We subjoin a list of those from Scott County who perished in defense of the Union:


Lieut. Col. August Weatz-Killed in battle at Belmont,Mo., Nov 7, 1861.
Maj. William A Walker-Killed in battle near Atlanta, Ga., July 22,1864.
Qr.Mast. Jesse J. Grant-Died at Benton Barracks,Mo., April 19, 1864.
Capt. Miles P. Benton-Died at home April 8, 1863.
Capt-Jonathan Slaymaker-Killed in battle at Fort Donaldson,Feb 15,1862.
Lieut. Enos Tichenor-Killled in battle at Corinth, Miss., Oct 3,1862.
Lieut. Elia Taylor-Died at Cassville, Mo., Oct 25, 1862.
Lieut. William S. Steel-Died at Carrollton, La., Aug.19, 1863.
Lieut. Harrison Oliver-Killed in battle at Prairie Grove.
Lieut. Samuel Diffin-Wounded at Kenesaw Mt., Ga ,and died at Rome, Ga., Aug, 22,1864.
Lieut. John G. Huntington-Killed in battle atCorintn, Miss., Oct. 3,1862. 
Lieut. Hezekiah G. Davire-Killed in action near West Point, Miss., Feb. 20,1864.
Armstrong, James B.-Died May 10, of wounds received at battle of Farmington,May 9, 1862.
Alger, Delos-Killed April 8,1865, at Spanish Fort, Ala., while in action.
Boyer, Francis M.-Killed April 8, 1865; at Spanish Fort, Ala., in action.
Blackman, Hiram-Died at St. Louis, Jan. 12,1862.
Berherns, Warner-Died at Davenport, Oct.18, 1861.
Brown, Orren R.-Died Jan 5,1864, at Colliersville, Tenn.
Boyer, John-Died at Jackson, July18.
Byland, Franklin-Killed Nov. 3, 1863, at Colliersville, Tenn.
Boyd Philip F.-Died May 24, 1863, at Ft. Cook, D. T.
Berry, Peter-Died Feb. 13,1864, at Helena, Ark.
Banks, Solomon K.-Died June 13, 1884, at Helena, Ark.
Bradley, Augustus-Died Dec. 17,1868, at Benton Barracks, Mo.
Bren, Joseph T.-Died April 19, 1865, at Sioux City.
Baner, Jobn-Killed at Fourteen Mile Creek, May 12, 1862.
Brock, Henry-Died Sept. 9, 1863, at Carrollton, La.
Benedict, Charles E.-Died Nov. 2, 1862, at Ford's Farm, Ark.
Brophy Matthew-Killed July 8, 1863, in battle, at Vicksburg, Miss.
Barrett, James F.-Died July 10,1863, at Vicksburg, Miss.
Bell, John L.-Died Feb. 21, 1864, at New Orleans, La.
Bowling. Harry H.-Killed at Millen, Ga., Dec. 8, 1864.
Bauchman, Heinrich-Died June 9,1863, at Cairo, Ill.
Bowman, Henry-Died Sept.11, 1863, at Vicksburg, Miss.
Burley, James-Died at Keokuk, April 28, 1862.
Bartell, Victor N.-Died at St. Louis, Mo., Dec. 4, 1861.
Blanchard, J. W.-Died In Regimental Hospital, at St. Louis, Sept, 26, 1861
Beck, Charles F.-Died in Jefferson Barracks, Mo., March 2, 1862.
Buckman,John R.-Killed, April 6,1862, in battle at Shiloh.
Brattain, Thomas-Died in General Hospital, at St. Louis, Mo., Jan. 21,1862.
Croak, George-Killed April 6, 1862, at Shiloh, Tenn., in battle.
Christian, John S.-Died at St. Louis, April 29, 1862, of wounds received at Shiloh.
Calvert, John.-Died at Le Claire, April 10, 1862.
Cisco, James A--Died Nov. 1, 1863, at Little Rock, Ark.
Carpenter, Orville P.-Diedd at Springfield, Mo., Nov.22, 1862.
Clark, Clinton-Died Jan. 2,1863, at Davenport.
Clewell, Eugene F.-Died Sept. 5, 1865, at New Orleans.
Costan, Fredrick-Died Aug- 15,1864, at Rome, Ga.
Culbertson, William F.-Died Feb. 28,1863, at Fayetteville. Ark., of wounds.
Carnes, Richard-killed Dec. 7, 1862, at Prairie Grove, Ark., in battle.
Clapp, James E.-Died July 23, 1863, at Vicksburg, Miss.
Cheney, Alexander-Died July 10, 1868, of wounds received at Shiloh
Clark, Edwin-Died June, 1862, at Monterey,Miss.
