St. Alphonsus Parish
Davenport, Iowa

Fifty years have passed-fifty years of known and unknown works of priests, sisters and lay people, that have given us the parish we have today. We are grateful to the early pioneers for what they have built and given to us.

We can never give them enough credit but we can bring to light - though rather sketchily - some of the history of the beginnings and progress of St. Alphonsus Parish from 1908 to 1958. Any important event or notable contribution that may be omitted is purely unintentional.


As the number of Redemptorist Priests increased in this section of the country, the superiors were inclined to accept new foundations that the scope of Redemptorist labors, particularly mission work, might be enlarged. Rev. William O'Shea, C.SS.R., who was a personal friend of Bishop Davis of Davenport, informed the Bishop that the Redemptorists would welcome an opportunity to enter his diocese. The Bishop extended an invitation to the Fathers to establish themselves in the Davenport Diocese. He offered them the Church of St. Francis de Sales in Keokuk, Iowa, but he signified his willingness to permit them to begin a new parish in the west end of the city of Davenport. This city was considered a better mission center and the railroad facilities were more convenient for missionary journeys.

Rev. Joseph Beil, C.SS.R., was appointed to begin the new foundation. He arrived in Davenport on April 28th, 1908. At the time of his arrival, there was no church, school or residence for the priests. Along with Brother Robert Maas, Father rented a cottage at 513 Dittmer Avenue for $10.00 a month as a temporary home. This was on May 5th, 1908. A temporary altar made of two tables set up in one of the small rooms was the scene of the first mass said in St. Alphonsus Parish.

Bishop Davis requested that the Father also take temporary charge of the Church in Bettendorf, where there were 25 families in the little parish. Father  Beil celebrated mass there for the first time on May 10th, 1908.

On May 11th, 1908, Mr. Frank Ganson and Mr. Frank Mauget called on Father Beil to offer their services in finding a suitable location for a new church and Priest house. The three of them went looking and from their findings, Father decided to purchase five fifty foot lots on Boies (Formerly Penning St.,) near Fremont (Farragut) from the Naeckel Brothers. This property was near the Mt. Ida street car line on Rockingham Road. The purchase price of the five lots was $2,075.00 (or $415.00 per lot).

Father also made a canvass of the parish to find out just how many souls there were - he located about 60 families who would be under his care.

May 17th, 1908 is considered as the formal foundation of St. Alphonsus Parish as that was the day Father Beil said the first Mass and gave the first sermon for the people of the Parish. The Mass was said in the rented cottage. Twelve people were present - a small, but good beginning. The collection, which is always a good sign of a Catholic function, amounted to the princely sum of $1.70. Bishop Davis gave permission for the Blessed Sacrament to be reserved in the cottage. Mass was said each day at 6 A.M. for the parish.

Plans were laid for a two-storied building on Boies Avenue to serve as a combination church and priest house. The building was to be 40 x 75 feet. The architect was Mr. Henry Beiler of Chicago. Four contractors submitted bids on the new building. Mr. Henry Tappendorf of Rock Island bid the lowest - $9,600.00. Since he was the lowest but a respectable bidder, he received the contract. The heating, plumbing, sewering, gas piping and electric wiring were not included in the contract.

The first baptism in the new parish was conferred on Frances Cecile Johanna Langtim. She was the child of Henry Langtim and Mary Derby. This was Sunday, June 14th, 1908 (4 P. M.)

Father Beil turned the first shovel of dirt for the new combination church-priesthouse on June 21, 1908 and the next day the Kahl Brothers began the excavation in earnest and had it finished in two weeks.

June 22nd also brought the first sick call and death in the new parish. A young boy, Alfred Engler, was suddenly taken ill and died after Father Beil had administered the first rights to him. He was buried from St. Mary's Church since there were no facilities in the parish for such service.

Father Augustine Guendling was appointed the first pastor of the parish on July 8th, 1908. Up to this time Father Beil was doing the spade work of the new parish but was not the pastor in the strict church sense. Two other priests, Father John Matthews and Father William Devine were appointed here at the same time. Brother Robert Maas, who came with Father Beil, remained for a time.

The Fathers realized that their home on Dittmer Street was not suitable and for some time had tried to purchase the Thompson residence (corner of Fremont and Boies) to no avail but finally were able to close the deal on July 29th, 1908. On August 8th, the Fathers moved from Dittmer Street to their new home. A good second hand organ was purchased for $10.00 for church services which were held in the priests' home. The first catechism lessons were held in the Thompson home on August 30th - eight children were present.

