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     The county town of the same name, is distant from Dublin, by the Athenry road 102 miles. The town with its liberties, extending four miles in all directions, constitutes a distinct county, and is governed by a mayor (who is a magistrate, ex officio, of the county at large), a recorder, aldermen and sheriffs. It was formerly walled, and regularly flanked with towers and bastions; its form was a parallelogram, three sides of which were protected with a strong wall, crowned with ramparts, erected in the most commanding positions, the other side as secured by a deep, broad, and rapid river. The enclosed space consists of four principal streets, running parallel to each other, and intersected by cross streets and lanes, nearly at right angles,; some of the ancient castles still exist, and exhibit specimens of skilful and permanent masonry. This ancient town is advantageously situated for foreign and domestic trade, as it lies on a very extensive bay, and has an internal fresh water communication by means of Lough Corrib, which stretches more than 30 miles into the country. This lake discharges its redundant waters by an impetuous current, which in the time of floods, rushes furiously into Galway bay. It is computed to cover an area of 30000 acres, and its island are said to contain 1000 acres of arable and pasture land; its surface is asserted to be only thirteen feet nine inches above high water mark, and its medium rise in floods is three feet. Galway, so early as 1278 was a place of note, for we find from the town records, that, about this time, the inhabitants began to fortify themselves, and to build walls and bastions. We also find by the report of the commissioners on the records of Ireland two rolls, one dated in the 6th year of Edward the 1st empowering the collecting of customs and tolls on various commodities, in aid of ,and the building of walls; the other dated in the 49th year of Edward, the 3rd, entitled "charter of the staple of Galway"; there is also a third record, dated the 6th of August in the first year of Edward the 4th, granting to Germyn Lynch the office of warden and master of the mint in Ireland, and empowering him to coin money for Galway. The merchants carried on an extensive commerce with France and Spain, particularly in wine and brandy; of the former article, their records assert, that they used to import 1200 tons a year, and this trade they monopolied for nearly four centuries. They supplied all Connaught, Leinster and part of Munsert, and had even their stores and vaults at Athboy, in the county of Meath,


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the remains of which may still be seen, and hence they supplied Dublin, Drogheda, and the adjacent town; their exports consisted of wood, beef, pork, butter and fish. The shops of Galway are plentifully stored with these articles, which vanity requires, or necessity demands. Course woollen cloths are manufactured here, but not on an extensive scale, as no capitalists have yet embarked in this speculation. The manufacture of linens, though but lately introduced, promises to become a flourishing and permanent branch of trade. Kelp burning, and the extensive herring and other fisheries, carried on in the bay and its various creeks and harbours, employ a numerous, hardy and industrious population. Here is also an extensive salmon fishery, and great quantities of eels are taken at the proper season. The flesh and vegetable markets are plentifully supplied, particularly with veal, kid & lamb. The merchants of Galway used for a long time to furnish the British navy by contract with beef and pork. Their trade and commerce were so lucrative , that the thirteen tribes were enabled, at an early period, to purchase large estates all over Connaught, and part of Munster, many of which notwithstanding the different revolutions that have occurred, are still enjoyed by their posterity. In some ports of the town the houses are divided into separate estates or properties, for each room of which the respective tenants pay a quit rent to the crown, in consequence of a separate patent having been granted by Oliver Cromwell. The pavement is generally bad, having been much neglected, and the greater part of the old town consists of a square edifice upwards of 200 years old with  a small court in the centre; this court communicates with the street by an arched way, on each side of which is a stone staircase. The public buildings are the parochial church, a magnificent Gothic structure, of which the privileges and constitution are unique; a dispensary; a charter school and an hospital; a county jail, which is a noble structure, built in a single, but elegant style of architecture, at a place called Nuns' Island, situate at the west end of the town; it was ready for the reception of prisoners by June 1811; and the situation and convenience rivals any prison in the empire; the town jail is contiguous. There are also three barracks for foot soldiers; four nunneries and three monasteries. The poor house, or refuge for the destitute, is a stone building near the college, and was built by the Rev. Mark Fynn at the expense of 700l. A new corn-market is erecting in Eyre-square, which, when finished, will be of great utility to the town, over it is to be an elegant ball room; a thousand pounds were granted by government towards the erection of this building. The fish market has undergone considerable improvement by means of the funds sent hither by the English for the relief of the suffering Irish in 1822. New butchers' shambles have also been lately erected in Bridge-street by Mr. William Murphy. The Roman Catholic chapel in Middle-street is a very spacious, stone edifice, and when the interior is finished, it will be one of Galway's greatest ornaments. In 1822 a savings' bank was established here, as well as a reproductive loan-fund, which is of essential service to the industrious poor; any person of sober and laborious habits may borrow from this fund a sum not exceeding 10l. by finding two responsible persons, as security for the requirement of it at the rate of ten pence in the pound weekly; there is an extension of this privilege to weavers, who manufacture their own cloth; they may be accommodated with 29l, by finding similar security and repaying it by instalments of five pence in the pound weekly, or twenty pence monthly. Thus an industrious man is enabled to emerge from obscure poverty to respectable competency. The town of Galway sends one member to the united parliament in the person of Michael J. Prendergast, esq. The county sends two, James Daly, esq., of Dunsandle and Richard Martin, esq. of Ballynahinch. There are two market days, Wednesday and Saturday, and tow fairs, on the 31st of May and the 4th of September. The population of the town according to the returns of 1821 was 27,827 and if we include the liberties, the whole will probably yield a total of more than 40,000.

