meath=Donnellan, Miss, Oristown, same co. Oct 1789 p. 560
Sheridan, Chas. Fran., secretary for war, M.P. for boro. Belturbet=Bolton, Miss, d. of Rbt. of Braxeel, co. Dublin May 1783 p. 280
Sheridan, Mary=Collett, John Jas. 1801 p. 191
Sheridan, Rhd., bar.-at-law=McNeale, Ann, d. of Daniel, at Strangefield, co. Louth  Jan. 1777 p. 72

Sherlock, Thos.=Wall, Alice, Carlow i Mar. 1779 p. 192

Shields, Emily=Wade, Thos. jr 1802 p. 639
Shields, F.=McMeara, M. 1808 p. 784
Shields, Henty, Castledowson=Hannyagton, Miss, Dungannon Castle Jan. 1807 p. 64
Shields, Robt., Furze Park=Owen, Miss, Mecklenburgh St. Sep 1796 p. 287

Siddons, H.=Murray, Miss, of Covent Garden Theatre June 1802 p. 383

No entries

Silk, Owen, brewer, Beresford St.=Fegan, Miss, north King St. July 1805 p. 445

Simpson, Boyle, Doe, co. Meath=Aiken, Miss, d. of Thos., Cullon, co. Meath July 1808 p. 447

Sinclair, John Jr., Ballyrussel=McCready, Miss, Ballymisea July 1807 p. 448

Singleton, Capt., North Cork Militia=Bourke, Mary, 2nd d. of Lt., of same Regt., at Sligo Sep. 1796 p. 287

Sinnett, John T., Merchant's Quay=Abbotts, Miss, d. of late Sam. of Fredericsburgh, Virginia July 1802 p. 448
Sinnett, Rhd., Henry St.=Dillon, Miss, Castle Market Jan. 1803 p. 62

Sinnot, Wm.=Phelan, Mrs., in Waterford Nov. 1811 p. 592

Sinnott, Mark, Drumcondra=Nugent, Miss, s. of John of Queen St. May 1777 p. 376

Sirpell, John, Marlboro St.=Russell, Mary, Sandymount, co. Dublin July 1788 p. 392

Sirr, Henry Chas., 68th Foot=D'Arcy, Miss, d. of James, Hyde Park, co. Westmeath Aug. 1791 p. 192
Sirr, Wm.=Marshall, Celia, d. of Abraham, in Galway Oct. 1791 p. 384

Skey, Sam.=Martin, Miss, Granby-row Jan. 1801 p. 63

Skottoe, Edmond=Smith, M., 3rd d. of late Wm., at Waterford June 1808 p. 383

No entries

Slayd, rev. Thomas=Beatty, Miss, d. of late David, of Dublin Jan. 1808 p. 62

Sleater, James, hatter, Temple Bar=Browne, Miss, of Kells, co. Meath Oct. 1802 p. 639

Sleeman, Capt., 28th Foot=Quin, Miss, d. of late Wm. of Limerick July 1805 p. 445

