A Little Bit of Ireland

Beagh Parish, Co. Galway, Residents
"Christmas Donations 1856"
FHC Film 0979692

Civil Parish: Beagh
RC Parish: Beagh (Shanaglish)
Diocese: Kilmacduagh

 The ledger book contains donations for years 1856-1858 in columns across the page.
 The cross outs and editing of the book appears to have taken place anytime
 between 1856-1858. Given here are the donation amounts for 1856 only.

George's Street Gort

John Mangan £1
William Kilroy 2s. 6p.
John Toohy (gone) 3s. 6p.
John Harty 5s. 0p.
Laurence Wallsh 5s. 0p.
Michael McNamarra 2s. 6p.
Catherine Halvy 2s. 6p.
James Pigott 2s. 6p.
Michael Meehan 2s. 6p.
Jeremiah Forde 2s. 6p.
Thomas Cahill 3s. 0p.
Honoria Hoban (crossed out)
Francis McNamarra  (crossed out and Thomas written in) 2s. 6p.
James Brodrick 5s. 0p.
Patt Cooney
Patrick Shaughnessy (crossed out and Darby written in)
John Joyce 2s. 0p.
Patrick Burke 2s. 0p.
Michael Glynn
James Shaughnessy 2s. 6p.
Mary Crow
John Brodrick 2s. 6p.
Michael Chamberlaine 2s. 6p.
John Nagle 2s. 6p.
Patrick Mealy 2s. 6p.
Mary Higgins
Patrick Murphy 2s. 0p.
John Williams 2s. 6p.
Mary Wall
Patrick Costello
Constabulary 16s. 3p.
Winifred Glynn
Captain O'Donnell
Bridget Mullins (crossed out)
Patrick Bready (crossed out)
Bridget Quirk 2s. 6p.
John Cusack
Patrick Hart 2s. 6p.
Michael Ward
Stephen Carty 5s. 0p.
Kate Brodrick
Michael Byrnes £1
Mary Kelly
John Farrell
Michael Burke 2s. 6p.
Martin Kennedy
Michael Curren
Patrick Coony (crossed out) 1s. 6p.
Michael Nylan
Michael Silk (Silk crossed out and Sheedy written in)
Michael Collins
Patrick Power (crossed out)
John Burk (crossed out)
Honoria Kildea (crossed out)
Thomas Head
Murty Keating 2s. 6p.
Michael Martyn 2s. 6p.
Laurence Murry 5s. 0p.
Michael Gready
John Wallsh (crossed out and Laurence written in)
James Gibbs
Patrick Connolly (crossed out) 2s. 6p.
James Byrnes 10s. 0p.
Honor Lally (crossed out) 5s. 0p.
Michael Stack 2s. 6p.
Thomas Wallsh 10s. 0p.
John Cusack (crossed out) 2s 6p
John Tierny 5s. 0p.
Widow Kean £1
Bridget Bell 2s. 6p.
James Burke
Lawrence Cassidy 2s. 6p.
Michael McNamarra (crossed out) 2s. 6p.
Pat Casey
Michael Flaherty
Catherine Galliher
James Mahon
John Hynes
Terrence O'Loughlin
James Tierny
Catherine Burke
Michael Holland
William Burke
John Brennan
Timothy Warde
Julia Glynn
Bridget Shaughnessy
Bridget Killeen
Bridget Wallsh (crossed out)
Edward Brodrick 5s. 0p.
Bridget Kirwan (crossed out)
Michael Crowe
Rick Forde

Townland of Cloughnakeava

Thady Halvy  3s.6p
Peter Cahill
Thomas Halvy 2s.6p
John Mulhern 3s.6p
Daniel Horty 3s.0p
Patrick Toohy 2s.6p
James Finigan - [Note: James was crossed out and William written in)

Townland of Cloonnahaha

Thomas Kelly 5s.0p
John Manton £1
Fergus Donohue 5s.0p
John Corcoran 2s.6p
Anne burke
Harry Scully
James Ford
Michael Schaughnessy
Mrs. Crowe
Rich Ford
Pat Ward
Michael Gegan
Pat Gegan

Townland of Beagh

Patrick Deviny 5s.0p
John Burke
Patrick Ford 2s.6p
Mary Cahill
Patrick Wallsh 2s.6p
John Wallsh 2s.6p
Michael Haddock 5s.0p