Dunderdale, William-Died at St. Louis, June 19, 1802, from wounds received at Farmington, May 9
Delano, Walter-Died March 27, 1864, at Nashville, Tenn.
Davenport, Henry-Died April 18,1864, at Helena, Ark.
Driskell, Samuel P.-Died Aug.25, 1864, at Andersonville, Ga.
Dilworth, William Richard~Died Feb. 28,1863, at Camp Bliss, Mo.
Davis, James A-Died Feb. 1,1863. at Jackson, Tenn.
Danford, Wm. R.-Died at Elkhorn Tavern, Ark., Nov. 24,1862.
Dose Nicholas-Died Sept.10, 1863, at Vicksburg, Miss.	
Davenport, William A.-Died Aug. 5, 1864, at Memphis, Tenn.
Dean, P. Thomas -Died Jan.11, 1862, at Jefferson city; Mo.
Dow, James G.-Died at Memphis, Tenn., Oct. 25,1863.	1
Downs, John W.-Killed in battle at Corinth, Miss., Oct. 4, 1862.
Dodds, Robert S.-Died at Pleasant Valley, July 8,1862.
Earhart, William F.-Died Jan.7, 1865, at Little Rock, Ark.
Edwards, Benjamin-Died Sept.18, 1864, at Marietta, Ga.
Ernst, Henry-Died Oct. 4, 1862, at Jackson, Miss.
Frame, Peter C-Died March11, 1863, at Davenport.
Fabricus, Nicholas-Died Aug. 6, 1865, at Huntsville, Ala.
Flanagan, John-Died March19, 1864, at Memphis, Tenn.
Fitchner, Charles I.-Died Feb.11, 1862, at California, Mo.
Goddard, Edwin E-Died March 28, 1864. at Memphis, Tenn.
Grimm, Frederick-Died Nov, 23, 1862.
Gray, James A.-Killed June 20,1864, at Powder Springs, Ga.
Green, Henry-Died April 2, 1865.
Graham, William-Died Aug.28, 1862, at New Orleans. La
Goerlick, Joseph-Died June 15, 1864, at Aranzas Pass, Texas.
Guthrie, William-Killed Feb.15, 1872, at Fort Donelson, Tenn.
Gottbeoht, August-Died Sept. 5,1864, at Rome, Ga., of wounds.
Gear, Richard-Killed July 28, 1864, at Atlanta, Ga.
Graak, Karl-Killed at Shiloh.
Grimm, Fritz-Killed April 8,1865, at Spanish Fort, Ala., in battle.
Hilburt, Joseph J.-Died at St. Louis, Jan.12, 1862.
Howard, J.-Died at Memphis, Tenn., March 20, 1863
Hansey, Godfrey-Died May 22, 1864, at Little Rock, Ark.
Hellmuth, Casper-Died Jan. 6, 1864, at Devil's Bluffs, Ark.
Hunter, Wm. Oscar-Died Oct. 2,1862, at Davenport.
Hamilton, William-Died July 24,1865, at Little Rock, Ark.
Hancock, John-Died July 11,1864, at Memphis Tenn.
Henderson, Alexander M.-Died Aug.17, 1862, at Springfield, Mo.	
Hunt, Walter J. L.-Died Dec.14, 1862, at Fayetteville, Ark., of wounds.
Heath, Joseph F.-Died Sept.12, 1868, on Steamer "Metropolitan."	
Henson, Marx-Died Aug.14. 1864, at Andersonville Prison.
Hamann, Hans F.-Killed July 20,1864, at Nick-a-jack Creek, Ga., in battle.
Hottel, Enos-Died Oct.20, 1863, at Memphis. Tenn.
Halderman, Newton A.-Died May 15, 1862, at St. Louis, Mo.
Hinger, Bartus-Died in general hospital at Cairo, Oct. 25,1861.
Hoge, John W.-Killed at Shiloh.
Hale, John P.-Died at Sedalia, Miss., Nov.20, 1861.
Howdi, George W.-Killed at battle of Fort Donelson, Feb. 15,1862.
Ireland, John-Killed Oct.16, .1863, at Brownsville. Miss.
Jackson, John-Died, Nov.19, 1864, at Helena, Ark.
Jack, James G.-Died on steamer "City of Memphis" July 10, 1863.
Jacobs, Josephus-Died Sept. 4,1863, at Carrollton, La.
Jacobs, Heinrich-Died Sept.10, 1863, at Vicksburg, Miss.
Kizer, James-Died at St. Louis Jan. 3,1862.
Kramer, Earnest F.-Drowned in White River, Ark., Aug.12, 1804.
Kleinhesslinz, Gerhard-drowned near Ft. Randall, D. T., in the Missouri River June 15, 1863.