Smirl, Miss=Grames, James 1808 p. 62
Smirl, M.=Billigam, Wm. 1808 p. 62

Smith, Miss=Adams, John 1781 p. 224
Smith, Miss=Barclay, John i 1799 p. 136
Smith, Miss=Bellingham, Alan ii 1794 p. 288
Smith, Miss=Boulger, Wm. 1808 p. 447
Smith, Miss=Bower, rev. Hy ii 1800 p. 127
Smith, Miss=Bridge, Wm. 1805 p. 384
Smith, Miss=Digby, John W 1781 p. 672
Smith, Miss=Dromore, Bishop of 1772 p. 112
Smith, Widow=Dunkallow, Mr. 1772 p. 112
Smith, Miss=Dunsany, Lord i 1797 p. 480
Smith, Miss=Farran, William i 1796 p. 480
Smith, Miss=Farrell, Peter 1807 p. 575
Smith, Miss=Gamble, Mr. 1771 p. 168
Smith, Miss=Gibbings, Barthel. 1809 p. 127
Smith, Miss=Gibbons, Rhd. 1776 p. 720
Smith, Miss=Goulding, Wm. 1781 p. 112
Smith, Miss=Lee, Ben 1772 p. 456
Smith, Miss=Keane, Lt.-col. 1806 p. 125
Smith, Miss=Kelly, Mr. 1781 p. 616
Smith, Widow=McGregor, Mr. 1772 p. 676
Smith, Mr., jr, Nassau St.=McKen, Eliza Nov. 1808 p. 704
Smith, Miss=Massey, John 1789 p. 56
Smith, Miss=Maunsell, Rhd. jr. 1774 p. 238
Smith, Miss=Molloy, John ii 1792 p. 480
Smith, Miss=Pendergarst, M.G. 1811 p. 168
Smith, Miss=Price, Rhd ii 1798 p. 108
Smith, Miss=O'Brien, Sir Edwd., Bt. ii 1799 p. 360
Smith, Dr., Golden Bridge=O'Donnell, Miss, Oct. 1800 p. 255
Smith, Miss=O'Donnell, Simon 1786 p. 224
Smith, Miss=Redmond, Joseph i 1795 p. 480
Smith, Miss=Rochford, hon Rbt. 1789 p. 112
Smith, Miss=Rotheram, Geo. 1782 p. 504
Smith, Miss=Sankey, Lt.-col. Rhd. Jones 1802 p. 256
Smith, Miss=Smith, B. 1808 p. 447
Smith, Miss=Taaffe, Jas. 1775 p. 823
Smith, Surgeon=Towers, Miss, at Monaghan Jan. 1772 p. 55
Smith, Miss=West, Edwd ii 1800 p. 379
Smith, Miss=Wilcocks, John S. 1804 p. 384
Smith, Miss=Wolfe,Capt. 1785 p. 670
Smith, Miss=Woods, Thos. 1789 p. 616
Smith, Miss=Zouch, Henry i 1798 p. 191
Smith, Amelia=Kehoe, Wm. 1812 p. 143
Smith, Ann=Jameson, Wm. ii 1790 p. 480
Smith, Anne=L'Estrange, Sam. 1808 p. 62
Smith, Anne=O'Donnel, M. 1774 p. 757
Smith, Anne Sophia=Stewart, John ii 1797 p. 384
Smith, Augusta=Irving, Capt. Geo. i 1798 p. 480
Smith, B., South Gt. George St.=Smith, Miss, Upper Ormand Quay July 1808 p. 447
Smith, B.=Wedgewood, Thomas ii 1797 p. 480
Smith, Caroline=Annesley, Marcus J 1803 p. 702
Smith, Capt., Carrington=Butler, Lady, s. to Earl of Kilkenny Aug. 1799 p. 144
Smith, Catherine=Ross, Major David i 1799 p. 359
Smith, rev. Chas., Preby. of Croagh=Dancer, Mrs. Honora, r. of Capt. May 1780 p. 288
Smith, Chas., bar.-at-law, Limerick=St. Hill, Miss, at Southampton Nov. 1788 p. 616
Smith, Edward=Hubard, Miss, d. of Joseph, of Peter St. Sept. 1796 p. 287
Smith, Edward John, Dublin=Battersby, E.C., North Cumberland May 1803 p. 319
Smith, Eliza=Scott, Hepton, Butler ii 1792 p. 384
Smith, Emma May=Dunsany, Lord ii 1800 p. 127
Smith, Capt. Francis, R.A. of co. Meath=Holloway, Miss, e.d. of Lt.-col. Sir Chas., at Gibraltar Nov. 1808 p. 704
Smith, Geo., barrack dept.=Hardy, Charlotte, 3rd d. of Thomas, Wakefield, Yorks July 1806 p. 448
Smith, Hay, banker, Haddington=Yeoman, Miss, d. of Dr., Shrewsbury June 1800 p. 381
Smith, Henry, Abbeyville, co. Westmeath=Burdet, Miss C., co. Carlow July 1800 p. 64
Smith, Henry, Ballyroberts, co. Cork=Commins, Elizabeth, Castlelyons, same co. Feb. 1780 p. 120
Smith, Henry, of 11th Light Dragoons, e.s. of Henry of Beabeg, co. Meath=Radcliffe,Eliza, e.d. of Lt.-col. Wm., co. Wicklow, late Wicklow Militia Jan. 1809 p. 64 [At Lady Coxe's house, Molesworth St., by rev. Wm. Annesley]
Smith, H.W.=Astley, John jr.1801 p. 128
Smith, Isabella=Duncan, James i 1790 p. 192
Smith, Jas, senr.=Kirk, Mrs., r. of Hugh, at Larne Mar. 1806 p. 191
Smith, John, Dorset St.=Beatty, Miss, Kells, co. Meath Dec. 1786 p. 672
Smith, rev. John=Bernard, Miss, at Birr Apr. 1772 p. 224
Smith, John, s. of rev. John, Lisinacrory, co. Tipperary=Browne, Jane, d. of late Wm., Warrenstown, co. Downe Oct. 1808 p. 640
Smith, John, Ballyduffe, co. Wexford=Brownrigge, Anne, d. of Thos. 5 Sep 1779 p. 600
Smith, John, King's co. =Frend, Anne July 1771 p. 336
Smith, John Prince=Hornsby, Frances, Grafton St. Aug. 1800 p. 127
Smith, John Wyldbore, e.s. of Sir John, Bt., Tydling house, co. Dorset=Marriott, Elizabeth Anne, d. of Rev. Dr. Horsemondon, co. Kent, in Hanover Sq. June 1797 p. 568
Smith, Sir John, Bt.=Morland, Miss, d. of late Thos., at Bath Feb. 1800 p. 120
Smith, John, Newcastle, co Limerick=Stevelly, Miss, d. of Robt., at Cork 18 Oct 1775 p. 630
Smith, John, Rathcoursey=Towby, E., at Cork June 1808 p. 383
Smith, John, Temple Michan, co. Waterford=Williams, Miss, d. of late Caree Mar. 1806 p. 191
Smith, Joseph, attorney, city of Dublin=Pearson, Miss, d. of Rhd., Clonburrowers, co. Dublin July 1803 p. 448
Smith, Major Lionel, 16th Foot=Galway, Miss, d. of Thomas, of and at Killarney Aug. 1803 p. 511
Smith, M.=Skottoe, E. 1808 p. 383
Smith, Maria=Carey, rev. Edw. 1780 p. 352
Smith, Maria=Daly, James 1808 p. 191
Smith, Marcus, city of Dublin=Nesbitt, Miss, Greenhills, co. Donegal Sep 1791 p. 288
Smith, Martha=Tracy, Dr. 1812 p. 143
Smith, Mary=Creagh, Andrew 1807 p. 639
Smith, Nathaniel, of William St.=Collins, Miss, d. of Sam., sugar baker Mar. 1789 p. 168
Smith, Rhd., Castledown, co. Cork=Lucas, Dorah, d. ofThos., Rockfordstown Aug. 1788 p. 448
Smith, Rbt., bookseller=Beatty, Cath., at Belfast 19 Oct 1781 p. 616
Smith, Rbt.=Fitzgerald, Anne Mar 1773 p. 160
Smith, Rbt., Smocklane=Maxwell, Miss, d. of Rhd. of Pill Lane, Dublin Nov. 1784 p. 680
Smith, Rbt., Gaybrooke, co. Westmeath=Staples, Miss, d. of Sir Rbt., Bt., n. to Visct. de Vesci Sep 1800 p. 191
Smith, Rbt., Rajordan=White, Miss Apr. 1788 p. 224
Smith, Sir Skeffington, Bt., Finnypark, co. Wicklow, M.P. Mullinger=Dally, Miss, of co. Galway, Nov. 1782 p. 608
Smith, rev. Sydney=Pybus, Cath. Amelia, s. to Chas. Small, Lord of Treasury Aug. 1800 p. 127
Smith, Thos.=Baldwin, Miss Feb. 1772 p. 112
Smith, rev. Thos., R. of Inniskilling=Ford, Miss, d. of Jas., of Dawson St. Oct 1774 p. 694
Smith, Thos., Inner Temple=Hutchinson, Mary Hely, d. of John Hely, Provost of Trinity College, s. to Lord Donoughmore July 1791 p. 96
Smith, Thomas D.=Underwood, Christiana, in Mecklinburgh Sq. Oct. 1804 p. 639
Smith, Thos. Jenkins=Knight, Miss, d. of late Christopher, in Cork Jan. 1806 p. 63
Smith, Westropp, New Grove, co. Tipperary=Collins, B., 2nd d. of late rev. Wm., Ballyhomen, co. Limerick July 1807 p. 448
Smith, Wm.=Lecky, Miss, at Londonderry Feb. 1773 p. 104
Smith, Wm., Barbaravilla, co. Westmeath=Ogle, Miss, of town of Drogheda June 1783 p. 336
Smith, Wm, aet 19=Pizzey, Mrs., aet. 60, with a large fortune, at Aldburn, Wilts. Dec. 1801 p. 763
Smith, Lt. Wm. Royal Irish Artillery=Rogers, Miss, d. of Adam, of Boderan, co Wexford Mar. 1780 p. 176

