A Little Bit of Ireland

People that Left Ireland under the Free Emmigration of 1883 in the Parishes of Belmullet, Ballycroy, Kilcommon, and Kiltane, Co. Mayo

From the book Where The Sun Sets by Father Sean Noone
Extracted by Diane Sweeney Groman

BALLYCROY Inishbingle Isl Owen Dolan
BALLYCROY Inishbingle Isl Tho Donnelly
BALLYCROY Inishbingle Isl Tho Nevis
BELMULLET Alt Dom Barrett
BELMULLET Attycunnane Wm Hopkins
BELMULLET Belmullet Ed Butler
BELMULLET Belmullet James Butler
BELMULLET Belmullet Bridget Dixon
BELMULLET Bunawillan Ned Barrett
BELMULLET Bunawillan John Carey
BELMULLET Bunawillan Lawrence Doosey
BELMULLET Bunawillan Rich Gaughan
BELMULLET Bunawillan John McAndrew
BELMULLET Bunawillan John McCabe
BELMULLET Bunnahowan Bridget Barrett
BELMULLET Bunnahowan Mary Deane
BELMULLET Bunnahowan Pat Hart
BELMULLET Bunnahowan Pat McManaman
BELMULLET Corclogh East Ned Carey
BELMULLET Corclogh East John Keane
BELMULLET Corclogh East Peter Murphy
BELMULLET Corclogh East John Roach
BELMULLET Derrycorrib Br Barrett
BELMULLET Derrycorrib Pat Barrett
BELMULLET Derrycorrib Ned Gaughan
BELMULLET Derrycorrib Cath Gaughan
BELMULLET Derrycorrib Steven Loughney
BELMULLET Foxpoint Mich Cafferky
BELMULLET Foxpoint John Ohara
BELMULLET Glencastle Peter McAndrew
BELMULLET Glencastle John Mullowney
BELMULLET Muingmore Pat Cafferky
BELMULLET Muingmore Pat Reilly
BELMULLET Muings Pat Lavelle
BELMULLET Muings Tho Neary
BELMULLET Shraigh Ant Barrett
BELMULLET Shraigh Tho Burke
BELMULLET Shraigh Ant Burke
BELMULLET Shraigh Manus Cooney
BELMULLET Shraigh John Gaughan
BELMULLET Shraigh Peter Gaughan
BELMULLET Shraigh Mary Lally
BELMULLET Shraigh Mich McGrath
BELMULLET Shraigh Tho McIntyre
BELMULLET Shraigh Pat Mills
BELMULLET Toorglass Ant Duggan
BELMULLET Toorglass Wm Gallagher
BELMULLET Toorglass Mich Gaughan
BELMULLET Toorglass Henry Gaughan
BELMULLET Toorglass John MCEwan
BELMULLET Toorglass Tho Rowan
BELMULLET Toorglass John Tighe
KILCOMMON Aughoose John McGarry
KILCOMMON Aughoose Mich McLean
KILCOMMON Barnacuillew Martin Boylan
KILCOMMON Barnacuillew Margt Davitt
KILCOMMON Barnacuillew Mich Mills
KILCOMMON Cornboy Walter Burke
KILCOMMON Cornboy Mich Cox
KILCOMMON Cornboy John Hogan
KILCOMMON Cornboy Wm Judge
KILCOMMON Gortbrack Mich McDonagh
KILCOMMON Gortbrack Tho McGuire
KILCOMMON Gortbrack Mich Monaghan
KILCOMMON Gortbrack Ned Monnelly
KILCOMMON Gortmellia Mary Cafferky
KILCOMMON Gortmellia Margt Coyle
KILCOMMON Gortmellia Robt Coyle
KILCOMMON Gortmellia Ant Curley
KILCOMMON Inver John (Ant) Cuffe
KILCOMMON Inver John Cuffe
KILCOMMON Inver Ned Lavelle
KILCOMMON Inver Dom McIntyre
KILCOMMON Inver Tho Noone
KILCOMMON Knocknalower Mich King
KILCOMMON Knocknalower Child King
KILCOMMON Knocknalower Child King
KILCOMMON Knocknalower Child King
KILCOMMON Knocknalower Child King
KILCOMMON Knocknalower Bridget King (nee Noone)
KILCOMMON Porturlin John Flannery
KILCOMMON Porturlin Peter McAndrew
KILCOMMON Rossport Pat Brogan
KILCOMMON Rossport Martin Burke
KILCOMMON Rossport Ann Corduff
KILCOMMON Rossport James Gallagher
KILCOMMON Rossport John Hogan
KILCOMMON Rossport James McDonnell
KILCOMMON Rossport Owen Mullowney
KILTANE Attawalla Pat Sweeney
KILTANE Doolough John Cosgrave
KILTANE Doolough Mich Crane
KILTANE Doolough Mary Divers
KILTANE Doolough John(Pat?) Gaughan
KILTANE Doolough John Gaughan
KILTANE Doolough Phillip Heveran
KILTANE Doolough James Jordan
KILTANE Doolough Mary Jordan
KILTANE Doolough Ann McIntyre
KILTANE Doolough Sarah Omalley
KILTANE Doolough Mich Padden
KILTANE Dooyork Rich Barrett
KILTANE Dooyork Ant Keane
KILTANE Dooyork Pat Mangan
KILTANE Dooyork Mich Sweeney
KILTANE Dooyork Ellen Walsh
KILTANE Geesala Cath McGuire
KILTANE Inishbingle Isl Brian Nevis
KILTANE Kilsallagh Mich Gallagher
KILTANE Muingdoran Myles Lavin
KILTANE Roy Terry Sheerin


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