A Little Bit of Ireland

Registry of Deeds, Dublin Abstracts of Wills, Volume I, 1708 to 1745. 1956.
Reprint, Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing, Co., Inc., 1996.


22 FRENCH, PATRICK, Duras, Co. Galway.
    In two parts dated 15 and 18 May 1708. Died 5 June 1708.
   Narrate, 8 pp., 27 Jan. 1709.

His wife. Son and heir Robuck French (unmarried). Second son Hyacinth French
and Surna Blake his wife. Third and youngest son Patrick French--a legacy to
him if "he study the Law of England." Sister-in-law Margaret Lynch als.
French als. Blake. Grandson Patrick French Fitz Hyacinth, son of testator's
son Hyacinth. Sister Ellinor Blake. "Brother" Oliver Martin. Exors. "Brother
Turlogh O'Bryan," Andrew Blake, cousin Stephen Lynch FitzNicholas and
Dominick Blake FitzPeter.

Charles and John Morgan, debtors. George Gerry, tenant. Patrick Lynch and
his wife Margaret, annuitants. John Ormsby, Dublin, Esq. Robert Shaw,
Newford, Co. Galway. Nicholas Donellan.

Cloghballymore, Mongane, Gortroe, Killinyvarra, Knockballyclery, Lissinduff,
Sessireagh, Duras, Corboy, Kinturlagh, Knockellan, Mullaghardee, Tannaugh,
Muniseribagh, Crosnoly, Kinvarra, Lessingerby, Loghcorra, Clonissee, Moish,
Trelick, Tunshinbegg, Gortinglogh, Cappaghmore, Cappaghbegg, Gortgowne,
Carrowkillin, Cahircunna, Drummun, Pollevalla and Ballygillgea, B.
Kiltarton, Co. Galway. Keinsellagh, Cloghbally, Moih, Gortroe,
Knockballyclory, Killmearra, Ballyglara and Drinharsna, B. Dunkellin, Co.
Galway. Houses etc. in High Street, Kirwan's Lane, Broughmaker's Lane, town
of Galway.

Witnesses: Turlogh Hyne, Michael Hyne, William McDanaugh, Redmond Burke.

Memorial witnessed by: Wm. McDonogh, Lastaragg, Co. Galway, gent., aged
about 43, S. Lynch, Cloghballymore, Co. Galway, gent.

23 FRENCH, PATRICK. Additional Will. Dated 18 May 1708.
    Narrate, 1 p., 4 Feb. 1709.
[Repeats last portion of memorial No. 914 above].

John Ormbsy of Dublin, Robert Shaw, Newfoord, Co. Galway, Esq.

Ballygilgea, B. Killtartan, Co. Galway.

Witnesses: Torlagh Heyne, Killoveragh, Co. Galway, clerk, Michael Heyne of
same, gent, William McDonnagh, Duras, said Co., gent. "the last two have
been servants to the said Patrick French."

Memorial witnessed by: Stephen Lynch, Esq., aged about 40 years, Michael

49 LEONARD, STEPHEN, Carha, Co. Galway, gent.
    18 Dec. 1710. Full, 3/4 p., 17 Nov. 1711.
To be buried in the Abby of Kilkonnell. Eldest son John Leonard. Sons
Alexander and Mic. Leonard. Daughters Hellen, Mary and Peggy Leonard.
Youngest daughter Onnor Leonard. A settlement previously made on George

John Tobyn of Killuktour, and his eldest son David Tobyn, James Lewis of
Killticackie, Richard Marnale and James Blake, debtors. William Donelan,
Edward Butler, Robert Mason, Redmond Archdeckne.

Carha, Caramalow, Shanballiroe, Carnentobber, Lackarne, Lackinavinka,
Gortmore, Gortimane, Cloonegarry, Clonnectloncane [? Cloonagh, B. Ballymoe,
parish Dunmore], Capintreehane [Cappantruhaun], Co. Galway. Cloonefinine,
Mulickroe, Cloonesinough, Coolicame, Co. Roscommon. Rents of Buoly.

