NOTE that several volunteers have left this page because of rude behavior or because they were overwhelmed with requests for info other than what was mentioned they would specifically do lookups for. Please remember these are VOLUNTEERS and ask only for information these VOLUNTEERS have specified they will do lookups on. A thank-you when you receive information would be nice also.


Blue Grass Cemetery Records

My husband is on the Blue Grass Cemetery Board and I am in possession of the original, OFFICIAL burial records for the Blue Grass Cemetery Association. This is a privately owned and operated cemetery by the Blue Grass Cemetery Association and is not affiliated with the town of Blue Grass. The records are maintained by and solely belong to the Cemetery Board. The board is aware that I have volunteered to do lookups for free and are very supportive.

Sandra Tennyson

I have the 1931 Davenport City Directory and am willing to do lookups

Christine Murcia

Tombstone Photos. See tombstone photos page. This is not a free service. Inquire of Lynda Paxton for details. Put "Tombstone Photo Request" in your subject line or your request may be overlooked.

Lynda Paxton

1910 Davenport High School Yearbook.

Jim Garber

1938 Davenport High School Yearbook.

Elaine Rathmann

I own a 1962 copy of "The Wheel" from Saint Katharines Boarding/Day School, and will be happy to do lookups.

See Also Random Acts of Genealogical Kindness

If you have any books, cds, or other source of info related to Scott County and are willing to do lookups please let me know. Volunteer to do Lookups