Smollet, John Rbt., Benhall=Boyle, Miss, d. of late hon. Patrick Jan. 1801 p. 63

Smyth, Miss=Adams, Arthur 1787 p. 56
Smyth, Miss=Bursice, Capt ii 1794 p. 568
Smyth, Miss=Cooke, John 1774 p. 493
Smyth, Miss=Costigan, Jas. 1810 p. 288
Smyth, Miss=Daniel, Geo. Rbt. 1806 p. 576
Smyth, Miss=Dromgoold, Nicholas 1772 p. 568
Smyth, Mrs.=Evans, john 1809 p. 64
Smyth, Miss=Hamilton, Fdk. 1772 p. 568
Smyth, Miss=Harrison, Capt. ii 1794 p. 192
Smyth, Miss=Hume, Joseph 1803 p. 447
Smyth, Miss=Jarnat, Comte R.C. de 1777 p. 216
Smyth, Miss=Johnson, rev. P. i 1792 p. 568
Smyth, Miss=Kemmis, J. 1807 p. 763
Smyth, Miss=Palmer, Counsellor 1771 p. 512
Smyth, Miss=Palmer, rev. Henry 1774 p. 694
Smyth, Miss=Piers, Sir Piggott, Bt. 1771 p. 568
Smyth, Miss=Steele, Smyth 1787 p. 224
Smyth, Anne=Dickson, Joseph 1803 p. 383
Smyth, Carew, s. of rev. Dr. Molesworth St. Dublin=Knox, Caroline, y.d. of Wm. of Gt. Ealing Aug 1809 p. 488
Smyth, Charlotte=Standen, rev. Dr. John 1801 p. 191
Smyth, Cullen, Chas=Fitzroy, Lady Anne, r. of Capt., d. of Earl of Mornington Aug. 1799 p. 144
Smyth, Frances=Crofton, Hugh 1787 p. 336
Smyth, J.T. Colerain=Lawrence, Miss May 1792 p. 480
Smyth, rev. James=Ryan, Miss, Carrick-on-Suir, at Kilkenny Sep. 1791 p. 288
Smyth, John, Ballyduffe,co. Wexford=Hartley, Miss, Tomgar Aug. 1789 p. 447
Smyth, Jonathan=End, Miss, d. of Wm., pewterer at Limerick May 1802 p. 319
Smyth, Joseph, Mount Mellick=Lynas, Mary, William St., both Quakers Apr. 1811 p. 224
Smyth, Capt. hon Lionel, s. and H. of rt. hon andrev. Visct. Strangford, of 23rd Foot Royal Welsh Fusiliers=Philips, Miss, e.d. of Fredk., at New York, America 8 Sep 1779 p. 711
Smyth, Maria=Fortescue, F. 1780 p. 632
Smyth, Ralph=Fairbrother, Mrs., r. of Mr., s. to late Arthur Cope, of Loughhall, co. Armagh May 1796 p. 480
Smyth, Ralph, co. Westmeath=Harrison, Miss, d. of Nicholas, Ballydargon, co. Down, in Granby-row July 1785 p. 391
Smyth, Ralph=Stoney, Miss Feb. 1772 p. 112
Smyth, Rebecca=Rawson, Jas. 1803 p. 192
Smyth, Rbt., Kinsale=Exham, Elizabeth of Leitrim Feb. 1782 p. 112
Smyth, Rhd., Dame St.=Fry, Miss, of Gardiner's place Aug. 1805 p. 511
Smyth, Rhd., of Ordnance Office=Wren, Sarah, Dame St. Sep. 1774 p. 630
Smyth, Sally=Thompson, Fdk 1787 p. 224
Smyth, Sarah=Fulton, Jas. 1804 p. 763
Smyth, Severn M.=Eskildson, Miss, d. of G., Danish Consul Aug. 1805 p. 510
Smyth, Thos., Rathfarnham=Burk, Ann, Windy Harbor Feb. 1806 p. 125
Smyth, rev.Thos, s. of Baron, Delgany, co. Wicklow=Scott, Mrs., r. of Mr., s. to John B. Benson, Catherine-grove, co. Louth, by Bishop of Clonfert 29 June 1776 p. 503
Smyth, Wm., Drumcree, co. Westmeath=Graydon, Mrs., r. of late Rev. Apr. 1806 p. 256
Smyth, Wm., Drumcree, Kt. of Shire for co. Westmeath=Maxwell, Frances, 1000 per ann., of Drum, co. Down Jan 1790 p. 96
Smyth, Wm. Thos., Capt. of Battleaxe Guards, of Ralphsdale=Loftus, Ann, 2nd d. of Thos., of Killyon, co. Meath Mar1782 p. 168

No entries

Sneyde, Lt. Henry, Royal Irish Artillery=Malone, Miss, d. of Major, of Castlenook, co. Dublin, md. There Mar. 1788 p. 166

No entries

Sotheby, Rear-adm.=Bourke, Lady Mary Ann, d. of late Earl of Mayo, at Clifton church Apr. 1806 p. 254

Sparrow, Wm., Eustace St.=Chambers, Miss, 2nd d. of Francis, barrack-master, of Waterford and New Geneva, at Waterford May 1800 p. 319

No entries

Spellissy, Miss=Malowny, W.W. i 1795 p. 96

Spooner, rev. Wm., Elindon, Warwick=O'Brien, Annaelleria, d. of late Sir Lucius, Bt., Dromoland, co Clare, at Newington, Kent 11 Sep 1810 p. 452

Spread, Capt., Royal Limerick Co. Militia=Deane, Henrietta, Rathmines, s. lic., at Peter's church Sep. 1807 p. 575
Spread, Chas., bar.-at-law, Sheehy, Miss, d. of late Wm., Gardenfield, co. Limerick, at Bedfordn, nr. Tralee, seat of P. Mahony Nov. 1803 p. 702
Spread, rev. Edw.=Hyde, Miss, d. of rev. Arthur at Cork Feb. 1801 p. 127
Spread, John=Hendley, Widow mar. 1781 p. 168
Spread, Odel=Peard, Mrs., r. of John, d. of Henry Mitchel Sep. 1784 p. 552
Spread, P.D.=Nash, Lewellin 1786 p. 504
Spread, Rhd., Ballycannon=Westropp, Susanna, d. of Palmo, at Westmount Jan 1792 p. 94

Spunner, L., s. of Thomas, Milltown, King's co=Drought, Elizabeth, d. of John, of Whigsboro', same co. Oct. 1796 p. 384

Stack, Miss=Villiers, Thos. T. 1805 p. 254
Stack, Capt. Gerald Barry, 77th Foot=Griffin, Miss, Ballyvoe, co. Clare Mar. 1809 p. 192
Stack, John, Ballconty, co. Kerry=Massey, Catherine, d. of Gen. Lord Clarina Oct. 1802 p. 639
Stack, John=Foley, Miss, d. of Bartholomew, in Cork May 1811 p. 280

Stackpole, John, Berry Lodge=McDonogh, Maria, Galway, at Annah, co. Clare Feb. 1806 p. 125

Staines, Henry, Camden St.=Brophy, Miss, Abbey St. Feb. 1808 p. 128

Standen, rev. Dr. John=Smyth [Smith], Charlotte, d. of James John, Drumralney, co. Westmeath Mar. 1801 p. 191

Stanton, Lt., of 72nd Foot=Mills, Maria, 6th d. of late Edw., Mount Prospect, co. Roscommon, Jan. 1805 p. 62

Staples, Sir Rbt., Bt.=Vesey, Miss, at Abbey Leix, seat of Lord Knapton Mar. 1776 p. 216

Stapleton, Rhd., Dame St.=Doran, Miss, s. to Edmund, Stephen's Green Apr. 1789 p. 222

Staunton, Margt.=Hammond, Laurence 1788 p. 111
Staunton, Rhd., of Rue, co. Galway=Lysaght, Sally, of Limerick May 1789 p. 280

Stawell, Wm., bar.-at-law=Creagh, Miss, d. of Dr. John Apr. 1775 p. 255 

Stayte, Rhd., mercer, Dame St.=Kelly, Esther, of Eusatce St. Dec .1772 p. 676

Steele Smyth, 2nd s. of Sir Rbt., Bt., High Sheriff co. Dublin=Smyth, Miss, d. of Michael, bar.-at-law, M.P. boro of Randalstown in York St. 3 Apr 1787 p. 224

Stephens, Mr., Parsonage, co. Cavan=Beatty, Miss, d. of Rbt., Mullinahinch, co. Fermanagh Aug 1787 p. 448

Stepney, Herbert Rawson, Abington=Bourke, Miss, d. of late Theobald, O'Brien's Bridge Feb. 1795 p. 192

Stevenson, Edw.=King, Mary, at Waterford Nov. 1773 p. 616

Stewart, John, Wilmont=Smith, Anne Sophia, y.d. of late Thomas, Drumcree, co. Westmeath Oct. 1797 p. 384
Stewart, Rbt., M.P. co. Down=Pratt, Miss, d. of Chas., Lord Camden, Ld. Chan. of Gt. Britain, in London, by Archbp. of Canterbury June 1775 p. 437
Stewart, Wm., Cavan=Madden, Miss Mar. 1772 p. 168

Stillas, Alex.=Hill, Miss, Ballymore-Eustace, nr. Castledermot Oct. 1782 p. 552

Stock, Sam., Essex Bridge house=Lane, Mrs., r. of Mr., d. of Aldm. Jas. Horan.