Witnesses: Joseph Donelan, Edmund Boland, Michael Kelly, all of Co. Galway,

Memorial witnessed by: Thos. Daly, Dublin, gent., Hen. Buckley.

51  ST. GEORGE, SIR GEORGE, Dunmore, Co. Galway, Knt.
     7 Feb. 1709. Codicil 29 Sept. 1710. Narrate, 2 pp., 19 Jan. 1711.
Wife Dame Elizabeth. Son Richard St. George, and Anne St. George, als. Eyre,
his wife, second daughter of John Eyre, deceased [? married 1686], they had
no issue. Daughter Emilia St. George. Daughter Elizabeth.

Sir Robert Newcomen, Mostowne, Co. Longford, Bart., and William Caulfield,
Dunnamon, Co. Galway, Esq., trustees. Francis Muxley, tenant.

Dun(e)more als. Culterneneene, Leah, Clonkeene, Adergoolebegg and other
lands off Castle side of River of Dunmore, Co. Galway Shanesaghnassy [?
Sheeaun, B. Tiaquin, parish Clonkeene], Killuney, Co. Galway.

Witnesses: Hon. Chidley Coote, Rev. Dillon Ashe, D.D., John Ormbsy, gent.,
Roger Cloud. Witnesses to codicil: George Gore, Dublin, Esq., aforesaid John
Ormbsy and Roger Cloud.

Memorial witnessed by: Charles Cloyne, Roger Cloud, Geo. Gillcrist.

300  BURKE, EDMUND, Meelick, Co. Galway, Esq.
     23 Oct. 1722. Pr,cis, 3/4 p., 27 April 1724.
Wife Mary Burke. Son Rickard Burke. Son Thomas Burke. Daughter Elizabeth.
Daughter Katherine.

Meelick and Clunrush, in Half B. of Leitrim, Co. Galway. Sarah Hogan als.
Burke to have "graising of four collops" on said lands for life. Woods of

Witnesses: Wm. Burke, Dublin, gent., Michael Tohy and John Cammane, servants
to testator.

Memorial witnessed by: Wm. Burke, Thos. Burke his clerk, and Andrew Hearn,
Hearnesbrooke, Co. Galway, gent.

Registry of Deeds, Dublin Abstracts of Wills, Volume I, 1708 to 1745. 1956.
Reprint, Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing, Co., Inc., 1996.

473 TENNANT, DAVID, Galway, burgess.
     20 Jan. 1717. Full, 1 1/4 p., 14 April 1733.
My wife Ann Tennant als. Fairservice. My son John Tennant. My
daughter-in-law [? step-daughter] Ann Delamere als. Fairservice. Thomas
Delamere, husband of said Ann Delamere, (now abroad).

My tanyard. My big boat. My small boat and nets. My real estate and parks in
Galway. Rev. Thos. Wilkins, Shela Flaherty, widow, tenants of two houses.
Thos. Staunton, Dublin, gent. and Monk Wall, Galway, alderman, exors.

Witnesses: John Tennant, Galway, shipwright, son of David Tennant, William
Fisher, late of the same, deceased, Rev. Thos. Wilkins, Galway. clerk.

Memorial witnessed by: Thos. Wilkins, Ulick Lynot, Galway.
559 HUGHS, MAURICE, Galway, burgess.
     4 May 1736. Full, 1 p., 19 July 1737.
My daughter Anne French als. Hughs. Edmond French her only son and heir.
Rev. Wm. Little of Galway, clerk, Alexander Lynch of same, gent., and Thos.
Holland, of same, alderman, trustees.

My house that I now live in, in town of Galway (mortgaged to reps. of Rev.
Dr. Feilding Shawe, late of Galway, deceased).

Witnesses: Erasmus Irwin, Galway, alderman, William Hinde, Galway, alderman,
Alexr. Reed, Galway, yeoman.

