News Items on Nahant


Tri-City Star
Davenport, Scott, Iowa
November 29, 1904

William Vaughn Continued Vain Search for Missing Spouse.

    William Vaughn of Nahant, whose wife ran away and left him and a little lad of 5 years, nearly a month ago, is still keeping up his vain search for his unfaithful spouse in this city. His wife, Mrs. Laura Vaughn, born Roberts, disappeared at the same time that a man living in Nahant brushed the dust of the settlement off his feet, and it is also said that a sum of money went with them.
    The poor husband, who is now 55 years of age, cannot be convinced, however, that his wife was intentionally wrong. He firmly believes that she is living in the Tri-Cities.
    Last night he stated to the Star that he was nearly exhausted. He has spent $65 in the search for the wife and says that is about all he can afford. While the sum is not enormously large, still it is more to him than it would be to others.
    The case is a sad one. The poor husband is a coal shoveler at Nahant and worked hard during the week at the same time doing all in his power to make life comfortable for the woman who shared his fortunes and misfortunes.
    With the ungratefulness that many women have shown before, one night the woman disappeared leaving both the husband and the little lad, who in the tender years needed the care of the mother. Vaughn, still loving his wife deeply and believing that she was true to him and had become demented, searched the hotels and restaurants of the city in search of her.
    At one hotel he got what he supposed was a clue of her whereabouts and ever since he has fairly haunted the hotels and restaurants in the hope of finding her working in one of them. He carries two pictures of the woman around with him, and these he shows to every one whom he meets, at the same time asking the pitiful question: "Have you seen my wife?"
    Last night he met a Star reporter on the street and asked the way to the Salvation Army headquarters. This was late at night, and though he would not say why he wanted to go there, it was presumably in search of a place to rest his weary head. For some time after the disappearance of his wife he worked during the day and searched during the night, but since he has quit working and is now confining all of his time to the search.

Davenport Democrat and Leader
Davenport, Scott, Iowa
July 6, 1922

Watch and $55 Cash Taken from Man in Charge this Morning.
    "Hands up!"
    This was the order given Joe Mellott in charge of the Hollywood Inn, Nahant, by two bandits who accosted him with revolvers as he was closing up the place at 1:30 o'clock this morning. When Mellott complied with the order, the bandits "frisked" him, obtaining a gold watch and $55 in cash. Then they made a hasty search thru the inn and departed in an automobile.
    The two bandits entered thru a side door. Mellott identified one of the men as "Blackie" Hilbert, one of the bandit gang captured in a police round-up here some time ago, and the other as a man named Jonesey.
    A call to the Davenport police station started officers on a quest for the hold up men. Four men, Tommy Hines, Martin King, Gilbert McTurk and Robert McGrath were arrested as suspects. and are being held for investigation. A five-passenger automobile supposed to belong to McTurk, is also being held.
    The suspects were arrested in an alley west of Harrison street between Fifth and Sixth streets. McTurk admitted that he, Ray Donahoe, Tommy Hines, Martin King and another man went down to Nahant, but denied any implication in the hold-up. He stated that he was out of his car three or four hours, and that it might have been used in the hold-up.
    Officer Gene Cueroast reported that a five passenger car containing five men came east on Fifteenth street shortly after the robbery and that it was being driven at a high rate of speed. The officer's orders to stop went unheeded.
    Sheriff William Brehmer paid a visit to the Hollywood Inn this morning, but did not succeed in obtaining any information concerning the hold-up.

Davenport Democrat and Leader
Davenport, Scott, Iowa
August 18, 1922

Sheriff Arrests Ruth Gregg of Rock Island and 'Jim' Clancy, Bartender.
Obtain Affidavits Liquor Was Sold in Resort

    Following the arrest of "Jim" Clancy, bartender, and Ruth Gregg, 18, of Rock Island, in a room at the Hollywood Inn, formerly the old Mississippi hotel, near Nahant, and the securing by federal agents of affidavits swearing to the sale of liquor in the place, county authorities launched an investigation this afternoon which may result in the closing of the roadhouse.
    The girl was removed from the inn by Sheriff William Brehmer and Deputy Sheriffs Frank Martin and Fred Scharfenburg after Carl E. Carlson, known as "Happy McCoy" had complained to the authorities that the girl was being detained at the road house and had been subjected to abuse at the hands of Clancy, the bartender.
     Carlson, according to his story, visited the inn early this morning for the purpose of taking the girl back to her home in Rock Island. He said the girl was willing to leave the place, but Clancy interfered and after a wordy controversy he (Carlson) left the resort and appealed to the sheriff. He said Clancy struck the girl in the face with a fist during the argument.
    When the sheriff and his deputies visited the resort they found Clancy and the girl occupying a bed in one of the upstairs rooms. Both were arrested and lodged in the county jail. The girl, who has been living at the inn for the past several days, was questioned by County Attorney John P. Weir later in the day.
    Following the arrest of the couple, R.E. Muhs, federal prohibition agent, talked to several men who accompanied Carlson to the place earlier in the day. These men, it is said, gave Muhs affidavits to the effect that they purchased wine in the barroom of Clancy.
     That federal action may follow the securing of the affidavits was intimated by the federal agent. He said he had been attempting to secure "this sort of evidence against the place' for some time.

Maloof Investigating.
    After the sheriff had visited the Inn, which was the scene of a near riot, recently when a prohibition agent by the name of Charles Prince, of Chicago became intoxicated in the place and started shooting, "Diamond Joe" Maloof, proprietor of the roadhouse, called at the sheriff's office to inquire about the "trouble."
    According to Maloof's story, he discharged Clancy last night and instructed "Skimmer" Hines, his co-partner at the inn, to "pay him off."
    Maloof claimed the trouble was due to rivalry between Clancy and Carlson for the Gregg girl's love.