Stoit, Fred., Ballina, co. Mayo=Cassidy, Miss, d. of Capt., 64th Regt. Nov. 1803 p. 702

Stokes, Miss=Keene, Joseph 1804 p. 128
Stokes, Chas., Merville, co. Dublin=Balfour, Maria, d. of Oliver, co. Londonderry Aug. 1800 p. 127
Stokes, Delia=Collier, Edw. 1774 p. 60
Stokes, Gabriel, Arran Quay=Merrit, E., Capel St. July 1805 p. 445
Stokes, John=Abraham, Mary Jane Aug. 1788 p. 448
Stokes, Maria=Richards, Joseph 1809 p. 376
Stokes, Mary=Dudley, Rbt. 1777 p. 639

Stone, Miss=Butler, Edw. 1804 p. 639
Stone, Mr.=Metge, Esther, d. of Baron, at Bath July 1808 p. 447
Stone, Miss=Mulhollan, John 1774 p. 302
Stone, Miss=Wilson, Maxwell ii 1794 p. 480
Stone, John=Bolton, Miss, d. of Cornelius, M.P. for city Waterford, at Faithleg, nr. Waterford Sep. 1775 p. 629

Stoney, Miss=Moore, Arthur ii 1791 p. 192
Stoney, Miss=Smyth, Ralph 1772 p. 112
Stoney, Capt. George R., of 22nd Foot, of Grayford, co. Tipperary=Ellis, Miss, only d. of Major-gen. of Kempsey Feb. 1801 p. 127
Stoney, Ruth=Robinson, Rbt. 1801 p. 763
Stoney, Thos., Tipperary=Faulkiner, Miss May 1773 p. 272
Stoney, Thos. Meagher, Clonmore=Ryan, Miss, e.d. of John, Lisbroke, both of co. Tipperary Feb. 1807 p. 128

Stopford, rev. Edwd., of Cork Cath.=Browne, Cath. Reddish, of Charlestown, d. of rev. T.A. late of Kindale Dec. 1802 p. 764

Stothard, Matt., Springfield=Russell, Miss, d. of John, of Edenderry Mar. 1791 p. 288

Stoyte, James, of Ordnance Office=Moore, Patty, d. of Andrew, n. of Dr. Clement Archer Aug. 1793 p. 191

Stritch, Thos.=Creagh, Margt., d. of John jr., at Cork Nov. 1781 p. 616

Stuart, Lt.-col. James Alex., of 32nd (Cornwall) Foot, only s. of Lt.-gen. James, Commander-in-chief of Forces at Madras, Col of 72nd Foot=Irvine, Letitia, 7th d. of Col., at Castle Irvine, co. Fermanagh, by s. lic. by Bishp of Meath June 1804 p. 383

Studdart, Jonas=Crowe, Miss, d. of Thomas, at Ennis Apr. 1795 p. 383

Sullivan, Miss=Callaghan, Malachy 1808 p. 191
Sullivan, John, Old Park=Gooden, Miss, Ballygroman Feb. 1807 p. 128
Sullivan, John, Ballintuber, co. Limerick=Knight, Eliza d. of Christopher, at Charleville May 1789 p. 280
Sullivan, Rbt., Ballyleget=Kennedy, Miss, Waterford Sep. 1784 p. 552

Summers, Dan., Abbey St.=Darlington, Ann, Bishop's St. Aug. 1802 p. 512

Sutton,John s. of Patrick, of Stephen's Green=Doran, Ellen, Wheelagore, co. Wexford Mar. 1804 p. 192

Swayne, rev. John, e.s. of John=Middleton, Crawford, Frances, y.d. of rev. T., of Lismore, at the Cathedral june 1812 p. 279

Sweeny, Mrs.=Dwyer, Mr. 1775 p. 437
Sweeny, Eliza=Fleming, Aldm. Thomas ii 1795 p. 568
Sweeny, Eugene, Camden St.=Jones, Miss, Jervis St. Sep. 1809 p. 544
Sweeny, Lt. W., of Londonderry Militia=M'Ilroy, Miss, Belfast

Sweenney, Mary=Willisson, Geo. 1807 p. 763

Sweny, John, bar.-at-law=Cope, Miss, s. to Henry, Gt. Ship St. Aug. 1779 p. 488

No entries

Sydney, [John Thomas], 2nd Visct.=-[1. 12 Apr., 1790, Southwell, hon. Sophia, d. of Edw., Lord de Clifford, she d. 30 June 1800]=2. Clements, Lady Charlotte, d. of Earl of Leitrim June 1802 p. 384 [At her father's house in Grosvenor Sq., on Friday 27 May. Witnesses. "Chatham," "Clements."]

Synnot, Sir Salter, of Ballymoyer=Martin, Elizabeth, of Newton Hamilton, co. Armagh sep. 1804 p. 575

Taaffe, Mr., of Ireland=Moore, Mrs., of St. James's 31 Mar. 1775 p. 255
Taaffe, Jas., Springmount, co. Meath=Smith, Miss, Sweepstown, co. Meath 13 Dec 1775 p. 823
Taaffe, John, Usher's Quay=Kelly, Eliza Apr. 1802 p. 256
Taaffe, Patrick, Grange, co. Roscommon=Kelly, Miss in Britain St. June 1805 p. 384

Taffe, Andrew, of Summerhill, co. Louth=Donnellan, Miss, co. Meath June 1788 p. 336

Talbot, Earl of [Chas. Chetwynd Talbot Chetwynd]=Lambert [Lambart], Frances Thomasine [of Holsham, co. Norfolk], d. of Chas., of Beaupark, co. Meath [28 Aug] Oct. 1800 p. 255 [Md. by George Talbot, M.A. Witnesses, J.C. Talbot, "Sherborne" "Downshire", at St. Geroge's, Hanover Sq.]
Talbot, Matthew, Castle Talbot, co. Wexford=Darcy, Ctss., of Paris July 1783 p. 392

Tandy, Lt., s. of James Napper, city Dublin=Hughes, Miss, d.of Henry, of same place Oct. 1788 p. 560
Tandy, George, Corballis, co. Meath=Barry, Miss, d. of Wm. of Randlestown, co. Louth Feb. 1806 p. 125
Tandy, M.L.=Saunders, P. 1806 p. 576
Tandy, Thos., of John's Brook, co. Meath=Tighe, Miss, only d. of late Wm. of Gartlands town, co. Westmeath 14 May 1802 p. 320

No entries

Tarleton, Capt., of Dillion's Irish Brigade=Irvine, Catherine, of Leabeg, co. Roscommon, in Athlone Feb. 1796 p. 196

Taylor, Edward, Carlanstower, co. Westmeath=Ford, Miss, Jervis St. June 1792 p. 568
Taylor, Geo.=Grattan, Mrs. of Digges St. May 1809 p. 320
Taylor, John=Keating, Miss June 1797 p. 568
Taylor, Rhd., Rock Abbey=Hunt, Anne, d. of late Robt., of Inshirouke, at Askeaton July 1801 p. 447