Townland of Carrowgarriff

John Burke 5s. 0p.
James Haddock 2s. 6p.
William Gleeson
?? Haghegan (herd)
John Hollaran

Townland of Loughcooter

Walter Nylan (crossed out) £1
Michael Hanrahan 3s. 0p.
Michael Deviny (crossed out) 2s. 6p.
John Holleran 2s. 6p.
Daniel Hasset (left)
John Geraughty (left-crossed out) 2s. 0p.
Michael Drew (crossed out)
John Glynn (crossed out) 2s. 6p.
Tom Neylan (Limk. Gate)
Patt Quinn (Grand Gate)
William Walsh

Townland of Creggmahon

James Horty 2s.6p
Michael Shaughnessy 2s.6p
Edmond Nelly 2s.6p
John Nelly
Bartly Murry 2s.6p
Martin Nagle 5s.0p
David Caulfield (crossed out)
Malachy Comyns
Bridget Horty (Bridget crossed out and Margaret written in)
Mary Reagan (crossed out)
John Fahy
Murty Shaughnessy 2s.6p

Townland of Laughtyshaughnessy

Patrick Houghagan 5s. 0p.
James Hanrahan 4s. 0p.
Michael Hoghagan 4s. 0p.
John Nylan 5s 0p.
Luke Stephens (crossed out) 5s. 0p.
Patrick Connor
James Wallsh
Patrick Kean 2s. 6p.
James Kean
John Nestor Sr.
John Hynes (crossed out)
John Griffy 2s. 6p.
Michael Quinn 2s. 6p.
Martin Higgins 2s. 6p.
Bridget Shaughnessy (crossed out)
Patrick Connor Sr. (crossed out)
Bennerry Devany
Thomas Mitchell (crossed out)
John Kean (crossed out)
Michael Keegan
Michael Burk
Thomas Nestor

Townland of Tullybrattan

John Hynes 3s. 0p.
James Wade

Townland of Caherbrian

Michael McEnerny 3s. 0p.
Martin Loughnane 2s. 6p.

Townland of Polough

Serah Melia

Townland of Prospect

James Hanlon 2s. 0p.
Billy Mannion

Townland of Bunrash

Martin Murry 2s. 6p.
John Hartigan 4s. 0p.
William Hartigan (crossed out)
Thomas Hartigan
Patrick Commons 2s. 6p.
Thomas Croker (crossed out)
Michael Loughnane 2s. 6p.
Michael Healy & Owen Moylon 2s. 6p.
Patrick Branelly
Edmund Lally 2s. 6p.
Patrick Howard 2s. 6p.
Mary Moylon
Michael McNamarra 2s. 6p.
Mathew McNamarra 2s. 6p.
Michael Loughnane
Patt Melbo

Townland of Caherbroder

Peter Nylan
Patrick Burke

Townland of Rathwilladoon

James Burke 3s. 6p.
Thaddeus Stephenson 3s. 0p.
Mrs. McEnerny 2s. 6p.
Patrick Ford 2s. 0p.
Bartly Mullins 2s. 0p.
John Donohue 2s. 0p.
Edmund Ford 2s. 6p.
John Larkin
Andrew Tonry 2s. 6p.
Maurice Kean
Bridget Harrihill
Bridget Geagan
Pat O'Brien
Darby Mylon 2s. 0p.
Malachy Mylon 2s. 6p.
Michael Geagan 2s. 6p.
Patt Geagan
Dennis Mahony
Bridget Loftus 2s. 6p.
(cannot read x 3)
Mr. O'Mara
Mr. O'Donnell
Mr. Dillon

Townland of Fiduan

John Ford
Eliza Loughry 6s. 0p.
Patrick Connors 2s. 6p.
Judith Glynn 3s. 0p.
Coleman Ford 2s. 6p.
John Doogan 2s. 0p.
James Ford Jr 3s. 0p.
James Ford Sr. 3s. 0p.
William Corcoran
Winifred O'Bryen
Michael Hynes
Sally Corcoran (crossed out)
John Coony
Mr. Blagrine 10s. 0p.

Townland of Scarriff

James Fogarty 3s. 6p.
James Carroll 9s. 0p.
John Carroll 2s. 6p.
Peter Carroll 2s. 6p.
John Fitzpatrick 5s. 0p.
Fardy Finaughty 2s. 6p.
James McNamarra (crossed out) 2s. 0p.
Andrew Egan
Anne Connors
Patrick Carroll 2s. 6p.