     POST OFFICE, Flood-street.- Post Master, Henry S. Persse, junr, esq. The Dublin mail is despatched every morning, except Saturdays., at eleven, and arrives in the afternoon at three. The Oranmore, Craughwell, Loughrea, Aughrim, and Ballinasloe mails at eleven in the morning. The Oughterard and Clifden, at a quarter past three in the afternoon every Sunday, Wednesday, and Friday, and return at nine in the morning. Office open from seven in the morning till nine at night. All foreign letters go by the Dublin mail.


His Grace, the Archbishop of Tuam,
Burke John, esq. Rock-town French Anthony ,esq. Prospect-hill
Adams Richd, Esq. Newcastle-bridge Burke Michael, esq. Market-street French Colonel, Prospect-hill
Adams Wallace, esq. Quay Burke Patrick M, esq. Danefield French James, esq. Middle-street
Alexander Jno. esq. Spanish-parade Burke Robert, esq. Murrough French Rev. James, Dominican convent
Baldwin Mrs, Middle-street Cannon Henry, esq., Dominick-street French Mr. Mary-street
Blair Richard, esq. Coroner,
Cashel Henry, esq. Nun's-island French Mrs. Back-street
Blake Andrew, esq. Flurbo Cheevers Hysanth, esq. Back-street French Mrs. Michael, Middle-street
Blake Charles, esq. Merlin-park Cheevers Mrs. K, Middle-street Fynn Rev. Mark, Abbey gate-street
Blake Colonel, Flurbo Clinton Henry, esq. Simp-lodge Gill Rev. Thomas, Abbey gate-street
Blake Edward, esq. J.P. Wood-quay Concannon John, esq. Creggs Hally John ,esq., Eyre-court
Blake Rev. Francis, Abbey-gate-st Costello Charles, esq. Flood-street Hanlan Captain, Flood-street
Blaek James, esq. Tully Cuppeidge Geo. esq. Newtownsmith Higgin Mrs. Back-street
Blake Sir John, Menlo-house Daly Captain, Dominick-street Hudson Captain, Eyre-square
Blake John, esq. Shop-street Daly Rev. James, Dominick-street Hughes Rev. Jas. St. Francis-convent
Blake Mannis, esq. J.P. Prospect-hill Daly Rev. Peter, Vicar, Abbey-gate-st Hughes Rev. Michl, Abbey-convent
Blake Mrs., Woodstock D'Arcy Rev. John, Back-street Hynes Mrs. Thomas, Back-street
Blake Mrs. F, Back-street D'Arcy Wm Taylor, esq. Ashley-park Joyce Lieut. J.R., Rosemary-lane
Blake Valentine, esq. Menlo-castle Davis Mrs. Middle-street Joyce Walter, esq. Mer-view
Bloomfield Mrs. Cross-street Davis Paul, esq. Middle-street Joyes Rev Mathias, Abbey gate-st
Bodkin James, esq. Rahoon Denis Captain, Eyre-square Joyes Peter, esq. Newtown-smith
Brown Nicholas, esq. High Sheriff,
     Upper Dominick-street
Devenick Digby, esq. Arran-Isles Joyes Richard, esq. Newtown-smith
Browne Alexander, esq. Lake-view Domalin Anthony, esq. Wood-quay Keogh Misses, High-street
Browne James, esq. Browneville Dornelan Mrs. Mary-street Kerney Matt, esq. Newtown-smith
Browne Mrs. Dominick-street Eyre Edward, esq. Back-street Kirwan Rev. Joseph, P.P. High-st
Browne Thomas, esq. Back-street Fallon Rev. Jno, Dominican-convent Kirwan Mrs. T. Middle-street
Burke Rev. Edward, Nun's-island Ferrall Patrick, esq. Middle-street Langford Robert, esq. Eyre-square
Burke James H., esq. Mayor,
Fitsimons John esq. Governor of the
     County Gaol
Lawless Peter, Jenyland
Flaherty Anthony, esq. Knockbane Lynch James, esq. Castle
Flaherty Captain, Kingston Lynch Patrick, esq. Castle
Flaherty Captain, Sea-point Lynch Patrick M. esq. Dura-park