King, Ebenezer-Died Aug 22, 1864, at Andersonville, Ga.
Karate, Andreas-Died in Samaritan Hospital, St. Louis, Oct.13, 1863.
Kimes -Died Nov. 20, 1862, at Prairie Grove, Ark.
Knoche, John-Killed, June 27, 1864, at Kenesaw Mt., Ga.
Kuhl, Claus-Died at St. Louis,June 6, 1862, of wounds received at Shiloh.
Kelley, Joseph S.-Died Feb.19, 1865, at Rock Island, Ill
Kelly, Edwin-Died July 12, 1863, at Corinth, Miss.
Krummel, Chris. G.-Died May 11, 1862.
Lillienthall, Hans-Died May 30, 1864, at Memphis, Tenn.
Luders, George-Died Oct.24, 1864, at Memphis, Tenn.
Lambert, Aaron P.-Died Oct.27, 1863, at Springfield, Mo.
Lehman, Jacob-Died March 20,1865, at Goldsboro, N. C.
Leyle, Joseph R~-Killed April 9, 1864, at Pleasant Hill, La., in battle.
Lavender, Leonard-Died Sept.11, 1863, at Columbus, Ky.
Mosely, David-Died Aug.22, 1864, at Helena, Ark.
Morgan, Sydenham W.-Killed in battle of Ark. Post, Jan.11, 1863.
Myall, Fredrick G.-Killed in battle at Okolona, Miss., Feb.22, 1864.
Martin, James-Killed at Kenesaw Mountain, G., June15, 1864, in battle.
McKight, Jefferson-Died March 11,1864, at Helena, Ark.
Miles, Thomas B.-Killed Dec. 7,1862, in battle at Prairie Grove, Ark
McCormick, Charles-Died Aug.23, 1863, on hospital steamer.
McMahan, Wifliam H.-Died March 3, 1863, at Ozark, Mo.
Murry, Thomas-Died Aug. 3,1863, at Memphis, Tenn.
McKenney, Richard-Died March 13, 1863, at Springfield, Mo.
Magill, John-Drowned on the passage to St Louis.
Meenig, John-Killed Dec. 7, 1812, at Prairie Grove, Ark., in battle.
Murray, William-Died Dec.29, 1862,'at Fayetteville, Ark., of wounds.
Miller, James W.-Died Dec. 25,1861, at St. Louis, Mo.
Mielok, Otto-Died near Corinth, July 10, 1862.
Moore, Henry R.-Died Feb.11, 1863, at Davenport.
McDonald, Donald-Died Nov.8, 1861, at St. Louis, Mo.
Melton, John--Killed in the battle at Shiloh.
Mansell, James C.-Died at Corinth, Miss., Oct. 5, 1862.
Minor, Martin L.-Died Jan. 1, 1863, at Cincinnati, 0.
McCullough, Ebenezer-Died Aug. 3, 1862, at Corinth, Miss.
Nass, John F.-Died May 21, 1862, at Corinth, Miss.
Nilson, James~-Died Oct. 26,1861.
Neben, John-Died at Corinth, Nov.26, 1862.
Nehm, Hans Juery-Killed in battle Aug.10, at Wilson Creek. Mo.
Oliver, David C.~Wounded at Shiloh and died at Monterey, June 1, 1862.
Pollock, Joseph-Died at Cassville, Mo., Nov. 4, 1862.
Puck, Eggert-Died near Corinth, June 11,1862.
Phelps, Dallas-Died March 16, 1863, at Germantown, Tenn
Peters, Johan-Died at Memphis, Tenn., July 7, 1864.
Powell, Walter-Died Sept.23, 1863, at Alton, Ill
Preston, Thomas~Drowned in the Mississippi River, Sept.7, 1864- Accidentally
Pines, Mathias D-Died May 19, 1864, at Memphis, Tenn.
Paustain,Hans~Died Oct. 2,1863, at Columbus, Ohio.
Pentith, Francis-Died June 14,1863, at Corinth, Miss.
Peasley, Francis-Died Dec.12, 1861,at St. Louis, Mo.
Palmer, David D-Died at Memphis, Tenn., Jul, 23,1864.
Page, Garfield S-Killed at Fort Donelson, Feb.15, 1862.
Pries, Henry-Died Oct.10, 1862.
Perry, James-Killed October, 1863, while on an expedition with 1st Ala. Cav.
Peterson, Edward-Killed in battle at Ft. Donelson, Feb.15, 1862.
Quinn, Christopher-Died April, 1862, of wounds.
Reeps, Lewis~Died at Oswego Springs, Ark., Oct.31, 1862.
Ralston, Robert S.~-Died Nov.28, 1862.