Townland of Gortavoher

John Carney
John Taaffe 2s. 6p.
Patrick Homes 3s. 0p.
Bridget Ford
James Peril 2s. 6p.
Patrick McGrath
Mary Murry 2s. 0p.
Anne Carroll (crossed out)
Michael Connors 3s. 6p.
James Ryan
Anne Ryan
Mary Fogarty
James Cullinan
Widow Murray
Widow Carroll
Widow Sullivan

Townland of Knoctoby

William Fogarty 5s.6p
James Cullinan 2s.6p
Patrick Cullinan 2s.6p
Patrick Nelly 2s.6p
Widow Nelly 2s.6p
Pat Brogan

Townland of Barna

Thomas Carroll 9s.0p
Widow Gegan

Townland of Curtaun

Peter Healy
Thomas Healy
Owen Ford 2s. 6p.
John Nestor 2s. 0p.
Patrick Hynes 5s. 0p.
Peter Carroll 4s. 0p.
John Wallsh 2s. 0p.
John Donohue 4s. 0p.
Roger Holleran 4s. 0p.
John Cormican 2s. 6p.
Michael Curly 2s. 0p.

Townland of Lurga

John Murphy 2s. 6p.
Patrick Keating 5s. 0p.
Michael Hanrahan 2s. 6p.
John Shaughnessy 2s. 6p.
Owen Hanrahan 2s. 6p.
Patrick Geagan 2s. 6p.
Widow Murphy
Pat Healy 2s. 6p.
Pat Murphy (crossed out)

Townland of Attifineen

John Eagan
Patt Mullins 2s. 6p.
Michael Eagan 2s. 0p.
Michael Shaughnessy 2s. 6p.
Michael Howley 2s. 6p.
Patrick Mullins Rodger 2s. 0p.
Patrick Kean 2s. 6p.
Thomas Fogarty 2s. 0p.

Townland of Creggboy

Michael Nylan 4s. 0p.
Thomas Waters 5s. 0p.
Thomas Nestor 2s. 0p.
Serah Moran 2s. 0p.

Townland of Cregg Demesne

Catherine Glynn
Honor Ford 2s.0p.
Thomas Cullinan
John Arrahill
Bridget Morris
William Gehegan
Fardy Glynn 2s.6p.
Michael Glynn

Townland of Ballygeagin

Timothy Killeen 10s. 0p.
Martin Cullinan 2s. 6p.
James Carroll 2s. 0p.
Thomas Loughrey (crossed out "Shanaglish" written in)
Catherine Camidel
Andrew Goughagan

Townland of Ardumillivan

Thomas Kelly
Patrick Loughry 2s. 6p.
Honor Farrell (crossed out)
Martin Healy 2s. 0p.
John Geraughty 5s. 0p.
Anne Kelly 2s. 6p.
Peter Brady 2s. 6p.
Michael Kelly 3s. 0p.
John Mealy
James Gorty
John Deviny 2s. 0p.
Thaddeus Deviny 2s. 6p.
Daniel Gaehagan (crossed out)

Townland of Shanaglish

Thomas Kelly 3s.0p.
Pat Loughrin 2s. 6p.
Martin Heely 2s.0p.
John Gerarty 5s. 5p.
Anne Kelly 2s. 6p.
Peter Bradley 2s. 0p.
Michael Kelly 3s. 0p.
Tom Loughne
Peggy Ruane
John Nealy
Michael Gerty? (writing very, very faded)

Townland of Ballinakill

John Reynolds 3s. 0p.
Patrick O'Loughlin 2s. 6p.
Thomas Doolaghty 7s. 0p.
Patrick Reynolds 2s 0p.
Michael Reynolds 2s. 0p.
Thomas Kennedy 2s. 6p.
Michael Noone 3s. 0p.
John Dolan 2s. 6p.
James Noone 2s. 0p.
Catherine Shaughnessy (line drawn through)
Thomas Reily 2s. 6p.
Patrick Nee 2s. 0p.
John Hartigan (crossed out and Pat Hehir written in) 2s. 6p.
Martin Deviny 2s. 6p.
John McMahon 2s. 0p.
John Nolan (crossed out)
Patt Molony

Townland of Poulaphadeen

John O'Loughlin 2s. 6p.
Pat O'Loughlin (crossed out)
William Neilan
Michael Geagan
Patrick Mahon 3s. 0p.
Patrick Loughry 5s. 0p.
Laurence Finn 3s. 6p.
Martin Grady 3s. 6p.

