A Little Bit of Ireland

1856 Directory of Ennis

POST OFFICE, Jail street, Ennis, George Crow, Post Master-Letters from
Dublin, Connaught, etc, arrive every morning at five and are despatched
every evening at fifteen minutes before seven.-Letters from Limerick,
Newmarket,etc, arrive every morning at half-past six, and are despatched
every evening at ten minutes past six.-Letters from Ruan, Ballincally,
Kildysart, Corrofin, and Ennistymon arrive every afternoon at twenty minutes
past five, and are despatched every morning at half past six.-Letters frm
Kilrush, Knock, kilkee,etc, arrive every afternoon at ten minutes to six and
are despatched every afternoon at half past six.

Post Office, Clare, Martin W. Hennesy, Post Master. Letters from all parts
arrive (by mail car from Limerick) every morning at half-past five, and are
despatched at thirty-five minutes past six every evening.

Nobility, Gentry, and Clergy
Armstrong, William, Esq, New Hall
Ball Major William H., J.P. Fort Fergus
Bannstyne Alexander, Esq, Bindon st
Beauchamp William H, Esq, Paradise
Blake, Edmund, Esq (stipendary magistrate), Chruch st
Blood John, Esq, Ballykilty
Blood Mrs. Maria, Bindon st
Blood William S., Esq, Castle-Fergus
Bolton Henry, Esq, Waterville
Brady Hugh, Esq, Ballycree
Burton William, Esq, Jail st
Butler Austin, Esq J.P. Ballycline
Crowe, Mrs. Frances, Bindon st
Crowe Thomas, Esq, Dromore
Crowe Wainwright, Esq, J.P. the Abbey
Croise Captain Edward J. Larch Hill
Dunboyne Lord - , Knopepoglane Castle
England Miss Christina, Post Office
Enright, John Esq, J.P. Templemaley
Faircloth Henry, Esq, Curragh
Finucane, Mrs. Margaret, Causeway
Finucane, Michael Esq, Ballamacoda
Garvin Mrs. Ellen, Jail st
Greene, Mrs. William, Church st
Harris Rev Robert, Clare
Higgins Francis, Esq, Causway
Humphrey Rev Robert, Church st
Hynes James, Esq, Towreen
Kean Marcus, Wsq, Beech Park
Kean Thomas, Esq, Bindon st
Kean William, Esq, Bindon st
Kenny the Very Reverend John, (dean), Jail street
Kenny Rev, Matthias J. c.c. Jail st
Kenny William, Esq, Cragleigh
Knox, John B, Esq, Jail st
Lucas _ , Esq (poor law inspector), Toonagh
M'Grath Mrs. Eliza, New Bridge row
M'Mahon Rev James, c.c., Jail st
M'Namara James Esq, Green hills
M'Namara Michael Esq, Jail st
M'Namara W.N., Esq, Doolan
Mahon Charles, Esq, New Park
Mahon James, Esq J.P. Jail st
Mahon, Robert, Esq, Ashline
Mahon William, Esq, New Park
Newport Rev Andrew c.c. Jail st
Neylan Rev John c.c. Clare Castle
O'Brien Cornelius, Esq, M.P. Birch***
O'Brien Sir Lucius, Bart. Dromoland Castle
O'Connell Daniel, Esq, Tooreen
O'Connor Rev, Michael, Clare Castle
O'Dwyer Mrs. - ,New Park
O'Dwyer Mrs. Ellen, Post office
O'Gorman James, Esq, Causeway
O'Loghlen Sir Coleman, Dramconora
O'Loghlen Hugh, Esq, port House
Pilkington, Mrs. Anne, Waterpark
Sampson George, Esq, Mayrisk
Singleton John, Esq, J.P. Quinville
Stackpool Andrew, Esq, Ballyally
Stackpool Richd, Esq, J.P. Edenville
Stackpool William, Esq, J.P. Ballyally
Starner Mrs. -, Carmelly
Studdert Mrs. Jane, Newbridge row
Tatton Rev Arthur, bindon st
Trousdell George, Esq, Bindon st
Tymons Mrs. Anne, New Bridge row
Wa* Capt. Richard, Jail st
Ward Rev Charles, Church st
Warren Rev Thomas, Jail st