The boundaries of the new parish fixed by the Bishop Davis were: Third Street on the north; Howell Street on the east; the Mississippi River on the south; the City Limits on the west.

One of the mainstay societies saw its inception on October 7, 1908. The Altar-Rosary Society began on that date in the priests' parlor of the old Thompson home. The first president was Mrs. D.E. Weatherly; Mrs. Ida Hartmann as Vice-President; Mrs. Charles Fanning, Secretary and Mrs. Mahoney, Treasurer. It was determined to hold the meetings of the Society each month on the first Sunday after the 8 A.M. Mass. The next day, October 8th, three Sisters of Humility (Mother Provincial, Mary Vincent; Mother Mary Ligouri of St. Vincent's and Mother Mary Joseph) arrived on the scene and offered the services of their Order in the new school of the Parish. This indeed was a most welcomed offer and one that was readily accepted. it is to these good sisters that the parish owes a debt that cannot be fully repaid. Some of the Sisters who made many sacrifices of their time and convenience in the early days were: Sr. Gonzaga, Sr. St. Baptist, Sr. Dolores, Sr. Carmelita, Sr. Mary Paul, Sr. Josephine (First Superior), Sr. Clementine and Sr. Catherine (Sr. Clementine was from Buffalo, Iowa).

The formal installation of Father Guendling as First Superior of the Redemptorists and pastor here at St. Alphonsus, took place on October 14th, 1908. Construction of the new combination Church-Rectory proceeded rapidly. Begun at the end of June, it was ready for use in three months. The Church or Chapel was upstairs, occupying the rear half of the building. The first High Mass said in the Chapel of the newly completed combination Church-Priesthouse (second floor) was offered up on Sunday, November 8, 1908. Ninety people were in attendance (John and Art Schmitt were the young servers at this Mass). Access to the Chapel was made by means of a long flight of stairs in the rear of the house. Sunday school for the children was held at 3 o'clock in the afternoon. It was dedicated by Bishop Davis on December 20th.


Sr. Josephine, the Superior, Sr. Clementine and Sr. Catherine arrived on Thursday, January 7th, 1909 to take over the teaching of the parish youngsters. The ladies of the parish had come a few days earlier to prepare their living quarters, but it was so cold the water froze on the floors- it was 8 below zero. Only the pot bellied stove gave the supposed heat-no central heating at that time.

The Sisters taught Sunday School for the first time with 27 children present on Sunday, January 10th. The next day, January 11th, the first school in the parish opened with 21 brave young souls present. They were brave because it was 15 below  zero. A few more children would have been present but for various sicknesses brought on by the cold weather. Father Patrick  Byrne had gone throughout the parish to tell the parents of the new school and urged them to send their children.

On January 18th, 1909, the first marriage was performed in the parish between Leo Schmitt and Alice McCrossen in the upstairs parish chapel.

The first mission ever given in the parish was opened on Sunday, February 14th. It was given by Father William Bond, Father John Matthews, Father William Devine and Father Patrick Byrne. It lasted till the 24th.

May Devotions were begun. Little Ligouri Mauget was elected to place the crown on Our Lady's head.

On June 20th, 15 young boys and girls made their first Holy Communion. This is the first such exercise of this kind recorded. 7 boys (Earl Doyle, Leonard Schmitt, William Porth, William Trainor, Aloysius Cawiezell, George Leonard, John Offerman) and 8 girls (Martha Haase, Irene Thompson, Marie Fanning, Sarah Offerman, Katie Shinner, Louise Rombaut, Gertrude Schebler and Grace Goldermann). The Soladity of Our Lady of Perpetual help was established at this time also. There were two divisions: one for the single and one for the married.

Two more lots of our present property were purchased on August 4th. Gas and electric lights were installed for the first time at this time. Before then, lighting in the Church and Rectory was only by candles and old-fashioned lamps.

In September, the Altar-Rosary Society and the Confraternity of Our Lady of Perpetual Help were merged into the Married Ladies Sodality.


In April, Mr. Tappendorf,  the contractor, staked off ground for the new addition to the school house located to the rear of the Thompson home, about the spot where the present corridor joins old and new schools. It was to cost approximately $4,915.53. The First Floor of the school was so constructed that the school rooms could easily be converted into one of the large rooms for play, meetings and the like. It was connected with the Thompson home. After the new school was erected, the Sisters used the entire Thompson home. School was finished August 3rd.