Townland of Derrycallon South

Patt Mannion (crossed out) 2s. 6p.
Connor Loughry (crossed out)
Patrick Ford 2s. 6p.
Edmund Loughry 3s. 0p.
Michael Loughry 3s. 0p.
Patrick Loughry Snr.
Patt Loughry (lined through with Ned written in parentheses)

Townland of Derrycallon Commons

James Finn (crossed out)
Laurence Finn (crossed out)

Townland of Carheenybeg

Darby O'Bryen 3s. 0p.
Widow Kean 5s. 0p.
Pat Corcoran
Pat Flanigan
Margaret Mahoney
John Flanigan 2s. 6p.
Catherine Guthrie (crossed out)
Eleanor Ford (crossed out)
Michael Kean 2s. 0p.
Dennis Farrell 2s. 6p.
Michael Nelly 2s. 0p.

Townland of Derrycallon North

John Lenane 2s. 6p.
Patrick Lenane
Mary O'Neil 2s. 6p.
Mary Lenane
Mary Deviny
Martin Deely (crossed out)
Laurence Deely 2s. 6p.
Michael Gleeson 2s. 6p.
William Neylon
Patrick Deviny 3s. 0p.
Michael O'Brien 5s. 0p.
Patrick Conelly 2s. 0p.
Michael Bradley (crossed out)
Mary Deviny (crossed out)
Mary Molony
Bridget Fitzpatrick (Bridget crossed out and Patrick written above) 2s. 0p.
John O'Loughlin (crossed out)
Patrick Reddan
Peter Molony 2s. 0p.
John Flaherty (John crossed out and Michael written above)
Michael Flaherty (Michael crossed out and Ned written above)
Christy Lennane 2s. 6p.
John Peterford
? O'Neil 2s. 6p.
Michael Coonn?

Townland of Ashfield

Michael Shaughnessy 2s. 6p.
Patrick Hart
Martin Manion 2s. 6p.
Martin Deely 2s. 6p.
Morgan Whelon 2s. 6p.
David Joint 2s. 6p.
Michael McDermot 2s. 6p.
Thomas Loughnane 2s. 6p.
John Lally 2s. 6p.
Ferdinand Ford 2s. 0p.
Malachy Griffy 2s. 6p.
James Fahy
Tom Quinn (Roschile?)

Townland of Ballyboy

Bridget Nestor
Thomas Galliher 2s. 6p.
Catherine Nelty (crossed out)
Widow Skerry (crossed out and Ned Hynes written in) 4s. 0p.
John Monahan 2s. 0p.
Patrick Ford 2s. 6p.
Bartly Geraughty (crossed out and Patt Shaughnessy written in) 2s. 0p.
James Monahan 2s. 6p.
Michael Geraughty 2s. 6p.
Andrew Quinn 2s. 6p.
Michael Flynn 3s. 0p.
Bridget Ford (crossed out and Martin Byers written in)
Patrick McCooke
Patrick Murphy (crossed out)
Martin Nealy
Terence Hartigan 3s. 0p.
Ann Power
Thomas McCooge
Michael Fitzpatrick
Laurence Deely 2s. 0p.
Michael Leech
Patt Curly 2s. 0p.
Daniel Eagan
Laurence Farrell
Mary Sheehan
Margaret Fahey
Patrick Martin (crossed out and widow written in, then widow crossed out and Patt Hanlon written in) 2s. 0p.
John Nelly 2s. 6p.
Martin Heiher 2s. 6p.
Patt Clancy
Mary Foundation
Michael Ford 2s. 6p.
Michael Hanberry 3s. 6p.
Felix Carrigge 2s. 6p.
James Casey