Davenport Democrat and Leader
Davenport, Scott, Iowa
September 10, 1922

Hollywood Inn, Charles Palmer Roadhouse, and Two Local "Soft Drink" Bars Objective of Seven Prohibition Agents,
Deputy U.S. Marshal, Sheriff and His Aides; Three are Arrested and Liquor Charges Will be Filed Against Several More, Local Prohibition Man Says.

    A huge quantity of beer, wine, whisky, gin and alcohol was seized by a squad of seven federal prohibition agents, together with Sheriff William Brehmer, his two deputies, and Deputy U.S. Marshal T.F. Kenney, in four raids, involving two roadhouses and two local soft drink bars, Saturday afternoon and evening.
    The places raided are:
    Hollywood Inn, Nahant.
    Charles Palmer roadhouse, Nahant.
    "Antlers" bar, Third and Scott streets.
    Former Jack Wall bar, Ora Shea, proprietor, 416 West Second street.
    Five hundred bottles of whisky and wine were seized at Hollywood. The Palmer roadhouse yielded 56 quarts of wine, two quarts of whisky and 200 bottles of home brew. Five gallons of alcohol, two gallons of gin and five quarts of whisky were taken at the "Antlers" bar while five quarts of gin, three quarts of whisky and three pints of whisky were seized at Ora Shea's place.
    Federal Prohibition Agent R.E. Muhs and Federal Agent Ben Kookbeck, of Des Moines, were in charge of the raids in which four general agents from Minneapolis, Minn, and two state agents from Des Moines participated.
    The Hollywood Inn and the Palmer roadhouse were raided at 3:30 o'clock Saturday afternoon. Dividing themselves into two bodies, the federal agents conducted simultaneous raids on the two places.
    "We found booze everywhere," Mr Muhs stated last evening. "There was booze on ice, ready to serve and there was stored booze. It was one of the biggest hauls I have ever made."
    George Fay and Harry Koehler were placed under arrest at the Palmer place and Joe Johnston, in charge of operations at Hollywood, was taken into custody there. The men were lodged in the county jail pending filing of liquor charges against them.
    Returning to Davenport with their haul, the squad lost no time in raiding the two "soft drink" bars. Again working simultaneously, they took the bootleg parlors completely by surprise. Quietly and efficiently, the booze was removed, no disturbance of any kind occurring.
    The first discovery, at the "Antlers" bar was a suitcase containing gin, whisky, and glasses - complete paraphernalia for the shaking of thirst. Outside the door in the rear of the bar, which is operated by Jenson brothers, were found the five gallons of alcohol, gin and whisky.
    Raiding of the Shea place was a simple matter. The liquor was not hard to find. Prohibition Agent Muhs said last night, and those in charge of the place offered no resistance to the raiders.
    Mr. Wall states he sold his bar to Mr. Shea last spring. The beverage license for the conduct of the place has been in the name of Ora Shea since April 1, 1922.
    All of the seized liquor was taken to the office of Mr. Muhs in the federal building, where it will be destroyed. The government men were  busy all Saturday evening removing the liquor to a place of safety in the building.
    Mr. Muhs stated last night that liquor charges will be filed against those implicated as soon as he can get in touch with U.S. Commissioner A.C. Bush. The men involved will probably appear for hearing in commissioner's court this week.
    "The four places raided are the plague spots of Scott county," the local prohibition man said.
    "Complaints about the roadhouses and bars have been frequent. The Hollywood place is notorious." Mr. Muhs made no statement whether or not charges will be filed against Joe Maloff, proprietor of the Hollywood Inn, or against Charles Palmer, who operates the roadhouse across the road from Hollywood.
    "We should have waited until later in the evening to raid the two roadhouses," two of the general prohibitive agents said last night. It would have been more fun to raid them when they were full of people. However, we were in a hurry and could not wait.
    "The raids are the result of government investigation of Scott county liquor joints. Mr. Muhs should receive full credit for the splendid part he played in conducting the raids."

Davenport Democrat and Leader
Davenport, Scott, Iowa
September 11, 1922

Harry Koehler and George Fahey Taken at Palmer Roadhouse Arraigned.
    Three of the men taken by the federal agents in their raids Saturday on local road houses and bars were arraigned today before United States Commissioner A.G. Bush and bonded at $500 each.
    The three arraigned were Harry Koehler and George Fahey, taken at the Palmer House, and Joe Johnston, the alleged bartender at the Hollywood Inn. Both of the resorts are near Nahant. They are directly across the road from each other.
    John Looney, a Rock Island attorney, represented Johnston at his arraignment this morning. The other two appeared without an attorney. All three men are charged with the sale of intoxicating liquors.
    Local Prohibition Agent M.E. Muhs, who led the raids, said this morning that there was sufficient evidence to convict the entire gang who were taken in the sweeping "surprise party" that was sprung Saturday evening. The "party" he said was the direct result of a long and thoro investigation on the part of the United States agents.

Davenport Democrat and Leader
Davenport, Scott, Iowa
December 5, 1922

    Mexico warred with Africa in darkest Nahant last night and a shot was fired, according to the story told in police court this morning. As has been the case with all the major wars of history, a woman was found at the bottom of the trouble.
    Not a woman perhaps, for Vertemine Brooks, colored, is only 11 years old. Nevertheless she was the object of the affection of 20-year-old Silvio Gonzallos who is also a citizen of the Nahant box car community.
    Ganzallos and his father called on Bud Brooks, the father of Vertemine, and were highly indignant when he refused to give his daughter to the Mexican. "I'll kill you" he is alleged to have stated several times. Both had a drink of "purty good" hooch.
    Then the Mexican went to the Brooks cabin and demanded that the mother give them the girl. Instead she called her son Robert, who put the Gonzellos out of the house. Robert reported that in the evening he was fired at by the Mexicans but could not positively identify his assailants.
    The Mexicans could "not understand" so the case was dismissed.

