A Little Bit of Ireland



    Is an extensive, populous city, and seaport, situated on the Eastern bank of the river Shannon, distant 94 miles south west from Dublin, 50 miles from Cork, 36 from Waterford and 50 from Tralee. It is traditionally supposed to have been built by Yuorus in the year 155, and was anciently much frequented by foreign merchants; and after the arrival of the Danes, in the year 855, these enterprising people considerably improved its commerce. The English took possession of Limerick in the year 1174, and, as a proof of the early importance of the city, in the year 1197, and in the ninth year of the reign of King Richard, he granted a charter to the citizens to elect a mayor, which honor was not obtained by the citizens of London till ten years after that period; nor had Dublin and Cork a mayor till the 13th century. This city was originally walled, and, deemed the strongest fortress in this kingdom, besides having the advantage of not being commanded by adjacent heights, and it has sustained some memorable sieges. In the year 1690 King William brought his forces against it, but withdrew them without accomplishing its reduction; in the following year it was again invested by General Ginckle, who, after an obstinate resistance, compelled the garrison to surrender, on honourable terms of capitulation. During the siege


the Irish fought gallantly, and repulsed the English several times; but the garrison was grown weary of the war, and on the 23d of September, 1691, when they had fired a long time from their batteries with uncommon violence, they concluded the day with beating a parley, when a cessation of hostilities was agreen on, and an amicable intercourse opened between the two contending parties, the result was that the Irish war was declared at an end, and King William became master of the kingdom. To perpetuate the memory of the surrender of limerick, a medal was struck, on the obverse of which was the Latin inscription, Non have sine nomine Dieum, (these things are due to propitious heaven) and on the reverse, Limerica capta, Hibernia subacta, Octol. 1691, (Limerick taken and Ireland subdued, October 1691). This city is now composed of three parts, named the Irish Town, English Town, (the latter situated on an island formed by the river Shannon) and Newtown-Perry, which may, with great propriety, be termed the court end, as in this quarter of the town the streets are spacious, uniform and elegant, intersecting each other as at right angles, and the houses are finished in the neatest style of modern architecture. This portion of the city was erected by the exertions of the late Lord Perry, whose name it bears, and its superior advantages and conveniences render it the fashionable as well as favourite residence of opulence. Limerick is an episcopal see, and was united to Ardfert and Aghadoe, in the county of Kerry, in 1663. It gives the title of Earl to Edmund Henry Perry, nephew to the late Lord Perry. The municipal government is vested in a mayor, recorder, sheriffs, aldermen and burgesses, who compose the common council; a burgess must serve the office of mayor here before he is elected an alderman, which is the reverse in Dublin and other towns. There are also six justices of the peace, appointed by charter who are the present and late mayor, the recorder and three aldermen; a military governor, and a town major are likewise on the establishment, who regulate all local military transactions. Newtown Perry obtained an Act of Parliament a few years since, for its separate management ,which is regulated by 21 commissioners, seven of whom are elected every two years, who are authorized to levy rates for paving, watching, lighting and cleansing the parish, which in every respect appears to be most judiciously carried into execution, reflects the highest credit on the exertions of those to whom the arrangements are entrusted, and the effects of which give the handsome portion of the city a spirited metropolitan appearance. The streets in the old town are narrow and gloomy, an inconvenience always observable in fortified places, where personal security engrossed the entire attention of the founders. The public edifices here are handsome and commodious. The Custom House is an elegant building of hewn stone, its front is embellished with fluted pilasters and capitals, and on each side is a piazza. The new Court House is also a spacious noble building, with a handsome portico in front. The Commercial buildings, situated in Rutland-street, are large, elegant, and in the neatest style of modern architecture. They evince a spirited display of public trade, and are a great embellishment to the city. In this structure, the chamber of commerce is established, which was incorporated by charter in 1815, but was first initiated in the year 1807; it is governed by a committee of nine directors annually chosen. The Exchange, which was built in the year 1778, is an extensive handsome erection, in which is a spacious council chamber; the building is supported by seven stone columns, in the Tuscan order. The Linen hall is also a neat commodious building. A new County Gaol has been built within these few years, which is generally considered to be the most complete prison in Ireland. It consists of a large centre, containing the governor's apartments, a dispensary, a chapel, a committee room and five detached prisons, each communicating with the chapel on the second floor, by ornamented cast iron bridges; belonging to each compartment of the prison are two fine airy yards, the whole of which are overlooked, from the entire building. The interior contains 163 cells for prisoners, 5 military cells, and 22 rooms for debtors. The whole is constructed of lime stones, was begun to be erected in 1816, and finished in 1822. The County Infirmary is also a spacious structure, facing the gaol. The internal management of this praiseworthy institution does honour to those to whom it is confided. The churches in Limerick are not remarkable for external beauty. St. Mary's, or the cathedral, is entirely of the ancient Gothic, and may be admired for its noble simplicity. There are seventeen arches in the aisles and choir, besides the great eastern window, under which the high altar was placed before the reformation. Besides this there are three other churches an a chapel of ease, four Roman Catholic chapels, three friaries, and a nunnery. One of these, called the Dumonican Convent and Chapel, is described of notice. It is a very handsome building, in the Gothic style, and was erected by the exertions of the Rev. Joseph Harrigan, then Prior, in the year 1815. The Augustinian Chapel George's-street, was the late theatre, and cost, a few years ago, 4,000l. The interior is very elegantly established for a place of worship, and a fine scriptural painting adorns the altar; it has also an organ in the gallery, facing the altar. The independent meeting house is a large handsome building, in Bedford-row, an in Upper Glentworth-street is situated the Presbyterian place of worship, which is small, but remarkably neat. The Primitive Methodist chapel is in the same street with the Independent, and is a very large respectable erection and in every way adapted for a numerous congregation. The Wesleyan chapel, in George's-street, is also a commodious place of worship. The Quakers have a meeting house in Cecil-street. The charitable institutions in Limerick are numerous and extremely well conducted, particularly in the medical and surgical departments. The Infirmary, Fever and Lock Hospitals, the Magdalen Asylum, and Foundling Hospital, are prominent features of benevolence. The House of Industry, which is a fine spacious building, on the North Strand, is an establishment of the first consideration, as it relieves the mind and sight from the wretched subjects that would otherwise infest the streets; and this institution deserves to be supported in the extent of the ability of every inhabitant of the city.  A Lunatic Asylum is now erecting near the new county gaol, which, when finished, will be a very handsome and spacious building. This city also abounds in institutions for the instruction of the poor, and the assistance of the unfortunate. The charity schools consist of the Blue Coat School, in Bow-lane; a Boys' and Girls' School, in Michael-street; and one for Protestant Orphan Girls' in George's-street; a Catholic Free School, conducted by four masters, called the Christian Brothers, in Clare-street; and one for Female Orphans of the same persuasion in Denmark-street. At the Nunnery, in Barrack-street, is also an extensive Female Charity School, under the inspection and tuition of the nuns. There are, besides, several other establishments for the mental improvement of both Protestant and Catholic poor children, which are all well organized and regularly conducted. Here are also two Charitable Loan Societies, one called Perry's and the other Jubilee, which under pecuniary aid to poor tradesmen and others, who come well recommended. The mercantile trade of Limerick is considerable, particularly the exports. These were, in the last year, ending the 1st September, 1823, 2,366 tierces and 250 barrels of beef; 3,627 tierces and 9,000 barrels of pork; 54,473 firkins of butter; 4,316 bales of bacon; 92,753 barrels of wheat; 2,545 barrels of barley; 172,250 barrels of oats; 10,045 barrels of rape seed; the estimated value of which was 500,000l. The imports consist of tea, sugar, wine, salt, &c., at an annual value of about 300,000l. Some linens and woollens are manufactured here, and the domestic trade of the city, which is carried on by the shopkeepers and retailers of the most fashionable articles of dress, and