Acadamies and Schools
Not otherwise described as day schools

Christian Brothers' School, Ennis-Thomas J. Maher, director
Clare National Schools, Clare-James O'Dea, master; Mary Hastings, Mistress
College and Endowed School, College road-Rev Luke White King, L.L.D. Ex
Scholar T.C.D. master
Donohue Martin (day) Mill st
Fitzpatrick Mary Jane (day) Jail st
Hurley the Misses (day) Jail st
Irish Society Mission School, Waterpark - John Lane, Master
M'Grath James, Causeway
National School Newtownstackpool- John P. Berrie, Master
Parochial School, Mill road-Sarah Green, Mistress
Purdon Misses (day), Church st
Sisters of Mercy Convent School, Jail st-conducted by the ladies
Springfield College, Mill road-Mr. Patrick Fitzimon, and Mr. Cuthbert C
Power, ex. Sch. T.C.D. principal

(See also fire, sec. Office Agents)
Brown Richard (to D & J M'Donald, sewed muslin manufacturers, Glasgow), Jail
Dempster James (to John Holden & Co, sewed muslin manufacturers, Belfast),
Jail st
Gibson Patrick (emigration), Jail st

Greene Michael, Church st
Ryan Patrick Richard, Jail st
Ryan William, Church st

Fitzgerald Maurice, Market st
Sexton Patrick, Turnpike


Bunton John, Mill view
Bunton Timothy, High st
Cullinan Michael (and commissioner for takin the acknowledgements of married
women), Jail st
Frost John, Jail st
Greene Henry (sub-Sheriff), Clonroad house
Hynes James, Church st
Kenny Matthew, Jail st
Kerin Michael, Causeway
M'Namara Michael, Jail st
Molony Chartres B, Church st
Molony Michael, High st
Sampson George (and clerk of the crown), Court house
Scott Richard, Jail st

Ryall John C ,Church st
Swyny Richard, Jail st


Barry Michael, Mill st
Kennedy John,Mill st
Malone Daniel, Mill st
Merchan John, Mill st
O'Dea Michael, Jail st
O'Regan Margaret, Jail st


National Bank of Ireland
(Branch) Jail street-(draws on Barnetts' Hoare & Co. London)-Mr. Jhn H.
Milward, manager
Provincial Bank of Ireland
(Branch), Bindon st-(draws on Spooner, Atwoods' & Co, London)-Mr. Jas.
Menzies, manager
Savings Bank, Church st (open on Saturday from twelve to two)-Mr. Charles
Mahon, treasurer; Mr. James Mahon, actuary


Byrne Mthw. (&gun maker), Lifford
Cullinan Denis, Lifford
Gardner, Patrick, New Bridge
Hore Michael, Clare Castle
Lysacht Michael, Mill st
M'Mahon Lawrence, Clare
Malone John, Post-Office lane
Molony John, Drumbuggle
Molony Patrick, Market st
Mullins John, Barrack st
Murphy Patrick, Mill st
Quillinan Denis, Lifford
Rynne Michael, Market st
Rynne Timothy, Barrack st
Slattery Patrick, Lifford


Considine John & Son, High St
Guthrie James, Church st
M'Grath Robert, Church st
Talbot Marcus, Jail st
Walker James Knox, Church st

Boot and Shoe Makers

Clancy Thomas, Chapel lane
Considine Daniel, Market st
Considine Michael, High st
Cooney Peter, Clare Castle
Donnelly Peter, M'Cabe's lane
Eyre John, Cork Alley lane
Finn Thomas, Church st
Gallery Michael, Chapel lane
Glidea Martin, Lifford
Hawkins John, Armstrong's lane
Higgins Michael, Clare
Keane Michael, Market st
Lewis John R, Market st
Liddy James, M'Cabe's lane
M'Carthy Patrick, Market st
Madgle Thomas, Chapel lane
Murphy Timothy, M'Cabe's lane
Nihill Patrick, Chapel lane
O'Dwyer William, Market st
Persse Francis, Armstrong's lane
Ross John L, Market st
Roughan John, Chapel lane
Roughan John, Causeway
Roughan patrick, Church st
Roughan Thomas, Green's lane
Saunders Francis, Clare
Shea Michael, Market st
Walsh Maurice, Armstrong's lane

Braziers and Tinmen

Glynn Patrick, High st
Molony Patrick, Booheen
Walker Frank, High st
Waters Mary, High st