Thomas, Inigo Freeman, M.P., Batten Lodge, Sussex=Pearse, Miss, d. of Henry, Bedale, co. York. Aug. 1797 p. 191
Thomas, John, Kevins Point=Chambers, Miss, Waterford Oct. 1771 p. 512

Thomspson, Capt. of Loghabra fencibles=Kelly, Miss, Cecelia St. Mar. 1800 p. 192
Thompson, Fdk., Mid Temple=Smyth, Sally, Borris, in Ossory may 1787 p. 224
Thompson, John, Fisher's Lane=Carrigan, Miss, of same place Mr. 1801 p. 191
Thompson, Thomas, North Gt. George's St.=Brennan, Anne, e.d. of Alex., Kingston Lodge, co. Dublin July 1811 p. 392 [one of 6 Clerks in Chancery]
Thompson, Wm., Dame St.=Ferguson, Miss, Dawson St. Nov. 1791 p. 480

Tenison, Thos., of Castle Tenison, co. Roscommon=King, Lady Frances, y.d. of Edward, late Earl of Kingston May 1803 p. 319 [At Visct. Oxmantown's Stephen's Green, by s. lic., by Bishop of Ossory]

No entries

Thompson, [Note: bride's index lists surname as THOMSON], John=Burns, Elizabeth, of Belfast Oct. 1807 p. 639
Thompson, John, Muckmore=Cunningham, Miss, of Crooked Stone Apr. 1802 p. 256

Thonboe, Mich., H.M. Danish Consul at Newry and Warrenpoint=Kirk, Miss, d. of Hugh, of Belfast July 1807 p. 447

Thynne, Lord George, bro. to Marq. of Bath=Courtney, Henrietta, s. to Visct. July 1797 p. 95

Tiernan, Lawrence, aet. 80, Oldtown=Moran, Ann, aet. 18, Newton, co. Kildare June 1777 p. 440

Tiernay, Miss=Fitzgerald, Capt. Edw ii. 1793 p. 288

Tierney, Dr., Brighton, formerly Kathkeale, co. Limerick=Jones, Miss, of Turnham Green, Middlesex, at Chiswick Oct 1808 p. 640

Tighe, Rbt., Rathbergen, co. Meath=Moore, Miss, d. of Capt. Gustavus, of Salestown, same co. Nov. 1787 p. 616
Tighe, Wm., Gartlandstown, co. Westmeath=Salmon, Miss, Johnstown, same co. June 1777 p. 440

No entries

No entries

Torkington, John, Stukeley, co. Huntingdon=Bouchier, Miss Nov. 1799 p. 360

Tottenham, Nich. Loftus, M.P. boro, Bannon=May, Mary, d. of Sir Jas., Bt., at Mayfield, Waterford June 1778 p. 424

Tournea, Mr., French teacher=Browne, Miss July 1805 p. 446

Townly, Rbt., Britain St.=Kirk, Miss, S. Andrew's St. 31 Aug 1775 p. 566

Tracey,Miss=Riely, Henry Stevens 1776 p. 432

Tracy, Dr., Fleet St.=Smith, Martha, y.d. of John, at Mark's Church Mar. 1812 p. 143
Tracy, Wm., Ballylevin, King's co.=Tarlton, Elinor, d. of Gilbert, of Killeigh June 1779 p. 375

Trant, Dominick, of Dunkettle=Fitzgibbon, Miss, d. of John, M.P. boro. of Jamestown, at Blarney Castle, co. Cork Mar. 1776 p. 261

Trayner, Hugh=Reiley, Kelly, of co. Meath, at Ballonlough, co. Meath Dec. 1783 p. 672

Tressyllian, John, attorney, Bandon, co. Cork=Dillon, Miss, Belfast Jan. 1797 p. 96

Trevor, Edwd.=Wigglesworth, Miss, d. of John, of Phoenix Park July 1789 p. 391
Trevor, Hugh, brewer, Cork Bridge, a sheriff's peer=Chambers, Miss, d. of David, of London Mar. 1789 p. 168

Trousdell, Lt. Rhd., of Kilrush Cavalry=Clohesy, Martha, of Kilrush, at Kilrush church June 1807 p. 384

Tuite, Michael, of Minutestown, co. Meath=Moore, Miss, 2nd d. of Francis, of Julianstown, same co. July 1787 p. 391
Tuite, Theobald, of co. Meath=Moran, Miss, Parliament St. Mar. 1778 p. 191

Tully, Dr. =Cooke, Miss June 1771 p. 280
Tully, Dr., Tuam=Dillon, Miss, Lower Ormond Quay Nov. 1777 p. 831
Tully, Mrs.=Palmer, Henry i 1795 p. 383

No entries

Turner, Rhd., linen merchant, Dungannon=Kennedy, Letitia, of Coal Island Sep. 1801 p. 575

Tuthell, C., Faha=Massey, Miss, d. of Hugh, Kt. of Shire for co. Limerick, g.d. of Lord, at Limerick Dec. 1784 p. 744

Tuthill, Miss=Minnet, Joshua 1776 p. 720
Tuthill, John=Beere, Miss, Rathmines Aug. 1806 p. 512
Tuthill, John, Greenhill, co. Limerick=Crips, Miss, d. of Robt., of Edwardstown 1772 p. 512

Uniacke, Robert, Woodhouse, co. Waterford, M.P. for Youghall=Beresford, Anne Constantina, d. of rt. hon. John, n. to Marq. of Waterford and Bishop of Ossory Jan. 1790 p. 96

Usher, Rev., Gallstown, co. Westmeath=Clarke, Miss Nov. 1784 p. 680
Usher, Luke, Gurteen, co. Tipperary=Lalor, Miss, Dunmore Park, co. Kilkenny Aug. 1787 p. 448

Valentine, John, of Thomas St.=Shannon, Miss, South Earl St., at the Quaker's Meeting house, Meath St. June 1802 p. 383
Valentine, Peter, of Castle Satla=Allen, Miss, Allen Park, both co. Wicklow Sep. 1797 p. 287

Vallance,Lt., 17th Regt.=Honan, Miss, d. of late John at Limerick Apr. 1803 p. 255

Vance, Rev.=Ford, Miss, Molesworth St., at Summerhill, co. Meath Jan. 1791 p. 104

Vandeleur, Boyle=Scott, Diana, d. of John, of Cahircron Dec. 1783 p. 672
Vandeleur, John, Ormsby, M.P., commr. of revenue=Moore, Lady Frances, d. of Marq. of Drogheda, n. of Marq. of Hertford Jan. 1801 p. 63
Vandeleur, Col John Ormsby, 19th Dragoons=Glasse, Catherine, d. of Rev., Pencombe, Herefordshire, at Bath Mar. 1809 p. 192

Vanderzee, Dan., Hampstead=Aberdein, Miss, of Mark Lane Dec. 1798 p. 908

Vaughan, Mr., Mary Abbey=Hartley, Anne, d. of Tarvers, of Bride St. Aug. 1778 p. 480
Vaughan, Miss=Jenkins, Wm. Lionel 1775 p. 255
Vaughan, Mrs.=Buckworth, Lt. John ii 1800 p. 181
Vaughan, Geo. Lisburne=Hutchinson [Hutcheson], Martha [d. of Francis, M.D., Dublin, and Mary Card, his wife] of same place Feb 1788 p. 111

Vaughen, Albina=Leith, Sir Geo. A., Bt. ii 1799 p. 72
Vaughen, Frances Sophia=Fletcher, Henry 1801 p. 255