other necessaries and luxuries of life, is to a very great extent. The commercial transactions are greatly assisted by the Chamber of Commerce, an association of merchants, formed in the year 1807 and incorporated by charter in the year 1815, which is governed by a committee of nine directors, chosen annually. The river Shannon is navigable for vessels of 500 tons burden, from the quay of Limerick to the sea, a distance of 60 miles. About a mile distant from the city the vessels anchor, in the Pool, from which is a most delightful view, very deservedly admired by foreigners and strangers. On one side is seen the new town, with the Bishop's and Sir Henry Hartstonge's gardens close to the river, and on the other side a number of villas, belonging to the citizens and a full front view of the city combine to an interesting panoramic prospect.  Limerick is a city and county of itself, and sends one member to Parliament, the present member is Thomas Spring Rice, Esq. The Honbl. Colonel Fitzgibbon, of Mount Shannon, near Limerick, and Captain O'Grady, of Rockbarron, are the county members. The garrison is extensive, and consists of 71 officers and 1159 men of the line. The new barrack and artillery barrack are built upon the most approved modern plan and are situated in a fine open airy place, well planted for the purpose. Many traces of antiquity and feudal warfare are discernible in and about this city, particularly at the Fever Hospital , which is situated on a spot remarkable as being the site of the castle or batteries, which held out so long a siege against the forces of Cromwell. The bastion is still tolerably perfect, where the females of Limerick so heroically assisted in the defence of their husbands and friend; the breach, that was made in the walls by the besiegers, is yet distinctly very visible; the walls throughout bear evidence marks of the balls of the enemy. The most correct idea of this city, as to its scale, when enclosed with walls and fortifications, may be formed by a comparison of its then contracted state with its present extent, population and magnificence, as no town in the kingdom has so much increased in size and splendour, in the short space of 25 years, as the city of Limerick; and its improvement is still progressive. An Act has lately passed empowering 58 commissioners and directors to erect a splendid new bridge over the Shannon from the New Town to the county of Clare; it is intended to be named after the present Lord Lieutenant; the building of the bridge has already commenced, towards the completion of which government has granted 60,000l. It is supposed it will be finished in about three years; Alexander Nimmo, esq., is the projector and chief engineer. There is also an extensive elegant building erecting near the new county gaol, for a lunatic asylum, which, when finished, will be a great ornament in the entrance of the city, on the Cork road. A large structure is also about to be erected for a diocesan school, for Limerick, Killaloe and Kilfenora, where the best masters are intended to be employed, for the purpose of dispensing education in the higher and middle classes, at a moderate expense. It is also in agitation immediately to light the city with gas, and it is hoped that good water, of which at present there is a great deficiency, will soon be brought into it by pipes. Two steam boats are intended to be soon established, on the canal between Limerick and Dublin, by which means a communication will be formed with the Liverpool and Dublin steam luggage boat, when goods may then be had from Manchester and Liverpool in the short time of about four days. The market is well supplied with all he necessaries of life, and at reasonable prices; the market days are Wednesdays and Saturdays. Here are four yearly fairs, viz. on Easter Tuesday, the 4th of July, the 4th of August, and the 12th of December, there is a privilege annexed to the fair held in this city on the 4th of August, that no person can be arrested within the precincts of the liberties, on any bearing out of the tholsel court of Limerick, for the space of fifteen days, an immunity which is cheerfully enjoyed by many unfortunate debtors. The population, according to the last census, was 66,042; not from the difficulty experienced by those associated to collect the number of inhabitants, it is generally supposed that this return is at least ten or fifteen short of the actual number, and, when the great extent of Limerick is considered, being at least three miles in circumference, and densely inhabited, it may be really supposed, that there is a population of nearly 80,000 in this flourishing and increasing city.

POST OFFICE- Lower Cecil-street, Post Master, Edward Bernard, esq. The Dublin mail arrives with the English and foreign letters every day at eleven o'clock and to despatched in the afternoon at three; this mail takes the letters for Castle Connell, Nenagh, Roscrea, Montrath, &c., &c. The Cork mail arrives at half past two, and is despatched at half past eleven, daily, taking the letters for Mallow, Doneraille, Charlesville, Kilmallock, Bruff, Croom, &c. The Waterford mail arrives at a quarter past four in the afternoon, and is despatched at a quarter before seven, taking the letters for Pallis-Grane, Tipperary, Cahir, Clonmel, Carrick-on-Suir, &c. The Tralee mail arrives at ten in the morning and is despatched at half past eleven in the morning, making the letters for Adair, Rathkeale, Askeaton, Listowel, Tarbut, Pallis-Kenry, Newcastle, Dingle, &c. The Ennis mail arrives every morning at ten o'clock and is despatched at half past eleven the same morning, taking the letters for Six-Mile-Bridge, New Market-on-Fergus, Galway, Corrofin, Kildysart, Kilrush, Knock, &c.- The Post Office is open daily from nine in the morning until eight in the evening.


Alton James, esq. 18 Clare-street Collis Major Edward, H.P, Frederick-street
Anderson Mrs. Alexander, Taylor-street Connell John, esq. Thomas-street
Anderson Mrs. Coln., Taylor-street Conolly Paul, gent. 48 William-street
Atkins Mrs. Cecil-street Corbett James esq. Richmond-place
Barry John, esq. Glentworth-street Cox Josh., esq. Newenham-street
Beirne Mrs. Eliza Catherine-street Cox Misses, Upper Glentworth-street
Bennett Mrs. Newenham-street Cox William, esq., Catherine-street
Bertram Lieutenant Joseph, H.P. Frederick-street Creagh Arthur, esq. Upper Glentworth-street
Bodkin Anthony, gentleman, 49 William-street Creagh Edmond John esq. Clare-street
Bold John, esq Mount Kennett Creagh John Michael, esq. Clare-street
Bolton Mrs. Phoebe, Taylor-street Creagh Mrs. W, Glentworth-street
Bower Mrs. Upper George's-street Cudmore Daniel, esq. Upper Glentworth-street
Bowles Henry, gent., Catherine-street Cuthbert John esq. Newenham-street
Brown Henry, esq, Henry street Dartnell George, esq., George's-street
Burton Mrs. S. Upper Glentworth-street Davis Mrs., Henry-street
Campbell Captain, North Strand Disney Thos. junr. esq., Newenham-street
Carey Joseph Knight, esq. Catherine-street Drew Major George Purdon, H.P. Abbey-court
Carroll John esq., William-street Duddell Rev. John S., Glentworth-street
Carte Mrs. Margaret, Cecil-street Egan Michael, gent. Thomond-gate


Egan Mrs., 43 William-street O'Brien Miss Maria, George's-street
Eliey General Sir John, Richmond-place O'Callahan Mrs., Hartstone-street
Evans Andrew, Townwell O'Donnell Eliot, esq. Thomas-street
Evans William, esq. William-street O'Donnell, Coln. Henry, Upper George's-street
Ewart Mrs. Eliza, Upper Cecil-street O'Donnell, Mrs. 13 R*-street
Fisher James, esq. Clareville O'Farrell Lieut. David, H.P., Taylor-street
Fitzgerald Charles esq., 5 Upper George's-street O'Grady Darby, Upper George's-street
Fitzgerald Connell Francis esq., 23 Thomas-street O'Grady James, esq., Richmond-place
Fitzgerald Captain G H I Richmond-place O'Grady John esq. Upper Glentworth-street
Fitzgerald Wm, esq. 10 Patrick-street and Corbally O'Grady Miss, Richmond-place
Fitzgerald Mrs. Richard, Russell-place O'Grady Thos, esq., 3 Upper George's-street
Fitzgerald Rev. Wyndham M'Grath, Up. George's-street O'Hara Major Walter, Thomas-street
Fitzmaurice Mrs. 41 William-street O'Meara Mrs. Mary, Glentworth-street
Foote Jeoffrey esq., 7 Charlotte quay Osborne Mrs. Catherine-street
Fosbery William, esq. Upper George's-street O'Shaughnessy Francis, esq. commissioner of fifth revenue
     police, Clare-street
Gabbett Daniel, esq. Bank-place O'Shaugnessy Wm., gent., Sir Harry's-mall
Gabbett Joseph, esq. Upper George's-street O'Sullivan James, esq., Clare-street
Gabbett, Mrs. Mary S., Upper George's-street O'Sullivan Jeremiah, gent., 19 Clare-street
Gabbett Poole, esq. treasurer of the county, Upper George's
Owens John W., esq., Upper Glentworth-street
Gelston Thomas, esq. assistant commissary general,
Parker Edward, esq. Thomas-street
Gloster George, esq. Thomond-lodge Parker Mrs. Upper George's-street
Going Mrs. J, Russell-place Peacock Mrs. Christian, Taylor-street
Graydon Mrs. Ann, Cecil-street Peacock Mrs., Richmond-place
Gubbins Mrs. George's-street Piercy John, esq., Upper Cecil-street
Harrold Richard, esq., Russell-place Pinkerton Rev. John, Upper Glentworth-street
Hart Mrs. Mary, 47 William-street Pope John, esq, Catherine-street
Harte Redmond, esq. Catherine-street Reardon Mrs. S., George's-street
Hartigan John, esq. Upper George's-street Rose Captain Alexander, Richmond-place
Hawley William, esq. George's-street Rose Thos. Maunsell, esq. Upper George's-street
Hickman Hugh Palliser, esq. Richmond-place Roy Alexander esq., St. John's-gate
Holohan Mrs., Henry-street Russell John Wm., esq. 31 William-street
Howly John, esq. 4 Upper George's-street Russell Mrs. Wm. Glentworth-street
Hunt Vere Dawson, esq. Thomas-street Sargent Maunsell, esq. Cornwallis-street
Hunter Mrs. Eliza, Catherine-street Sayers Mrs., Richmond-place
Jackson Thos. esq. Upper George's-street Scully Roger, esq. 4 Richmond-place
Jameson Mrs. E, Catherine-street. Seymour Thos. gent, Frederick-street
Joyce David, esq. Richmond-place Shannon Pierce, esq., 31 Upper George's-street
Kane Mrs. 10 Clare-street Singleton Mrs. Jane, Upper Glentworth-street
Keane Daniel, esq. Clare-street Singleton Mrs., Upper George's-street
Kearney Michael esq. Sir Harry's-mall Spread Richard, esq. Henry-street
Knight Lieutenant Colonel Peppard, Richmond-place Staunton John, esq. 5 William-street
Lacy Edy, gent. Clare-street Sullivan Timothy, esq. Catherine-street
Lee John, esq. Upper George's-street Taverner Thos., esq. Glentworth-street
Lloyd Francis esq. Clare-street Taylor Mrs. Charlotte, Glentworth-street
Lloyd William gent. Catherine-street Tinsley Thos, gent. Clare-street
Mahony D.F.G. esq. 109 George's-street Tinsly Theophilus M'Grath, esq.
Marrett Sir Christopher, bart. 11 Upper Glentworth-street Townley Rev. Charles, L.L.D., Bedford-row
Massy Honourable George E Upper George's-street Trousdell Thos.Richard, gent. Bedford-row
Massy Honourable John, Upper George's-street Tuthill Samuel, gent., Thomond-gate
Massy Honourable Wm, Milford Veetch W.H., esq. Clare-street
Maunsell Misses, 6 Richmond-place Vereker J, esq. Richmond-place
Maunsell Mrs. Henry-street Wallis Captain John, postmaster of the city of Limerick militia
     46 William-street
Maunsell Robert, esq. 8 Bank-place Wallplate Joseph, esq. Lock-quay
Maunsell Robert Edges, esq. Plassy Warburton Mrs. Ann, Russell-place
Maunsell Robert George, esq. 5 Richmond-place Watson Andrew, esq. Thomas-street
Meade Mrs. Ann, Ellen-street Watson Henry, esq. Glentworth-street
Meade C. esq. Arthur's-quay Webb Mrs. Mary, 14 Patrick-street
Merrick Thomas, esq. Newenham-street Westropp John R, esq. Catherine-street
Moore Captain Wm. R.N. H.P., 18 Patrick-street Westropp Mrs. Frances, Catherine-street
Morris James D. esq. Clare-street Westropp Mrs. Mary, Upper Cecil-street
Myles Thos. gent. Thomond-gate White Henry, esq. Henry-street
O'Brien John, esq. Thomas-street Wilkinson James T., esq. George's-street
  Williams Captain Thomas, Henry-street
  Yielding Richard, junr. esq. Upper Glentworth-street



