Central Park c. 1905

Lindsay Park c. 1930

Fejenary (Fejervary) Park c. 1908

Fountain, Vanderveer Park, Davenport, Iowa

Lagoon, Vanderveer Park, Davenport, Iowa


2nd Street Looking East from Main c 1913

Looking East on Second Street From Main Street, Davenport, Iowa

Second Street, Looking West, Davenport, Iowa

Corner of Second and Brady Streets, Davenport, Iowa

300 Block Looking East - North Side, Davenport, Iowa

2018 Second Street, Davenport Iowa

Third and Brady Street, Davenport, Iowa

Kirkwood Boulevard

Bird's Eye View of Davenport - 1913


Government Bridge, Davenport, Iowa

Government Bridge and Trolley

Ferry Boats on Mississippi River Between Davenport and Rock Island

Mississippi River View from Davenport c. 1908

Davenport and Rock Island Ferry



Black Hawk Hotel, Davenport, Iowa

Another picture of Hotel Blackhawk

Kahl Building, Davenport, Iowa

Broad Casting Station WOC, Palmer School of Chiropractic, Davenport, Ia

Courthouse, Davenport, Iowa

Another picture of Courthouse, Davenport, Iowa

Davenport High School

Another picture of Davenport High School

Another Picture of Davenport High School

Immaculate Conception Academy  

St. Katherine's Hall  

Davenport City Hall

Davenport Masonic Temple

Mississippi Hotel and Theatre Building

St. Luke's Hospital

Mercy Hospital

Mercy Hospital

Davenport Public Library 1923


Walcott General Store of W.F. Ruge

Walcott Residence

Scene in Walcott, Iowa

Street in Walcott, Iowa