Davenport Democrat and Leader
Davenport, Scott, Iowa
December 12, 1922

Helen Van Dale Makes Statement Believed to Implicate Former Pals
    Helen Van Dale, alleged white slaver, in her lonely cell in the Scott county jail, has made a signed statement. This became known today. The statement was made to state officials and a department of justice man. But the contents of the statement have not been divulged. Officials refuse to discuss it.
    The woman was grilled by the investigators for three hours before it was made according to attaches of the jail.
    She is downhearted and penitent. More than disappointed at the failure of her "friends" to come to her rescue, she is believed to have told all she knew. She was the alleged sweetheart of Tom Cox, then chief of police of Rock Island and also the proprietor of one of the most notorious dives in the old Rock Island underworld; a dive that was decidedly anti-Gabel. Her place was next door to the Gabel house.
     It was around Helen Van Dale that the alleged enormous White Slave ring was builded. She is supposed to have been backed by Cox and Looney.
    When the sweeping clean-up came she moved to Davenport. She later bought the old Palmer Inn at Nahant and is said to have transported all of her girls to Davenport for use in the Nahant joint. It was here that she was arrested.
    Rumor has it that while she declares herself innocent of the white slave charges she, thru spite, has connected her former lover, Tom Cox, with the ring. She at one time made the statement that she brought no girls from Rock Island. Another statement is that she is alleged to have made is that she had the Rock Island police department in the palm of her hand.
    She is also supposed to have been an eyewitness to the killing of a girl in the underworld in her joint. The girl is supposed to have quarreled with her. She was then with Cox. Cox is said to have taken sides with the Van Dale woman and in a drunken stupor to have hit the girl over the head with a beer bottle.
    Has the woman thru spite and following the old adage "Hell hath no fury like that of a woman scorned", told of the many mysteries the intrigue of which the rulers of the old underworld controlled that powerful invisible empire? Because those she thought were her friends have turned on her now that she is in trouble, she is believed to have told just enough to implicate them.
    R.E. Baker, former proprietor of the notorious Sand bar of Rock Island, was called before the investigators this morning. He told first of buying the place from one of the Looney cohorts. Then of the break with the gang. As long as he paid his tribute he was never arrested.
    When he broke he was arrested and charged with bootlegging. He was brought before Police Judge David J. Cleland for trial and was confronted with a bottle of moonshine liquor as evidence against him.
    It was then that he suspected a frame up. He knew that never since he had had the place had he sold anything except bonded whisky. Every bottle that went out of his place he says had the seal. He contended innocence and was convicted. Baker was prosecuted by City Attorney John K. Scott. He was fined $300 and costs. This he claimed not to possess. He was remanded to jail.
    He laid in the city jail for five days. Then he declares Cox came to him and told him to get out of town. This he agreed to do as soon as he could sell his place. He says that a bartender for Lou Meumann came to him and wanted to buy the place. He asked $1,000. It was refused, but he stood pat.
    Later Meumann himself came to him. Still he held out for the $1,000. This sum was finally agreed upon. Meumann paid him $100 and told him to go to City Attorney Scott and get a bill of sale and he would pay him the balance.
    Instead of going to Scott he went to a justice of the peace and returned to Meumann. He was then paid the balance.
    Baker maintains that it was a frame that he should go to Scott. Scott would then notify Cox who would order his arrest, then collect the $300. After putting the $900 in his pocket he boarded a street car for Davenport and did not return to Rock Island until called today.
    The Rock Island grand jury reconvenes tomorrow morning and will resume its probe. It is then that the sensational indictments are expected. Bills naming the slayers of young Looney are expected as are bills against Cleland.
    H.S. Mosher, chief of the state investigators, was called before Mayor Mueller and Chief of Police Schlueter yesterday afternoon and assured that if he should want help on the Iowa side of the river the Davenport police department would render him any aid possible. The two Davenport officials said that the city police would co-operate with him in every way.
    Mr. Mosher stated this morning that he had little or no need for help from the Davenport police as yet, but might need them before the investigation was completed.


Davenport Democrat and Leader
Davenport, Scott, Iowa
Monday Evening, Jan 22, 1923

Woman and Man Shot in Hollywood Brawl;
Police Probe Case.
Prominent Muscatine Business Man Held for Gun Play After Quarrel
At Nahant Resort; Investigation Being Made of Suspicious Circumstances of
Affair This Morning.

