A Little Bit of Ireland



    A small market town in the parish of Donanaghta, barony of Longford, county of Galway, about 90 miles w. by s. from Dublin, 40 e. by s. from Galway, 14 n.w. from Parsonstown, and 11 s.e. from Ballinasloe; situated in the midst of a fine corn district, on the road by Banagher to Loughrea. The town derives its name from the Eyre family, lords of the manor; and contiguous to the town is Eyrecourt Castle, a magnificent structure, the property of the family, at present occupied by John Eyre, Esq. J.P., a great patron of the town, and evincing a lively anxiety for its prosperity. The interior of the castle is eminently deserving the stranger's notice; the staircase, in particular, is supposed to be the finest in Ireland. Over the hall door is inscribed the following sentence, 'Welcome to the House of Liberty.' In the demesne, which is beautifully laid out, is a large fort, from which a cave is said to run two miles and a half, and to pen near the beautiful and ancient abbey of Mellick. The trade of the place is quite of a local character, and with the exception of the Eyrecourt corn mils, of Mr. Horsman, there is no prominent branch. Te government of the town is vested in the magistrates and a seneschal; the former meet in petty session once a fortnight; the latter holds a court every three weeks- both in the court-house.
      The parish church of Donanaghta is a plain but neat stone edifice, erected in 1818, with a tower and one bell. The Roman Catholic chapel is large and handsome
and will accommodate a congregation of one thousand persons. In 1777 a school was erected here by order of, and endowed by Bishop Cumberland. The school premises, which have been recently re-built, from one of the principal buildings of the town; and the establishment flourishes under the admirable management of Mr. John Coen, B.A. There is also a school in connexion with the 'Ladies Hibernian Female School Society' A dispensary here is supported party by the county and partly by subscription. The market days are Tuesday and Saturday. Fairs February 8th, the first Monday after Easter Monday, July 10th, Sept. 8th, Nov. 10th and Dec. 21st. The February and November fairs have been recently instituted. The parish of Donanaghta contained, in 1841, 1,870 in habitants and the town of Eyrecourt 1,419 of that number.

     POST OFFICE, Mary Eyre, Post Mistress-Letters from Ballinasloe arrive every morning at a quarter before nine, and are despatched thereto every afternoon at ten minutes past four.- Letters from Banagher and Parsonstown arrive every afternoon at four and are despatched every morning at ten minutes before nine.- Letters from Portumna arrive every afternoon at a quarter before four and are despatched thereto every morning at five minutes past nine.


Eyre Robert, attorney, Main st Maguire George, nail maker, Main st
Allman Mr. Fras. Tallywood Cottage Lovelock Patrick, apothecary, Main st Mahon John, linen draper, Main st
Blake Mrs Anne, Main st Mahon George, physician, Main st M'Nevin Patrick, harness maker,
     Market st
Blake, Mrs. Jane, Green trees


Mahoney John, baker, Main st
Blake Peter, Esq. Market st Coen John, B.A.(boarding) River st O'Donnell Joseph, provision dealer,
     Coates' lane
Burke Mr. William B. Quansborough
Endowed School, River st-Mister John
    Coen, B.A., master
Rodden Jno. provision dealer, Main st
Butson the Ven. Archdeacon James S.
Ladies' Hibernian Female Society's
     School, Market street, Daniel
     Rosingrave, master; Rebecca
     M'Govern, mistress
Rodgers Isaac, provision dlr, Main st
Coen Rev Ths. P.P. Grange House


Sords Wm, grocer & baker, Main st
Daly Mr. John, Clonnachaise Coen Anne, Main st Staunton Patrick, cartwright, Main st
Daly Mr. Richard G. Wood View Daly Zechariah, Main st Thompson Luke, boot & shoe maker,
     Market st
Doyle Mrs Anne, Main st Egan Joseph (and posting house) Main
Thompson, Wm. boot & shoe maker,
     Main st
Egan Mr. John Woodfield Mahon Thomas, Main st Topin Nicholas, butcher, Market st
Eyre John Esq., Hasson Park


And their Ministers

Eyre John, Esq. (magistrate), Eyre-
     court Castle.
Buckley Robert, rag dealer, Main st Saint John's Church, market st.- Rev.
     Richard B. Eyre, the Glebe; Thomas
     Leech, clerk, Market street.
Eyre Rev. Richard, the Glebe Brereton Catherine, grocer & linen
     draper, Main st
Roman Catholic Chapel, Main street
     - Rev. Thomas Coen, parish priest,
     Main street, Rev. James Kavanagh,
     curate, Main street
Eyre Robt, Esq. (seneschal) the
Coates Samuel, farmer, Coates' lane


Flanagan Miss Anne, Market st Coghlan Patrick, farmer, Main st Bridewell, Market st- James Dunbar,
Flanagan Henry, Esq. Woburn Connor Thos., blacksmith, Pound st Constabulary Barrack, Main street-
     Samuel Abbott, sub-inspector,
Grome Mr. Edward, Clonfert Donoghoe Michael, provision dealer,
     Main st
Court House, Market street- Daniel
     Rosingrave, keeper.
Grome Mr John, Market st Fallon Patrick, dyer, River st Dispensary, Main st- Mr. George
     Mahan, physician
Kavanagh Rev. James, C.C. Main st Ford Martin, provision dealer, Main st Stamp Office, Main st- Thomas Curran
Kelly Patrick, Esq, Longford House Gannon Patrick, farmer, Coates' lane

From William Sord's, grocer, Main

Kelly Mr. Stephen, Longford House Horsman Edwd., corn miller, Eyrecourt
To Ballinasloe, a Mail Car, every
     afternoon at ten minutes past four.
Lemon Mr. Joseph, Ormond View Howard Patrick, grocer & stationer,
     Main st
To Parsonstown, a Mail Car, every
     morning at ten minujtes before nine;
     goes through Banagher.
Montgomery Mr. John, Green trees Hourigan, Michael, butcher, Main st To Portumna, a Mail Car, every
     morning at five minutes past nine.
Seymour Rev. David, Abbey land Kelly Jno., grocer & draper, Main st
Seymour Eyre, Esq., Lisanacody Kelly Thos, grocer & draper, Main st
Seymour Mr. Robert, Clonfert
Killeen Jno. grocer & draper, Main st
Seymour Mr. Simeon, Tower View Larkin Denis, nail maker, Main st
Skerrett Mr. Patrick Mark, Main st Larkin Philip, nail maker, Market st
Smith John, Esq, Prospect House M'Carty Bridget, provision dealer,
    Coates' lane
Trench Jno. Eyre, Esq. Prospect


Blake James, attorney, Main st
Calanan Nicholas, attorney, Main st
Cowan John, attorney, Main st
Cowan Joseph Henry, attorney and
     sub-sheriff of Galway, Main st


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