Denis Fitzgerald Mahony, esq. George's-street
Henry Watson, esq. Glentworth-street, Mayor John Vereker, esq. Crescent
John S.T. Piercy, esq., Upper Cecil-street, Sheriff Denis Fitzgerald Mahony, George's-st. Chamberlain.
Henry Rose, esq. George-street, Sheriff


Carew Smith, esq. Bagot-street, Dublin, Recorder The Right Honourable Lord Viscount Gort, Lough-cooter
     Castle county of Galway

Charter Justices and Aldermen

The Right Honourable Standish O'Grady, Chief Baron of the
     Court of Exchequer of Ireland
Andrew Watson, esq. Thomas-street  
Sir Christopher Marrell (Marrett), Glentworth-street  


P. 284

The Right Rev. Lord Bishop of Limerick, See-house

St. Munchin, Dominick-Street

Philip Smith, esq. Rev. John Duddell, A.M. Rector, Glentworth-st
Henry D'Estere, esq. Clounmalkin John Enright, Parish Clerk, Mary-street
Joseph Crippe, esq., Milltown Mally, county of Clare

Chapel of Ease, George's-Street

Frederick Lloyd, esq. Dublin Rev. Pryce Peacocke, Minister, Crescent
Arthur Vincent, Doonas, County of Clare


Wm. Fosbury, esq. Upper George's-street The Right Rev. Charles Tuohy, Bishop
John Cripps, esq. Fort Eliza, County of Limerick Very Rev. Patrick M'Namara, Dean
Francis Lloyd, esq. Clare-street

St. Michael's Chapel

Thomas Francis Wilkinson, esq. Dominick-street Very Rev. Patrick Hogan, V.G., Parish Priest
Edmund Moroney, esq. Ballyclough Rev. Thomas Coll, Curate
Joseph Gabbett, esq. George's-street Rev. Edward Lee, Curate
Edward Parker, Thomas-street, Clerk of the Crown, Clerk
     of the Peace and Town Clerk
Rev. Wm. Downes, Curate
Patrick Thomas Tuohy, Dominick-street, Deputy Do.

St. Mary's, Mary's-street

Captain Garrett Hugh Fitzgerald, George's-street,
     City Treasurer
Very Rev. Charles Hanrahan, V.G., Parish Priest

Officers of the County of Limerick Crown Office

Rev. Thomas Enright, Curate
Daniel Harrington, esq. Francis-street, Clerk of the Crown Rev. Wm. Brahan, Curate
Mr. James Barry, Shannon-street, Deputy Clerk of the Crown

St. John's and St. Patrick's Union, John's-street

Richard Smith, esq. George's-st, Clerk of the Peace Right Rev. Charles Tuohy, Bishop, Parish Priest
Arthur D'Esterre, Cosbury-street, Deputy Clerk of the Peace Rev. James O'Regan, Curate
Poole Gabbett, esq. Upper-George's-street, Treasurer Rev. Michael Tuohy, Curate
Thomas Lloyd, esq. Assistant Barrister Rev. Daniel Hogan, Curate
Frederick Holland, esq. Shannon-view, Acting Barrister Rev. _____ Malone, Curate

Police Office, Henry-street.

St. Munchin's, Thomond-gate

G.M.J. Drought, esq. Chief Magistrate for the City and
Very Rev. Richard Walsh, Parish Priest
T.B. Vokes, esq., Chief Magistrate for the County Rev. David Neagle, Curate
Mr. Joseph Goslett, Chief Clerk Rev. Bernard M'Mahon, Curate


Dominican, Upper Glentworth-street

The Right Rev. John Debb, D.D., &c. Bishop, See-House Rev. John O'Regan, Prior
Very Rev. Arthur Preston, A.M., Dean, Deanery-House Rev. William M'Donnell
Rev. Henry Gubbins, A.B. Curate, North-strand Rev. David Fitzgerald
George Osborne, organist, Bank-place

Augustinian, George's-street

Thomas Peace, Clerk, Mary-street Rev. John Augustine Cronin, Prior


Rev. Stephen Hegan
The Right Rev. Lord Bishop of Limerick, D.D. Athnett Rev. Thomas Walsh
The Venerable and Very Rev. Wm. Wray Maunsell, A.M. Archdeacon

Franciscan, Bank-place

The Very Rev. Arthur Preston, A.M. Dean Rev. D. Bourke, guardian
Rev. John Warburton, A.M. Precentor Rev. Daniel Hourigan
Rev. Charles Warburton, A.M. Chancellor Rev. James F. O'Regan
Rev. Thomas Quin, A.M. Treasurer

NUNNERY, Barrack-Street

Rev. John Duddell, A.M., Prebendary of St. Munchin A Clergyman attends daily, from the Franciscan Friary
Rev. Edward Herbert, A.B. Prependary of Kilpeacon


Rev. Edward Geragty, Prebendary of Killeedy Independent Meeting House, Bedford-row, Rev. Dr. Townley, Minister    
Rev. Wm. Massy, A.B. Prebendary of Dysart Presbyterian Meeting House, Upper Glentworth-street, Rev. John Pinkerton, Minister
Rev. Samuel Jones, A.B., Prebendary of Ardcanny Primitive Methodist Chapel, Bedford-row, Itinerant Ministers
Rev. James Ellard, A.B., Prebendary of Effin Wesley Chapel, George's-street, Itinerant Ministers
Rev. Wm. Ashe, A.B. Prebendary of Croagh Quaker's Meeting House, Cecil-street
Rev. John Fitzgerald, A.M., Prebendary of Tullybrachy



D'Esterre Henry, 3 Lower Glentworth-street
Rev. James Forster, L.L.D, Vicar General, George's-street Holland Frederick, Shannon-view
Bryan M'Mahon, esq, Registrer, Arthur's-quay O'Driscoll John, 3 Russell-row, Mallow-street
George Dartnell, George's-street, Proctor Maunsell Henry, Bank-place
James M'Mahon, Arthur's-quay, Proctor Tuthill Jeremiah, George's-street
Thomas Taylor, Catherine-street, Proctor