    A drunken brawl at Hollywood Inn, Nahant, early this morning, culminated this morning in the shooting of Maude Smith, said to be a resident of Muscatine and of Fred Hall, colored bartender for Brick Munro, proprietor of the Inn, by Ralph Klemdolph, prominent Muscatine business man.
    Hall's ankle was shattered by a bullet from Klemdolph's revolver, while the Smith woman, Klemdolph's alleged sister-in-law, received a wound in her legs. Hall is being cared for at Mercy hospital, while Maude Smith is at the House of Detention.
    Another woman participant in the brawl, who gave her name as Nellie Tubbs is also held at the House of Detention.
    Both women today refused to give information which would give police any idea as to the cause of the quarrel. Nellie Tubbs however admitted that Mrs. Klemdolph had been a member of the Hollywood Inn party.
    I don't know anything about the affair at all she said when interviewed. I don't know that Klemdolph did the shooting and ??? and I don't know why he did it. What I want to know is why are they holding us.
    The Smith woman would not talk at all. She is badly injured.
    When Klemdolph was brought to the police station by Rockingham authorities this morning he was violently intoxicated and resisted efforts of Officer John McDermott to lock him in a cell becoming so frenzied that Officer McDermott had to summon aid in handling him. A revolver, a bottle of whiskey and a number of bills were found in his possession.
    Circumstances of the brawl appear to be shrouded in mystery and police believe that an attempt has been made to "cover up". As far as can be learned, however, the quarrel started when Klemdolph asked his sister-in-law Mrs. Smith to go home with him. She refused his request, it is believed, and Klemdolph, intoxicated, pulled his revolver. Whether Hall was shot when he attempted to rescue her or whether he was shot by a bullet from Klemdolph's gun has not been discovered.
    Police were first made aware of the fact that trouble was occurring at Hollywood when they received a telephone request for the police ambulance. They were told that a man had slipped on the floor and broken his leg.
    Meanwhile Marshal C.M. Frey of Rockingham and his deputy William Steckel had gone to the Inn and arrested Klemdolph. They brought him to the Davenport police station where he was locked in a cell.
    According to Marshal Frey Klemdolph claims he is a deputy sheriff under Sheriff Wiley of Muscatine county. Sheriff Wiley however states that Klemdolph's claim is not justified, and that the man never qualified for the police or deputy sheriff.
    Klemdolph is proprietor of the Riverview dance pavilion at Muscatine and is proprietor of the Klemdolph R???ng company of that city.
    County Attorney John Weir is investigating the case and trial will probably be postponed until all witnesses have been subjected to examination. No charges have yet been filed against Klemdolph.
    Information obtained later today was to the effect that Klemdolph quarreled over an automobile motormeter at the inn becoming so angry that he shot at random.

Davenport Democrat and Leader
Davenport, Scott, Iowa
May 6, 1923

Wrecks Rented Ford in Taking Girl Friend Home from Resort.
    When his girl friend, whom he had taken to Hollywood Inn, declared she was sick early this morning, F. Burkett, 20, bellboy at the Blackhawk hotel, took her home in an auto he thought was his own, but which proved to be a Saunders system car, rented by Aleck Johnson of Silvis.
    Charged with joy riding, Burkett was fined $50 and costs by Police Magistrate Harold Metcalf this morning. In default of his fine, he was sent to Scott county jail for 17 days. The automobile he took at Hollywood was wrecked while he was driving it, but Burkett claims he can remember no accident. Harry Toon, Moline Saunders system agent, says the damage amounts to $86.
    "Your story sounds fishy to me", Magistrate Metcalf said in assessing Burkett's fine.
    Johnson and two Moline youths, R. Blackmore, 22, and G. Monroe, 23, obtained a Ford sedan from the car renting agency in Moline last night, using it for a "date" with three girls. Late in the evening they conveyed one of the girls to her home below Nahant, and then stopped at Hollywood Inn for lunch.
    While they were lunching, Burkett and his girl got into the Saunders sedan and drove away. Spectators notified Johnson and he dispatched his two friends on the chase. Monroe and Blackmore trailed Burkett to Davenport and then back to the inn, where it was discovered that the rear end of the sedan was crushed, and the rear wheels damaged.
    Burkett was brought to Davenport by Monroe and Blackmore. The three went to the local Saunders agency where they got into an argument. Police were called, and all three were arrested by Officers Kropp and Stafenbiel, at 5 o'clock this morning.
    Monroe, Blackmore and Burkett were fined costs of their cases on intoxication charges this morning. The joy riding charge was filed separately against Burkett.

Davenport Democrat and Leader
Davenport, Scott, Iowa
June 26, 1923

Warrant Issued for the Arrest of Frank O'Neil on Assault Charge.
    Frank O'Neil, who is accused of slapping and abusing Johnny Stanage, age two years, living near Nahant, is being sought today by city and county authorities. A warrant charging O'Neil with assault and battery has been filed by Assistant County Attorney John McSwiggin.
    According to the story told by authorities, O'Neil, who is courting the boy's mother, was left alone with the boy and his brother and sisters last night. In an attempt to quiet the boy O'Neil is alleged to have slapped him. The force of the blow knocked the baby down a flight of stairs.
    Members of the family told Sheriff William Brehmer last night that it was necessary to summon medical aid for the baby.

Davenport Democrat and Leader
Davenport, Scott, Iowa
July 8, 1923

Injunction Proceedings to Follow Raids Conducted by State and County.
Crow Creek Inn, Hollywood Inn and Helen Van Dale's Resort Searched.
    Closing at least three roadhouses in Scott county thru injunction proceedings was forecast Saturday by county officials following a series of raids conducted the night before by state, federal and county authorities on Hollywood Inn, Palmer's Inn and Crow Creek Inn in which eight men and three women were arrested, including Helen Van Dale, former queen of the old Rock Island underworld and reputed head of an interstate vice ring. Considerable whisky, wine and hooch was confiscated.
    The following were arrested and later released from the county jail on $500 appearance bonds pending their preliminary hearings in Justice Merle F. Wells court:
    James (Brick) Munro, proprietor of Hollywood Inn, John Allen and Fred McCarty, booked as bartenders and helpers at the Inn.
    LeRoy and Ed Gadient proprietors of the Inn at Crow Creek, located two miles east of Bettendorf.
    Helen Van Dale is held as the proprietoress of Palmer's Inn, located across the road from the Hollywood Inn, near Nahant. Edna Smith and W.W. Bennell, found at Helen's place, were booked as inmates. Helen's case is set for hearing on July 18th.
    In addition to raiding the three roadhouses, the authorities also visited the river shacks of Harry Hoffman and Sabin Bray in Rockingham township. Dora Reide, who was found at Hoffman's place, was booked as an inmate. Both Hoffman and Bray were arrested. Hooch was found at both places, the authorities say.
    Hoffman's and Bray's places are not considered roadhouses by the authorities for the reason that both buildings are mere shacks and do not enjoy the class patronage associated with Hollywood, Palmer's or Crow Creek Inn.
    Hoffman and Bray were arrested several weeks ago when federal and state authorities "mopped up" the river banks on both sides of the stream. Both pleaded guilty and also consented to the issuance of permanent injunctions against their places. Both stand a chance of being cited into court on contempt proceedings as a result of the raids.
    County authorities have no accurate check on the amount of the liquors seized and will not have until early this week. At the Hollywood Inn the raider secured a three gallon jug of hooch, two and one-half quarts of hooch a gallon and a pint of wine.
    A ten gallon jug of whisky was discovered at Crow Creek Inn together with eight bottles of hooch. A small amount of honor? was found at the Helen Van Dale place and also at Hoffman's and Bray's.

