A Little Bit of Ireland



A small seaport in the county of Mayo, is pleasantly situated on a bay of the same name, & the south bank of the Moy. It is distant 127 miles nearly north-west of Dublin, twenty-two north of CAstlebar, six north of Ballina, thirty north of Newport. The bishopric of Achonry,  the county of Sligo was united to this see in the year 1607. Here lies French invaders landed in 1798, and here the rebels were finally subdued after the surrender of the French at Ballynamuck. To the cathedral church a neat tower and spire were added in 1820. An ancient round tower is still standing in the town 84 feet high, but no record exists to ascertain the date or purpose of the erection. a mile eastward of this place stands Moyne abbey, now in ruins, built for Dominican friars by the family of the O'Dowdes, in 1412. Not far distant from this are the ruins of Roserke abbey; both are well worth the traveller's notice. The bishop's palace is a modern building erected in a commanding situation and overlooking the Bay. Here is also a free school, which was founded by the trustees of Erasmus Smyth's charity, and affords education gratis to seventy children. The exports of this town are grain and provisions. A good market is held on Saturday, and there are three annual fairs, viz. on the 28th of May, the 17th of August, and the eighth of November. Population about 2400.

     POST OFFICE- Post Mistress, Mrs. Ann Grant. The Dublin mail arrives from Ballina by horse at six in the morning, and returns at seven the same evening. Office hours from seven in the morning till eleven at night.


Bermingham Rev. Geo. minister of the
     cathedral church..
Higgins John, esq. Smythstown Palmer Roger, esq. Caramore
Boland Rev. Pat. P.P. Killala, the Ret. Rev. Lord Bishop of
Perkins John, esq. Ballabrooney
Burke Palmer esq. Kirkwood Thos. esq. ,Lodge Pugh Arthur esq. Lisadrone
Burke Wm, esq, Castletown Knox Chas. esq.,Castletown Rogers Rev. Dav.
Cooper Thos, esq. Senechal of Killala Knox John, esq. Castlerea Stock Fred. esq, Episcopal Register
Gardiner John esq, Farmhill Ormsby Duke, esq. Killenney Stokes Rev. Gabriel Vicar-General
Gore the Hon. and very Rev. Dean Palmer Thos, esq., Summer-hill Verschoyle Rev. Jos. Archdeacon



Eakins Richd., publican Ramsey Robt, merchant
Bourne Robert D. surgeon and
Faucet Robt. chandler and salt
Smyth Chas., merchant
Knox Wm., M.D. Gill James, tailor Smyth Miss Mary, haberdasher
Jones Geo. saddler


Joynt James, ship & agent broker


Cooper James, merchant Kavanagh Martin, publican Jas. Rutledge, esq, port surveyor
Cooper Joseph, grocer Kirkwood Jos. & John, merchants Jas. Ramsey, esq., pro-collector
Cooper Thos, merchant Kirkwood Thos., merchant Francis Goodwin, esq. land waiter
Dougherty John, publican Perkins John, merchant Mr. Wm. Mc Bride, assistant tide surveyor
Quinlin Pat, publican Mr. Robert Poke, tide waiter.


Chas. Smith, esq. distributor. The nearest coach to this town is the Westport Mail, which passes through Castlebar in and from Dublin daily. Castlebar is distant 22 miles north-west. For the transport of Goods to any of the neighbouring towns, Cars must be particularly engaged.

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