Brennan Patrick, Jail st
Brennan Philip, Church st
Brennan Thomas, Market st
Connolly Michael, Drumbiggle
Considine John, Church st
Cronin Michael, Jail st
Doyle John, Market st
Grady Michael, Jail st
Griffin Matthew, Drumbiggle
Heafey Michael, Market st
Keane Miles, Jail st
M'Hugh John, Jail st
M'Hugh Michael, Drumbiggle
M'Mahon James, Jail jst
M'Mahon Michael, Church st
M'Namara Hugh, Jail st
M'Quinlan Thady, Market st
Meere John, Jail st
Molony John, Chapel lane
O'Halloran Michael, Jail st

Burke Thomas, Lifford
Clancy Patrick, Clare
Dermody Peter, Lifford
Edwards Edward, the Turnpike
Edwards Patrick, the Turnpike
Enwright Patrick, Boheen
Gardner Michael (& pump maker), the Turnpike
Hart James, Clare
Lynch Michael (and chair maker), Drumbiggle
M'Inerney Morgan, Mill st
M'Inerney Patrick, Market st
M'Namara Michael & Son (and builders), Market st
Molony John, Clare
Quinlivan Patrick, the Turnpike
Quinlivan William, the Turnpike

China, Glass, and Earthenware Dealers

Curtin Michael, Church st
Fitzgerald Thomas, Church st
M'Kenna Rose, Mill st
Sheehan Eliza, Church st

Civil Engineers

Hill John, Lifford
Kelly John W., Jail st
Mahan John M, Church st
Petty John, Jail st

Clothes Dealers

Flanagan Martin, Mill st
O'Fiannagan John, Mill st

Coach Builders

Burgess Martin, Mill st
Kean Francis, Jail st
Pearson Richard, Church st

Coal Merchants

Bannatyne James & Son, Store rd
Lysaght Michael, Market st
Reidy Martin, Jail st
Rynne Michael, Market st
Shaw John, Store rd


Greene Anne, Church st
M'Mahon Francis, High st


Carrigg Patrick, Barrack st
Collins James, Drumbiggle
Collins Michael, Jail st
Collins Thomas, Drumbiggle
Daly Bryan, Drumbiggle
Daly James, Mill st
Frawley John, Cork Alley Lane
Keane Patrick, Mill st
M'Kay Michael, Armstrong's Lane
O'Loghlen Michael, Drumbiggle
Sheedy Patrick, Store road
Tobin John, Mill st
Tobin Thomas, Jail st
Walsh Patrick, Mill st

Corn & Butter Dealers

Daffey Daniel, Mill st
Dillon Martin, Mill st
Hogan John, Mill st
Howly Morty, Mill st
Kennedy Matthew, Store road
Lardner William, Mill st
Molony Richard, Mill st
O'Keefe John, Mill st
Ricker William, Mill st
Ryan William (and bacon), Jail st

Corn Merchants

Bannatyne James & Sons (and Millers), Store road
Russell John, Norris, Store road
Shaw John, Store road

Feather and Skin Dealers

Coffee John, Market st
Coffee Thomas, Mill st
Curtin Bridget, Mill st
Flanagan Denis, Mill st
Molony Richard, Mill st

Fire and Office Agents

Alliance British and Foreign-James Menzles, Bindon st
Asylum (life)-John B Knox, Jail st
Britannia (life)-George Trousdell, Bindon st
British Commercial-John Curtin, Jail st
Medical, Legal and General-John Benton, Mill view
Minerva (life)-Thomas Greene, Jail st
Norwich Union-John N. Bonynge, Causeway
Patriotic-Michael Kerin, Causeway
Provident Life and County (fire)-Frederick W. Blood, Causeway
United Guarantee (and life)- John H. Millward, Jail st

Grocers and Spirit Dealers

Canny Patrick, Mill st
Coghlan Michael, Market st
Costelloe James, Jail st
Downes Thomas, Mill st
Finucane Edward, Church st
Gibson Patrick, Jail st
Kinnane James (grocer), Mill st
Lyaight Andrew, Mill st
M'Grath John, Clare Castle
Macnay & Smith, Church st
Meehan Thomas, Jail st
Molony Andrew, Church st
Molony Mary, High st
Molony William, Jail st
O'Dea Michael (grocer), Mill st
O'Dwyer Margaret, High st
Stack Edward, High st

Hair Dressers

Buckley Cornelius, Chapel lane
O'Connor Wiliam, Jail st


Brennan's Hotel, Eliza Brennan, New Bridge
Carmody's Hotel (& excise office), Michael Carmody, Church st
Mail coach Hotel, Jane Ahern, Jail st