William Smyth, William-street, Proctor Barrington Daniel, (and Clerk of the Crown for the County of Limerick) George's-street

St. John's Church, John's-Street

Barry James, Shannon-street
Rev. John Fitzgibbon A.M., Vicar Square Bevan Frederick and Godfrey, Thomas-street
George Osborne, junr, organist, Bank-place Bowles Henry, Upper Glentworth-street
James Tyrrell, Parish Clerk, Square  


P. 285

Boyse John, junr., Brunswick-street Lyons Phillip, Thomas-street
Boyse John, senr, George's-street M'Carthy _____, 17 Charlotte-quay
Brazill Thos. Thomas-street O'Callaghan David, Mallow-street
Caroll Mathew, 39 William-street O'Donnell Elliot, Thomas-street
Carroll Robert Franklin (and solicitor), Clare-street Sayers James, Upper Cecil-street
Carroll Standish, Clare-street Vereker Amos, Upper Cecil-street
Creagh Andrew, Bedford-row Vize John, Russell-place
Creed John, Upper George's-street


Dartnell George, George's-street Franklin Richard, 45 William-street
D'Esterre Robert, George's-street Furnell Frederick, Thomas-street
Dickson Samuel, George's-street Gibson William, Thomas-street
Dodd George Wm, Bank-place Hudson Henry (and dentist), 1? Rutland-street
Fitzgerald John A, Killen-street Hunt John, Anne-street
Fitzgerald John, 11 Francis-street Lloyd Edward, Upper Glentworth-street
Furnell George, Thomas-street Ormsby Peter, (surgeon to the forces), Thomas-st
Gabbett John, (and solicitor), Bank-place Thwaites John, Upper George's-street
Gloster Edward, Upper George's-street Wilkinson James T., (M.R.J.A.) George's-street
Harte Henry, Arthur's-quay


Holland Philip Henry, Lock-quay Allen John (and surgeon), 1 Shannon-street
Kean James, 4 Francis-street Bouchier Richard, 12 George's-street
Lysaght James, 32 Upper-George's street Carroll John, Broad-street
Mason W.J.T.Thomas-street Hogan John, 128 George's-street
Newenham Charles Burton, Arthur's-quay Locke John Joseph, Ball's-bridge
O'Brien Jeremiah D., 47 William-street Madden Jeremiah, 5 William-street
O'Brien Terrence, 7 Patrick-street O'Kelly Timothy, William-street
O'Brien Timothy, 7 Thomas-street Rahilly V, Upper William-street
O'Callaghan H.H., George's-street Ryan George and John, Quay-lane
O'Connor James, 15 Rutland-street Ryan Lawrence, 36 Upper George's-street
O'Connor Patrick, 15 Rutland-street


O'Dell Richard, 6 Bow-lane Kelly Wm. Bennett, (and soda, &c. water manufacturer)
     114 George's-street
O'Shaughnessy James, 2 Patrick-street Lee Thomas, Broad-street
Rochford Patrick, William-street Seymour Joseph, (and oil and colour man), 50 William-st
Russell James George, Thomas-street Tinsly Patrick, (and oil and colour man), 18 Charlotte's-quay
Sayers Edward (and solicitor) 107 George's-street


Sexton Andrew, North strand AMERICAN, Reuben Harvey, esq, Francis-street
Smyth William, William-street FRENCH, Michael Ryan, esq., Mungret-street
Vereker Thomas, Upper Glentworth-street PORTUGUESE, W.M. White, esq., Thomond-gate
Walker Samuel, Catherine-street SPANISH, R. & T. Westropp, esqrs. Thomas-street
Wight John, Roches-street SWEDISH, John Kelly, esq, George's-street
Worrall Wm., (and solicitor), Rutland-street



ALBION, James Kelly, 11 Rutland-street
Barry James, (all the courts) Shannon-street ATLAS, John Carroll, Commercial-buildings
Eggars Henry (Exchequer and Common Pleas) Shannon-st BRITISH COMMERCIAL, Martin Creath, Bedford row
Fitzgerald John, (in all the courts) Francis-street BRITISH AND IRISH UNITED, J.N. Russell, Shannon-st
Goggin Michael (Exchequer and King's Bench) 11 Rutland-st GLOBE, D.F.G. Mahony, 109 George's-street
Kelly James, (Common Pleas and King's Bench), 11 Rutland-street GUARDIAN, Edward Bernard, 99 George's-street
O'Connor Patrick, (Common Pleas and King's Bench), 15 Rutland-street HOPE, Pierce Shan?en, Corn Market-row
Peacock Thomas, (Common Pleas and Special Bail) William-street IMPERIAL, Joseph Fisher and Son, Upper William-st
Smyth William, (Exchequer) William-street IRISH COMMERCIAL, Wm. Wilson, 3 George's-st
Wall, Jas, (Exchequer and King's Bench) Abbey-st NATIONAL, Peter O'Brien, 7 Bank-place
Walsh Michael, (in all the courts and Special Bail for City and County) Thomas-street NORWICH UNION, James Kelly, 11 Rutland-street


     2 Cecil-street
Bowles Henry, Glentworth-street ROYAL EXCHANGE, James Morgan, 117 George's-street
Boyse John, Senr, George's-street ROYAL IRISH, Charles O'Hara, 129 George's-street
Fitzgerald John, Francis-street SUN, Patrick Murphy, 113 George's-street
Gabbett Daniel, Bank-place WEST OF ENGLAND, John Piercy and Son, Commercial-
Kelly James, 11 Rutland-street


M'Mahon Bryan and Son, Arthur's-quay John James Tory, esq, Collector
O'Connor Patrick 15 Rutland-street ______ Griffin, esq. Pro-Collector
Smyth William, William-street John Verecker, esq. Comptroller


Wm. Algar, esq, Port-Surveyor
Brody Michael, Cecil-street ______ Beverley, Land Waiter
Campion William, Cecil-street Darby O'Grady, Land Waiter
Carey Joseph Knight, Catherine-street Piercy Young, Land Waiter
Carroll James, George's-street  
Geary John, William-street  
Grogan Richard, 1 George's-street  
Harding Thomas, Glentworth-street  
Hargrove George, Upper Cecil-street  
Keating William, Upper George's-street  


p. 286

Henry Ormsby, Permit Officer


Charles Ormsby, Title Surveyor John Vereker, esq., Weigh Master
John Johnstone, Tide Waiter Luke Magrath, Deputy Weigh Master
Charles Steward, Tide Waiter The Market for Wheat is on Wednesday and Saturday; for Oats and Barley, daily.
Thomas Jackson, Tide Waiter

Cork Road

Francis White, Tide Waiter Jonathan Thompson, gent. Governor


Thomas Roche, Deputy Governor
Thomas Fitzgibbon, Esq., Collector John Sands, esq., Local Inspector
William Gill, Esq, Pro-Collector David O'Callaghan, Physician
Mr. Thomas Hewitt, Clerk James F. Wilkinson, Surgeon

Entry and Permit Office, Robert-street

Rev.____ Rose, Chaplain
Mr. F. Walshe, Permit Writer Rev. James O'Regan, R.C. Chaplain

Lower Cech-street


Thomas G. Fitzgibbon, esq. Distributor Cuthbert Chambers, gent, Governor

Linen Hall,
Open between the hours of twelve and two every Monday.

Rev. Henry Gubbins, Chaplain
Thomas and William Roche, esqrs., Treasurers John Thwaites, Surgeon
Mr. James Hill, Secretary


Market for Linens every Friday and for Flax and Yarn every Wednesday and Saturday.

John Sands, Resident Apothecary
Mr. John Winter, Inspector of Flax, Yarns, and Linens Mrs. Eleanor Sands, Matron
Mr. Edmund Kidd, Seal Master and Measurer Richard Rogan, M.D.
Mr. Terence Brady, Weigh Master. John Thwaites, Attending Surgeon


James T. Wilkinson, Attending Surgeon
John Vereker, esq., Weigh Master John Wilkinson, Attending Surgeon
Patrick O'Laughlin, Deputy Weigh Master


Spencer Forde, esq, Inspector Wm. Stuart Frazer, Resident Apothecary
  Elizabeth Hepburne, House-keeper
  J. M'Mahon, Registrer


  Mr. Wm. Bassett, Steward
  Mrs. Wilkinson, Housekeeper



O'Brien Thos., (boys' boarding and day)


Gabbett Poole, (wholesale) Sirr Harry's-

Baylee Jane (boarding and day)
O'Keefe George (boys' and girls' day)
     Sir-Harry's Mall
Gason Richd. Broad-street
Baylee John T (boarding and day)
Stuart Michael (boys' day) St. Mary's
Griffith Mary, Catherine-street
Carey Rev. Dr. Timothy (classical
     and mathematical boarding and day)
Sullivan John (boys' day) Taylor-street Hare Thos. J., Broad-street
Collins Matt (boys' day) Taylor-st Sullivan Joseph (boys' boarding and
     day) Cecil-street
Hayes Jeremiah, Mary-street
Dempsey  Miss Lavinia (ladies' day)
Worrall Miss Catherine (ladies' board-
    ing and day) Mallow-street
Hayes John, Nicholas-street
Elligotts Mrs. & Miss (ladies' day)
Woulfe Michael (boys' day) 22
Hayes Patrick, Mary-street
Gayer Edward (boys' classical boarding
     and day) 39 William-street

See also builders.