The first confirmation in the parish was June 19th. Bishop Davis conferred the sacrament on 60 people which included those from Bettendorf.

Father Patrick Murray, Superior General of the Redemptorists at that time, came to Davenport, on visit from his headquarters in Rome, to bless the new school addition on August 29th.


Miss Frances Reidman became the first girl to enter the convent from our parish. She intended to join the Order of the Sister Servants of the Immaculate in Monroe, Michigan.

Another piece of property was obtained - lot #10 in the Garfield addition- for $50.00.


Lot #10 on Jackson was bought. Gradually the entire block was coming under the control of the parish.

Rev. George Hild, C.SS. R. was appointed as successor to Father Guendling on August 3rd. It was at this time that plans for a new church began to materialize. Stauder & Sons, architects from St. Louis drew up the plans which were accepted. The contract was let to Coen & Conway of Davenport, who was the lowest of six bidders for about $12,638.01. Mr. Arthur Eberling, an architect from Davenport, was appointed as superintendent. This church was intended only as a temporary structure at the time. In the future, as the parish grew, the plans were to erect a church on the corner at Boies and Farragut (then Fremont). To date this is still a dream! Ground was broken for the "temporary" church on September 29th.

No church tower would be complete without a bell. So an old fire bell that had hung in the old No. 1 fire station at 117 Perry for about 50 years was purchased. The bell was called "Angela" because of the devotion for which it is rung three times daily. The bell was cast in 1857 in the LeClaire Foundry on First and Scott Streets. When it was being moulded, Mr. Michael Donahue, a former mayor of town and organizer of the Davenport Water Co. and for whom the first steam fire engine was named, came by and dropped 100 silver dollars in the pot. St. Alphonsus acquired it for $106.00. As it once called out to save people from fires it still continues to do so, but from a different kind of fire!

The corner of the new church was laid on November 24th, Bishop Davis was present for the occasion as he was for many of the parish functions-continuing to show the interest he manifested from the very foundation of the parish.


The church was finally completed and on Sunday morning, June 8th, it was dedicated by Bishop Davis at the 9 A.M. Mass. (Servers: John and Art Schmitt, Charles and Vic Van Camp and Fritz Schebler). The finished product was 102 feet long and 42 feet wide and 28 feet high. All the church furnishings were supplied by the Dubuque Altar Mfg. Co. The seating capacity was about 350. The total cost of the furnishings was $4,445.00 which was donated by friends living in the parish and elsewhere. The first Communion in the new church was on June 15th.

Since there was no further use for the large chapel and church facilities in the Priests' house, it was decided to do some remodeling on the priests' house and give it more living room there. A brick passageway was put up between the priests' house and church. About this time also the remaining lots of the block were purchased, making us sole owners of the entire block. The corner lot on Fremont and Jackson was purchased for $1,000. The old Roenfeldt dwelling which was on the corner of Wellman and Jackson was obtained for $3,000. Mr. Frank Huot was a great help to us in closing these deals. The city then permitted us to close the alley which at that time ran directly behind the church and the old school. This permission was obtained since we owned the entire block.

It had taken five years for St. Alphonsus Parish to have a school, church and priests' house.

Abut this time a porch was added to the back of the priests' house on the second floor.

The St. Aloysius Sodality for boys was organized on September 25.

The first Forty Hours Devotion in the parish was begun on October 5.


May 3 – The first May procession in the new church. Gertie Bernauer was chosen to place the crown on Our Lady’s statue.

May 31 – The first mission given in the new church was begun by Father Farncis Straubinger and Father Henry Phillips.

June 11 – The Holy Name Society was organized in the parish. Thirty-nine members were present at the meeting. Rev. Richard O’Reagan was appointed as moderator. Their Communion Sunday at that time was the 3rd Sunday. The first officers were: Frank Ganson, President; Henry Haase, Vice President; Frank Huot, Secretary; and John Engler, Treasurer.