Townland of Derra

Martin Marlbrough (crossed out Patt written in)  2s. 6p.
George Marlbrough (crossed out widow written in) 4s. 0p.
Anne Flanagan (crossed out and Patt Power written in)
Patrick McMahon
John Holleran 2s 6p
Thomas Lewis  3s 0p
Catherine Carroll
Michael Dermot (crossed out and Ann written in then Ann crossed out and Tom Lewis written in)
George Crow £1 0s 0p
Hart John 2s 0p
Martin Deely (crossed out)
Mary Fahy (crossed out)
Patrick Hanchy  2s. 0p.
Dennis Glynn 2s. 6p.
Lawrenco Monahan 2s. 6p.
Michael Deely (crossed out and  Silvester Daly written in) 2s. 0p.
Francis Fahy 2s. 6p.
Michael Fogarty 2s. 6p.
Thaddeus Irwin 2s 6p (crossed out)
Widow Ford (crossed out and  Mary Foly written in) 3s 0p.
Thos Coone £1 0s. 0p.
John Hart 2s. 6p.
Pat Hanchy 2s 6p
Denis Glynn 2s 6p
Lawrence Monahan 2s 6p
Silvester Daly 2s 6p
Frank Fahy 2s 0p
Michael Fogarty 2s 0p
Mary Fahy 2s 6p
Michael Hanchy £1 0s 0p

Townland of Drumgooan

Patrick Geaughagan 6s. 0p.
Widow Greelish 2s 6p

Townland of Knocklawrence

John Dwyer 4s 0p
Martin Ford
Thomas O’Donnell 2s 0p
John Geagan 3s 6p
James Geraughty (crossed out and dead written)
Michael Clarke 2s 6p
Jas McNamara

Townland of Fidaun (again?)

John Foundation 2s 6p
Mary Foundation (widow)
John Nee 2s 6p
Bridget Nee
Thomas Cooney (crossed out- Gortacarun)
Edmund Fahy 2s 6p
Patrick McMahon 2s 0p
Mathias Joyce 2s 6p
Bridget McMahon
John Wallsh 2s 6p
Anne Wallsh 2s 0p
Patrick Galliher 2s 6p
Patrick Ford 5s 0p
Michael Wallsh 2s 6p
John Joyce 2s 6p
Michael Wallsh xx
Thomas Wallsh 2 6
Michael Fahy 2 6
Michael Walsh jun

Townland of Knockatoo Mountain

? Kelly widow 2s 6p
M Noone 5s 0p
Michael Gegan (crossed out)
Michael Hart 2s 6p
Michael Noone Jr 2s 6p

Townland of Knockatoo

Michael Noone 3s 0p
Mary Noone (crossed out)
Peter Reagan 4s 6p

Townland of Tonranny

Hugh Holleran (crossed out and  John written in)
Thomas Reagan - Stephen 3s 0p
Patreick Loughry- Meelick
John Reagan
Stephen Reagan 2s 6p
Thomas Reagan  (Thomas crossed out and Peter written in)
Peter Reagan (crossed out)
Anne Manion
Michael Camidel 4s 0p
Michael Hogan (crossed out and John Loughry written in)
Michael Glynn (crossed out)

Townland of Lahile

Martin Deely 5s 0p
J. Moran 2s 0p
Thomas Flanigan 2s 6p
John Horty 5s 0p
Bridget Dolan (crossed out)
Michael Conelly (crossed out)
Thomas Deviny (crossed out) 2s 6p
Patrick Flanigan 2s 6p
Michael Badly 2s 6p
Michael Keane (crossed out)
Patrick Flanigan (crossed out)
Peter Deviny 2s 0p
Michael Horty (crossed out)
Michal Fallon 2s 6p
Michael Healy 2s 6p
James Oneil (crossed out)
John Conelly
Connor Roughan
John Horty 2s 6p
Patrick Deviny
Luke Bermingham 4s 0p

Townland of Gbrver?

Mark Heiher 2s 6p
Pat Heiher (crossed out)
Michael Fitzpatrick 2s 0p
Pat Nolan 2s 6p
John Ruan 2s 6p
Thomas Stephenson (crossed out and Walsh written in) 2s 0p
Mary Kerigan 2s 6p
? Kennedy
Thos Lenane (crossed out  Widow  written in) 2s 6p
John Manion 2s 6p
Mary Ford £1
John Kelly (crossed out) 2s 6p
John Fitzpatrick 2s 6p
Thomas Clancy 2s 9p
Pat Roughan
John Geoghegan (crossed out)
Martin McNamara
David Fitzpatrick 4s 0p
Laurence Curly
Michal Holleran (crossed out)
James Keshoogan(crossed out)
Larry Murry 6s 0p
Pat Donohue 3s 0p
Pat Fitzpatrick 2s 6p
John Gegan (tailor)
Widow Ford
Michael Geraty
Michael McNamara
John Hart (crossed out and  Michael written in)