Higgins Mary, Quay-lane
Giltinan George, (boys' and girls' day)
Pain Jas. (to the board of first fruits for
     the province of Munster) upper
Hedigan Jeremiah, Ellen-street
Gratian Miss Catherine (ladies' boarding
     and day) upper Glentworth-street

Pain James & G.R., up. George's-st

Hill Geo Thos., low Glentworth-street
Guerin Michael, (boys' day) 22 upper


Hogan Daniel, Mungret-street
Hanley James (boys' day) 3 Anne-st Clarke Michael, George's-street Kennedy John, Broad-street
Hannon Daniel, (boys' day), 25
Denmead Henry, Thomas-street Lyons Hen. (wholesale) Thomas-street
Hassett Barth. (boys' & girls' day) 7
O'Connell Patrick, 2 Francis-street Molony Thos, Mary-street
Hogan Miss Ann (ladies' day) 20
     upper Cecil-street
Seymour Horatio (& commission sale
      rooms), 50 William-street
Murphy Michael, Broad-street
Irwin Henry (boys' day) 5 Francis-st


O'Connell Daniel, 23 Denmark-street
Minehan Luke (boys' and girls' day)
     21 Denmark-street
Burke Jane, William-street O'Dea Thomas, 3 Shannon-street
Nolan James (day) Cornwallis-street Caswell Samuel, George's-quay O'Loughlin George, Mary-street
  Clampett James, Mungret-street Reedy Mary, Mungret-street
  Erson Paul, Catherine-street Roche, David (wholesale) Brusnwick-st
  Fitzgerald John, Old Clare-street Tinsley Ann, John-street
  Fox John, John-street Wallis Patrick, William-street
    Wallis Wm, 51 William-street


    Roche Thos & Wm. up. George's-st


    Fisher James, Wickham street and Linen-
    Massy John, Mary-street
    Poe Herman Jacobs, William-street


p. 287




Barry Garrett, Merchants-quay Rogarty John, St. John's-square Colgan James (& hackle maker), 21 Patrick-street
Cloon Thos, North-strand Guerin Michael, 6 Broad-street Delany Margaret, 29 Denmark-street
Collier Charles, Merchants-quay Hall Jeremiah, old Francis-street Mahony, D.F.G, George's-street

Those marked * thus are also copper plate printers

Hannan Nicholas, Taylor-street


Donnellan Wm., Mary-street Mackey Timothy, Lock-quay Bernard Edw, (for English bills and government security), George's-street
* Grogan Michael, l. Brunswick-street Ryan Thos., Mardyke Delany Joseph, upper Cecil-street
Hahir Wm., Mary-street Wallace James, Cecil-street Mahony D.F.G., George's-street
* O'Mealy Jas., Shannon-street



* O'Shea Maurice, Catherine-street Corbett & Co, 16 George's-street Russell Fran Philip (rectifying), Lock-quay

Those marked * thus are also printers

Cudmore James, Thomond's-gate Stein, Brown & Co, Thomond-gate
Crips Mary (& circulating library) 17
Denmeade Henry, Thomas-street


* Goggin Stephen B, 15 George's-street Eyres John & James, 3 Patrick-st Barrett John, John-street
M'Auliff George, Mary-street Ievers Timothy, 1 Michael-street Dickson Mary, John-street
* M'Auliff Thos., 7 Patrick-street James Charles, George's-quay Moore Thos, Thomond-lane
*M' Kern Ann, 16 Rutland-street Ledger & Son, 14 George's-street Robertson Robert, Quay-lane
* M'Kern Geo., 106 George's-street Stretch Edward, 3 Merchants-quay Unthank Joshua, (& finisher), 25 Mungret-street
O'Brien Brien, 101 George's-street Tuthill John & Jas., Thomas-st


O'Shaughnessy Eliza (& circulating
     library) 42 Patrick-street
Walsh Arthur, Quay-lane Abrill John, Mungret-street
* Watson Henry & Andrew James,


Connelly John, William-street


Brody Timothy, Chapel-lane Devine Stephen, 15 Mungret-st
Beech Wm, Mary-street Cussan James, Chapel-lane Hogan John, High-street
Boarke Stephen, 20 Patrick-street Guerin Michael, Broad-street Minahan Matt, Mungret-st
Brahan John, Mary-street


O'Neill Jas, Broad-street
Banton John, 2 Patrick-street Brown Honora, 23 Charlotte-quay O'Regan Thos., old Francis-street
Colopy John, 18 Patrick-street Caulfield Jas, jun, 34 Patrick-st Ryan Edmund, Mungret-st
Connolly Andrew, 29 Patrick-street Caulfield Wm H, Charlotte-quay White Matthew, old Francis-st
Cooke John, 37 Patrick-street Erson Wm, 25 George's-st


Corry Terence, Nicholas-street M'Donnell Mary, Thomond's-gate Cross George, Castle-street
Darrae Joseph, 1 Patrick-street Mullock Luke, 15 Charlotte-quay Cross Robert, Castle-street
Enright Thos, Mary-street



Gibbons John, Mary-street Gubbins Jas. upper William-st. Brown Mich, Mungret-street
Harrold Jas, Mary-street Hewson Septimus, Cornwallis-st Byrne Ann, Mungret-street
Hayes Jeremiah, Mary-street Massy John, 4 William-st Caswell Saml., George's-street
Hayes Patrick, 26 Broad-street Quinlan Jas., Thomas-street Coghlin Mich, Nicholas-street
Hewitt Thos, Mary-street Quinlan Thos., Shannon-street Kain Thos., Mungret-street
Higgins Denis, Mary-street Sheppard Thos., Cornwallis-street Kett Mary, Mungret-street
Jerris Henry, Mary-street Stephenson Standish, Thomas-st Lock Sylvester, Mungrest-street
Lanagan James, Mary-street Walsh Hugh, Shannon-street McKnight Bridget, Mungret-street
Lander Wm, Mary-street


McMahon Terence, Mungret-street
Lander Wm R, Mary-street Carmody Ann, 4 Patrick-street Meehan Dan., George's-street
Little John, (& leather cutter), Mary-st Clarke Michael, 35 George's-street Morony Mich, Mungret-street
Lynch Thos, Mary-street Goggin John F, 23 George's-street Wall Thos., Nicholas-street
M'Donnell Daniel, 13 Rutland-street


White Mary, Arthur's-quay
Newman Philip, Mary-street Barron Thos, Play House-lane


O'Brien John, Nelson-street Farrell Jas, Thomond-gate Bourke Mich, 24 Patrick-street
Ranny Samuel, Castle-street Farrell, John, old Clare-street Dwyer Wm, 35 Patrick-street
Ryan John, 27 George's-street Farrell, Patrick, Thomond-gate Kennelly Denis (& truss maker), Quay-lane
Ryan Michael, Mary-street Forrest Jas, Maugret-street Lyons Jas. (Queen's glove maker to the royal family) Mary-street
Spellane Timothy, Mary-street Gavin Cornelius, little Cray-lane

(Wholesale & Retail)
Those marked * thus are also Spirit Dealers

Terrott Wm., Mary-street Glynn Michael, Chapel-lane Alexander Saml., 10 George's-street
Tracy Thos., 13 Patrick-street M'Donnell John & Patrick, Wicham-st Arthur Mich, Mary-street
Wilson Ralph, 14 Patrick-street Reardon Jas, Denmark-street * Arthur Mich. (& tobacconist) Quay-lane
Worrall Edwd, 8 Arthur's-quay Reardon John, White-wine-street Arthur Wm, (& wine merchant), 16 Patrick-street
Worrell John, Ball's-bridge Ryan Thos., Mary-street Donnelly Edw, 98 George's-street
Worrell Thos., Ball's-bridge


* Hanrahan John, (& wine merchant) 117 George's-street and Mary-street


Hill Richd, Bank-place * Hickey Jas., Mary-street
Kennedy Edward, Meat Market-lane Hynes Peter, Castle-street * Hinks Thos, John's-street
Powell & Connell, Michael-street M'Donnell John H, Patrick-st. * Hogan John, 1 Broad-street



Connell & Fitzgerald, Green-hill Keith Simon George, Bank-place  
Roy Alex & Co, John's-gate M'Carthy Cornelius, Thomas-st  
Shannon Wm, Garryowen