Not mentioned so far in this short history of the societies of the parish are the ushers. As always there were men of the parish who served it well in promoting order at church services. In the early days, when Mass was said in the priests’ house, either the servers or any man present would take up the collection. But after a few years there were men present to fulfill that task and other functions that an usher is called upon to undertake. Some of he early ushers were Charles Tohor, Joe McGrath, Ed Behan, Kurt Wunsch, Joe Welch, Joe Capesius, Ray Mauget. This list is by no means complete. In 1923, Bernard Shaw was appointed head usher, followed by Erhard Reidman (1923-25); Al Van Camp (1925-27); Ludwig Klauer (1927-28) and Chet Wylie (1928 till present time). Some of the men still ushering from the early days are Vic Van Camp, Bill Sweeney, Al Pohlmann. The ushers are the truly unsung heroes without whose help chaos quite frequently would result.


The Redemptorist Fathers gave up the care of he parish in Bettendorf. It has been under their pastoral care from May 10, 1908 to May 10, 1915.

Father Peter Foerster was appointed pastor on July 10th.

Up to this time Mass had not been said in the Sisters’ Home but on September 2nd, the first Mass was celebrated and the Blessed Sacrament was reserved there.

The passageway between the church and priests’ house was converted into a chapel where Mass was said on weekdays in winter. But since that refuge was found inconvenient because of the cold, it was dropped after a short trial.

The statues of the Sacred Heart and St. Anthony, which we now have in church, were donated by some friends in Chicago.


The pipe organ that we now have was installed on March 3rd. It was paid for by donations of the parishioners.

Stained glass windows were installed in the church – two were donated by friends and the rest given by the Ladies’ Sodalities and the Holy Name Society.

The first public service in honor of Our Mother of Perpetual Help by means of a solemn novena (October 21-29) were begun as a result of the golden jubilee of the finding and restoration of the Miraculous picture to public veneration. It was conducted by the Fathers of the parish.


Progress was made to the Sisters’ home in the form of electricity and a telephone – August 30th.

Father Henry Schubert was appointed pastor on June 9th.

The first girl from the parish to enter the convent and persevere was Josephine Van Camp. She entered the Franciscan Order.

This was the year when everyone was having war gardens and the flu. The children of the school had both in abundance. The priest yard likewise was pressed into use.


The school was expanding gradually. On September 1st, the opening of school of that year, there were 135 students in four rooms.


This was the first mention of a new school because facilities were becoming too small for the increasing number of children wishing to enter school.


Father Patrick Barrett was appointed pastor of the parish on July 19th. Father Francis Straubinger was the first Redemptorist to die while stationed in Davenort on August 9th.

It was decided and announced that the weekly envelope system of collection would be introduced.


A porch was added along side of the priests’ house leading into the present religious article stand

The worthwhile organization of the Boy Scouts was organized with 20 boys. Al Van Camp was the first scout master.

The order of Masses on Sundays at this time were: 6,8,9 and 10:30. The 10:30 was added at the beginning of he year. A sign of expansion!

The statues of St. Gerard and St. Clement that we now have in church arrived on October 23rd of the year.

A mass meeting of the people of the parish was called to discuss ways and means of starting a building fund for a new school. 10 to 12 teams were organized to call on all families of he parish and solicit pledges to be paid on monthly. Each wager earner was expected to pledge $100.


This year saw the beginnings of one of the noteworthy traditions of the parish social schedule: The Minstrel Show. Father Henry Phillips asked Al Van Camp at a Holy Name meeting to undertake the organization of this type of show. This was the beginning. For years it was put on under the sponsorship of the Ushers Society. Since our facilities in the parish were not large enough, the first show was staged at St. Joseph’s Hall and continued there for five years after which it was shifted to The Friendly House where it has continued to the present time. The first director was Hans Nelson who directed it for 15 consecutive years. This show was the first and best of its kind among all the Catholic parishes of Davenport. The first pianist was “Babe” Behan followed by Neomi Keough Forbes.

Pew rent was abolished but the budget envelope system continued- two packets were handed out: One for current expenses and the other for the new school fund. The system of tuition was done away with. Instead of this arrangement each child received a box of envelopes and was expected to pay a dime on each Sunday

Father Edward Mattingly was appointed pastor on May 14th.


Rita Bertsch was invested at Mercy Hospital in the Mercy Order. She became the third girl to leave for the convent. The others had been Josephine Van Camp and Ligouri Mauget.

Bishop Davis asked the Redemptorists to take over the temporary charge of the church in Buffalo, Iowa on August 20th.


Rev. John Gimbel became the first Redemptorist from Davenport to be ordained. He was not from the parish.

A home belonging to Mr. Frank Kuhn was bought for the Sisters directly across the street from the church. The Sisters moved in near the end of August.