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Lyons Rev. Philip, St. Francis' convent Martin Mrs., Dominick-street Persse Robert, esq. Rustic-lodge and
     Roxboro', Loughrea
M'Dermott Austin, St. Augustine's convent Martin Robert, esq. Ross Puxley Orwell, esq., Dominick-street
M'Dermott James B., esq., Governor   of  the city Gaol Mooney Rev. Patrick, Abbey gate-st Quin Austin, esq. Shop-street
M'Donnell Edw., esq., Meyrick-square Moore John, esq. Prospect-hill Quin Major Val, Bushy-park
M'Donough Mrs. Dominick-street Moore Lieut R.N., Shop-street Reddington Thomas, esq. Glenlore
M'Lachlan Lachlan, esq. Back-street Morgan Rev. H., Vicar, Back-street Reilly John Lushington, esq. Scarva
     house County Down nr Banbridge
M'Lachlan Nathan, esq., Prospect-hill Morris James, esq, Back-street Shaw Croasdall, esq., Dominick street
M'Namara Mrs., Well-park Morris Martin, esq., Spiddle Shaw Mrs. Dominick-street
Mahon Mrs., Eyre-square Morris Michael, esq., Spiddle Smyth Matt J, esq. Dungan-cottage
Mannin Rev. Denis, Downey-street O'Connor Mrs. Jas, Dominick-street Staples Sir Robert, Spiddle
Mansell George, esq., Shanlaria O'Hara Jas., Recorder, West-lodge Whaley Martin, esq. Arran-isles
Marsden Mrs., Back-street O'Hara James, esq. West-lodge Whitty Rev. James, College
Martin Anthony, esq. Dungan O'Hara Richard, esq., West-lodge
Perrin Anthony, esq. Church-street
Persse Burton, esq. Newcastle
Persse Henry, esq., Sea-view



Symmus George, Dangan Burke Richard (four courts & notary
     public), Church-yard
Kearns Daniel, Flood-street Symmus James junr., Dangan Clayton Oliver, (four courts & special bail  for the three law courts), High-st


Ward Peter, Polough Costello James,  (four courts & special
    bail for the three law courts for county
     & town), Back-street
Dowling Andrew (to the British and
    Irish Fire office, and Westminster
     life insurance Company) Cross-st


Perrin Anthony, (four courts), Church-
Fitzgerald Fran. to Lloyd's, Back-st Clinch James, High-street Ruxton Allen Chon, K.B.E., Dominick-


M'Hugo Andrew, Lombard-street


Blake Christopher, Shop-street Manin Michael, Shop-street Cassidy Hugh, High-street
Cahill and Bodkin (new medical hall),


Wilson William, Shop-street
D'Arcy Michael, Shop-street Barnacle Michael, William-street


Hillary John, Meyrick-square Birmingham John, Dominick-street Joyce Jas. & Pat., Newtown-smith
M'Hugh John, Shop-street Burke John, Abbey gate-street