Follows Complaints.
    The raids were the results of repeated complaints made to city and county authorities. State Agent James Roden, who assisted Sheriff William Brehmer in Friday night's raids, declared Saturday that the state would invoke the injunction law and close the properties for a year. County Attorney John Weir announced that injunction proceedings would be filed as soon as the preliminary hearings have been held and his office notified of the evidence secured against the resorts.
    An attempt was made earlier in the year to secure injunction proceedings against the Hollywood Inn and also against Crow Creek Inn. The proceedings against Hollywood were started at a time when "Diamond Joe" Maloff was operating the resort. He disposed of the place to Munro and the injunction proceedings were dropped.
    In the Crow Creek Inn case a hearing was held before Judge W. W. Scott and a temporary restraining order was denied the state on the ground that the evidence of illegal sales was inadequate.

Running Young Girls.
    That the resorts are responsible for much of the delinquency to be found among the younger girls of the city and county is claimed by State Agent Risden. He claims young girls are invited to parties in the resorts and encouraged to drink.

Davenport Democrat and Leader
Davenport, Scott, Iowa
July 15, 1923

Temporary Injunctions Issued Against Hollywood and Crow Creek Inn.
    Proprietors of two of the three roadhouses raided by state, federal and county authorities on July 5 were enjoined by Judge F.D. Letts in district court Saturday from selling or keeping for sale any intoxicating liquors under penalty of contempt proceedings. The two resorts hit by the injunction law are the Hollywood Inn, located near Nahant, west of the city and the Crow Creek Inn, located two and one-half miles east of Bettendorf.
    The keepers of the third resort- Palmer's or Auto Inn, located across the road from the Hollywood Inn-have announced their intentions of resisting the state's attempt to obtain an injunction against the place. The resort is being conducted by Helen Van Dale, erstwhile queen of the old Rock Island underworld, and W.W. Bennell, and Edna Smith. The hearing has been continued until Aug. 6.
    Temporary injunctions were obtained by the state against James (Brick) Munro, F.M. McCarthy and John Allen as proprietors of Hollywood Inn, and Ed and LeRoy Gadient and Walter Sievert, proprietors of the Crow Creek Inn.
    Permanent injunctions against the above proprietors together with the owners of the premises will be sought by the state at the next term of court.
    The independent Real Estate company, named in the state's application as the owner of Hollywood Inn, ?led an answer yesterday, disclaiming ownership in the property. The company, thru its attorneys, Thuenen & Thuenen, claims the property was sold some time ago. James Hendrych, of Bettendorf, is the owner of Crow Creek Inn.

Davenport Democrat and Leader
Davenport, Scott, Iowa
Aug 17, 1923

Thinks Woman Took Gem From Finger After Inn Party Last Night.
    A man giving his name as Otto Harbeck notified police, at 2:30 o'clock this morning, that a valuable diamond ring had been stolen from his finger while he was asleep at Hollywood Inn, Nahant, last night.
     Harbeck said that he suspected the woman, with whom he had been talking, of the theft.
    Police are investigating the case.

Davenport Democrat and Leader
Davenport, Scott, Iowa
January 13, 1924

Sheriff Office Convinced Hollywood Blaze Was Work of Incendiary.
    That tramps may have set fire to Hollywood Inn is the opinion of Sheriff William Brehmer and his aides following an investigation of the fire which gutted the upper floor of the 22-room roadhouse near Nahant early Friday. Fire department officials, who inspected the ruins following the fire, are also of the opinion that the fire was started by someone, either accidentally or for revenge. This phase of the case is being investigated by the sheriff's office.

Davenport Democrat and Leader
Davenport, Scott, Iowa
Monday Evening, June 16, 1924

John Ruge, Armed With Revolver and Shot Gun, Taken Into Custody.
    A fight between two rival river gangs over women and booze culminated in the arrest of "Gampy" Powers, John Ruge, 1440 West Lombard  street, and two others by Marshal Homer Ashcraft and his deputies near Rockingham Sunday.
    Ruge, who was armed with a revolver and a shotgun, was taken into custody near Linwood after the Rockingham authorities had trailed him for several miles. Ruge and a friend, according to Ashcraft, were cruising around in a flivver apparently looking for someone.
    Powers and his two companions were booked on charges of intoxication and will be arraigned before Mayor H.E. Kohlhammer tonight. Ruge is being held on a state charge and will also be arraigned before the mayor at the same time as Powers.
    The Rockingham authorities failed to reach the scene of the fight on the River road until after the battlers had fled. Witnesses said several shots were exchanged and that one man was stabbed. Marshal Ashcraft said today he had been unable to verify the report.
    When Ruge was taken into custody he had a quantity of ammunition in his pockets and in the car as tho he was looking for trouble. He refused to talk and is being held in the county jail pending his hearing.