Buffalo Church was returned to the care of the secular clergy, November 1st.


Almost one year to the day of his ordination, Father John Gimbel was drowned in Lake Lac Le Belle in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin (site of the Redemptorist major seminary).

Bishop Rohlman was consecrated Bishop of Davenport.


A census of the parish showed 645 families – 20 families from the country.


Maurice Carroll, a Kansas City architect, was given the job of drawing plans for the new St. Alphonsus school. The estimated cost was $48,000. The location of the new school was the corner of Farragut and Jackson. On May 7th the contract for the new school was let to Kelly of Kansas City.

The Sisters’ old home (Thompson home) was sold for $700- it was later moved to corner of Jackson and Farragut.

On May 14th we began the perpetual Novena Devotions to Our Mother of Perpetual Help – the devotions were to be held every Tuesday. Up to this time only the solemn novena each year had been held in her honor but now the weekly devotiosn were a fixture in the parish.

Father Peter Geierman became the second Redemptorist to die while stationed at Davenport on July 5th at Mercy Hospital.

July 7th the corner stone for the new school was laid.

The crowds for the Tuesday devotions became so large that another service was added – there were two: 7:00 and 7:45 P.M. December 3rd they were changed to 7:00 and 8:00 P.M.

Bishop Rohlmann dedicated the new school on September 12th.

The Society for the Propogation of the Faith was established on October 20th.

November 21st – The Young Ladies Sodality begun.


Father Seifert was appointed pastor on May 12th.

The Sunday evening devotions were discontinued because of lack of attendance. Later it was brought back and was held from 7 till 8 P.M. and then changed from 4 to 5 P.M. We now have it from 5 to 5:30 P.M. on Sundays.


This was the year in which the depression affected the parish to a great extent. The parish income at this time dwindled to about 40 %. One bank was left in town.


Bishop Rohlmann requested that we organize a PTA in the parish and this was done on August 12th. Later in the year the parishioners and friends of St. Alphonsus donated gold, silver and jewelry which was to be used in manufacturing a chalice to commemorate the 200th anniversary of founding of the Redemptorist Congregation and also to mark its arrival in this country 100 years ago. The Chalice was designed and made by Louis Gerwe, Jr., a Davenport jeweler.


Father Lawrence Skinner was appointed pastor on June 22nd.


Father John Fanning became the first boy from the parish to be ordained. He entered the diocesan clergy. His first Mass was said on July 8th.


The popularity of the Tuesday devotions continued to increase and with it the demand for more services. The services were increased to four: 7 A.M. and 3:00, 6:30 and 7:30 P.M.


The Minstrel Show continued to grow in popularity through the years. This year a movement was started to have the show put on at the Orpheum Theatre for he benefit of the Red Cross to help them in their work with the flood victims in the Ohio Valley. Though the idea came to naught, it, nevertheless, showed in what esteem our annual production was held.


Father Thomas Berry was appointed pastor on June 15th.


Bishop Hayes was appointed pastor on June 15th.

The Legion of Mary was established in the parish. Its first meeting was held February 4th. Mary Duffy of Dublin, Ireland organized the Legion. Its first president was Evelyn Webb; Vice President, Mrs. John DePauw; Secretary, Rita Hubert; Treasurer, Tillie Vasquez. Its Spiritual Director was Father Hensgen.


Father Gerard Kulleck was appointed pastor July 18th. Plans were begun on October 18th to have an addition to the school to cost about $45,000. Work began on this project in 1947 and was completed the same year. The Sisters’ home, in the meantime, had become too crowded. Each year the number of Sisters was increased. An addition to their home was contemplated. The cost was to be met by voluntary donations. The parishioners gave very generously, as they always have, to the tune of $16,000.


The first two Redemptorist Priests to be ordained from the parish were Father Robert Oelerich and Father James Springer. Father Oelerich offered up his First Solemn Mass at St. Alphonsus Church on July 3rd; Father Springer offered it there the following week. Father Springer was assigned to the mission fields in Brazil by his superiors, Father Oelerich was assigned as a parish priest in Omaha, Nebraska.


Father Anthony Powers was appointed pastor on November15th.


The seat collection was abandoned once again. But in order to make up the loss in revenue a special collection was to be taken up once a month for the retirement of the parish debt. The Fire Department in their checkup ordered a fire escape added on to the school leading from the school attic.

On March 4th, Father Harry Vollman died at Mercy Hospital. He became the third Redemptorist to die here.