Mahon Thomas, High-street Burke Michael, Shop-street Connolly Morgan, Shop-street
Martin Owen, Shop-street Burke Walter, Shop-street Mullins Bridget, Cross-street
O'Malley Martin, High-street Carr Peter, William-street


O'Shaughnessy Francis, Meyrick-sq Gaffry John, William-street Blake Andrew, High-street


Green Thomas, High-street Blake John, Abbey gate-street
Bath Robert, Newtown-smith Hughes Patrick, William-street Burke William, William-street
Brady William, Middle-street Lidon Thomas, William-street Coleman John, Abbey gate-street
Clarke William (& builder), Lombard-
Mitchell John (& miller), Cross-street Corr Bernard (and spirit dealer), Cross-
Cusack James, Merchants-road Mortimer Richard, Quay-street Corr Thomas, Abbey gate-street
Fahy Richard, Back-street Mortimer Richard, Abbey gate-street Costello Thomas, (and spirit dealer),
Hay Alexander, Dominick-street Naven Bridget, William-street Dowling James, Abbey gate-street


Rooney William, Cross-street Duggan James, High-street
Bath Henry Joseph, Newtown-smith Usher John, Main guard-street French Thomas, Abbey gate-street
Blake Dominick, Arnill-lodge


Fynn Js. (and corn merchant) Abbey
Blake Walter, Arnill-lodge Clayton John, High-street Hughes Martin, Quay-street
Blakeney John, Abbey gate-street Connolly George, High-street Kelly John, William-street
Blakeney James, Abbey gate-street M'Cartney Louisa (and circulating
     library), Shop-street
Killeen Edward, Upper Dominick-st
Browne Austin, Middle-street Smyth Rachael, Lombard-street Kineavy Martin, (& corn merchant),
Burke Bryan, Eyre-square


Lovelock Andrew, Lombard-street
Burke Edmund, Nun's-island Bulger John, Cross-street Lynch Anthony, High-street
Burke Francis John, Back-street Cavanagh William, Lombard-street Maloney Patrick, Cross-street
Burke Joseph, Quay-street Dea Honora, Quay-street Murphy Patrick, William-street
Burke Joseph, Back-street Kane Francis, Cross-street O'Doherty James, Main guard-street
Connolly Patrick, Market-street Nolan Patrick, Abbey gate-street Stephens John, William-street
Dannilon Anthony, Newtown-smith Rooney John, Lombard-street Sweeney John, Cross-street
Dillon James, Shop-street Toole Thomas, Cross-street Winston Richard, High-street
Galway Henry, Middle-street



Galway John, Middle-street

Adams Richard, Madeira

Fallon Michael, High-street
Galway William, Rockwood Burke John, Newtown-smith


Hardiman James, Meyrick-square Fitzgerald Francis, (ale and porter),
Cheevers Bridget, Shop-street
Keough William, Newtown-smith Persse Burton, Newcastle Gardiner Mary Ann, (& silk mercer),
Kirwan John, Newtown-smith


Kelly Catherine, William-street
Lynch George L, Middle-street Colman James, Abbey gate-street O'Flaherty, Mary, High-street
Lynch Redmond, Middle-street Lee Redmond, Cross-street Scanlan Francis, Shop-street
Martin Anthony, Back-street Mahoney Daniel, Cross-street


O'Connor Charles, Dominick-street Staunton Walter, Quay-street Clayton John, High-street
O'Hara Constantine, Lombard-street


Commins Redmond, William Street.
O'Shaughnessy John, Cross-street Brady William, Middle-street
Perrin Michael, Church-yard Burke Michael, Abbey gate-street
Power Robert, Cross-street


Ruxton Oliver, Dominick-street Kiggan Thomas, Kirwan's-lane
Ruxton Samuel, High-street Middleton John, Parade
Ruxton Thomas, Dominick-street O'Reilly Anthony, Holland's-lane
Simcocks Wilkin, High-street


Smyth James, Church-lane Blake Dominick E. (& special bail),


pg. 207

Connolly Morgan, William-street Burke Laurence B, Quay-street Roche Mark, Shop-street
Harlow John, High-street Burke Richard, Quay-street Ruane Michael, Shop-street
Healy Matthew, Main guard-street Fahey Patrick, Wood-quay Scully Robert , Quay-street
Stephens Pat. & Son, Main guard-st Fynn Bartholomew, Wood-quay Sexton James, Bridge-street