(See Merchants)

Tucker Eliza, St. John's-square


Walker & Co, Canal Brewery Humphreys John, old Francis-street  


Humphrys, Wm., 1 Clare-street  
Montgomery Hugh, George's-quay    
Naughton Martin, little Cray-lane    


P. 288

Hogan Pat, Broad-street

See also Woollen Drapers


Creagh Pat. Wm. (wholesale), Lock-quay

Keane Jas., Nelson-street Dooly Jas, Mary-street Ellard John (& woollen), 27 Patrick-street
Keany Cath, Thomond's-gate Hayes Cornelius, Mary-street Fisher Benj, C., 8 Rutland-street
* Lynch John, 15 Patrick-street Newell Wm, 38 Patrick-street Fishers & Unthank, 97 George's-st
McMahon Thos. (& wine merchant), 11 Patrick-street O'Doherty Thos, Mary-street Frost Robert, Broad-street
* McNamara Pat, Broad-street Ryan Denis, Mary-street Grace Patrick, Broad-street
* Molony Thos, Wickam-street Scholes Geo, Ball's-bridge Halpin Jas, (& woollen manufacturer), Mungret-street
Moore Matt J.Z., Bank-place Wheeler Henry, Mary-street Hill Joshua, 11 George's-street
Morris Jonas (* wine merchant) 6 Rutland-place Wheeler?, Ball's-bridge Humphries David, Broad-street
Mullins Mary, (executors of), 15 Mungret-street


Lynch Arthur, 3 Mungret-st
Murphy Dan, upper William-street Commercial Hotel, James Gilmore, Commercial-buildings McNamara Thos. (wholesale), 11 Charlotte-quay
Murphy Pat, (& wine merchant) 113 George's-street Cooney's Hotel, John Cooney, Newtown-bridge O'Grady Pat, 2 Charlotte-quay
* Nunan Ann, Cornmarket-row Cork Hotel, Bridget McNamara, Denmark-street Reeves R. (& mercer), 27 George's-st
O'Brien Edw., Mary-street Glenn's Hotel, Margaret Glenn, William-st Ryan Malachi, Broad-street
* O'Brien, Jas. (& wine merchant), 4 George's-street Limerick Hotel, Auth. Swinburne, Brunswick-st Scanlan Pat, Mungret-street
O'Callaghan Pat, (& wine merchant) 9 George's-street Mail Coach Hotel, Eliza Moriarty, 7 George's-street Scanlan Thos, 21 Mungret-street
O'Doherty Chas., 2 Mungret-street Molony's Hotel, Wm Molony, Catherine-st Sellors Mich., Ball's-bridge
O'Shaughnessy Andrew, Mary-st


Slack Sarah, Mary-street
* Peacock Wm, upper William st Doyle John Jas., (& bell founder) Clare-street Unthank John, 25 Mungret-street
* Purcell Thos., 9 Broad-street Doyle Philip, John-street Unthank Joshua, 26 Mungret-street
Quin Mich (& wine merchant), 125 George's-street Newsom Thos, (& iron & brass works)

See also Iron and Timber Merchants

* Quin Thos., 12 Broad-street


Baker Robt, Robert-street
Quin Wm., Honan's-quay Creaghe Richd & Constantine, Mungret-st Bannatyne James, Brunswick-street
Roche Martin, ( & wine merchant), 2 George's-street Newsom Wm, Robert-street Black Jas., Brunswick-street
* Russell Geo. N., (& wine merchant), 2 George's-street O'Hara Chas, 129 George's-st Byrne Edw, Brunswick-street
* Russell Hughes, Broad-street Shannon Pierce (& coal) Cornmarket-row Clanchy Bartholomew, Mary-st
Russell Wm. Fras., 12 Charlotte-quay

See Hardwaremen

Creagh Martin, Bedford-row
Ryan D, 19 Broad-street


Edwards John, Car-street
Ryan Wm, 17 Broad-street Fitzgerald Wm, (& silversmith), Patrick-street Ferguson James, Ann-street
* Ryan Thos., Mary-street Purdon Saml., 12 Rutland-street Fisher Jos & Son, upper William-street
* Seward Jas., 46 Upper George's-street Ward Wm (& silversmith), 7 Charlotte-quay Gabbett Poole, Sir Harry's Mall
* Sheehy Thos., 1 Mungret-street Welsh Thos, 23 Patrick-street Gabbett Wm & Thos. Roche's-st
Sheppard Wm (& oil and colours), Wickham-street


Gavin Mich, near Bank-place
* Tisdall Wm, John-street Blackwell Francis, Mary-street Gunston Robt & John, Robert st


Brandon Mich, 24 Broad-street Harvey Jos Massey & Sons, Francis-street
Boyd Thos, 15 Rutland-st Connell James, Broad-street Hill John & Wm, William street
Jennings Wm, Nelson-street Connell Wm, 22 Broad-street Hunt David, Roches-street
O'Brien James, Castle-street Kirby Wm, & Co, (wholesale), 19 Broad-street Johnstone Alex, William-street
Read Wm, Merchant's-quay Lacy John, Broad-street Kelly John & Co, Michael-street
Richardson Wm, 1 George's-street Lynch Pat, Broad-street Kennedy Daniel, Mardyke

(See also Milliners)

McGrath Mich., Broad-street Langlands Matt, William-street
Boland Chas., Ball's bridge McMahon Christian, (wholesale) Mungret-st Macauly Thos. & Co, Thomas st
Byrom Susanna, 44 Patrick-street Moore John, Bank-place McNamara Chas, Custom House place
Carroll Hugh, (& silk mercer), 2 Charlotte quay Rohan John, 13 Mary-st McNamara Jas & Jn, Denmark-street
Herbert Sarah, 22 Patrick-street

See also Salt Manufacturers

McNamara Jas, Pump lane, Nicholas-street
Locke Ann, Hall's-bridge Creagh John Mich, Clare-street McNeill John & Co, Robert-street
McArdell, Philip (& wholesale) 3 Rutland-street Kenny Cath, Thomond-gate Mark & Co, Bedford-row
Vincent Eliza, 120 George's-street Vaughan Pat, North Strand O'Brien Anthony & Michael, Mardyke
Williams Ann, 9 Broad-street


O'Brien Terence, Henry street


Allen John, Mungret-street O'Donoghue Mich, Old Clare-steet
Abell John, 5 Rutland-street Carroll Thos, 2 Broad-street O'Niell Fras. John, O'Neill's quay
Bromell ?, (& bellows mkr) Mary-st   O'Neill Jas., Broad-street
Furlong Thos, 9 Patrick-street   Phelps Jas & Saml., Shannon street
Hastings Stephen Jn. (* trimming seller) 20 Charlotte-quay   Potter John & Mich, Henry st
Jones Wm, 30 Patrick-street   Roche, Steph. & John, Newtown-Mahon
McCarthy Jeremiah, 17 Charlotte-quay   Reddan John, Newtown-Mahon
Mahony Denis, 15 Broad-street   Robinson Hugh Martin, William st
Myles Jas, 4 Rutland-street   Rochford John, Honan's-quay
O'Hara Chas, 129 George's-street   Rodgers Robt, Bedford row
Sarsfield Sylvester, Rutland-street   Rogers Matt, Denmark-street
    Russell Geo Wm, Michael-street
    Russell John Norris, Shannon st
    Russell Jn. (provision), Roches-st
    Ryan Edm & Sons, Mungret-st
    Ryan Timothy, upper William st
    Shannon Pierce, Cornmarket-row
    Sharp John & Co, Roche's-st


P. 289


Sheehy Garrett, Clare-street


Connellan Matt & Co, Nicholas st


Spaight Fras., Honan's-quay Conway John, 27 Mungret st Coony Patrick, New-town-mahon
Westropp Ralph & Son, Thomas-st Hogan Denis, Nicholas street Hallinan Jno, High-st & Nelson-st
Wheeler Robt, Shannon-st Homan Edw, William street Joynt William, junr., Broad-street
White Walter Martin, Henry st Joynt John, Broad-street Kenny Catherine, Thomond-gate
White Wm, Denmark-st Keith Stephen, George's-quay Lynch Thos, Upper William-street


Myles Jas., Nelson-street Mark John, High-street
Byrne Thos, Mungret street Stewart Eliza, Wilson's quay O'Connell Patrick, John-street
Caswell Saml., George's-quay


O'Conner Barnaby, Clare-street
Erson Paul, Catherine-st Boston Pav., 119 George's-street


Gabbett Poole, Sir Henry's-mall Guerin James, (& Fancy warehouse),
28 Patrick-street
Graham John, (and merchant) 8 Arthur's-quay
Hogan James, Lock Mills


Mallock & Son, Arthur's-quay
Lyons Henry, Thomas-street Beech Rd. (& painter), Merchant's-
Parker George, Arthur's-quay
Roche David, Brunswick-street Blackwell Henry, (& painter), Mary-street


