No. 80 Range No. 3 East of the 5th Meridian

Bordered on the North by Clinton County, on the South by Sheridan Township, on the East by Butler Township, on the West by Allenís Grove Township.

(Although sections in townships read from right to left beginning with 1 to 6 and 7 being directly below 6 and reading then left to right to 12, etc., for the ease of transcription I will begin with 1 from left to right. I have copied, verbatim, all abbreviations, misspellings and mistakes).

Transcribed by Lyn Batdorf


SECTION 1                         SECTION 2                            SECTION 3
D. Armentrout                     D. Armentrout                        John T. Noel
Johann H. Ott                     E. DeCook                            D.C. Stevens
C. F. Priester                    Gertrude Doehring                    Edward Moldenscheid
3 unreadable                      Andrew Doehring                      Thomas Hardy
Minerva Wing                                                           Fred Schultz
H. Molyneaux                                                           Wm Gauck
John Limberg
John McDonald
Thomas McCanslane

SECTION 4                         SECTION 5                            SECTION 6
D.C. Stevens                      Robert Waterhouse Est.               Geo. Marshall
Thomas Thomsen                    Thomas Thomsen                       J. W. Drinn
Jno. T. Mason                     Thomas Maloney                       Geo. Marshall
?. Waterhouse                     Ann Waterhouse                       Thos. Marshall
                                  Gus Lempke                           Wm. Zabel
                                                                       James McVey
                                                                       Susan Cooper
                                                                       Chas. Duffy
                                                                       Dom Gillin
                                                                       J. Armstrong
                                                                       2 unreadable

SECTION 7                         SECTION 8                            SECTION 9
Dorthea Wuestenberg               Ann Waterhouse                       J. F. Mason
Mich. N. Gillin                   Robert Waterhouse Est.               Andrew Doehring
James Armstrong                   Thomas Thomsen                       John T. Mason
Cecelia Gillin                    James Kevlin Est.                    John Tyner
George Marshall                   John T. Mason                        John Looney
Thomas Marshall                   Mary Hannegan

SECTION 10                        SECTION 11                           SECTION 12
Edward Moldenscheidt              E. DeCock                            Michael Kane
Wm. Gauck                         James Wyer                           Henry Molyneux
John T. Noel                      John T. Noel                         John Limberg
Patrick Jones                     Joseph Noel                          Minerva Wing
Patrick Feren                     James Ennis                          John DePape
                                  John Lahl

SECTION 13                        SECTION 14                           SECTION 15
Patrick Rush                      Adolph Schneckloth                   Patrick Jones
Michael McDonald                  James Powers                         Adolph Schneckloth
John McDonald                     Eva De Cock                          Eva De Cock
Martin Lillis                     James Wyer                           Thomas Maloney
John Russell                      John McManus                         John Faren
John B. Kehoe                                                          Bartholomew Condry

SECTION 16                        SECTION 17                           SECTION 18
John Tyner                        Chas. Duffy                          Dominick Gillin
Wm. Dittmer                       John T. Mason                        Adolph Bolte
Jacob Hinricksen                  John Brennan                         John Saxer
F.P. Murphy                       William Zabel                        Nicodemus Schallmeier
J.J. & T.H. Kevlin                James McVey                          James Moore
James Berrigan                    Adolph Bolte                         Patrick Feeney
Chas. Duffy
John t. Mason

SECTION 19                        SECTION 20                           SECTION 21
Nicodemus Schallmeier             John Saxer                           Christian Bloom
Ulrich Engler                     William Zabel                        F.P. Murphy
Nicholas Denklau                  Fridolin Marti Est.                  Patrick Glynn
Fridolin Marti Est.               Patrick Gillin                       James G. Madden
                                  James Neil

SECTION 22                        SECTION 23                           SECTION 24
John Robertson                    James Powers                         Sarah Dempsey
Thos Pollock                      Barth Condry                         Jas. Crowley
John Little                       John Kelly                           John B. Kehoe
John Pollock                      James Robertson                      Mart Kehoe
Wm. D. Robertson                  Sarah Dempsey                        John DcDonald
Henry L. Holland                  Jas. Crowley                         Michael Logan
                                  Clarinda Evans
                                  Wm Showalter

SECTION 25                        SECTION 26                           SECTION 27
Michael Logan                     John Robertson                       W.D. Robertson
Wm. A. Showalter                  Clarinda Evans                       John Robertson
James Thomson                     Wm. A. Showalter                     Henry L. Holland
Louis Brockman                    James Thomson                        Martin Schwigler
Gesche Kloppenberg                James Harder                         Barney Schwigler
Chas. Meier                       A.D. Brownlie                        H. Hinrichson
                                                                       S. Clapp
                                                                       Claus Thode
                                                                       John Proenke

SECTION 28                        SECTION 29                           SECTION 30
James G. Madden                   James Neil                           Thomas Maw
John Marti                        Juergen Hoffman                      Aug. Schnack
Raphael Cooper                    Raphael Cooper                       Thos. Micklewright
Gustav H. Postel                                                       John Grill
                                                                       John Hoffmann
                                                                       Adolph Holland

SECTION 31                        SECTION 32                           SECTION 33
Adolph Holland                    John Doyle                           Richard Tobin
Mary Keppy                        Hugh Briceland                       Mathew J. Tobin
Charles Preston                   Mathew J. Tobin                      Christ Marti
John Grill                                                             John Hogan
Thos Micklewright
Eliza Micklewright

SECTION 34                        SECTION 35                           SECTION 36
Gustav Helkenn                    Alex D. Brownlie                     Chas Meier
Fr. Hinrichsen                    James Neil                           Gesche Kloppenberg
Louis Hogan                       Chas. Meier                          John Arp
Henry Helkenn                     Hans Reimers                         Hermann Kloppenberg
Fritz Baustian                    Carl Warnebold                       Carl Warnebold
James Neil                        R.K. Brownlie                        Hans Reimers
John Harder                       A.S. Brownlie                        John Kendall
Wilhelmine Schmidt
Alex D. Brown
Hy Holland
J. Robertson