Davenport Democrat and Leader
Davenport, Scott, Iowa
Aug 7, 1924

Hendricks of Nahant Assures Court Officials "He'll Quit Business."
    Pleading guilty to a state charge of manufacturing intoxicating liquor in violation of the prohibition laws, Pat Hendricks, hotel proprietor, owner of a grocery store and lunch counter in Nahant, was fined $200 and costs by Judge W.W. Scott in district court late Wednesday. He paid the fine.
    Hendrick's fleet of houseboats which he has converted into lodging quarters, lunch room and grocery store for the accommodation of railway shop workers, was raided by Sheriff William Brehmer and Federal Prohibition Agent Roy Muhs Tuesday evening. Seven 50 gallon barrels of mash, 26 pints of hooch, several gallons of moonshine whisky and a 30 gallon still were confiscated.
    Following his arraignment in district court Hendricks announced his intentions of retiring from the distilling business and consented to the issuance of a permanent liquor injunction against his property.

Davenport Democrat and Leader
Davenport, Scott, Iowa
November 17, 1924

    When their lawyers failed to appear in police court this morning, Jimmy Osborn and Will "Country" Davis, both colored lads, asked that their case be continued until Tuesday.
    Osborn and Davis are charged with stealing $230 from Walter Clay, colored, at the Nahant boat yard election day. The money was said to have been taken from a shack at the boat yard when it was left there by Clay. Osborn, in a written statement, has confessed to police.

Davenport Democrat and Leader
Davenport, Scott, Iowa
May 1, 1925

Fire Destroys Nahant Rooming House With an Estimated Loss of $4,000.
    When Mrs. Pearl Kelly* of Chicago arrives in Nahant late today or early tomorrow with her household goods to take possession of her property, she will find awaiting her a heap of blackened timbers and smoking ruins as the result of a fire which leveled the two-story frame rooming and boarding house causing an estimated loss of between $4,000 and $5,000.
    Mrs. May Collins, and her two children, who occupied the property, narrowly escaped death when flames threatened their rooms on the second floor. Several roomers also had narrow escapes.
    Three fire companies from Davenport were called to the scene shortly after 3 o'clock and succeeded, after laying 3,000 feet of hose, in saving a one-story kitchen adjoining the main building on the south. Two fire rigs became mired in the mud and had to be pulled out with the aid of a tractor.
    The origin of the fire is a mystery. Fire Chief Peter Denger expressed the belief that the fire started in the basement probably near the furnace. An explosion followed the sweep of the fire thru the first floor of the structure.
    Mrs. Collins, who was preparing to vacate the property today, lost practically all her household furniture and furnishings.
    Mrs. Kelly, the owner, is moving here by truck with the intentions of re-occupying the building, according to information furnished the firemen.
    The property is located to the east of the Mississippi Hotel, scene of a disastrous fire two years ago. The hotel property, which was closed under a court injunction order at the time of the fire is now being remodeled.

Stranger Takes Money.
    In addition to the loss of most of her household furniture, Mrs. Collins also lost $150 which she had accumulated with the intentions of using the money to pay off certain obligations she owed. Another roomer, whose name firemen did not learn, claims to have lost $200 which she had hidden under her pillow.
    The $150 which Mrs. Collins claims to have lost was hidden in a dresser drawer. This drawer was carried out by Assistant Fire Chief James Quinn and was issued over to a man at the door who claimed he was the owner. The fireman, unaware of the presence of money in the drawer, turned the contents over to the stranger, assuming that he was the lawful owner.
    Mrs. Collins was endeavoring this afternoon to locate the stranger and her $150.

* Probably Pearl Buergel Foley Kelly.

Davenport Democrat and Leader
Davenport, Scott, Iowa
July 24, 1925

W. Settle Found Near River in Unconscious Condition; Recovers.
    Hooch nearly caused the death of William Settle, 509 1/2 Brady street ,who was found in an unconscious condition last night near the ice house of the Davenport Ice Co, on the river road near Nahant. He was found lying a short distance west of the ice company's chutes near the river by Rockingham marshals who at first believed Settle had been slugged and robbed.
    Davenport police and Sheriff Martin's office were notified. Settle was rushed to Mercy  hospital and County Physician Dr. G.W. Doolen was called. The man was in a serious condition and it was only after prompt action that he rallied.
    Dr. Doolen said this morning that there was some indication that Settle might have taken poison, but there was nothing to prove this belief. He was unconscious and in a serious condition when taken to the hospital, but he had recovered and was discharged today.
    He has been involved in numerous police and court cases and has a record here and in Rock Island for intoxication, bootlegging and disturbing the peace.

Davenport Democrat and Leader
Davenport, Scott, Iowa
April 9, 1926

    George Monroe, of Nahant, who was found lying unconscious at Fourth and Brady streets last night, was sentenced to five days in jail when unable to pay costs. He is 18 years old.

Davenport Democrat and Leader
Davenport, Scott, Iowa
October 17, 1926


    Juan Perez, 27 years of age, C.R.I.P. railway section laborer who formerly lived in a box car near Nahant, was found dead by the side of the right-of-way at the old River Road road crossing east of Nahant by a train crew passing the scene at 4 a.m. Saturday.
    Coroner J.D. Cantwell, after investigating the death, stated that he was convinced that Perez was struck by a train altho there are no witnesses to verify his belief, and that he would not hold an inquest.
    According to members of the Nahant round house Perez received word Friday that he was to report for work at the Union depot tracks in Davenport on Saturday and that he left Nahant at 10 p.m. Friday night taking a suit case of clothes with him. Coroner Cantwell expressed the belief that Perez had been struck a glancing blow by a train while attempting to step out of its way and that the force of the blow had caused fatal injuries.
    A theory, later abandoned, was that Perez had met with foul play. Members of the train crew which found the body notified police and they in turn called the coroner. Clyde Crouse and Henry Lusfield, railroad employes, told the coroner that they thought Perez attempted to board the train at the crossing. Train No. 12 on the C.R.I. & P. railway is thought to have been the train which killed Perez, according to the Coroner's report.
    Perez had been employed at the Nahant yards the past year and lived in a box car near there. He had never married and had no relatives in Davenport. The body was taken to the M.V. Boies Co. mortuary pending possible word from relatives out of town.

