From Iowa Official Register 1909-1910

Iowa Soldiers' Orphans' Home- Davenport
Superintendent- Frank J Sessions
Physician- William L. Allen, M.D.
Steward- Uriah D. Runkle

     There is in connection with this institution a school building, pleasant, commodious and well lighted, and it is the policy of the board to have the course of instruction at a high standard. A kindergarten is operated for the very young pupils.
     The age limit is beyond which children are not kept in the home is sixteen years. Fewer than 20 per cent remain to the age limit.
     A library of well selected juvenile literature is a source of pleasure and profitable entertainment to the children, as from necessity their pastimes and pleasures are somewhat circumscribed.
     It is the aim to provide the children with plenty of good comfortable clothing and to have them taught to take good care of the same. Their
clothing is all manufactured at the home, the large girls assisting in its manufacture. The table is supplied with a good variety of plain, wholesome food and a reasonable amount of luxuries.
     The home is supported by a regular appropriation of $12 per month for each inmate and the actual transportation charges of inmates to and from the institution. Each county is liable to the state for the support of its children to the extent of $6 per month, except soldiers' orphans, who are cared for at the expense of the state.