Verschoyle, Rev. Archdn.=Walsh, Miss. s. to Rev. Dr. Lomax, Leinster St. Apr 1790 p. 382

Vesey, Miss=Staples, Sir Rbt., Bt. 1776 p. 216
Vesey, George, of Lucan=Latouche, Miss, d. of hon. David, at Marley, co. Dublin, by Bishop of Clonfert Nov. 1790 p. 480
Vesey [Vesci], hon. John, e.s. of Visct. de Vesci=Brownlow, Miss, 4th d. of Wm., a Kt. of Shire for co. Armagh Oct 1800 p. 255
Vesey, Mary=Martin, Rhd. 1777 p. 144
Vesey, Wm., Farmhill=Bingham, Phoebe, d. of Geo., at Castlebar, co. Mayo Oct. 1778 p. 592

Villiers, Lord [rt. hon. Geo., Visct., 2nd and last son of Earl Grandison]=Conway, Miss [Lady Gertrude Seymour] 10 Feb 1772 p. 112 [Md. by lic. at St. George's Hanover Sq.]
Villiers, Thos, Tuthill, Limerick=Stack, Miss, Ballycorny, co. Kerry Apr. 1805 p. 254

Vision, John, Royal Artillery=Adye, Miss, d. of Lt. col., at Woolwich Apr. 1798 p. 383

Vize, Joseph, Agliss=Nash, Mary, d. of Thomas, Kanturk, co. Cork Nov. 1796 p. 480

Vokes, Thos. P.=Walsh, Anne, Limerick, at Fiddown June 1809 p. 375

Wade, Joseph, Bride St.=Kelly, Miss, Britain St. Feb. 1806 p. 126
Wade, Thos. jr, Dame St.=Shields, Emily, Mount St. Oct 1802 p. 639

Wakefield, Joseph, of Moyallen=Doyle, Miss Apr. 1781 p. 224

Waldron, Chas.=Whitelaw, Mrs. r. of J., at Charlestown, co. Roscommon July 1803 p. 448
Waldron, Eliza=Waldron, Thomas 1804 p. 512
Waldron, Fran., Drumsna, co. Antrim=Kelly, Mary, d. of Hubert, of Kellybrook, co. Westmeath Oct. 1776 p. 792
Waldron, Henry, e.s. of Wm., Farraugh=Johnson, Margt., 2nd d. of Wm., Balla, both in co. Mayo July 1806 p. 448
Waldron, Honora=Watson, Thos. B 1787 p. 112
Waldron, Thomas, Lismoyle, co. Leitrim=Waldron, Eliza, e.d. of Wm, of Farrah, co. Mayo Aug. 1804 p.512

Walker, Capt. Fdk., of H.M.R.A.=Cane, Annabella, y.d. of Major, Dawson St., Dublin Mar. 1808 p. 191

Wall, Miss=Airy, Wm i 1792 p. 192
Wall, Miss=Alcock, Alexander 1787 p. 616
Wall, Miss=Bayley, rev. John 1772 p. 568
Wall, Miss=Blackeney, John Chas. i 1792 p. 192
Wall, Miss=Dalton, Geo. Forester ii 1795 p. 384
Wall, Miss=Hays, Wm. 1773 p. 736
Wall, Miss=Hewet, rev. Chas 1775 p. 566
Wall, Miss=Morris, Capt. Geo. 1787 p. 56
Wall, Alice=Sherlock, Thos. 1779 p. 192
Wall, Chas. William, Coolanamuck, co. Waterford=Butler, Miss, 8000, only d. of Rhd. Hamilton Butler Lowe, of Lowe's Green, nr. Cashel Nov 1796 p. 480
Wall, Frances Gertrude=Hewitt, Jas. 1783 p. 504
Wall, James, Knockrigg, co. Wicklow=Rice, Miss, Powersgrove, co. Kildare Sep 1801 p. 575
Wall, Jane=Brannagan, Thos. 1805 p. 384
Wall, Joseph, Rosscarberry=Jenison, Miss, Castle Townsend July 1804 p. 447
Wall, Thos. Milltown, co. Dublin=Gast, Alicia, d. of ven. Archdn. of Newcastle, co. Dublin Feb. 1784 p. 112

Wallace, Capt. Hill, 14th Foot=Legg, Miss Feb. 1784 p. 111
Wallace, Wm., architect=Cudmore [bride index as Aidmore], Miss, d. of late Pat., Manister June 1804 p. 383
Wallace, Will, Mallow=Dalton, Mrs., r. of rev. Thos. Ballycabane, co. Limerick Dec 1784 p. 743

Wallis, Rev.=Moore, Miss, d. of Alderman, at Waterford Jan. 1796 p. 96

Wallplate, Joseph, s. of late Rev. =Bridgeman, Henrietta,. d. of Henry of Doonass, co.Clare Nov. 1789 p. 616

Walsh, Miss=Anderson, J 1812 p. 320
Walsh, Miss=Blackwell, James 1804 p. 763
Walsh, Miss=Browne, John 1809 p. 612
Walsh, Miss=Clark, Wm. 1805 p. 62
Walsh, Miss=Conran, Jas 1772 p. 676
Walsh, Miss=Devereaux, H. 1803 p. 703
Walsh, Miss=Dunford, Capt. 1789 p. 280
Walsh, Miss=Kelly, Thomas 1805 p. 254
Walsh, Widow=Maguire, John 1806 p. 320
Walsh, Mr.=Seeds, Miss, sole h. of Thomas, of Lisburn 16 Feb 1778 p. 248
Walsh, Miss=Verschoyle, rev. Archdn i 1790 p. 382
Walsh, rev. Dr.=Woolfe, Miss (34,000),n. to Solr.-gen, in Leinster St., by Archbp. of Dublin July 1787 p. 392
Walsh, Anne=Vohes, Thos. P. 1809 p. 375
Walsh,C.=Davis, Thomas 1811 p. 488
Walsh, David, bar.-at-law=Dunboyne, Lady May 1775 p. 437
Walsh, Effy=Carbery, John 1780 p. 64
Walsh, Francis, Athboy=Little, Miss, d. and H. of late John, of Castlebrook, co.Longford Feb. 1808 p. 128
Walsh, George, Abbey St.=Rawlins, Miss, Clare St. Aug 1804 p. 512
Walsh, rev. Jermy.=Eyre, Mrs., r. of Thos., late M.P. boro. Fore, co. Westmeath, md. at Whitehall Sep. 1778 p. 536
Walsh, Margt.=Wilson, Wm. 1802 p. 764
Walsh, Michael=Barry, Ellen, Patrick St. Aug. 1807 p. 511
Walsh, Nicholas, Grace Lodge=O'Neil, Grace, of Constable Hill, co. Carlow Nov. 1790 p. 384
Walsh, Peter, of King St.=Corrigan, Miss, of same st. Nov. 1803 p. 703
Walsh, Rhd., M.D.=Conron, Miss, d. of late Hatton, at Cork Nov. 1792 p. 480
Walsh, Rhd.=Preston, Alice, d. of rev. Nath., of Swainston, co. Meath, at Bath Apr. 1792 p. 382
Walsh, Rbt., attorney=Young, Misss, d. of Thomas, Corlismore, co. Cavan Dec. 1786 p. 672
Walsh, Thos., Woodstock, co. Waterford=Greene, Jane henrietta, d. of John, of Dungarvan, at the Cathedral, Waterford, by rev. Hy. Archdall Nov. 1807 p. 703
Walsh, Thos. Clonmel=Pope, Miss, Cuffe St. 3 Mar 1775 p. 254
Walsh, Wm., Stedalt, Co. Meath=Upton, Margt., d. of late Major Oct. 1804 p. 639

