No. 80 Range No. 3 East of the 5th Meridian

Bordered on the North by Clinton County, on the South by Sheridan Township, on the East by Butler Township, on the West by Allenís Grove Township.

(Although sections in townships read from right to left beginning with 1 to 6 and 7 being directly below 6 and reading then left to right to 12, etc., for the ease of transcription I will begin with 1 from left to right. I have copied, verbatim, all abbreviations, misspellings and mistakes).

Transcribed by Lyn Batdorf


SECTION 1                   SECTION 2                    SECTION 3
Names unreadable            John Ennis                   John T Noel
                            E. De ?                      Carl Schultz
                                                         3 Unreadable
                                                         John Thompson

SECTION 4                   SECTION 5                    SECTION 6
Names unreadable            Robert Waterhouse            J. William
                            Thomas Maloney               Wm. Marshall
                            Michael Dempsey              Joseph T. Walker
                                                         James Costels
                                                         James McVey
                                                         D.C. Kelly
                                                         5 unreadable

SECTION 7                   SECTION 8                    SECTION 9
George C Dow                Robert Waterhouse            John Thompson
Mich. Gillon                James Kivlin                 ? Stevens
William Marshall            Emil Giesler                 John Mason
James Armstrong             John Mason                   Andreas Doehring
Dominik Gillon              Mary Hannegon                James Moloy Est.
                                                         Wm. Flannery
                                                         John Lonney
                                                         John Tyner

SECTION 10                  SECTION 11                   SECTION 12
Fredk Strobeha?             John Ennis                   Michael Kane
Carl Schultz                James Ennis                  Michael McDonald
Patrick Fearing             Edward Ennis                 John Lineberry
Patrick Jones               Margareth ?                  John Depape
Marc Ternan                                              W.P. Lowrer
John T. Noel

SECTION 13                  SECTION 14                   SECTION 15
Charles Kehoe               John Ennis                   John Crow
John Russell                E.T. Ennis                   Thomas Maloney Sen.
Martin Lillis               Eva De Cock                  Bartholomew Condy
Michael McDonald            James Powers                 John Farren
John Kehoe                  Bishop McMullen

SECTION 16                  SECTION 17                   SECTION 18
Chas Duffy                  Chas Duffy                   James Moore
John Tyner                  John T. Mason                M. Schollmeier
John Molyneaux              John Brennan                 Math. Geiger
Patrick Brennan             James McVey                  Patrick Fenney
Patrick Dempsey             Fridolin Geiger              Fridolin Geiger
Francis P. Murphy           James Costello               Dominik Gillon

SECTION 19                  SECTION 20                   SECTION 21
Ulrich Engler               Mathias Geiger               Christiane Bloomer
John T. Russell             James Costello               Francis P. Murphy
Fridolin Marti              Fridolin Marti               James S. Malloy
Nicodemus Schollmeier       Patrick Gillon               Patrick Glynn
                            James Neil

SECTION 22                  SECTION 23                   SECTION 24
John Robertson              James Pollock                John Kehoe
John Pollock                Barth. Condy                 John McDonald
Alex Williams               Thomas Grieves               Martin Kehoe
John Little                 John Kelley                  Michael Logan
Wm. Robertson               David Handie                 Edward Brophy
Henry Holland               Michael Dempsey              Michael Dempsey
                            James Crowly                 James Crowly
                            John Showalter

SECTION 25                  SECTION 26                   SECTION 27

Edward Brophy               John A Showalter             W. D Robertson
Michael Logan               David Handie                 Henry Holland
John A Showalter            John Robertson               Joseph ?
Louis Brockmann             James Harder                 ? Petersen
Claus Kehl                  James Thompson               3 unreadable
Hugh M. Thompson            James Glines
Henry J. Voss
Gesche Kloppenberg

SECTION 28                  SECTION 29                   SECTION 30
Barth Marti                 James Neil                   John Huffmann
John Madden                 George Huffman               Adolph Holland
John Bruh                   Thomas Glynn                 George Enwright
Raphael Cooper              Raphael Cooper               Henry Madden
                            Ellen Martin                 John Doyle
                                                         Thos. Miklewright

SECTION 31                  SECTION 32                   SECTION 33
Adolph Holland              Mathews J. Tobin Jr.         Richd. Tobin
John Doyle                  John Doyle                   Mathew Tobin
Claus Rohwer                Hugh Briceland               Christopher Marti
Thomas Miklewright                                       Bridget McGuire
J.B. Byron                                               John Hogan
John Huffman                                             ? Hogan
Charles Preston

SECTION 34                  SECTION 35                   SECTION 36
6 unreadable                Carl Wendt                   Louis Fahrenkrug
Henry Helkins               James Brownlee               Henry J. Voss
John Grieves                Alexander Brownlee           Gesche Kloppenburg
Alexander Brownlee          Louis Fahrenkrug             John Arp
James Brownlee              Hans Reimers                 Claus Kendall
                            Chas. Warnebold              Hans Reimers
                            Chas. Warnebold              Hermann Kloppenburg