Iron Merchants

Lysight Michael, Market st
Reidy Martin, Jail st
Rynne Michael (and coal), Market st

Ironmongers and Hardware Dealers

Cahill William, Jail st
Haughton John, Church st
Leech James & Son, Church st
M'Grath John (and stationer), Church st
Maguire John, High st
Reidy Martin, Jail st


Blood, Frederick W; Causeway
Bonynge, John North; Causeway
Crowe, Wainwright; the Abbey
Enright, John; Mill St
Greene, Thomas; Jail St
Hilliard, Michael (and commissioner for taxing affadavits
in all the courts); Church St
Kean, Francis; New Bridge Row
Kean, Marcus; Beech Park
Kerin, Michael; Causeway
Knox, John B; Jail St
Mahon, James; Jail St
Leary, John; Mill St
Mahon, James; Jail St
Roughan, John; Clare
Studdert, Jonas; Causeway
Trousdell, George; Church St


Coffee, Mary; Mill St
Dillon, Martin; Mill St
Hickey, Patrick; Mill St
Rynne, Timothy; Mill St
Walsh, Michael; Mill St


(Marked thus * are also woollen drapers)
Cangley, John; Church St
*Davorin, Patrick; High St
Kerin, John; Church St
Leary, Mary; Mill St
*M'Mahon & Leyden, Church St
*M'Grath, James; Mill St
M'Grath, Robert (and stationer); Church St
*Molony, James; High St
*Raleigh, Thomas; High St
*Russell, Walter; Church St


Brennan, Eliza; Lifford
Brennan, William; Lifford
Carmody, Michael; Church St
Curtic, James; Lifford
Dealy, Patrick; Jail St
Hynes, Thomas; Lifford
Molony, Patrick; Jail St


Handibo, Anne; Causeway
M'Mahon, Margaret; Church St
Molony, Catherine; Market St
Mulconry, Mary; Mill St
Roughan, Honoria; Causeway
Sharry, Margaret; Mill St


Hinchey, Patrick; Mill St
Keane, Daniel; Green's Lane
Long, Cornelius; M'Cabe's Lane
M'Mahon, Morty; Clare
Melahan, John; Lifford
Melikin, Patrick; Market St
Patterson, Michael; Mill St
Rickers, William; Mill St
Ryder, John; Mill St


Clare Freeman and Ennis Gazette; Church St- (published on
Saturday)-James Knox Walker, proprietor and editor

Clare Journal & Ennis Advertiser; Jail St-(Monday and Thursday)-
John Busteed Knox,proprietor; Joseph Thomas Burgess, editor


Leech, John & Son; Church St
Lysaght, Michael; Market St
Reddy, Martin; Jail St


Cloiree, Julian; Circular Rd
Cusack, James; Jail St
Grady, Michael; Jail St
Hurley, Michael; Brewery Lane
Mack, John; Barrack St
M'Namara, Francis; Jail St
M'Namara, John; Jail St


Bunton, Anne; Market St
Curtin, Susan; High St
Flannagan, Martin; Mill St
Hickey, Patrick; Mill St


Cullinan, Patrick N; NewBridge Row
Healy, Michael; Bindon St
O'Brien, George William; Mill Rd


Knox, John B (& publisher); Jail St
Talbot, Marcus; Jail St
Walker, James Knox; Church St


Ahern, Daniel; Clare Castle
Ahren, Jeremiah; the Turnpike
Blake, Michael; Mill St
Bourke, Anne; Market St
Brady, Patrick; Jail St
Brogan, Patrick; Market St
Canny, Patrick; Mill St
Cassidy, Felix; Mill St
Cassidy, James; Cork Alley Lane
Coghlan, Michael; Market St
Considine, Lawrence; Lifford
Conway, Charles; Mill St
Coony, Michael; Clare Castle
Cotter, John; Market St
Curtin, James; Lifford
Cusack, Timothy; Lifford
Daly, Margaret; Mill St
Davin, Patrick; Clare Castle
Davine, Patrick; Clare
Doolan, Patrick; Mill St
Downes, Thomas; Mill St
Giliespie, Michael; Clare
Hogan, John; Mill St
Hore, Michael; Market St
Houighan, Catherine; Mill St
Hynes, Thomas; Lifford
Lahey, Patrick; Clare
Keirnan, Edward; Lifford
Kennedy, Matthew; Store Rd
Kinnane, James; Mill St
Lysaght, Andrew; Mill St
M'Grath, John; Clare Castle
M'Mahon, Patrick; Mill St
M'Namara, Thomas; Clare Castle
Malone, John; Causeway
Malone, Patrick; Jail St
Molony, Patrick; Jail St
Morrissy, John; Mill St
Mullins, John; Mill St
Murray, Michael; Mill St
O'Brien, Daniel; Clare
O'Brien, Patrick; Clare Castle
Ryan, William; Jail St
Stack, Edward; High St
Sullivan, David; Mill St
Walsh, Patrick; Mill St