Green Thomas, Bowling-green Staunton Walter, Quay-street
Jackson Robert, William's-gate Hernon Denis, Nun's-island Tierney John, William-street
Ryan William, Main guard-street Hughes Patrick, Kirwan's-lane Tierney Edmond, Abbey gate-street
Smith Patrick, Cross-street Joyes Patrick, Wood-quay Walsh Michael, Lombard-street


Kelly Patrick, Bowling-green Walsh Ulick, William-street
Connolly Thomas, Eyre-square Kerins Thomas, Wood-quay Walsh William, Main guard-street
Kilroy John, (Cock & Galway arms
     and posting house), Eyre-square
Marshall Abraham, Dominick-street


Matthew William, Eyre-square Mitchell David, West mills Burke Myles, Quay
O'Brien John, (mail coach office),
     Flood street
Mitchell Godfrey, Dominick-street Campbell & Evans, Borenmore


Mitchell John, senr. West-bridge Lackey John, Fairhill
Stephens Patrick & Sons,
Mitchell John junr, West-bridge Stephens Patk. & Son, Main guard-st


Morris James, Dominick-street


Coleman & Killeen, William-street Neven Bridget, West -bridge Castieux Frederick, William-street
Commins Redmond, (and general
     assorted warehouse) William-st
Regan Catherine, Nun's-Island


Murphy Edward, Shop-street Rooney Nicholas, Kirwan-lane Burke Mary, Quay
Stephens Patrick & Son (& general
     assorted warehouse) Main guard-st


Burke William, Quay


Cox Eliza (and haberdasher), High-st Kelly John, William-street
Burke John & James, Back-street Robinson Eliza, Cross-street Knight & Hughes, Parade
Costello James, Back-street Tierney Ann, Middle-street M'Donough Lawrence, Quay
Dowling Andrew, Quay


Murphy William Cross-street
Lynch & Martin, Back-street Barlow Adam, Cross-street Shone Samuel, Dominick-street
Moore John, Merchant's-quay Kelly John, Cross-street Stanley & M'Namara, Rosemary-lane
Quin Austin, Merchants-road Walsh Mark-Shop-street


Skerritt Anthony, Mary-street


Gunning Mary, Bowling-green
Stephens John, William-street Hughes Reuben, Madeira-Island Power Richard, Bowling-green




Bohan Stephen, William-street Burke David, Abbey gate-street Lynch Richard, Main guard-street
Cummins Thomas, William-street Murray Timothy, Abbey gate-street


Geogehan Patrick, Shop-street O'Donovan Redmond Joyce, Lombard
Burke Myles, Newtown-smith
Grace Catherine, High-street Trayner Peter, Abbey gate-street Gray Robert A, Middle-street
Hernon Denis, Main guard-street


Veitch James, to the county Galway
M'Donough Honora, Shop-street Blake Henry, Dominick-street Whistler Thomas L, Dominick-street
Manning Patrick, Main-guard street Browne Valentine, Back-street


Monks Catherine, High-street Cahill James, Shop-street Griffin James, Shop-street
Moran Jane, Main guard-street O'Malley Thomas, High-street Holland John, Abbey gate-street
Noone Mich. (& haberdasher), High-st Veitch James (to the Galway county
Kelly Arthur, Market-street


Whistler Thomas L., Dominick-street Kelly Michael, Shop-street
King Patrick, High-street



Kirby William, Shop-street Busteed Richard, Galway Chronicle
    Wednesday & Saturday, William-st
Forster James, Bridge-street
Lynch Henry, High-street Connolly George, Galway Weekly
     Advertiser every Saturday. High-st
Kirwan Catherine, William-street
Lyness Bridget, Main guard-street O'Flaherty Peter, Connaught Journal
     Monday and Thursday, Quay-st
Murphy William Main guard-street
Moran Thomas, High-street


Naughtin Edmund, High-street
Sherridan John, William-street Braughall James, Quay-street Newell Patrick, Dominick-street