Davenport Democrat and Leader
Davenport, Scott, Iowa
Thursday evening, Dec 9, 1926

Widow of Former Cafe Owner to Succeed "Brick" Munro.
    Mrs. Florence Shaffer, widow of the late Charles Shaffer, prominent restaurant owner, was scheduled to take possession of the Mississippi Hotel at Nahant today, according to information furnished the sheriff's office which has been temporarily in charge of the property following the filing of landlord's lien proceedings against James (Brick) Munro, former tenant.
    Munro, who has operated the hotel for several months, vacated the property late yesterday preparatory to turning the premises over to Mrs. Shaffer, who has leased the hotel from J.W. Ryan, the owner.
    A watchman, employed by the sheriff's office, was instructed to surrender possession of the hotel to Mrs. Shaffer.

Davenport Democrat and Leader
Davenport, Scott, Iowa
December 27, 1926

Former Underworld Queen and Companion Chased by Cops; Damaged Police Car
    Vic Clesieski, driving an automobile owned by Helen Van Dale, former underworld queen and one of the star witnesses in the Looney conspiracy case, was arrested shortly before 1 o'clock Sunday morning near Nahant where he was chased by police officers whose car he had hit. Clesieski and Helen Van Dale who was in the car with him are at liberty on bail of $50 posted following his arrest on a charge of reckless driving.
    The driver and his companion were caught after a long chase during which officers fired shots and finally punctured two tires.
    A police machine in which Officers Fred Werner and Ben Geerts had been riding was parked in the 3700 block on Rockingham road when Clesieski rammed into it. The officers were not in the car at the time. They found the police machine damaged and one flat tire.
    They set out to overtake Clesieski who tried to get away. He headed down the river road toward Nahant with the policemen in pursuit. He turned into a side road in an effort to elude the officers who came upon him as he was examining the damage done the Van Dale woman's car. Clesieski jumped in the car, a new Essex sedan, failed to heed the officers' order to stop and started away.
    Officer Geerts, an old army man and one of the best marksmen on the department, drew his revolver and shot holes in the two rear tires as the automobile was being driven away.
    When Clesieski and his companion were brought to police headquarters, the woman said her name was Mrs. Reece and she said she lived in the vicinity of Nahant. They explained that they believed the policemen were holdup men, but they did not explain why they failed to stop to determine what damage they had done to the police machine.
    Clesieski was released on bond and is to have a hearing in police court this afternoon.

Davenport Democrat and Leader
Davenport, Scott, Iowa
Feb 10, 1927

    Ed Brehmer and Mrs. Florence Shaffer, arrested this morning at the Mississippi hotel, Nahant, were given suspended jail sentences by Police Magistrate John J. McSwiggin before whom they were arraigned on a charge of disturbing the peace. Mrs. Shaffer, who operates the hotel, charged that Brehmer struck her Wednesday night and threatened to kill her. He denied the charges.
    Brehmer was ordered to remain away from the hotel or go to jail for 30 days. Mrs. Shaffer who had been drinking and admitted it, was given a 30 day jail sentence which was suspended during good behavior.

Davenport Democrat and Leader
Davenport, Scott, Iowa
March 21, 1927

Two Held Pending Inquiry
Ed Brehmer and Mrs. Florence Shaffer in Jail;
Carl Brandt Victim.
Authorities Not Notified by Physician;
Charge Effort to Cover Up.


     Carl Brandt, 72 years of age, 627 Division street, is dead and Ed Brehmer and Mrs. Florence Shaffer, 126 East Sixth street, are being held as material witnesses following a fight which took place at Mrs. Shaffer's home, Six and Perry streets, Saturday night when Brandt's neck was broken and his skull was fractured during a fight with Brehmer. Mrs. Shaffer is the widow of the late Charles Shaffer, well known cafe owner. No formal charge had been filed against either Mrs. Shaffer or Brehmer this morning while police continued to investigate circumstances surrounding the case which was brought to their attention at 2 o'clock Sunday afternoon.
    Brandt died at the Davenport hospital shortly after one o'clock Saturday afternoon.
    Brehmer, in a statement made Sunday admits having struck Brandt early Saturday night. According to Brehmer's statement made to police officers and Assistant County Attorney Leon A Grapes, the fight occurred about 7 o'clock Saturday night.
    At 11:35 Saturday night police were asked to send an ambulance to the Shaffer home to take a man to the Davenport hospital on orders of Dr. D.G. Kreul. According to ambulance officers they were told that Brandt had fallen down stairs and had suffered an injury which was not serious. He was unconscious at the time he was taken from the Shaffer home. Ambulance officers reported him sick on their record and no further report was made at headquarters until Sunday afternoon when Coroner J.D. Cantwell informed police of facts brought out after Brandt's death.

Physician Censured.
    Chief of Police Louis Eckhardt said this morning that the attending physician should have notified police what had happened and officers would have investigated.
    The ambulance officers were not given the correct and true information as they should have been given." Chief Eckhardt said. "It appears that an effort was made to cover up the entire affair."
    County Attorney John Weir declared he found it very difficult to obtain information regarding the case when it was brought to his attention Sunday.
    "Somebody sent in the wrong report and led the ambulance men to believe that Brandt was sick when in reality he was seriously injured as the result of an affair which should have been brought to the attention of police. The affair should have been reported to police at the time it happened.
    "Fortunately the persons who are wanted in connection with the affair were located without much difficulty. The way the case was handled indicates that some one was at fault."
    Dr. D.G. Kreul, when asked today regarding the case, said he realized Brandt was seriously injured, but that he had hoped he could recover. He declared that because of certain conditions which existed and because of the condition of Mrs. Shaffer he did not notify police what had occurred nor did he tell the ambulance attendants the facts in the case and manner in which Brandt was injured. Dr. Kreul said he found no evidence that Brandt had been drinking.