Supple C, 7 Arthur's-quay Blackwell Wm., Roche's-street Crilley John, 2 Arthur's-quay

Marked thus * are also Haberdashers

Gould John, 61 Roche's-street Lysaght James, (and ironmonger), Merchants-quay
Dwyer Margaret, 118 George's-street Hands John, 6 Francis street O'Mealy Patrick, Arthur's-quay
* Dwyer Margaret, 3 Patrick-street Jones John, 22 George's-street


* Molony Margaret, 35 Patrick-street Jones Joseph, William-street Carroll Mary, 2 Bedford-row
* Murphy Mary, 6 Patrick-street McMahon Chas., 32 William-street Devitt Thomas, 25 Patrick-street
Talbot Mary, Roches-street


Fennessy Ellen, 33 Patrick-street


Hill George Thos., 1 lower Glentworth-street Flanagan Sarah, 121 George's-street
Corbett Jas & Pat., 39 Patrick st Hill James, (& cider), 31 upper George's-street McArdell Philip (and wholesale), 3 Rutland-street
Keegan Jas, Cray-lane Moore Wm, upper Catherine-street



O'Halloran John, 2 lower Glentworth-st Browne John, Boharbue-barracks
Limerick Chronicle, published Wednesday & Saturday, Rutland st., Henry & Andw. James Watson, proprietors. Tracy Mary, 4 Francis-street Connell James, Dominick-street
Limerick Evening Post, published Tuesday & Friday, Dan. Geary, proprietor, Francis-st

See Also Booksellers

Drysdale John, Clare-street
Observer, published Wednesday and Saturday, Francis street by Rd. Palmer Canter, John O'Driscoll, esq, proprietor. Canter Richd. Palmer, 12 Francis-st English Mathew, Kenry-street


Geary Davd, 3 Francis-st


Fennessy Edw., 12 Francis-st McDonald Alex, Commercial buildings Everett Jno. (whitesmith), High-st
Lewis Thos, 18 Patrick-st


Houlehan Michael, Castle-street
Wilson Wm, 3 George's-st Carr James, (dancing), William-street Irey John, Castle-street

See also Druggists

Corbett Jas & Pat., (music teachers & music sellers), 39 Patrick st Kennedy Patrick, Thomond-gate
Alexander Samuel & William, William-st Daly John, (music & singing), 5 Anne street Mulcahy James, Chapel-lane
Russell Henry Ivers, (merchant), 1 Rutland-street Henriquez Mons. (French, Italian & Spanish), Thomas-street Osborn Stephen, (whitesmith), High-st

See also Plumbers

Kidd peter (portrait painting), Arthur's-quay Roohan Michael, Broad-street
Fitzgerald Jas, Cornwallis-street O'Connor M., (painting), 39 upper George's-street Roughan Michael, 7 Broad-street
Gloster Thos., 44 Henry-street Osborne Geo. & Son (music) Bank-place


Kennedy Mary, Change lane Peace John (music), Bow lane Ballard John, Mungret-street
Kennedy Thos, Mary-street Peace Thos (music) Bow lane Carey Patrick, Mungret-street
King George, Taylor-street Phillips Edw, (music), 4 Francis-street Connell Jane, Mungret-street
McCormack Thos, Lock-quay Stack Wm. & Sons, (dancing), Ann st Goulding Patrick, Mungret-street
Murphy James, Cray-lane

See Merchants

Kelly Mary, Mungret-street
O'Connor Denis, Nicholas-street


McGill Richard, Mungret-street
Parker Jos, Henry-street Atkinson John, George's-quay O'Brien Patrick, Mungret-street


Atkinson Patrick, Arthur's-quay O'Connor John, Mungret-street
Dodd Jas, jun, Old Clare street Shannon Pierce, Cornmarket-row O'Sullivan Margaret, Mungret-street
McNulty Bernard, 53 George's-street


Prendergrast Mary, Mungret-street
Russell Henry Ivers, 1 Rutland-st Connell John, William-street



Culhane Thomas, (harness maker), High-street Barrett Thomas, Broad-street
Ryan Jas., Anacutty mills Furnell Benjamin, 126 George's-street Barron Maurice, Lock-quay
Waters Pat, Bank-place Haynes Adam, 21 George's-street Bartlett Catherine, Prospect-row


Ryan Morgan, (harness maker),Thomond-gate Bass Thomas, Brunswick-street
Browne Edw., John-street Sheehan Margaret, 5 Patrick-st Blackwell George, Mungret-street
Burton John, George's-quay Spain George, 7 Patrick-st Blackwell James, Merchant's-quay
Bunton Timothy, Thomas street Walton John, 23 Patrick-st Browne John, Lock-quay
Carey Christian, Mary-street


Carmody Arthur, 26 Denmark-street
    Casey Elizabeth, Mary-street
    Cassidy Michael, Penny-well
    Clanchy James, John-street
    Clark Mary, Car-street
    Clarke Thomas, Mardyke
    Conway John, Arthur's-quay
    Conway Neptune (& livery stables), Thomond-gate
    Cunningham Daniel, Thomas-street
    Doyle Mary, Thomond-gate
    Dunn Michael, Cornwallis-street
    Dwyer James, 46 Mary-street
    Egan John, 30 Denmark-street
    Enright Thomas, Thomas-street
    Fitzgibbon John, Cornwallis-street


P. 290


Grady James, Henry-street



O'Brien Jas, Meat Market-lane

Hall John, Prospect-row Cahill James, George's-quay Syms Robert, White-wine-street
Halpin Patrick, upper William-st Carroll James, 18 Denmark-street


Hanly John, Roches-street Dwyer Wm, (merchant tailor), 33 Patrick-street Levey Francis, Mungret-street
Hickie William, Roche-street Fielding John, 19 Denmark-street Wilkinson Jas., Denmark-street
Hodge John, Thomond-gate Fitzgibbon, Edwd, Custom-House-pl Wilkinson Samuel, 6 Patrick-street
Jackson Richard, George's-quay Hunt Richd., Thomas-street


Kearney William, Arthur's-quay Quinlan Wm, 16 Rutland-street Jackson James, New-market
Kelly William, Nicholas-street Vokes Andrew, Taylor-street Kelly James, New-market
Kenyon Patrick, Thomond-gate


O'Donnell David, New-market
Kerley Arthur, 10 Denmark-street Alley Gabriel, Mary-street O'Donnell John, New-market
Kerwick James, George's-quay Barker Wm, Mary-street Purcell Richd., Denmark-street
Lahiff Thomas, 27 Denmark-street Boland Francis, John-street


Lyons William, 22 Denmark-street Bolster Wm, 3 John-street Baynham Benjamin, 22 Patrick-street
McCormick Denis, (Munster Tavern), Lock-quay Bowles John, 12 Patrick-street Glover W ( & manufacturer of O'Shaughnessy's books & flies), 11 Rutland-street
McDonnell John, 9 Denmark-street Bradshaw Wm. I, John-street Homan Robert, 118 1/2 George's-street
McMahon Mary, Cray-lane Carey Martha, Mungret-street O'Hogan Lawrence, Arthur's-quay
McNamara Patrick, Nicholas-street Carey Matthew, 2 Broad-street O'Shaughnessy Robt. (and fishing tackle maker), 18 George's-street
McSweeny Mary, (Limerick Tavern), 8 Francis-street Casey James, High-street Palmer Robt, 2 Merchant's-quay
Magee Johanna, William-street Corbett Thos., Broad-street Purcell John, 43 Patrick-street
Meagher Michael, White Wine-st Dickson Bassett, 4 Mungret-street

See also Merchants and Grocers

Molony Thomas, Cornmarket-row Dwyer Joseph, 8 Patrick-street O'Brien Peter, 7 Bank-place
O'Brian James, Thomond-gate Fawl Andrew, Mary-street O'Hallaran & M'Namara, (& spirit) upper George's-street
O'Brien James, Brunswick-street Gleeson Mary, Cornwallis-street


O'Brien Lewis, upper William-st Harty Wm, Mary-street Evans Thos., Thomond-gate
O'Callahan James, Denmark-st Johnston John, Broad-street Gould Wm, Mungret-street
O'Farrell William, Nicholas-st Jones Ann, Nicholas-street Myles George, Nelson-street
O'Halaran Patrick, Thomond-quay Joynt Wm, jun. Broad-street Myles James, Nelson-street
O'Keefe Amelia, 7 Merchant's-quay Kenny Catherine, Thomond-gate Myles John, Nelson-street
O'Kelly Catherine, William-street M'Culla Julia, Mungret-street Myles Thos, Nelson-street
O'Kelly Tobias, George's-quay Madagan Patrick, Mary-street Myles Zachary, Thomond-gate
O'Mara Daniel, Thomond-gate Massey George, (& tobacconist), 18 Broad-street Parker Thos., Nelson-street
O'Mealy Patrick, Arthur's-quay Moore Matthew, 26 Patrick-street

