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Tombstone Photos

Please contact me if you have photos of your own to add. Cathy Joynt Labath

cem1.jpg (51689 bytes)

Tombstones from Rock Island National Cemetery

pinehil1.jpg (86079 bytes)

Tombstones from Pine Hill Cemetery

City1.jpg (64285 bytes)

Tombstones from City Cemetery

fairmon1.jpg (70212 bytes)

Tombstones from Fairmount Cemetery

dav_mem1.jpg (30758 bytes)

Tombstones from Davenport Memorial Park

mtjoycemetery.jpg (450052 bytes)

Tombstones from Mt. Joy Cemetery

mtcavalry.jpg (478868 bytes)

Tombstones from Mt Calvary Cemetery
Earlier known as St. Marguerite's Cemetery

fairviewcemetery.jpg (499290 bytes)

Tombstones from Fairview Cemetery

oakdalecemetery.jpg (477870 bytes)

Tombstones from Oakdale Cemetery

allensgrovecem.jpg (494550 bytes)

Tombstones from Allen's Grove Cemetery

dixoncem.jpg (504416 bytes)

Tombstones from Dixon Cemetery

mccauslandcem.jpg (520794 bytes)

Tombstones from McCausland Cemetery

rosehillcem.jpg (511852 bytes)

Tombstones from Rosehill Cemetery

bluegrasscem.jpg (498368 bytes)

Tombstones from Blue Grass Cemetery

Tombstones from New Liberty Cemetery

pioneergate.jpg (633439 bytes)

Tombstones from Pioneer Cemetery

Tombstones from Jacks Cemetery

Tombstones from Glendale Cemetery


Some Tombstone Meanings

The term +ACI-Relict+ACI- on a tombstone means that the woman was a widow at
time of death, consort means that her husband survived her.

+ACI-Cenotaph+ACI- engraved on a tombstone indicates an empty grave, with the
stone erected in honor or memory of a person buried elsewhere - often
erected n honor of a person lost at sea.

Meanings of Carvings:

Arches - Victory in Death
Arrows - Mortality
Bouquets/Flowers - Condolences, grief, sorrow
Buds/Rosebud - Morning of Life or Renewal of Life
Roses - Brevity of earthly existence
Portals - Passageway to eternal journey
Bugles - Resurrection and the Military
Crossed Swords - High-ranking military person
Flying Birds - Flight of the Soul
Fruits - Eternal plenty
Garlands - Victory in death
Imps - Mortality
Shells - Pilgrimage of Life
Thistles - Remembrance
Tombs - Mortality
Trees - Life
Trumpeters - Heralds of the Resurrection
Willows - Earthly Sorrow
Morning Glory - Beginning of Life
Butterfly - Short-lived+ADs-Early Death
Full-Blown Rose - Prime of Life
Palm Branch - Signifies Victory and rejoicing
Ivy - Friendship and Immortality
Laurel - Fame or victory
Oak Leaves + ACY - Acorn - Maturity, Ripe Old Age
Weeping Willow - Emblem of Sorrow
Corn - Ripe Old Age
Sheaf of Wheat - Ripe for Harvest, Divine Harvest, Time
Poppy - Sleep
Lamb - Innocence
Dove - Innocence, Gentleness, Affection, Purity
Cherub - Angelic
Cross - Emblem of Faith
Anchor/Ships - Hope or Seafaring profession
Broken Ring - Family Circle Severed
Broken Column - Loss of Head of Family
Torch Inverted - Life Extinct
Urn with Blaze - Undying Friendship
Harp - Praise to the Maker
Handshakes - Farewell
Hearts - Soul in Bliss or Love of Christ
Horns - The Resurrection
Hourglass - Swiftness of Time
Open Book/Bible - Deceased Teacher, Minister, etc.
Lily or lily of Valley - Emblem of Innocence and Purity
Tree Stump w/Ivy - head of family +ADs - Immortality
Urn with/Wreath or crepe - Mourning
Stars + ACY - Stripes Around Eagle - Eternal Vigilance, Liberty
Hourglass w/Wings of Time - Time Flying +Ads - Short Life
Candle being Snuffed - Time, mortality
Hand of God Chopping - Sudden Death
Winged Effigies - Flight of the Soul

author unknown

Your tombstone stands among the rest
Neglected and alone
The name and date are chiselled out
On polished marble stone
It reaches out to all who care
It is too late to mourn
You did not know that I exist
You died and I was born
Yet each of us are cells of you
In flesh and blood and bone
Our blood contracts and beats a pulse
Entirely not our own.
Dear Ancestor...the place you filled
One hundred years ago
Spreads out among the ones you left
Who would have loved you so
I wonder if you lived and loved
I wonder if you knew
That someday I would find this spot
And come to visit you.

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