Memorial witnessed by: Erasmus Irwin, Morgan Connor, Galway, gent., Thomas
Coigly, servant to Denis Daly of Raford, Co. Galway, Esq., Miles McDonagh,
servant to Peter Daly of Dublin, Esq.

570 SHAW, ROBERT, Galway, Esq.
     20 Oct., 1737. Codicil 21 Oct. 1727. Narrate, 1 1/2 p., 2 Jan.
His wife Alice Shaw als. Croasdaile. Reciting settlement dated 9 Nov. 1706
between Robert Shaw, senr., and Robert Shaw, junr., son and heir apparent of
said Robert, senr., both of Newford, Co. Galway, Esqrs., on the one part,
and Henry Croasdaile, Rinn, Queen's Co., gent. and others of the other part.
His eldest son and heir apparent Thomas Shaw (exor.). His daughters Mercy
Shaw and Elizabeth Shaw. His sons William Shaw, George Shaw, Croasdaile
Shaw, John Shaw, Richard Shaw, Robert Shaw. David Power and John Disney,
Esq., to be guardians of such children as were under age.

Town and lands of Cahirowen in liberty of Athenry, Co. Galway. Lands of
Gortnalickey and Gortnacapah, West Liberties of town of Galway. A house in
High Street, Galway. A lease from Capt. Hugh Montgomery of his estate in
town of Athenry. His real and personal estate and leases in Co. Galway and
county of the town of Galway.

Witnesses to will and codicil: David Power, John Giles, Loughrea, Esq.,
Matthew Kelleher, Coorheen, gent., both in Co. Galway.

Memorial witnessed by: Michael Argent and Bartholomew Delandre, clerks to
Wm. Parry, Dublin, notary public.

624 KELLY, DENIS, Dublin, formerly of Aghrane, Co. Galway,
     Esq. 1734. Narrate, 2 1/2 pp., 6 Aug. 1740
His wife Hon. Mary Kelly als. Bellew. His dear child Frances Arabella Kelly
deceased. Kinsman (his cousin) John Kelly of Clonline, Co. Galway, Esq. The
children of John Kelly late of Clonlyne, Esq., father of the said John Kelly
(said John Kelly their brother). His kinsman Denis Daly of Raford, Co.
Galway, Esq. His niece Helena Kelly als. Burke, to her eldest son Wm. Kelly
o2,000 when 21 years. To his niece's eldest daughter Kate Kelly o1,000 when
21 years or on marriage. His niece's second son Denis Kelly. His niece's
second daughter Margt. Kelly (unmarried). His niece's third and youngest
boy--Kelly. The orphans of his kinsman Colla Kelly of Cornanarif. His
kinswomen Sarah and Mary Kelly in Channell Row. To Peter Kelly then in Lord
Dillon's Regt. in France o200 if living. Luke Kelly then or late in the
Horse or Dragoons in England. His kinsman Francis Plunkett a surveyor who
lately married his kinswoman Mary Nettervill. His godson Denis Kelly, eldest
son of John Kelly of Clonlyne. The eldest daughter of the said John Kelly.
"o20 paid by me to his eldest son Roger Kelly deceased at his going to

Con Kelly in the mountain of Slinemurry. Allen Doyle son of old Nells.
Bartle Kelly, son of Teigue Keogh Kelly, then with Bartle Keogh
perriwigmaker in Dublin. Wood sold to Alderman Evans of Kilkenny, and Mr
Conny, their bonds lodged with Mr. McGuire of Ormond Quay. Said Denis Daly
and John Kelly and his nephew Daniel Kelly of Turrock, Co. Roscommon, exors.

