Scott County Probates and Wills



Transcribed by Elaine Rathmann 


            This index contains probate records which are available on microfilm at the Davenport Public Library and through the Family History Centers. Two types of wills are included in this index: Prowills and Codewills. Prowills refer to probate packets, which contain information about the decedentís heirs and property distribution. Codewills are wills that were filed at the Scott County Courthouse for safekeeping, but were never probated.

      Testator                            Will Type                Case Number


Ianck, Mary                              Prowill                        5220
Ihms, Ernst                              Codewill                       20177
Iles, Thomas J.                          Prowill                        2904
Illian, Frederick & Caroline J.          Prowill                        494
Ilsemann, Heinrich M.                    Prowill                        8981
Imming, Clemens                          Prowill                        3912
Immoor, Henry                            Codewill                       18678
Incze, Elizabeth                         Prowill                        13106
Incze, Franses                           Prowill                        4021
Ingwers, Boi                             Prowill                        10375
Innes, Mary L.                           Codewill                       12557
Irish, Ahimaaz R.                        Prowill                        4063
Irvine, Percy S.                         Codewill                       18961
Ivarson, Mary                            Codewill                       20785
Ivers, Maria Sophia                      Prowill                        6776
Ives, George H.                          Prowill                        11143
Iwerson, Iwer                            Prowill                        8420