Coffee, John; Market St
Flannagan, Denis; Mill St
Malony, Andrew; Market St


Macdonald, Thomas; Church St
Morgan, Thomas; Mill St
Quirk, Catherine; Church St
Shinners, John; Mill St
Shinners, Luke; M'Cabe's Lane


Cahill, William (and druggist); Jail St
Hanghton, John; Church St
Leech, James & Son; Church St
M'Grath, John; Church St
M'Guire, John; High St


Brady, William; Market St
Connell, Denis; Market St
Coyle, Patrick; Mill St
Daffey, Daniel; Mill St
Dillon, Patrick; Chapel Lane
Dwyer, James; Clare
England, John; Church St
Fitzgerald, Bridget; Market St
Gardner, Eliza; Clare
Gleeson, Anne; Jail St
Hassett, Patrick; Clare
Healy, Hannah; Causeway
Howly, Morty; Mill ST
Johnson, Margaret; M'Cabe's Lane
Keane, Miles; Market St
Larner, William; Mill St
Lawler, Michael; Mill St
M'Gowan, Mary; Jail St
M'inerny, Morgan; Chapel Lane
Molony, Edmond; Market St
Morony, Ann; Jail St
Newport, Catherine; Market St
O'Brien, John; Church St
O'Brien, Patrick; Mill St
O'Dea, James; Clare
O'Halloran, John; Mill St
O'Halloran, Thomas; Church St
O'Kearney, John; Mill St
O'Loughlin, Patrick; Mill St
Ryan, John; Market St
Scully, Thomas; Mill St
Walsh, Thomas; Chapel Lane


Carroll, Daniel; Pig Market
Carroll, Thomas; Pig Market
Doherty, Edmond; Cahirealla?
Hannau, Daniel; Market St
Hennessy, Thomas; Mill St


O'Kearney, Mary Anne; Mill St
Powell, Phoebe; Jail St


Greene, Michael; Church St
Ryan, William; Church St
Stammer, William; Infirmary


Carrigg, Bartholomew; Drumbiggle
Hill, John (county); Lifford
Markham, Stephen; Clare Castle


Barratt, John; Brewery Lane
Conlan, Thomas; Bow Lane
M'Cormick, Matthew; Mill St
M'Namara, Patrick; Brewery Lane
Nagle, Matthew; the Turnpike
O'Laughlin, Michael; Mill St
Sexton, James; Post Office Lane
Tamplin, John; Brewery Lane


Connelly, Michael (& salt manufacturer); Chapel Lane
Lysaght, Walter; Arthur's Row


Considine, John; High St
Finn, Anne; Church St
M'Mahon, Thomas; High St
Morrissy, John; Mill St
Roughan, Matthew; Mill St


Hardy, David; High St
M'Donnell, James; Mill St


Bourke, Thomas; Lifford
Clancy, Patrick; Clare
Donlan, Patrick; Mill St
Gardner, Michael; Jail St
M'Inerney, Patrick; Market St


Byrne, Michael; Causeway
Lysaght, Michael; Mill St
Rynne, Michael; Market St
Rynne, Thady; Barrack St


Macnay & Smith; Church St
Molony, Andrew; Church St
Molony, William; Jail St
Trousdell, George; Bindon St