Townland of Killeen

Daniel Kelly 2s 6p
John Wallsh 2s 0p
Anne Wallsh
Michael Dolan 3s 0p
Judith Geagan 2s 6p
Michael Geagan (crossed out and Widow written in) 2s 0p
Patrick Hawkins 2s 6p
Michael Holleran 2s 0p
Thady Holleran 2s 0p
Fardy Glynn 2s 0p
James McNamara 2s 0p
Martin Kelly 2s 6p
Patrick Kelly 2s 6p
John Sheehan (crossed out)
Larry Finn (crossed out)
Bridget Reagan 2s 0p
Michael Gleeson (crossed out)
Michael Horty 2s 0p
Michael Dolan 3s 0p
Michael Gegan

Townland of Hollywood
John Kelly
This is a new page-no heading and previous page only had the above Townland of Hollywood
So I don't assume to know which townland the following belong to.

Martin Higgins 2s 6p
Darby Forde 2s 6p
Larry Walsh 4s 0p
Walter Neilan £1 0s 0p
Lewis Kean £1 0s 0p
Michael Quinn 2s 6p
Steph Carty 5s 0p
John Hoarty 5s 0p
John Broderick 4s 0p
Jas Shaughnessy 2s 6p
Patt Tuohy 2s 6p
? McNamara 4s 0p
? Laughrey 2s 6p
Tom McInery 2s 6p
John Hanlan 2s 6p
John Hal?? 3s 0p
? McDermot 2s 6p
Patt Mealy 2s 6p
Tom Cahill 5s 0p
Jas Hanrahan 4s 0p
Michael Mahan 2s 6p
John Cusak 3s 0p
Ned Broderick 5s 0p
Wm Kilroy 8s 0p
Wm Kilroy sr 2s 6p
Thos Nestor 5s 0p
? Hartigan 2s 6p
John Mangan £1 0s 0p
Michael Martin 2s 6p
Jas Gills 2s 6p

Townland of Cunniffe

Nilan 2s 0p
J Brodrick £1 0s 0p
Wm Burke
Wm Murray
Thady Halvey
Patt Kean
Wm Joyce
Tom Walsh

Again these are on the same unidentified page as the above unidentified. Cunniffe is in the middle of the ledger page and the following are on the far right side of ledger page.

Michael Chanitele 2s 6p
Lawrence Murry 5s 0p
Widow Murphy 3s 0p
John Tierney 5s 0p
Wm Finnegan 2s 6p
Jas Hanlan 2s 0p
Daniel Hoarty 2s 0p
Patt Forde 2s 6p.
Jas Broderick 4s 0p.
? Keating 2s 6p
Wm McNamara 2s. 6p.
Wm Bell 2s. 6p.
John Halloran 2s. 6p.
Wm Coen 2s. 6p.
Wm Coen 2s. 6p.
John Marton 10s. 0p.
Michael Quinn 2s. 6p.
Thady Halvy 3s. 0p.
Wm. O'Donohoe 7s. 6p.
Michael Haddock 5s. 0p.
Patt Deviny 5s. 0p.
Larry Coony 2s. 0p.
Patt Cassy 2s. 6p.
John Nestor 5s. 0p.
Thos. Killeen 2s. 6p.
Jas. Haddock 3s. 0p.
Patt Hart 2s. 6p.
Wm. Gleeson 2s. 6p.
Michael Deviny 2s. 6p.
Martin Murry 2s. 6p.
Patt Burke 2s. 6p.
John Nagle 2s. 6p.

New Page With Another Unidentified Townland

Widow Cahill (Beagh) 2s. 6p.
Jas. Burns 10s. 0p.
Patt Connors 3s. 0p.
Michael Gready 2s. 6p.
Michael Burns 16s. 0p.
Michael Holland 2s. 6p.
John Hartigan 5s 0p.
John Geoghegan jr 5s. 0p.
Tom Nelly 5s. 0p.
John Glynn 2s. 6p.
Michael Meehan 2s. 6p.
John Nelan 2s. 0p.
Patt Walsh 2s. 6p.
John Walsh 2s. 6p.
John Glynn 2s. 6p.
Martin Loughnan 3s. 0p.
Patt Commins 2s. 6p.
John Mulken 3s. 0p.

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