(TRANSCRIPTS) 1860—1869 PAGE 173

Transcribed by Gloria Williams






Other Info

Flannagan, Fergus Magaha, Amy    Henry Magee no certificate returned 25 Nov 1868 date of license
Claussen, William Mieneck, Jannetta Henry Ploog T D Eagal Co. Judge M 26 Nov 1868  
Beuse, Henry Hernken, Anna Friedrich Willmer Wm. Vomhof, Min       M 3 Dec 1868  
Chapman Loyd Pope, Emily C. Justus Pope no minister listed M 29 Nov. 1868  at home of Justus Pope
Archer, George W. Leslie, Mary Jane James A Stevenson John Forsyth JP M 29 Nov 1868 at Princeton
Schwarz, Peter  Ott, Helena        Peter R M Voss Bl. Peters JP     M 28 Nov. 1868  
Jurgens, Jacob  Anders, Ceilie I H O Hartwig Bl. Peters JP     28 Nov 1868 date of licence
Valentine, Richard Waters, Virginia George Barker Rev. R D Brooke M 29 Nov 1868   at College Chapel
‘colored’ written in margin
Palm, John CF   Morand Mary Catherine Otto Smith T D Eagel, Co Judge 30 Nov. 1868     date of licence
Andersen,John H Robeson, Precilla Charles W Anderson S S Ralston       M 1 Dec 1868 at home of Mrs Andersen
Follner Fritz Kuhne, Mina Peter Arp M J Rohlffs JP   30 Nov 1868      date of licence
(Fellner handwritten) (Wilhelmina  handwritten)        at Sheridan Twp
Marinan, Patrick Kane, Ellen P Darcey no certificate returned            30 Nov. 1868     date of licence
Davis, George W Town, Sophia C A McLoskey J K Fuller VDM 30 Nov. 1868   date of licence
Beenk, Friedrich Wittdorf, Catharina Friedrich T Prien Bl Peters JP M 1 Dec. 1868  
Schwarz, August Broscsh, Bertha JH C Bluedorn Rev. Friedrich Heinz 30 Nov. 1868 date of licence
Morrison James Knouse, Mary M John S Knouse  John Hickwell VDM M 1 Dec 1868  home of Mary A Knouse
Fowler, Ebenezer Long, Anna E.   F. M. Petersen J B McBride MG M 2 Dec 1868

at home of J B McBride  In Princeton