McCausland "Town Gossip"

Daily Times
Davenport, Scott, Iowa
Friday, August 3, 1906


     M'CAUSLAND, Ia., Aug 1- Mr. and Mrs. Ferd Rasch are the proud parents of a little son born July 22.
     We are all glad to learn that Mrs. J.J. Martin, who has been on the sick list, is slowly improving.
     Mrs. A.J. Wright, son Loyal and mother, Mrs. W.G. Swartz, were Princeton callers last week.
     Mrs. D.M. Allison of Maquoketa, Ia., is here visiting her husband, D.M. Allison.
Daily Times
Davenport, Scott, Iowa
Tuesday, Feb. 26, 1907

    M'CAUSLAND, Ia., Feb. 22- A happy little visitor came to the home of J.J. Martin last week. A 10-pound baby boy.
    We are all sorry to hear of the death of Frank Ingraham, the well known farmer, whose death occurred at Des Moines last week.
    Pat Hirl shipped two carloads of hogs last week.
    Mrs. Hattie Garker spent Sunday with her daughter, Mrs. Chas Walker of Davenport.
    Mrs. Chas Sheridan Jr and family spent a few days with Chas Sheridan, Sr of Gambril, Iowa.
    Miss Hazel is on the sick list but is improving.
    Jacob Petersen, D. Bramer and James Carter leave for South Dakota next week where they will farm.
    Chas Arkie is moving on to the arm he bought from John Tullmer.
    L. Marshall of Meadsville, Mo., moved onto the farm owned by the Ed Morey estate. Mr. Marshall has 85 Missouri mules with him.
    F.J. Lessin received a car of salt last Tuesday.
    The death of Mrs Augton was quite a shock to the people around here. She lived with her daughter, Mrs. Thomas Hudson, who lived on the Ed Morey estate farm, west of town.
    John Stertchtes moved on the farm owned by Hattie Garber, formerly owned by Geo. Bishop.
    Wm. Mooney who has been on the sick list is improving.