Burke Catherine, William-street Ryan John, Eyre-square
Adams Richard, Quay-street Burke Patrick, William-street Usher Thomas, Shop-street
Brown Charles, Newtown-smith Burke Richard, Abbey gate-street Ward Darby, William-street
Burke John & James, Back-street Daly William, Abbey gate-street


Clarke Denis & Hugh, Merchants-rd Dirrane Catherine, Quay-street Folan James, Dominick-street
Corr Thomas, Abbey gate-street Donolly Martin, Quay-street Gunning James & John, Dominick-street
Costello James (grain & general
     commission), Back-street
Duggan John, Shop-street


Fitzgerald Francis, Back-street Evans Evan, Back-street Duggan James, Main guard-street
Ireland Arthur, Eyre-square Francis James, William-street Kelly John, William-street
Lynch & Martin, Back-street Grealy John, Main guard-street Kineavy Martin, (wholesale), William-st
Lynch Anthony, High-street Halloran Margaret, Quay Stephen Jn (wholesale), William-street
Lynch Mark & James, High-street Higgins Daniel, William-street


M'Lachlan Nathan (revenue and naval
     contractor, & curer of provisions &
     herrings), Merchants-road
Irwin John, Quay-street Burdge Nicholas, Shop-street
Moore John, Merchants-road Joyce Michael, Quay-street Burke John, Church-yard
O'Flynn James, Back-street Kelly William, William-street Clinch James, High-street


Kilroy Daniel, Market-street Robinson Andrew, Cross-street
Birmingham John, Dominick-street King John, William-street Verdon Charles, High-street
Blake Edward, Wood-quay Kirrigan Francis, Bridge-street


Kirrins Thomas, William-street Blake Andrew, High-street
Lally Richard, William-street Costello Thomas, High-street
Mahon Nicholas, Abbey gate-street Fynn James, William-street
Mitchell Edward, Cross-street Lynch Anthony, High-street
Mitchell James, Cross-street Kelly John, William-street
O'Brien Bridget, Quay-street Kineavy Martin, William-street
O'Brien James, William-street Knight James, Shop-street
Reed Patrick, Main guard-street Winston Richard, High-street


pg. 208


Jos. Dickinson, esq. Pro-Collector


Dolphin Andrew, High-street John Reilly, esq. Comptroller The Dublin mail goes to Dublin every morning Saturday excepted, at eleven from the coach office, Flood-street, through Loughrea, Ballinasloe, Athlone, Moat, Kinnegad, Innfield, and Leixslip, and returns through the same towns every day at three in the afternoon to Galway.
Dowling Michael, High-street


The canal coach leaves Connolly's Hotel, Eyre-square, for Loughrea on Tuesday, Thursdays and Saturdays, and  six in the morning and returns on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at eight in the evening.
Feeny Rick, Shop-street George Cuppage, esq. Collector
Ireland John, High-street Richard Cuppage, esq. Pro-collector


Kealy Mark & John, Shop-street Charles O'Hara, esq., Surveyor Goods may be conveyed to the New Quay in the county of Clare every other day, on application to Mr. Walter Staunton, publican, Quay street. Also to the Arran Islands on application to Mr. Christopher York, Long walk on the Quay.
Kelly Coll., High-street David Kelly, esq., Surveyor
Mooney Andrew, Shop-street


Pidgeon Stephen, High-street Wm. Henry King, esq. Inspector
     General of the Western District
Rabbitt Roderick, Shop-street Henry Cashel, esq. Inspector
Reilly John, William-street



The Hon. Martin French, Distributor
     for the County and Town of
John Lushington Reilly, esq. Collector John Redington, esq., Sub-Distributor
John Blake, esq., Surgeon


Henry S. Persse, esq. Landwaiter James Daly, esq. Mayor
Wallis Adam, esq. Tide Surveyor James H. Burke, esq. Deputy-Mayor
Henry Townsend, esq. Tidewaiter James O'Hara, jun, esq. Recorder
Francis Dobson, esq, Tidewaiter John O'Hara, esq. Town Clerk
Cornelius Cashman, esq. Tidewaiter William Blair esq. Coroner
James Burke, esq., Tidewaiter Michael Edw. Browne, esq. Sheriff
Henry Benton, esq. Tidewaiter
William Sterne, esq. Inspecting
     Commander of Water Guards.

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