Ward, Miss=Carpenter, Hugh i 1790 p. 192
Ward, Miss=Gaskel, T.P. ii 1794 p. 192
Ward, Mrs. Glandore, Earl of 1777 p. 831
Ward, Miss=Prendergast, S. 1806 p. 512
Ward, Miss=Rooke, Counsellor ii 1792 p. 192
Ward, Miss=Saunders, Mr. 1782 p. 552
Ward, hon. Col, bro. of Visct. Bangor=Symes, Louisa, y.d. of late Rev. Dr., Hillbrook, Wicklow June 1797 p. 568
Ward, Miss=Worthington, Joseph R. 1801 p. 447
Ward, Chas., Fownes St.=Radcliffe, Eleanor, 2nd d. of Stephen, Judge of Prerogative Court June 1791 p. 568
Ward, Chas. Wm., Castleward, co. Down=Crosbie, Miss, d. of W. Hy. Nov 1800 p. 319
Ward, Edward Vernon=Crump, Mrs., r. of Thos. Apr. 1798 p. 383
Ward, Fran. Henry=Milton, Dorothea, of french St. June 1775 p. 437
Ward, Francis Power, of St. Kitt's=Milton, Miss, of French St. June 1775 p. 437
Ward, J., Liscurb=Donelan, Jane, 2nd d. of Stephen, of Cardiff, Jamaica Sep. 1804 p. 575
Ward, James, Bookseller, Lisburn=Fulton, Eliza Dec. 1802 p. 764
Ward, rev. John, co. Down=Waring, Miss, Leeson St. Sep 1800 p. 191
Ward, Margaret=Farrell, James 1804 p. 192
Ward, Patrick=Crosby, Miss, both of Dorset St. Feb. 1807 p. 128
Ward, Peter=Doran, Miss Sep 1771 p. 448
Ward, rev. Ralph=Wilson, Elinor, of Purdysburn Jan. 1774 p. 60
Ward, rev. Rhd.=Marshall, Miss Sep. 1799 p. 216
Ward, Rbt., bro. to Visct. Bangor=Crosbie, Lady Arabella, s. to Earl of Glandore, in London Mar. 1783 p. 168
Ward, Sam., Bridge St.=Rutherford, Miss, Abbey St. Aug 1800 p. 127
Ward, T., aet. 73=Graceton, Elizabeth, aet. 94, both of Tewston Otley, Englnd, after 20 years' courtship Apr. 1811 p. 224
Ward, T.=Thurham, Mrs., at Queenboro', Leincesthire Dec. 1811 p. 636 [Their united ages equal 140 years; the fifth time the bride approached the altar]

No entries

Warren, Mr., Foster Avenue=Lynch, Miss Kevin's Port Sep. 1801 p. 575
Warren, Thos.=Baker, Miss, d. of Geo., at Cork Sep. 1787 p. 504

Watkins, Lt., 28th Regt.=Mitchell, Miss, d. of Capt., of 45th Regt. Nov. 1772 p. 624

Watson, Thos. Brearton, Clonnanihy, co. Tipperary=Waldron, Honora, Nicholas St. Feb. 1787 p. 112

Webb, Lt., Lord Townsend's Regt.=Faine, Miss Oct. 1771 p. 512
Webb, Miss=Follett, Capt. Benj. ii 1790 p. 384
Webb, Mr., G.P.O.=Lloyde, Miss, Eccles St., d. of Benj., bar-at-law Dec. 1784 p. 744
Webb, Rev. Dr.=Newcome, Eleanor, d. of late Archbp. of Dublin, at Walcot church, Bath June 1812 p. 279
Webb, Miss=Richards, Capt. 1807 p. 64
Webb, Miss=Bradshaw, Ben. i 1794 p. 287
Webb, Geo., Ludgate St.=Bish, Miss, d. of Thos. of Cornhill, in London Feb. 1812 p. 96
Webb, Isaac, wine merchant, Marlboro St., Dublin=Younghusband, Miss, at Whitehaven Sep. 1807 p. 575
Webb, James, of Sought East St.=Sparrow, Deborah, of Wexford, both Quakers, at Forest, nr. Taghmon Jan. 1804 p. 62
Webb, rev. John, Cork=Foot, Miss, d. of late Aldm. Apr. 1805 p. 254
Webb, John, 1st Foot Guards=Orme, Miss Dec. 1797 p. 568
Webb, rev. Rhd, preb. of Cork=Browne, Eliza, d. of late Francis, of Kinsale June 1793 p. 567
Webb, Sir Thomas, Bt.=Dillon, hon. Miss, d. of Visct May 1799 p. 359
Webb, Tobias, aet. 102, Ballsquirk, co. Kilkenny=Fitzpatrick, Margt., aet. 28 Mar 1774 p. 172
Webb, Wm., Kilmacud=Blackburne, Miss, d. of Rhd., late of Footstown, co. Meath Apr. 1803 p. 255
Webb, Wm. =Dwyer, Miss, both of Belfast Theatre Mar. 1807 p. 192

Wedgwood, Thomas=Smith, B., of Littlechell, co. Stafford, at Wolstanton, Newcastle-under-Lyne Nov. 1797 p. 480

Weldon, Nicholas P., Island of Monserrat=Fottrel, Miss, d. of John, formerly of Dolphin's Barn, in Prussia St. Dec. 1800 p. 380

Wellesley, Dr.=Brown, Miss, both of Clough Feb. 1804 p. 127

West, Edward=Smith, Miss, Brookville Dec. 1800 p. 379
West, Edward, Liduff, co. Longford=Kelly, Miss, of Abbeyshule Nov. 1787 p. 616
West, Robt. Best, Post Office=Crowe, Miss Nov. 1811 p. 592

Westmeath, Earl of =Moore, Lady Elizabeth, d. of Marq. of Drogheda Feb. 1797 p. 192

Wetherall, Rhd. of Oldcastle=Courtney, Miss, n. to Dr. Wm. Rogers, at Quaker's meeting house, Ballinderry, nr. Lisburn 15 Mar 1788 p. 248

Whaley, Thos.=Lawless, Miss, d. of Lord Cloncurry Sep. 1800 p. 191

No entries

Whelan, Jane=Woodroffe, Philip 1775 p. 566
Whelan, John, Grafton St=Kelly, Mrs., r. of George, High St. June 1812 p. 279
Whelan, Pillsworth, of Rath, co. Wicklow=Swan, Miss, Dec. 1775 p. 63
Whelan, Sarah=Harris, henry 1803 p. 255
Whelan, rev. Thos., Mat. Garret, co. Kilkenny=Vincent, Miss July 1790 p. 96