Byrne, Michael; gunmaker; Causeway
Carroll, William; builder and contractor; Clare Castle
Coghlan, Patrick; chair maker; Market St
Geohegan, Arthur; collector of inland revenue; Causeway
Hickey, Jas.; registrar of marriages; Jail St
Higgins, Henry; skinner; Market St
Hograve, Henry; veterinary surgeon; Post Office Lane
Kean, William; perpetual commissioner for taking the
acknowledgements of married women; Bindon St
Liddy, Michael; process server; Mill St
M'Dermot, Joseph; teacher of dancing; Causeway
M'Namara, Denis; slater and plasterer; Causeway
M'Namara, Michael & Son; timber merchants; Market St
Meehau, John; salt manufacturer; Chapel Lane
Ryall, John C; C. Clerk of petty sessions; Church St
Swyny, Richard; collector of poor rates and income tax; Jail St
Trousdell, George; notary and commissioner for taking affidavits in
all the law courts and perpetual commissioner for taking the
acknowledgments of married women; Bindon St
Tuohy, Daniel; clerk to the town commissioners; Arthur's Row
Tuohy, Patrick; dyer; Mill St
Tydd, John; commissioner for taking affidavits in all the law
courts; Hermitage



Established Church; Church St-Rev John Warburton,rector; Rev.
Arthur Tatton, vicar; Bindon St; Rev Robert Humphreys, curate;
Church St; John Lane, clerk

St. Mary's Church, Clare-Rev. Robert Harris, curate; Clare Glebe

Roman Catholic Cathedral; Jail St-The Very Rev. Dean John Kenny,
P.P.; Jail St; Rev James M'Mahon; Rev Andrew Newport; and Rev
Matthias J. Kenny, curates; Jail St

Roman Catholic Chapel; Willow Bank-Rev Francis M'Laughlin and Rev
James Fitzgerald, guardians

Sisters of Mercy Convent; Arthur's Row-Mrs M'Mahon; superioress
Methodist (Wesleyan) Chapel; Causeway


Governor-Giles D'Arcy
Physician-George W O'Brien
Protestant Chaplain-Rev. Arthur Tatton
Roman Catholic Chaplain-Very Rev John Kenny


Treasurer-Charles Mahon, Esq.
Secretary to the Grand Jury-Francis Morris, Esq.
County Surveyor-John Hill, Esq.
Clerk of the Peace-William Kean, Esq.
Clerk of the Crown-Geo. Sampson, Esq.
Sub-Sherrif-Henry Greene, Esq.
Crown Solicitor-Sir Matthew Barrington, Dublin
Corwn Solicitor at Quarter Sessions-Michael Cullinan, Esq.
Coroner-P.M. Cullinan,Esq.
Housekeeper-Walter Greene


Master-Thomas O'Brien
Matron-Hororia Foy
Physicians-Patrick M. Cullinan and Michael Healey
Apothecary- Patrick R Ryan
Schoolmaster-Michael Brew
Schoolmistress-Belinda M'Namara
Protestant Chaplain-Rev Arthur Tatton
Roman Catholic Chaplain-Very Rev John Kenny
Clerk to the Guardians-John Cotter
Relieving Officers-Michael Considine, James Smith, James Cullinan,
Francis Tamplin and Francis Morris


Master-Thomas O'Brien
Mistress-Anne Carrick
Physician-George William O'Brien
Apothecary-William Ryan
Treasurer-Charles Mahon, Esq.


Barrack (Infantry); Clare Castle-John Pratt; barrack sargeant

Billiard Rooms; Jail Street-Patrick Gibson; proprietor

Billiard Rooms; Arthur's Row-Francis Lally; proprietor

Club House; New Bridge-Thomas Kean,Esq.; treasurer and secretary;
Denis Casey; house steward

Constabulatory Station; Bindon St-Mr Jas Bracken, inspector; Mr
Henry Kelly, sub-inspector

Corn Market; Store Road-John Macbeth, weigh master

Dispensary; Clare-Michael Healy, surgeon

Drainage Commissioners Office; Jail St-John W Kelly, district
engineer; John A Mullins, assistant engineer; John Cangley,

Irish Society Mission Station; Waterpark-Rev Garrett J Russell,

Masonic Hall; Jail St-William Kean, secretary

Reading Room; Church St-Thomas Greene, secretary

Shannon Harbour Commissioners' Office; Clare-Martin W Hennessy,
collector and harbour master

Stamp Office; Bindon St-George Trousdell, sub-director


To Limerick, Michael Loftus, Peter Corrie, John Carmody and Thomas
Moran, from their houses Mill Street. Patrick Dillon from his house
Chapel Lane, and Martin Dillon from the Pig Market, all three
times a week; Jeremiah Ahren from his house Jail St and John Malony
from his house Drumbiggle, twice a week.

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