Brehmer Talks.
    Brahmer's statement made in writing follows:
    "My name is Ed Brehmer and I have been living with Mrs. Florence Shaffer at 126 East Sixth street. In the forenoon of March 19, we got a bottle from Jim Porter and had some drinks there. Mrs. Shaffer and I were drinking. Mrs. Shaffer went to see her attorney and I met her at Vescio's candy store on Second street. Nick Coin came along in a car and hauled us, Mrs. Shaffer and myself home. She gave him $12 in the alley by her house for some alcohol he was to deliver.
    "This was about 5 p.m. About 6:20 or 7 p.m. the alcohol had not come yet so Mrs. Shaffer went to the neighbor's to phone. When she came back the fellow was there with the alcohol. She was gone about 15 minutes.
    "I went back to get some water to mix with the alcohol. There were three men standing by the red barn or garage. One of these men hit me on the back of the head. One of the men was Brandt. I didn't know who the other two were. I ran back into the house and Brandt followed me in. To my best recollection he was the only one who came into the house.
    "We had a fight and I knocked Brandt into the northeast corner of the back hallway. He did not get up. I was cut on the right eye, but did not see Brandt or anyone have a knife. Mrs. Shaffer came from the west side of the house and said 'What did you do?'  I told her I had protected myself. Mrs. Shaffer called Dr. Kreul and after he bandaged my head he told me to leave so I did."
    Jim Porter, to whom Brehmer refers, is a colored bootlegger who has been arrested on state and federal charges and was recently arrested on a federal liquor law violation charge shortly after having served a jail sentence for bootlegging.
Woman Denies Story.
    Mrs. Shaffer was questioned Sunday afternoon when she was taken into custody. She did not make a formal statement, but she did deny statements made by Brehmer regarding what occurred at her home prior to the fight. She denied there had been any drinking and declared there was no liquor purchased or drank by her or in her presence Saturday night.
    She was recently arrested with Brehmer at the Mississippi Hotel in Nahant where they had been drinking and quarreling. She operates the hotel at Nahant. At that time she and Brehmer were given a 30-day jail sentence which were suspended during good behavior.
    Brehmer was arrested at the Mississippi hotel Sunday afternoon. When brought to police headquarters, officers said he was under the influence of liquor. The back of his head was cut and there was a long gash in his forehead. He was ordered held without bond pending an investigation. Police said he threatened to hang himself Sunday night when he was transferred from the city hall lockup to the county jail.
    Officers went to the hotel in Nahant after Mrs. Shaffer made a complaint regarding his conduct there.

Inquest Tonight.
    Coroner J.D. Cantwell will conduct an inquest at 7:30 tonight at the city hall where several witnesses will be called.
    A post-mortem examination showed Brandt's skull was fractured. The fracture extended the coroner said, from  a point near the right eye around the right side and to the back of the head. There was a blood clot found at the back of Brandt's head and two vertebrae were dislocated.
    He lived with his sister, Mrs. Fritz Thorsen, 627 Division street, his nearest surviving relative. He had been employed at the Shaffer restaurant for about two years before the place was closed. He was a gardener.
    Members of the Thorsen family said today that Mrs. Shaffer came to their home Saturday night to tell them the condition of Brandt but she failed to inform them just how he had been injured.
    No report was made to police until the coroner called headquarters Sunday afternoon. Brandt, who was beaten and bleeding about the head, was place in bed after the fight, police said. The blood had been removed from his face and head when ambulance attendants went to the Shaffer home to take him to the hospital. Their suspicions were not aroused and they did not report the case as an accident, but wrote the word "sick" after Brandt's name on ambulance records.
    Authorities were inclined to believe today that an effort had been made to keep the matter secret and for that reason no report of the fight was made to police until after Brandt's death.
    Police have been unable to establish the identity of two men who were with Brandt according to Brehmer's statement. A detailed story of the affair is expected to be brought out at the inquest tonight.
    The remains were taken to the Runge funeral home where strictly private services will be held Tuesday at 2:30 p.m. Interment will be at Fairmount cemetery.

Davenport Democrat and Leader
Davenport, Scott, Iowa
November 17, 1927

    Richard Jackson, colored, arrested Wednesday night in Nahant, where he was found in a box car by a special officer of the C.M. & St. P. railroad, was brought into police court this morning in custody of Deputy Sheriff John Jensen who filed a charge of vagrancy against Jackson. There was a fire in the box car the deputy said. Jackson, whose home is in Oklahoma, said he did not start the fire.
    He was sentenced to serve ten days in the county jail. While he is serving his jail sentence, his record will be investigated.

Davenport Democrat and Leader
Davenport, Scott, Iowa
June 19, 1929

To Enlarge Nahant Yards; Ask City to Vacate Miller Street.
    Expenditures of approximately $100,000 for the expansion of the Nahant yards is planned for the immediate future by the Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul & Pacific railroad, it was learned today following a request made to the committee of the whole of the city council that Miller street, in the Rockingham district be vacated.
    Plans include the extension of old tracks and the addition of new ones to a total of more than a 1,000 feet of additional space. H.F. Gibson, of Ottumwa, division superintendent of the Kansas City division of the road, under whose jurisdiction Nahant is included, is expected here today to outline detailed plans for the expansion.
    The request for the vacation of Miller street was presented to the committee of the whole by N.H. Tunnicliff for the Milwaukee. The matter was referred to the streets committee, the superintendent of public construction, the city attorney and the ward alderman, George Tank.
    Miller street is in close proximity to the point where the railroad wishes to make its improvements, Mr. Tunnicliff said. The street is not used much and is not in condition to permit much traffic he told the aldermen. Some squatters have built shacks on part of the street which, he said, serves no particular purpose.