May it please your Excies,

    In obedience to your order to me directed dated the 5th of May last, requiring me to inform myself the best way I could of the circumstances, qualifications and conditions of the several French penconrs placed on the Civil List of the estabt, and to require an accot of them as soon as conveniently I could, and that to that purpose I should give notice to all such French penconrs wheresoever residing in this kingdome to appear before me by a certain day to be by me prefix'd, and should then cause them every one to answer to the several questions menconed in yr Excys order: I have examined them accordingly upon the said several questions and I have taken their several answers in writing signed under their own hands and likewise caused them to produce their several commissions at the same time with wch I have certifyed under their several answers, and have ordered the same to be bound in a Booke as by yr Excys  order is directed: wch Booke I now lay before you. But in regard the particulars of the sd answers are long and tedious being 590 sheets of paper I humbly take leave to lay before you a list (by way of abstract to the sd Booke) containing the most material heads menconed in yr ordr. And for yr Excys  satisfacon in the first place do here offer some observacons in general on the several articles menconed in yr order: yr are as follows.

Qu. 1. If any & yr of the sd penconrs are allowed any other allowance upon the establishmt then what is given the like officers and the station they last served at disbanding: and wt such allowance is and the reason how such allowance came to be made.

Ansr. I find on other allowance made to any penconrs on the estabt then wt is given the like officer in the station he served in at disbanding: except some few who were placed by particular order wth the reasons menconed in the Booke why so placed which are marked thus ! in the list.

Qu.2. If any person receive double allowance under several qualifications as Coll: and Catp, Lewt Coll and Capt, Major and Capt or the like.

Ansr. It does not appear by the estabt that any penconr is paid in a double capacity such as Coll and Capt. Lewt Coll and Capt, Majr and Capt because each man's allowance is placed by his name in an entire sume without any title given to the person. But I must observe to yr Excys that I find the allowance of such of the French pencons as were either Coll. Liewt Coll, or Major to be equal to the English half-pay officers of the same rank who are paid in two capacitys. As for instance the Earl of Drogheda is on the estabt  of English halfpay officers thus, -To the Earle of Drogheda as Coll and Capt 8s per diem, and the Earle of Lifford who was likewise a Col of Foott is on the Civil List of the estabt  thus, Earle of Lifford 8s per diem and the rest accordingly. So that the allowance is the same tho' not menconed the same way.

Qu.3. That every penconr give under his hand the name and quality he served in, when he entred into service, when disbanded, what substance he or they enjoyed either in money, goods, farmes, stock or trade over and above his pencon: all yr particulars are to be collected into a Booke, and if after they have made their returne under their hands it shall appear to be untrue, on due proof will be struck out of the list, of which you are to give them notice.

Ansr. I find that most of the penconrs  have served by the name they are now on the estabt  that they have served a great while either in France, Holland, Brandenburgh or England [Ireland] as appears by their several answers on their examinacons and comissions produced to me: all yr I have certifyed in the said Booke.

Qu. 4. You are to give notice to all the penconrs now residing in this Kingdome to appear before you on a certain day to be prefixt & having taken a view of them to make a list of the names of such of them as are fitt & able to serve in the Army wth the qualificacons they served undr at disbanding.

Ansr. I have review'd all the French penconrs that live in this kingdom except two or three who being sick have sent their answers signed to me: And I do find almost all of them say they are willing to serve in the army, tho' many of them by reason of age & infirmitys are not capable of it: I have therefore sett down in the sd list the names of such who are able to serve & also the names of those that are not able to serve, wth the reasons why they are not able.

I have likewise in pursuance to yr Excys order to me dated the first of June given notice to the French agents that they should acquaint the several penconrs now out of this kingdome that it is yr Excys ordr that every penconr not having licenses shall repair hither within six monthes after notice given them by the said agents: and in case he doth not such penconr shall have a moyety of his pencon struck off: and if he or they returne not in twelve monthes after such notice given them then the whole pencon to cease.

All of yris humbly submitted to yr Excys consideracon this 29th of June 1702.

Cha: Dering Aud: Genl.

2. The Abstract


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