Scott County, Iowa
Deaths of those of Irish Nativity
Oct 1897- Dec 1908
Surnames D to G

Surname First Name Age at Death Occupation Date of Death Marital Status Nativity Place of Death Cause of Death Burial
Doyle Patrick 72y Retired 5 Sep 1897 m Ireland City of Davenport Fever St. Marguerite's Cemetery
Dillon Thomas 79y 6m Farmer 17 May 1897 ? Ireland 1136 E Locust Typhoid St. Marguerite's Cemetery
Dugan Ellen 68y   13 Mar 1898 w Clare City of Davenport Cerbral congestion St. Marguerite's Cemetery
D Valley Mrs Mary 88y   30 Jan 1899 ? Galway 1219 W Locust Lagrippe St. Mary's Cemetery
Droyre William 76y Laborer 4 June 1899 m Ireland Mercy Hospital Heart disease St. Marguerite's Cemetery
De Foe Margaret 69y   4 Aug 1899 m Ireland 307 E 11th Paralysis Oakdale Cemetery
Doyle Bridget 62y Farmer's wife 20 Dec 1899 ? Ireland Lincoln township Old Age St. Anne's, Long Grove
Delaney Mrs. Patrick ? Housewife 26 Aug 1900 m Ireland 822 Tremont Old Age St. Marguerite's Cemetery
Delaney Patrick 74y 25d Retired farmer 11 Apr 1901 w Ireland Mercy Hospital Insanity St. Marguerite's Cemetery
Duffy James 47y 1m 22d Laborer 19 Mar 1901 m Ireland 323 E 9th Strangulation on Beef Steak St. Marguerite's Cemetery
Dolan John 69y   5 Feb 1902 w Ireland City of Davenport Obstruction of intestines St. Marguerite's Cemetery
Dobler Mrs Jacob B 44y   10 Nov 1902 m Ireland City of Davenport Carcinoma of rectum St. Marguerite's Cemetery
Davis Robert S 78y Grocer 21 Dec 1902 s Ireland City of Davenport Gastritis Oakdale Cemetery
Doonan Mrs. Christ 68y 6m 10d Housewife 12 Aug 1903 m Ireland City of Davenport Consumption of bowels St. Marguerite's Cemetery
Dooley Mrs Mary 64y   7 Dec 1903 w King's Co City of Davenport Chronic Bronchitis  
Downs Martin S 79y 4m 19d   29 Mar 1907 w Ireland City of Davenport Senility St. Marguerite's Cemetery
Duffy Charles 82y Farmer 27 Jul 1908 w Ireland City of Davenport Cancer Long Grove
Enright Martin 87y   31 Mar 1898 ? Ireland City of Davenport Old Age Holy Family Cemetery
Elerman Mrs Anna 71y 8m 6d   29 Aug 1903 ? Mayo City of Davenport Cerbral Soffiums St. Marguerite's Cemetery
Fee Mrs Mary M 66y 27d 5m   12 June 1898 w Co. Conork? City of Davenport Ulcer of Stomach St. Marguerite's Cemetery
Flanagan Barnay 70y 9d RR Flagman 3 Aug 1898 w Ireland City of Davenport RR Accident St. Marguerite's Cemetery
Feeney Patrick J 58y   29 Mar 1899 m Sligo 809 E 6th Laryngitis St. Marguerite's Cemetery
Fahey Martin 64y 11m 1d Retired 19 Dec 1899 s Ireland Mercy Hospital Carcinoma of Larynx St. Marguerite's Cemetery
Ford Mrs Martin 52y 8m 16d Housewife 5 May 1901 m Galway 1219 W Locust Tuberculosis Holy Family Cemetery
Fahey Bridget 85y   29 June 1901 ? Ireland 1704 w 2d Senility Holy Family Cemetery
Feeney Mrs Jas 64y 4m 15d   6 Aug 1902 m Ireland City of Davenport Dysentery 2 weeks St. Marguerite's Cemetery
Flynn John P 72y 7m 9d Laborer 26 Oct 1904 m Ireland City of Davenport Decline City of Davenport Township
Grady Mrs Michael 73y 21d   23 Feb 1898 m Sligo City of Davenport Cardiac insufficiency St. Marguerite's Cemetery
Grace Edward 72y

Retired Merchant

15 Feb 1899 w Kilkenny 821 Farnam Paralysis St. Marguerite's Cemetery
Giblin Mrs John 56y   20 Mar 1899 m Sligo 1107 E Locust Cardiac disease St. Marguerite's Cemetery
Green Mrs John 53y   15 Apr 1899 m Cavan 318 E 2d Junndia St. Marguerite's Cemetery
Gill Thomas 74y 5m 12d

Retired Carpenter

24 May 1900 w Ireland 2007 Main Infirmities of Age St. Marguerite's Cemetery
Gartland Elizabeth 88y 9m 4d   9 Jan 1901 w Armagh 1012 Scott Lagrippe St. Marguerite's Cemetery
Grace James 46y 1m 13d   27 Jul 1901 s Ireland Mercy Hospital Heat prostration St. Marguerite's Cemetery
Garey Mrs Mary 68y Housewife 7 Feb 1901 w Ireland Red Cross Hospital Lagrippe St. Marguerite's Cemetery
Gannon Mrs. Thomas 70y 9d   1 Mar 1902 m Ireland City of Davenport General Debility St. Marguerite's Cemetery
Gilroy Peter 33y 1m 11d   8 Apr 1902 m Ireland City of Davenport Tuberculosis St. Marguerite's Cemetery
Grady Patrick 77y 7m 22d   22 June 1902 m Ireland City of Davenport General Debility St. Marguerite's Cemetery
Gilmore Stewart 70y 5m   16 Dec 1902 m Ireland Allen's Grove Anneama Allen's Grove
Gallagher Susan 67y   24 Mar 1902 s Donegal LeClaire Township Bronchitis LeClaire Prairie U P Cemetery
Glynn Martin 72y Retired farmer 12 Feb 1903 m Sligo City of Davenport Nephritis enlarged Oakdale Cemetery
Gilloley Mary 78y   18 May 1903 w Ireland City of Davenport Exhaustian attending childbirth St. Marguerite's Cemetery
Gamble Dr. James 82y 7m Physician 6 Oct 1903 w Londonderry LeClaire Old Age LeClaire