The present face of the church’s interior was brought about at this time. New altars, wood work reparis and refinishing gave the interior a new look. A new tabernacle was donated by the Van Camp Family.


Father Edward Malloy died at Mercy Hospital on February 18th.

Father Raymond Miller was appointed pastor on June 5th.

A much needed improvement on the school was partially solved at this time when a great portion of the yard was black topped. Ideas for improvements continued to flow. The decision to erect another addition to the school was reached and it was estimated that the cost would be in the neighborhood of $150,000.


The school drive opened on April 25th. The Dads’ Club was organized on April 29th. This organization was set up to take care of the sports program for the children of the school.


The theme of building continued to be played as the pastors of the city met to discuss the plans for a new central high school. This was a necessary move since the high schools for the boys and girls were inadequate.


April 5th saw the beginning of work on the new addition to our school. Since the amount of money gathered for the project was not sufficient to pay the costs and also to remove a $12,000 debt on the parish, a loan of $70,000 was obtained from the Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Co. The school addition was finished and the keys handed over to Father Miller by the contractor, Dean Fry, on December 1st.


The new wing with five rooms and a spacious hall in the basement opened for business on January 7th. Bishop Hayes dedicated the structure on February 3rd. The ground around the school was black topped on August 9th. This year saw the use of two lay teachers for the first time in a long while, Miss Catherine Millane and Miss Margaret Wandling.


At the present time the parish continues to grow. The opening up of new sections in the west end makes the future look bright. There are approximately 2,000 souls in the parish in 650 families. The Masses on Sunday have been increased to six. The number of Baptisms grow larger each year. The spiritual life of the parish flourishes – this is indicated by the number of Holy Communions received during 1957:- 74,150. We pray to Almighty God, through the Blessed Mother Mary and St. Alphonsus to continue to watch over and protect all the members of St. Alphonsus parish.