Jack, Andrew                             Prowill                        5737
Jacker, Christine                        Prowill                        6167
Jacobs, Adolph                           Prowill                        12930
Jacobs, Annette Garner                   Prowill                        10967
Jacobs, Caroline C.                      Prowill                        12110
Jacobs, Catharine M.                     Codewill                       14265
Jacobs, Hans                             Prowill                        5061
Jacobs, Hans John                        Codewill                       19548
Jacobs, Henry H.                         Prowill                        8820
Jacobs, Herman T.                        Codewill                       14890
Jacobs, Louis                            Prowill                        3618
Jacobs, Minnie T. Rolfs                  Prowill                        10544
Jacobsen, Charles F.                     Codewill                       15746
Jacobsen, Detlef Friederich              Prowill                        7765
Jacobsen, Peter Nicolai                  Prowill                        8132
Jager, Chris                             Prowill                        8395
Jager, Freda                             Prowill                        9531
Jager, Wilhelmine                        Codewill                       14825
Jahn, Elise                              Prowill                        7472
Jahn, John G. F.                         Codewill                       19649
Jahr, Maria Sophia                       Prowill                        7080
James, Elizabeth A.                      Prowill                        11732
James, Louis S.                          Prowill                        14000
James, Thomas                            Prowill                        6623
Jansen, August Hinrich                   Prowill                        2264
Jansen, Hans Jacob                       Prowill                        5552
Jansen, Nicklaus                         Prowill                        12757
Jansen, Alfred J.                        Prowill                        512
Janns, John                              Prowill                        3718
Janssen, Caroline                        Prowill                        7220
Janssen, Orey                            Prowill                        13844
Jarchow, Dorothea                        Prowill                        7671
Jasper, Cornelius                        Prowill                        12952
Jefferis, Benjamin R.                    Prowill                        520
Jehring, John Sr.                        Prowill                        11954
Jehring, Lydia                           Prowill                        13889
Jenkins, Catharine                       Prowill                        2851
Jenkins, James S.                        Prowill                        2669
Jenney, Stephen P.                       Prowill                        591
Jennings, Diana P.                       Prowill                        7683
Jennings, R. P.                          Codewill                       13385
Jennings, Samuel A.                      Prowill                        6540
Jennings, Sophia                         Codewill                       21328
Jennings, Thomas                         Prowill                        7412
Jennings, W. H.                          Prowill                        6496
Jensen, Ben (aka Benjamin)               Prowill                        13170
Jensen, Boi                              Prowill                        3888
Jensen, Heinrich                         Prowill                        4177
Jensen, Jens                             Prowill                        3623
Jensen, Jens                             Codewill                       9838
Jensen, John C.                          Prowill                        13552
Jepsen, Friedericke                      Prowill                        12391
Jepsen, George                           Prowill                        9562
Jepsen, Hans                             Prowill                        12282
Jess, Johann                             Prowill                        5542
Jessen, Adolph                           Prowill                        8426
Jessen, William                          Prowill                        13724
Jessen, William                          Codewill                       13724
Jipp, Henry                              Prowill                        11834
Jipp, Sophia Wilhelmine                  Prowill                        13616
Joeknke, Juergen F.                      Prowill                        10319
Joens, Christina                         Prowill                        3410
Joens, Hans                              Prowill                        8665
Joens, Otto                              Prowill                        10008
Joens, Peter                             Prowill                        13934
Joens, William                           Prowill                        7834
Joers, Heinrich                          Prowill                        2795
Joers, Minna                             Prowill                        5116
Johannsen, Anna Christine                Prowill                        10878
Johannsen, Christ                        Prowill                        12868
Johannsen, Mary                          Prowill                        12530
Johannsen, Mary                          Codewill                       24031
Johansen, Claus                          Prowill                        7517
Johansen, Peter J.                       Prowill                        13967
Johanson, Anna (Johnson)                 Prowill                        13368
Johanson, S. A. (Johnson)                Prowill                        13918
John, Bertha                             Prowill                        3579
Johnson, Albert L.                       Codewill                       21476
Johnson, Anna (see Johanson, Anna)       Prowill                        13368
Johnson, Cecil Corwin                    Codewill                       16842
Johnson, Christiana                      Prowill                        505
Johnson, Christopher R.                  Prowill                        10957
Johnson, Daniel M.                       Prowill                        1802
Johnson, Dora                            Prowill                        7275
Johnson, Elizabeth                       Prowill                        10471
Johnson, Frederic C. (see Johnson,       Prowill                        8832
      Elizabeth No. 10471)
Johnson, George S.                       Prowill                        12109
Johnson, Louisa R.                       Prowill                        8250
Johnson, Robert I.                       Codewill                       22480
Johnson, S. A. (see Johanson, S. A.)     Prowill                        13918
Johnson, Sarah A.                        Codewill                       7194
Johnson, Sarah A.                        Codewill                       7216
Johnson, William J.                      Codewill                       21088
Johnston, Mary A.                        Prowill                        6960
Johnston, Mary E.                        Prowill                        13992
Jones, Archibald                         Prowill                        2993
Jones, Asa Z.                            Prowill                        3391
Jones, Carrie Alvina                     Prowill                        13671
Jones, Hinrich                           Prowill                        7672
Jones, Lillie C.                         Prowill                        13247
Jones, Margaret                          Prowill                        13211
Jones, Mary                              Prowill                        6019
Jones, Patrick                           Prowill                        4566
Jones, Samuel W.                         Prowill                        10732
Jones, Sarah A.                          Codewill                       24510
Jones, Thomas                            Prowill                        4102
Jones, Thomas                            Prowill                        721
Jones, William L.                        Prowill                        503
Jordan, Claus                            Prowill                        2835
Jorgensen, Jorgen                        Prowill                        7559
Juencke, August Ernst                    Prowill                        5106
Juergens, Johann Christian               Prowill                        6037
Juergens, Peter                          Prowill                        13317
Juergensen, Fred H.                      Prowill                        6473
Jugenheimer, Anna                        Prowill                        4565
Jugenheimer, Henry                       Prowill                        1196
Juhler, Emilie                           Prowill                        13495
Juhrend, Johannes                        Codewill                       16486
Junge, Ella Augusta                      Codewill                       23950
Junge, John F.                           Prowill                        10436
Jurgens, Annetta K.                      Codewill                       24160
Jurgens, Henry H.                        Codewill                       23913
Jurgens, Jacob                           Prowill                        6147
Jurgens, Peter                           Prowill                        13433
Jurgensen, Jurgen                        Prowill                        13108