Reynolds, Hiram~Reported dead Nov. 25, 1862, Springfield, Mo.
Reimers, Johann-Died near Corinth, June 16, 1862.
Rudd, James -Died at Memphis, Tenn.
Russell, William C.-Killed in battle at Chickamauga, Tenn., Sept-20, 1863.
Robinson, Charles M.-Died March 8, 1862, at Sedalia, Mo.
Roberts, John D.-Died Sept. 11,1865. at Tuskegee, Ala.
Sharp, Augustus-Died at St. Louis, Feb. 3, 1862.
Steel, Francis M.-Killed in battle at Prairie Grove, Dec.7,1862.
Stoltenberg, Hans-Died at Jefferson Barracks, July 27, 1862.
Schroeder, Adolph-Died at-Corinth, Oct.20, 1863.
Schlegel, Charles-Died Aug.25, 1864, at Colliersville, Tenn.
Syms, James-Died at St. Louis, Mo., April 15,1864.
Scott, Joseph A-Died April12, 1864, at Helena, Ark.
Steffen, Stephen-Died Oct. 24.1864, at Memphis, Tenn.
Snively, George W.-Died Nov. 7,1864, at Millen, Ga., of starvation, while a prisoner of war.
Statton. Levi-Died at Springfield, Mo., Dec. 23,1862
Shuman, Christian-Died Aug.18, 1863, at St. Louis, Mo.
Scott, Joseph A.-Died April 12, 1864, at Helena, Ark.
Seaman, Ezra-Died Aug.28, 1863, at Carrollton, La.
Sullivan Danl. M.-Killed at battle of Prairie Grove.
Sissell, John J.-Died at Springneld, Mo., Dec. 3, 1862..
Stewart, Otis T.-Died Nov. 22,1862, at Springfield, Mo.
Sturdevant, Ben. H.-Died at Rolla, Mo., Sept.16, 1862.
Schwartz, Johann-Died at Camp No.2, near Shiloh, April 22, 1862.
Schulz, August-Died at Davenport, Iowa, May 25, 1862.
Sullivan, Denis-Died at Davenport in Camp McClellan.
Shield William-Died in hospital at Jackson, Tenn., Oct. 3, 1862.
Schlosser, Fritz-Died July 18, 1862, near Corinth, Miss.
Shadle John-Died~Aug. 16.1864, at Andersonville prison.
Schmidt, Peter D.-Died May 13,1864, of wounds, at Memphis, Tenn.
Seymour, Bavil-Killed Oct 4, 1862, at Corinth, Miss.
Shook Jonathan R.-Died June 21, 1862 at Keokuk.
Speed Jacob-Died Oct.25, 1862, at Cairo. Ill. 
Sick, Frederick~-Drowned March 26, 1864, at Pulaski, Tenn.
Tompson, Stephen-Died July 28, 1863, at Port Hudson, La.
Tisdale, John A.-Died June 20, 1864, at New Orleans, La.
Taylor, Robert-Died at Cincinnati, July 11, 1862, of wounds received at Shiloh.
Tompson, James A.-Died in February, 1863, at Jackson, Tenn.
Tedford, Robert A.-Died Aug.1, 1864 at Atlanta, Ga.
Thomson, Moses-Died at home, August, 1861.
Williams, Oscar G.-Killed Sept 27, 1868, at Centralia, murdered by guerrillas.
Wolf, John A.-Died Aug. 6,1864, at Andersonville, Ga.
Wunder, Henry-Died at Rolla, Mo., March 13,1863.
Weise, Henry-Died at Milliken's Bend, La., July 2, 1863.
Wolf, Lucian H.-Died April 14, 1864, at Memphis, Tenn.
Wulf, Hans-Killed in action before Vicksburg.
Wicks, George R-Died at Corinth, Oct.28, 1862.
Wood, Martin-Died at New Madrid, April 10, 1862.
Williams, Silas-Died Oct. 5, 1863, at New Orleans, La.
West, Joseph V.-Killed Sept 19,1862, at Iuka, Miss., in battle.
Wilkin, Frederick-Died near Corinth, June 13, 1862.
Whitnell, Charles L.-Killed at Shiloh.
Wulf, Christian D.-Died July 18, 1864, at Rome, Ga.
Work, Alexander-Died July 22, 1864. at Atlanta, Ga., of wounds.
Wiechman, August-Died Aug.28, 1863., at Vicksburg, Miss
Work, James-Died at Camp Denison, Ohio, April 26. 1862.
Ward, James H.-Died April 28,1862, at Savannah, Tenn, of wounds.
Wright, Heinrich-Died of wounds.
Wheeler, Henry 0.-Drowned in Mississippi River, Aug. 16,1861.