A real estate which formerly belonged to his father and other ancestors
[situation not mentioned]. Real estate which the testator had purchased in
counties of Louth, Meath, Galway and Roscommon. Lands of Bellagare, 900
acres Strafford's Survey. Clonruffe in half B. Killeghan, Co. Galway.
Cartroncoila [? in said B.]. Leases he had from Edmond Donelan [situation
not mentioned]. Lisnalane (Lisnalaune) [? Lisnalannow], B. Athlone, Co.
Roscommon. "Arrears due to him on Lisnalane on [? to] Bryan McFarragh's
heir. . . . o40 to said Bryan McFarragh's eldest son then living in
consideration for any title . . . he might have to some acres in Knockbryan
Gorue." Gortinelagh. Newtown and Ballyregan part of Castletown Bellew,
Sherifs Park part of the same, Donoughmore, 834 acres in all purchased under
Lord Bellew's Act of Parliament by Denis Kelly, Esq. Moiety of Thomastown,
Little Mill, Dunbryne, in B. Roch, Co. Louth. Mooretown, Co. Meath.

Witnesses to will and schedule of lands therein recited: Theobald Dillon,
Dublin, merchant, Michael Dillon his son, Laurence Saule, Dublin, merchant.

Memorial witnessed by: Michael Argent, Bartholomew Delandre, clerks to Wm.
Parry, Dublin, public notary.

625 KELLY, DENIS, Aghrane, Co. Galway.
     Codicils dated 24 May, 27 May 1740. Full, 2 1/2 pp., 6 Aug. 1740.
Will (made some time ago) lodged in hands of my kinsman Denis Daly of
Raford, Co. Galway, Esq., in which there are legacies etc. to Wm. Kelly,
Catherine Kelly, Margaret Kelly and Denis Kelly my grand-nephews and
grand-nieces. My grand-nephew James Kelly. Denis Kelly his brother. My niece
Hellen Kelly [their mother]. My kinsman John Kelly of Cloonlyon, Co. Galway,
Esq. The Rt. Hon. Lady Honoria Kelly. My niece Helen Kelly of Turrock. Denis
Daly of Raford, John Kelly of Cloonlyon and Daniel Kelly of Turrock, Co.
Roscommon, Esqrs., exors. Wm. Kelly my grand-nephew, the said Daniel Kelly's
(of Turrock) eldest son. Denis Kelly my grand-nephew, second brother to the
said Wm. Kelly. My grand-nephew James Kelly, third brother to the said

Money lodged in Thomas Dillons & Cos. hands in Dublin. My lodgings in
Surgeon Kelly's house. Mr Michael Dalton of Ratharrd (debtor). Money lent to
said John Kelly for the use of Rt. Hon. Latitia Burke. Sir Thos. Taylor's
mortgage. My tenants of Cloonruffe [Co. Galway]. My tenants of Tullymukenagh
and Cloonakelleggy [? Cloonakilleg, Co. Roscommon]. My moiety of Thomastown,
Little Mills and Dunbin in Co. Louth, purchased from Hon. Miss Bellew my
wife's sister.

Witnesses: Dennis Farrell, Dublin, Esq., John O'Berne, Athlone, Co.
Roscommon and Rickd. Burke, Ballinamore, Co. Galway, both Doctors in Physic.

Memorial witnessed by: James Saunders, Bartholomew Delandre, clerks to Wm.
Parry, Dublin, public notary.

658  THOMAS, ANNE, wife of Anthony Thomas, Galway, gent.
     10 Feb. 1741. Narrate, 1/2 p., 17 May 1742.
Her former husband Mr Wm. Small. Her daughter Sarah Small (unmarried and
under 18 years at time of testatrix's marriage with Anthony Thomas). Her
brother George Gilchrist. The then present Lord Chan[cello]r, Chas. Gerry
and George Gilchrist her brother and Anthony Thomas, exors.

Witnesses: Elizabeth Price, Galway, widow, Elizabeth Surridge, wife of Fras.
Surridge of Dunmore, Co. Galway, gent., George Gilchrist, Dublin, gent.

Memorial witnessed by: Elizth. Devall, wife of Wm. Devall, public notary in
Dublin, and said Wm. Devall.


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