Albers, Mr. and Mrs. Ted Buckmeyer, E. DeSmet, Charles
Adalpe, Mr. Isaac Buchmeyer, Louis C DeWuld, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph
Andrews, Mr.s Rita Burger, Mr. and Mrs. J.W. and Family Diehl, Mrs. H.
Appleby, Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Burken, Loren F. Dittmer, Mrs. Edward
Arnold, Mr. Darrell Burns, Mary Dixon, Mr. and Mrs. George
Bach, Mr. and Mrs. Chas.  Buys, Mrs. Russell The Ralph Dohrn Family
Baker, Mr. Robert W Campbell, Mrs. Lynn Dohse, Mr .and Mrs. Fred and Virginia
Baldridge, Mrs. Kathryn M Capesius, Joseph J Donnelley, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. G. Jr.
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Barry, Emmet J Carstens, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Dorgan, Mary Pat
Becker, Mr. and Mrs. Alfred A. Castel, Mr. Jesus and Family Dorgan, Mr and Mrs. Vincent
Behan, Mr. and Mrs. Ambrose J. Cawiezell, Mr. Aloysius Dorgan, Mr. William
Behan, Mr. Ray Cawiezell, Miss Camilla Dulansky, Mr. and Mrs. Joe
Behan, Mr. and Mrs. Sylvester Cawiezell, Miss Cecelia E. Early, Cal.
Behan, Mr and Mrs. Vern Cawiezell, Christian Early, Clem
Belden, Patricia M. Cawiezell, Mrs. Ivan Ebertowski, Mr. and Mrs. Gehard and Margaret
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Bryant, Mr. Joseph
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Haase, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hirzsiefen, Mr. and Mrs. V.J. LaMar, Mr. and Mrs. Francis
Hackett, Mary Hope, R.E. Lang, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph
Hagga, Mr. and Mrs. Harve (Ann Matthys) Hosch, Mr. and Mrs. Leon and Vivian Laughlin, Mr. and Mrs. James
Halfman, Richard and Family Hotka, Mr. and Mrs. Donald Leahy, Elizabeth C.
Halligan, Mr. and Mrs. H. Hughes, Mrs. Robert Leahy, Mr. and Mrs. Geo. J.
Hansen, Mr. and Mrs. H.R. Ingham, Mrs. Caroline Lelonek, Mr. and Mrs. M.C.
Hansen, Mr .and Mrs. Raymond Jackson, Mr. Leo E. Lemberg, Mr. and Mrs. Jerry
Hanson, Mr. and Mrs. Michael E. Jackson, Mrs. Leo E. Lenaghan, Julia
Hanson, Mr. and Mrs. Paul and Family Jakstas, C.J. Lenaghan, Mary B.
Hartmann, Alex N. Janssen, Mrs. Geo and Kathleen Leonard, Mrs. Harry
Hartvigsen, Mr. Earl Janssen, Mr. and Mrs. Harry and Family Loihl, Robert and Family
Hartvigsen, Mrs. Earl Joens, Mary Louise Loter, Jesse E.
Johnson, Mrs. Earl Lyons, William
Jones, M.F. Lyons, Glenna
Jones, Raymond Macken, Mrs. D.C.
Karns, Mrs. Clara Mackey, Mr. and Mrs. John
Keller, Mr. and Mrs. Carl
Maher, Mr. Leo M. Miller, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Owens, Mrs. Viola
Maher, Mr. and Mrs. Peter Mirfield, Mrs. Patricia Parker, Mr. and Mrs. C.H.
Mahoney, Mr. and Mrs. Jack and Family Mitchell, Mrs. Everett and Family Parker, Dennis D.
Mahoney, Mr. and Mrs. James Mitchell, Mrs. Isabell Parker, Ronald
Mahoney, Pat Mohr, Lucille Paul, Mrs. Edmon F.
Malik, Mr. and Mrs. Francis Mohr, Olive (In memory Henrietta Mohr) Peiffer, Wendel
Manley, Donald L. Mohr, Walter Perko, Fred
Mansfield, Mr. and Mrs. John F. Monk, Mr. and Mrs. Don L. Perko, Mildred
Masterson, Mr. and Mrs. Ed. Montague, Mr and Mrs. Robert and Family Peters, Darlene
Matthys, Mr. and Mrs. Albert (Phyllis DeCook) Moore, Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Peters, Dolores M.
Matthys, Mr and Mrs. Bernard (Agnes Van Camp) Moore, Mary Ann, Tom and Danny Peters, Donald Anthony
Matthys, Bernard G. and Children Morris, Mrs. Howard and Children Peters, Pfc. James
Matthys, Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Morrison, Miss Florence Peters, Janet
Matthys, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Mudd, Hattie Peters, Mr. and Mrs. Oliver
McAuley, Miss Bell Mudd, Norman R. Picklum, Mr. and Mrs. Frank
McDermott, J.J. Family Mueller, Anna Pohlmann, Al.
McDonnell, Mrs. Julia Mueller, Miss LaVerne Pohlmann, Mrs. Frank
McElroy, Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Mueller, Mary M. Powers, Mrs. Frances
McElroy, Mr. Don and Family Mueller, Mr. and Mrs. Mathias Powers, Phil D., Sr.
McGarry, Mrs. Mayme Munkirs, Mrs. J.A. Powers, Phil D., Jr.
McGinnn, Mrs. D.B. Nelles, Mr. and Mrs. Frances H. Powers, Mr. and Mrs. Wm.
