Davenport Democrat - Thursday, May 27, 1880.  Jim Delaney, a notorious
character and jail bird was shot dead in a quarrel with one Bryon Reynolds
last night at Farley, IA.  The latter claims he acted in self defense.

Davenport Democrat - Friday, May 28, 1880.  John Adams Drake the found of
Drakesville, IA, who died at Centerville a few days ago was born in North
Carolina October 22, 1802.  In 1837 he settled in Fort Madison, where he
lived until 1846 when he went to Davis Co. and started the village that
bears his name.  He was the father of General Drake of Centerville, and of
thirteen other children.

Davenport Democrat - Sunday, May 23, 1880.  Jesse C. Deerman, a brakeman on
the C.R. I. & P. road, fell from the top of a freight train near Iowa City
and was cut to pieces.

Davenport Democrat - Tuesday, May 25, 1880.  Died -- In this city Monday,
May 25th, 1880, of scarlet fever, Anna, only daughter of Rudolph Tiedemann,
aged five years and three months.  Funeral at 10 a.m. tomorrow, from the
residence of the parents, number 412 W. 3rd St.

Davenport Democrat - Out near Walnut Grove in Butler Twp., day before
yesterday, Mr. Morgan Orendorf killed a wolf and seven cubs, which he
discovered in a hollow log on his farm.  He brought their scalps to County
Auditor Winkers today and received $26.00 bounty for them.

Davenport Democrat - Cards are sent out for the wedding of Miss Sarah E.
Collins and Mr. Watson Graham, which takes place Thursday, June 3rd.

Davenport Democrat - Mr. & Mrs. Henry Koehler leave for Europe this evening.
  They go to Milan where they have a son at school, to Vienna, and to Italy,
intending to spend several months in the latter county.

Davenport Democrat - Ward Decker and his brother Lew were arrested at Amata,
IA on Monday, for dealing in counterfeit money.

Submitted by Gloria Irwin