A Little Bit of Ireland



     A small sea-port, the seat of a diocess and parish in the barony of Tyrawley, county of Mayo, is 165 miles nearly N.W. from Dublin, 38 N. of Newport, 28 N. from Castlebar, and 7 1/2 S. from Ballina; previously seated on the bay of its name, and on the south bank of the Moy. The harbour affords good and safe anchorage for vessels drawing eight or nine feet of water, but those drawing twelve feet or more must wait high water to obtain an anchorage. The manufacture of course linen at one time was of some consequence, note the principal trade is the export of grain and provisions. The imports, which, since the improvements in the port of Ballina have diminished, consist of planks, iron, slates, herrings, and sugar. The fishery employs about three hundred persons, and a considerable quantity of sea manure is landed at the quay.
     The episcopal See of Killala was founded by Saint Patrick between the years 434 and 441. In 1591 Elizabeth permitted the deanery of Anchory to be held with the bishopric of Killala, and in 1623, Archibald Adair was consecrated Bishop of Killala and Anchory. In 1833 these sees became annexed to the archiepiscopal
see of Tuam, and the temporalities were vested in the eccliastical commissioners. The cathedral, which is also the parish church, is an ancient structure, with a spire, repaired in 1817 and 1820. Killala Castle, formerly the episcopal palace, is a modern building, standing in a commanding situation overlooking the bay. There are places of worship for Roman Catholics And Wesleyan Methodists. A free school, under Erasmus Smith's foundation, one upon the national plan, and a valuable dispensary, are the public institutions. It was at Kilcommin Bay, about four miles distant, that the French landed in 1798, under General Humbert, as before mentioned. One of the ancient round towers, so peculiar to this country, eighty-four feet high, stands in the town; a mile eastward are the fine ruins of Moyne Abbey, founded for Dominican friars by the family of the O'Dowdes, in 1412; and not far distant from this are the ruins of Roserke Abbey, all meeting the traveler's notice. A good market is held on Saturdays and fairs, May 28th, August 17th, and November 8th. The parish of Killala contained, in 1841, 3,253 inhabitants, and the town 1,446 of that number.

     POST OFFICE, Robert Polke, Post Master. - Letters from all parts arrive (from Ballina) every afternoon at twenty minutes past four, and are despatched thereto every morning at half past eight.




Bermingham Geo. Esq. Larkin Glebe Cooper James, seneschal Bourke John, baker
Bourke Andrew, Esq. Ross Cottage Finerty Arthur, master of national
Duggan John, shopkeeper
Bourke Palmer Esq. J.P. Hill House Hare Michael C., master of Erasmus
     Smith's school
Flynn John, baker
Bourke Robert, Esq. Heathfield Neilson Charles, surgeon, Dispensary Hagarty David, shopkeeper
Bourke Walter J. J.P, Castle Killala Nolan Peter, land agent, Moyne Jones George, saddler
Burns Thomas, Esq, Roserke Townley James, surgeon and
Jordan Michael, boot & shoe maker
Collins the Very Rev. James, D.D.
     (dean) Killala

Joynt James, ship broker
Corcoran Rev. Anthony, P.P. Rahene


Kelly William, custom house officer
Faussett John, Esq., J.P. Mount Glen Bourke Oliver M'Gerrin Anthony, carpenter
Gardiner Major John, J.P. Farmhill Cooper William M'Loughlin John, shopkeeper
Gardiner John, Esq. J.P. Courthill Kirkwood John Perkins James, shopkeeper
Green Colcuoghen, Esq., Roserke Kirkwood William Polke  Robert, tea dealer
Henri Alphonso, Esq. B.S., J.P.
Kirkwood William, Hollow House Quinan Patrick, baker
Kirkwood Lieutenant Charles, R.S.
Kirkwood William, the Lodge Sims John, boot & shoe maker
Kirkwood Mrs. ____, the Lodee Perkins James Smyth Charles, shop keeper
Kirkwood John, Esq. J.P. Killala Ramsey James Townley Thomas, baker
Knox Charles N. Esq. J.P. Lackin Smyth Charles Treanor Thomas, shopkeeper
Knox Ernest, Esq. Castlerea

Knox John, Esq., Esq. Broadlands


And their Ministers.

Meghan Rev. Jas. Mullafarry Glebe Duggan Michael PARISH CHURCH AND CATHEDRAL-
     Very Rev. James Collins, D.D., Dean
Nolan Peter, Esq. Moyne Lonigan William ROMAN CATHOLIC CHAPEL- Rev.
     Anthony Corcoran, parish priest, Rahane
Palmer Roger, Esq., J.P. Carramore McHale David WELEYAN METHODIST CHAPEL-
     ministers various.
Palmer Thos., Esq., J.P. Summerhill Padden Patrick
Palmer Thos., jun., Esq. Summerhill Quinlan Patrick


Perkins Arthur, Esq, Ballybrooney Townley Thomas To BALLINA, a Car, every morning at
     half-past six.
Rogers Rev. David, Mullalarry
Rogers Henry, Esq. Foxborough

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