McGrath, Pat Neufeld, Mrs. Frank Price, Mr. and Mrs. Dewey
McGrath, Patrick F. and Steve Neufeld, Robert Printz, Mr .and Mrs. Albert
McGuire, Miss Rita A. Nobis, Mrs. Dick Quinlan, Mr .and Mrs. Tom (Dorothy Matthys)
McMahill, Oma O'Brien, Mr. and Mrs. Ray Rada, Mr. and Mrs. Wm.
McManus, Mr. and Mrs. Paul O'Connor, Catherine M. Randolph, Grace V.
McSwiggin, John J. O'Connor, Lois M. Randolph, Mrs. Viola
Meinhardt, Mr and Mrs. O.F. O'Donnell, Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Rasmussen, Robert
Meyer, Mr. and Mrs. Vern O'Farrell, Mr. and Mrs. R.M. Ray, Ralph E.
Meyers, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. O'Hare, Mr. and Mrs. Leo Rice, Earl Family
Mickelwright, Joe O'Hern, Mrs. L.F. Richardson, Mrs. C.M.
Millane, Kathryn O'Hern, Miss Mary E. Richardson, Carolyn
Miller, Mrs. Bertha O'Toole, Mr. and Mrs. John Richardson, Marilyn
Miller, Mrs. C.B. Oelerich, John H., Jr. Roe, Mr. and Mrs. Orville J.
Miller, Chas. F. Oelerich, Mr. and Mrs. John P. Roenfeldt, Mr .and Mrs. E., Roger D. and Pamela Ann
Miller, John G. Oelerich, Rev. Robert M. C.SS.R Roth, Mr. and Mrs. John, Sally Jo and Rick
Orr, Loras and Family Rubley, Mr Robert E.
Rumpp, Mr. Herman Springer, Mr. Robert Vanek, Charles
Rupe, Mrs. David R. Starkovich, Mr and Mrs. Victor Van Fossen, Mrs. J.A.
Ryan, Mrs. Edna Steffen, Mrs. Clara Vieger, Mr. and Mrs. Al.
Rybaski, Mr. and Mrs. John Steffen, Frank Jr. Vieger, Mr. and Mrs. Donald J.
Sampson, Mr. and Mrs. Howard O., Jr. Stepp, Mr. and Mrs. Harold Vieger, Mr. Edward F.
Sanders, M.L. Stoker, Mrs. Don Vieger, Mr. and Mrs. Henry W.
Schaeffer, Mr and Mrs. Al and Children Stoltenberg, Mr. Emory Volz, Mr. Lester
Schebler, Don Stolze, Mr. H.J. Volz, Miss Mary
Schebler, Mrs. Irene Strong, Mr .and Mrs. Albert Walloch, Mr. and Mrs. J.J.
Schenck, Mrs. Sidney Stuehmer, R.L. Walz, Mr .and Mrs. John
Schimmel, Shirley Stuckel, Mr. Lee Walz, Mr. and Mrs. Paul
Schloemer, Mr. and Mrs. T.J. Suhl, Mr and Mrs. Walter Walsh, Mr. and Mrs. Stanley E.
Schmitt, John Sunderbruch, Art and Family Warfield, Mr. and Mrs. Terry
Schoo, Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth and Family Sunderbruch, Mrs. J. Fred Weber, Mr. and Mrs. C.E.
Schrader, Mrs. Herbert Swanson, Mr. and Mrs. Ivyl Weber, Nancy Lou
Schrader, Mary Jo Sweeney, Bill, Jr. Weber, Sherman
Schwieters, Urban J. Family Sweeney, Bob Weichman, Mr. and Mrs. R.T.
Seider Family Sweeney, John O. Welch, Mr. Frank G. and Family
Senger, Philip X. Sweeney, Mrs. M. Weslh, Mrs. E.L.
Seward, Mr. and Mrs. Jim and Family Sweeney, Mr .and Mrs. W.D. Werthman, Geraldine
Shafer, Mr. and Mrs. Robert and Family Tandeski, Mr. and Mrs. John Werthman, Mr. and Mrs. S.A.
Shelangaski, Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Tandeski, Mr. and Mrs. C. Westerhof, Mr. and Mrs. Theodore and Sons
Simon, Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Tiernan, Ludmilla Vanek Weyhgandt, Mr. and Mrs. W.C.
Slattery, Mr .and Mrs. James P. and Margaret V. Tofanelli, Mr. and Mrs. John Widigen, Mr. and Mrs. Albert
Slattery, Maureen Trainor, Mr. John Widigen, Miss Beverly
Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Leo E. Trainor, Mrs. Margaret (deceased) Wilharber, Mr. C.H.
Smith, Patricia J. Trevor, Geneva Williams, Bernadine
Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Truly, Mr. Andrew Wilson, Marian
Smith, Mr and Mrs. Wm. L. Underdonk, Mr. and Mrs. Robert and Dolores Winfield, James
Sokoll, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Underdonk, Mr. and Mrs. Eugene and Family Winfield, Mary C.
Spalding, Mr. and Mrs. Paul Van Camp, Mr. and Mrs. Al Winfield, Mrs. Maude
Speicher, Mr. and Mrs. C.O. Van Camp, Mr. Charles Wiseman, Mr. and Mrs. R.D.
Speicher, Richard Van Camp, Mr. and Mrs. Edward (deceased) Wooldridge, Mrs. M.
Springer, Mr. and Mrs. Leo Van Camp, Mr. Charles Wunsch, Arnold E.
Van Camp, Sister Mary Ligouri Wunsch, Arthur K.
Van Camp, Sister Edward Wunsch, Hannah M.
Van Camp, Mr. and Mrs. Victor Wunsch, Kurt A., (deceased)
Vance, Mr. and Mrs. Alex Wylie, Mr. and Mrs. Chester
Wylie, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Q.
Zimmer, Shirley