Marked * thus are dealers in hats also

O'Regan Wm, Corn Market-row Moore Samuel, 13 George's-street * Abbott Thos, 13 Francis-street
O'Sullivan Wiliam, Arthur's-quay Parker Edward, Wickham-street Blood Thos, 131 George's-street
Purcell John, Henry-street Peacock John, 11 John-street Bourke John, 21 Charlotte-quay
Quinlan Thomas, Nelson-street Peacock Margaret, William-street Dwyer John (wholesale & retail), 1 & 19 Charlotte-quay
Quinlivan Edmund, Thomond-gate Reddan Johanna, Mungret-street Ferguson Wm, 132 George's-street
Rahily John, Nicholas-street Sheahan Patrick, 124 George's-street * Hanly John, 6 Charlotte-quay
Reeves Margaret, Wilson's-quay Shepherd Harriet, 7 Broad-street Hogan John James, 130 George's-street
Ryan Thomas, Mary-street


* Honan Martin (wholesale & retail), 8 Charlotte-quay
St. Laurence John, Lock-quay Jones Isaac Jacques, Altamirea Hynes Edward, 9 Charlotte-quay
Sarsfield Margt, upper William-st Kelly Matthew, 12 Clare-street Lyons Bartholomew, (and linen), 116 Charlotte-quay
Scott Richard, Broad-street O'Dwyer James, 4 Clare-street *M'Mahon Robt, 10 Charlotte-quay
Sexton James, Nicholas-street


Molony Jos. P, (& merchant tailor), 17 George's-street
Sheehy Patrick, Roches-street Graham John, (& ship agent), Mardyke O'Connell George, (& battery office), 116 George's-street
Size Mary, 53 William-street Harvey J.M. & Sons, Mardyke O'Dea James, 22 Charlotte-quay
Stewart James, Prospect-row Ryan Wm, & Co, Mardyke * Ryan Brothers, 19 George's-street
Tinsly William, George's-quay


* Ryan Matthew Barry, 4 Charlotte-quay
Turner John, Pennywell

Baggett Thos., George's-street

Ryan Matthew & Son, 32 Patrick-street
Walsh Margaret, Shannon-street Blanford John, Mary-street


Ward Ann, Mungret-street Cassidy James, Quay-lane Ahern James, glue & wine maker, St. Francis's-abbey
Ward David, Ward's-lane Cunningham Richd., Michael-street Club House, Joseph Crosby, George's-street


Dowling Jeremiah, (and brazier), 28 Broad-street Cummins Jas, plater, Merchant's-quay
Jamieson Matthew, 25 Denmark-st Fitzgerald John, Quay-lane Deacon Jas., verterinary surgeon, Henry-street
O'Brien Mary, Thomas-street


De L'Acy Maurice, harbour master, Clare-street
Russell Francis Philip, Lock-quay Arthur Wm, 1 George's-street Faulkner Mary, block & pump maker, Merchant's-quay


Coghlan Patrick, Mungret-street Garton Arthur, piano forte tuner and repairer, 8 Merchant's-quay
Barry John, William-street Cussan Catherine, (and importer), upper William-street  
Garvey Michael, Cecil-street Hartigan Richd., 5 Broad-street  
O'Grady Thomas, Mary-street Hogan James, (and importer), 1 Bank-place  
O'Halaran Patrick, Thomond-gate Looney Mary, 20 Broad-street  


M'Donnell Rebecca, Wicham-st  
Bezley Emily, George's-street M'Enry Wm, Arthur's-quay  
Carroll Anne, Quay-lane M'Mahon Julia, Mungret-street  
Cassidy Catherine, Quay-lane Molony Joseph, (& spirit dealer), Mungret-street  
Ferguson Margaret, Mungret-st O'Sullivan Henry (and importer), 5 George's-street  
Fitzgerald Sarah, 123 George's-st


Garvey Ellen, 60 Roches-street Keays Wm., Play House-lane  
Knowles Ann, 8 Patrick-street    
McMahon Mary, 36 Patrick-street    
Mahony Susanna, Quay-lane    
Walsh Ann, 2 Roches-street    


Mahony Francis, St. John's-square    
Unthank Jno. (& linen), Mungret-street    


P. 291


Hooper Charles, sail maker & pilot, 8 Merchants-quay

DUBLIN, the Mail through Nenagh, Roscrea, Borris, Montreath, Maryborough, Monasterevan, Kildare and Nass, every afternoon at three and arrives from Dublin every morning at eleven.

From the Post Office.

Hickey Wm, potter & tile maker, Bow-lane DUBLIN, A Day Post Coach, through the above towns, every morning at five and arrives from Dublin every night at ten. NEWCASTLE, a Mail Car through Adair and Rathkeale, every morning at a quarter past eleven.
Hyde & Skin Crane, West Water Gate, M. Ormsby, proprietor DUBIN, A Post Coach, by Parsonstown, (or Birr) on Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday mornings at a quarter past eleven, arrives in Birr the same evenings at six; it arrives at Limerick from Dublin on the same days at one. This Coach goes through Nenagh, Borrosakean, Kennetty, Clonaslee, Mountmelick, Portarlington, and Monasterevan.

From Glenn's Hotel

Kelly Patrick, inspector of fisheries, Anne-street ENNIS, the Mail through Newmarket on Fergus, every morning at half past eleven, and arrives from Ennis every morning at ten. CLONMEL, a Car through Tipperary and Cahir, every morning at ten, and arrives thence every morning at six.
M'Auliff Andrew, tape manufacturer, Mary-street WATERFORD, the Mail through Tipperary, Cahir, Clonmel, and Carrick-on-Suir, every morning at a quarter before seven, and arrives from Cork every afternoon at half past four. NEWCASTLE, A Car through Adair and Rathkeale every afternoon at half past three, and arrives from these places every morning at nine.
Mackey Mary, coach proprietor, 54 William-street

From the Mail Coach Office, George's-Street

From Sheehy's, Roche-St

Molony David, wool card maker, Broad-street DUBLIN, a Caravan every morning at nine, through Nenagh, Roscrea, Montrath, &c., remains at Montrath, and leaves next morning at six, for Dublin whence it arrives every afternoon at half-past three. PALLIS-KENRY, a Mail Car every Sunday, Wednesday and Friday afternoon at half past one, and returns the next day at half past nine; and another on Tuesdays, Thursdays & Saturdays with passage and parcels only, at four in the afternoon, and returns at half past 9 the next morning.
Nash Cornelius, starch & blue manufacturer, Sexton-street ENNIS, a Caravan through Six-Mile-Bridge, Newmarket-on-Fergus, &c., every afternoon (Sundays excepted) at half-past two, and arrives from Ennis in the morning at half past nine.

From John Hanley's, Roche-Street

New Bridge & Dock Collector's Office, Denis Lyons, Collector, 6 Arthur's-quay

From Patrick Coleman's, Francis-Street

PALLIS-KENRY, a Car every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday afternoon at four, and returns the next morning.
O'Connor Christopher, engraver, 8 Merchant's-quay ENNIS- Tierney's Caravan, on the same line of road as the preceding, every afternoon (Sundays excepted), and arrives from Ennis at half past nine in the morning.

By Water

O'Connor Donat, fishing tackle maker, William-street   LONDON, the 'Duke of Wellington', 'True Blue', 'Rapid', and 'Margaret'. Traders sail alternately about once a fortnight- Mullock & Son, Arthur's Quay, Agents
O'Connor John, wheelwright, West Water-street   Traders to other ports uncertain.
O'Donoghue Michael, stay maker, 119 George's-street   DUBLIN, Thos. Goodboys's Boats by Canal, with goods, luggage, &c., three days a week, days uncertain-Thos. Keane Kidd, Agent, Sir Harry's Mall.
O'Farrell Patrick, livery stable, Quay-lane   DUBLIN, by Canal, Geo. Smith's Boat every week.
Riboldi Joseph, carver and gilder, 122 George's-street   DUBLIN, by Canal, Cornelius Nash's Boat weekly, apply at Lock Mills.
Ryan John, machine maker, Mardyke   KILRUSH, two boats for passengers and goods twice a week, days uncertain.
Smyth Judith toy dealer, & c., 2 Shannon-street    
Wilkinson James, military accoutrement maker, 4 Denmark-street    


CORK, the Mail through Bruff, Kilmallock, Charleville, and Mallow, every evening at half past eleven, and arrives from Cork every day at a quarter past 2.    
CORK, A Day Post Coach, through Bruff, Kilmallock, Kildorary, Fermoy and Rathcormack, every Mon., Wed., and Friday morning, and arrives from Cork on the evenings of Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at six.    

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