White, Lt. C., 66th Regt.=Lee, E., y.d. of late Arthur, in Clonmel Apr. 1806 p. 255
White, David, Blackfort, co. Tyrone=Salmon, Miss, Capel St. Apr. 1805 p. 254
White, George=Moylan, Miss, d. of Late John, at Cork Oct. 1804 p. 639
White, Henry, Mantle Hill, co. Tipperary=Connor, Miss, d. of late Dan., of Cork Oct. 1789 p. 560
White, [James] banker [Dawlish, co. Devon]=Beresford, [Frances Honoria] y. d. of John, at St. George's Hanover Sq. [Witnesses "Waterford"] Beresford, G.F. Hill, 9 July] Aug. 1805 p. 511
White, John, sub sheriff, co. Dublin=Hughes, Mrs., r. of Fran. Annesley 5 Aug 1775 p. 502
White, Laurence, Gunpoint=McCarthy, Ann, of Bandon Jan. 1775 p. 63
White, Laurence, Scornagh, co. Wexford=Plunket, Jane, e.d. of Thomas, Portmarnocke, Dublin Sep. 1800 p. 191
White, Michael, of Whiteford=Kean, Miss Mar. 1781 p. 168
White, Nicholas, Robertstown=Gilligan, Miss, Francis St.Spe. 1806 p. 576
White, Rhd., Greenhall=O'Donnell, Miss, Clonmoney, co. Clare July 1775 p. 502
White, Thomas, Limerick=Blackwell, Miss, Armagh Jan. 1807 p. 64

Whyte, Ensign Wm. N., 46th Foot=Mitchell, Miss, only d. of Robt., of Cork, in the same city Apr. 1803 p. 255

Wigglesworth, Miss=Trevor, Edw. 1789 p. 391

Wildenham, Henry, Glin=Crowe, Mrs., r. of Jas. 20 Mar. 1775 p. 255

Wildidge, John, corn factor, North King St.=Madden, Miss, d. of Thos., Propr. of Ulster Hotel Apr 1792 p. 382

Wilkinson, J.S.=O'Brien, Miss June 1800 p. 381

Willcock, Lt. Matt., 103rd Foot=Bourne, Matilda, 2nd d. of John Edw., late of Dunkerrin, King's co. Dec. 1810 p. 571

Willcocks, John S.=Smith, Miss, d. of rev. Rhd., late of Dublin, now of Bath June 1804 p. 384

Williams, Charles, Bride St.=Clarke, Miss, d. of Alex., of Chancery Lane Mar. 1790 p. 286
Williams, Solomon=Lee, Miss Mar. 1801 p. 191

Willisson, George, Cork=Sweenney, Mary, d. of late James, Bandon, in Clonakilty Dec. 1807 p. 763

Willoughby, Miss=Saville, R.L. 1787 p. 448

Wilmot, Capt. Edw., 40th Foot=Moore, Martha, at Cork 14 Feb 1771 p. 56

Wilson, rev. And., Ardower, co. Galway=Miller, Miss, Millford, co. Mayo May 1783 p. 280
Wilson, Garrett, Scartbarry=Bourke, Anne, at Rathcormuck Sep. 1780 p. 520
Wilson, rev. James, Min., of Farnell, Scotland=Nicholson, Miss, d. of late Sir Wm., Bt. of Glenbervie Dec. 1797 p. 568
Wilson, Maxwell, of Maxwell's Ct.=Stone, Miss, Nov. 1794 p. 480
Wilson, Wm., a native of Africa=Walsh, Margaret, of Marlboro St. Dec. 1802 p. 764

Winder, John=Barry, Miss, n. to John Moore, Drumbanagher, at Newry Jan. 1777 p. 72

Winter, Miss=Griffiths, R. i 1791 p. 383
Winter, Miss=Scott, John ii 1797 p. 568

Withers, Isaac, of Carrick-on-Suir=Kelly, Miss, Dec. 1804 p. 763

Wolfe, Capt., Larne=Smith, Miss Dec. 1785 p. 670
Wolfe, Geo., Co. Clare=Bouchier, Eliza, d. o fHenry, same co. Oct. 1790 p. 384
Wolfe, Stephen, co. Clare=McNemara, Miss Feb. 1772 p. 112

Wolseley, rev. Chas., of Tullycorbet, co. Monaghan=Moore, Miss, Tullymore, same co., at Rockmount, co. Down May 1804 p. 192
Wolseley, Capt. Wm., R.N.=Moore, Jane, d. of J., of Clough, co. Down May 1795 p. 480

Wood, Michael, Cork=Nash, Miss, d. of late rev. Wm. Farrihy Apr. 1791 p. 383

Woodgate, Capt.=Lambert, Lady Honora, d. of Earl of Cavan, at St. Pancras Church July 1805 p. 447

Woodroffe, Miss=Lloyde, Allen 1775 p. 127
Woodroffe, Joseph, Jervais St.=Fiartlough, Miss, d. of Major of Drogheda Dec. 1801 p. 763
Woodroffe, Philip, surgeon=Whelan, Jane, of Carlow Sep. 1775 p. 566

Woods, Thos., of Birr, King's co.=Smith, Maria, of Borris Castle, at Borris Ossory Nov. 1789 p. 616

Worthington, Joseph R.=Ward, Miss, d. of late Chas. Mellifont, co. Antrim July 1801 p. 447
Worthington, Rev. Wm.=Clarke, Miss, d. of John Mar. 1800 p. 192

Wright, Mr., aet. 23=O'Hara, Jane, aet. 75, both of Pill Lane, Dublin Jan 1775 p. 63
Wright, rev. James=Manning, Miss, d. of Dr. Feb. 1802 p. 128
Wright, rev. Jos.=Nash, Jane, d. of John, of Brenny Sep. 1777 p. 640

Wrixon, Miss=Allen, Edwd. 1801 p. 575
Wrixon, John jr.=Morgan, Miss, n. to Jonathan, at Cork Oct. 1788 p. 560
Wrixon, Nich.=Baker, Eliza, d. of Godfrey, at Cork 24 Sep 1776 p. 648

Wynne, Miss=Blair, J.M. i 1796 p. 480
Wynne, Miss=Cleaver, Rev. Dr. 1788 p. 280
Wynne, Miss=Gerrard, John 1772 p. 168
Wynne, Mr., Dromgoolstown, Louth=Ivers, Emelia, Dundalk Feb. 1806 p. 125
Wynne, Anne=Ikerrin, Visct. 1811 p. 504
Wynne, Owen, M.P. co. Sligo=Cole, Lady Sarah, e.d. of Earl of Enniskillen Jan 1790 p. 96 [at Florence Court, co. Fermanagh]
Wynne, rev. Rhd=Beevor, Catherine, n. to Earl of Enniskillen, at Bath Jan. 1795 p. 96
Wynne, Rbt., M.P. boro. of Sligo, s. of rt. hon Owen=Singleton, Elizabeth, d. of Sydenham, of Drogheda May 1791 p. 480
Wynne, Thomas, n. to Lord Newborough=Bellalyse, Lady Charlotte, d. of Earl of Fauconberg Nov. 1801 p. 704
Wynne, Wm., Sligo=Puleston, Miss, d. of Dr., of Galway Jan. 1801 p. 63
Wynne, Wm. Henry, bar.-at-law=Bradstreet, Miss, only d. of late Sir Sam., Bt., Judge of Court of King's Bench, at Blackrock, col Dublin Oct 1796 p. 384

Wyse, Thos., distributor of stamps=Boland, Miss, of and at Bruff  Feb. 1809 p. 128

Younge, Lt., Royal Artillery=Chambers, Bell, d. of Dan., of Rockfields Oct. 1787 p. 560
Younge, Wm.=England, Miss, d. of late David, of Lifford, at Ballykilty May 1792 p. 480

Zouch, Henry=Smith, Miss, of Leeds, co. York Feb. 1798 p. 191

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