A Little Bit of Ireland

Inscriptions from Shanaglish,Beagh Parish,Galway. This graveyard is situated in the village of Shanaglish, near the Church and old graveyard.

  1. Front: I.N.R.I Erected by Edward Kelly In memory of his father, grandfather & brother John A.D. 1876 Anne Kelly Back:O Lord have mercy on the soul of Mary Kelly alias Campbell who departed this life Feb. the 12th 1829 This monument was erected by Patrick Kelly for him & Posterity A.D. 1831 & Anne Kelly-Pos.
  2. Patrick Kelly
  3. This monument was erected by Martin Deeley as a small tribute of Paternal affection for the memory of his beloved child John Deeley who departed this life on the 11th day of June 1835 Aged 6(half) years May he Rest in Peace Amen
  4. O Lord have mercy on the soul of Margaret Bradely who died July 1838 aged 37 Erected by her husband Peter Bradely for his posterity
  5. Erected by Brid Dolan In memory of her husband James Dolan who died July 19th 1846 and her daughter Margaret who departed January 23rd 1867 and Patrick May they Rest in Peace Amen
  6. Erected by Michael Quirk as a tribute of filial affection In memory of his father Thomas Quirk who departed this life 17th March 1820
  7. For Patrick McDonough and Posterity
  8. This monument was erected by Michael Loughrey & nephew Patrick Loughrey in memory of William Loughrey of Shanaglish who dep. this life March 10th 1829 Aged 33 years
  9. This monument was erected by Paul Bradley In memory of his father, brother------? O lord have Mercy on their Souls
  10. This monument was erected by John Clarke------?
  11. This monument was erected by Peter Moloney in memory of his brother Michael Moloney who departed this life 29th day of January 1838 Aged 47 years As a token of fraternal-----?
  12. Pray for the Soul of Oan Harte This stone was erected by his father Michael Harte of Tourine A.D. 1804
  13. This monument was erected by Thomas Harte In memory of his---? Dennis who departed this life 15th day of December 1802 aged 53 years May the Lord ----? his soul in Peace Amen
  14. Pray for the soul of Charles Harte Who departed this life 1765 aged 63 years This monument was erected by his son Mich Harte for him in Posterity Requiescat in Pace Amen
  15. Erected by Michael McDermot A.D. ?1820
  16. I.N.R.I This monument was erected by Michael Fitzpatrick of Ballynakill As a tribute of Michael ? over the remains of his dear beloved father Thomas Fitzpatrick who dep this life Dec 3rd A.D. 1839 aged 50 years Also his beloved sister Bridget Fitzpatrick dep this life March 13th 1838
  17. Pray for the soul of Tim Ruch ?who---? July 17th 179? This monument is erected by his son John william ? Stephen Ruch May 27th 1807
  18. Erected by Stephen Geraghty In memory of his wife Bridget Geraghty alias Readon who dept this life August 30th 1845 Aged 28 years For him and Posterity
  19. Lord have Mercy On the soul of Thomas O'Neill and Catherine Kilkelly and their son John O'Neill Margaret--? erected by Mary O'Neill
  20. Sacred Heart of Jesus have mercy on the souls of William Kelly died August 1875 aged 75 years his wife Margaret died Feb 1882 aged 80 years Also their son Michael died October 1927 aged 79 years Erected by their loving daughter Nora Kelly
  21. This monument was erected by John Carroll and son Michael Carroll For them and Posterity A.D. 1830 Requisent in Pace
  22. Pray for the soul of James--------?
  23. This monument was erected by Michael Hoarty and Michael Tracy in memory of his father John Hoarty for them and posterity Dec 6th A.D. 1824
  24. This monument was erected by John Dolan in memory of his daughter Bridget Dolan who departed this life the 24th of July 1837 aged 3 years for him and posterity P.Brennan Sculptor
  25. In loving memory of Mrs. James Finn born 1806 died 1881 aged 75 years Erected by her son Michael R.I.P.
  26. O Lord have mercy on the soul of Bridget Fitzpatrick alias Ford who departed this life December 29th? 1830 aged ?1 years This monument was erected by John Fitzpatrick for him and Posterity A.D. 1831
  27. Pray for the soul of Patrick McDermot him & Posterity 1814 his father------?
  28. Erected by John Loughrey in memory of his son Edmond Loughrey who departed this life March 25 1841 aged 20 years also his brother Thomas Loughrey for him and posterity R.I.P.
  29. Erected by Danie Conway for his posterity May 12 1837 O Lord have mercy on their souls -----???
  30. O Lord have mercy on the soul of Thomas Macugo who dep this life March 16th 1840 aged 40 years This monument has been erected by his wife Brid Macugo alias Welch for her & posterity A.D. 1845
  31. Erected by Thomas ODonnell for him and posterity
  32. Erected by James Meehan for his beloved child Roseanna who died 20th Apr 1864 Aged 18 months
  33. O Lord have mercy on the soul of Nelly who died 21st November 1829 aged 48 years erected by her beloved husband John Carney of Gortavoher for him and posterity
  34. Erected by Mary McDermot in memory of her beloved husband Michael McDermot who died 18th Sep 1896 aged 74 years
  35. O lord have Mercy on the soul of Teady Kelly who departed this life May 20th 1821 aged 81 years erected by his son Patrick Kelly for him and posterity A.D. 1839 P Brennan
  36. Here lies the body of Charles OLoughlin who was a truely honest man he dep this life in the year 1790 In memory of ---- his son Michael OLoughlin Esq. this monument to be erected ??? to his son Amen

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