No. 78 N. Range No.4 East of the 5th Meridian

Bordered on the North by Butler Township, on the South by Davenport & Pleasant Valley, on the East by LeClaire and Princeton Townships, on the West by Sheridan Township.  

(Although sections in townships read from right to left beginning with 1 to 6 and 7 being directly below 6 and reading then left to right to 12, etc., for the ease of transcription I will begin with 1 from left to right. For whatever reason the Lincoln Township maps are missing sections 1, 12,13,24,25,36. I have copied, verbatim, all abbreviations, misspellings and mistakes).

Transcribed by Lyn Batdorf


SECTION 1                          SECTION 2                         SECTION 3
Missing                            Geo W Holst                       Ferdinand Amhoff
                                   Robt Kilpatrick                   Claus H Moeller
                                   Adolph P Arp                      Celia Schneckloth
                                   Jno R Henry                       Henry Schroeder

SECTION 4                          SECTION 5                         SECTION 6
Peter Wiese                        Hy W Sierk                        Emil Priester
Nicholas Denklau                   Nicholaus Denklau                 Fritz Priester
Chas Krambeck                      Henry Schneckloth                 Peter Wiese
Henry Schneckloth                  Mrs Laura Schneckloth             Peter Schneckloth
Ferd Amhoff                               Kuhl et al                 Alice E Dougherty Extrx
Mrs Laura Schneckloth              Fredericke Rohlfs
      Kuhl et al                   C Hy Larsen
                                   Fritz Priester

SECTION 7                          SECTION 8                         SECTION 9
Nick Denklau                       Leonard Schaff                    Mrs Laura Schneckloth
Adolph D Mohr                      Minnie Zabel                      Kuhl et al
Leonard Schaff                     Theo Zabel                        Ferd Amhoff
Gustav Schneckloth                 R E Cressey                       Henry Stutt
                                   Hans J Brockmann Est              Albert Zabel
                                                                     August Ruch
                                                                     Ottilie Cool
                                                                     Mrs Thos W Martin

SECTION 10                         SECTION 11                        SECTION 12
Chas H Moeller                     James W Doyle                     Missing
Celia Schneckloth                  Marg A Hirl
Alfred F Lage                      Thos McKinney
Edw Elmegreen                      Rudolph Moeller
Chas Vogt                          Marg Robinson
Geo A Martin                       Hy & Ella Kluever
Wm Martin
Detl Bergert

SECTION 13                         SECTION 14                        SECTION 15
Missing                            Geo W Mess                        B F Bonnell
                                   Margt Birney                      Chas Vogt
                                   Mary A Duncan                     Laura Elmegreen
                                   Dan B Horne                       Fred Krambeck
                                   C E Glynn                         J M Drenter
                                   Wm Gruenwold                      Hy F Hermann
                                   Edw Speer                         Edw Speer

SECTION 16                         SECTION 17                        SECTION 18
Peter Schneckloth                  Henry Stutt Jr                    Ed Badtrain
Henry Moeller                      Chas Schneckloth                  Gustav Schneckloth
Chas Zabel                         Rudolph Moeller                   Orf Diedrich
Hy F Hermann                                                         Rudolph Koch
H Gruenhagen                                                         Abel Wellendorf
Rud J Wiese
SECTION 19                         SECTION 20                        SECTION 21
Claus M Meyer                      Geo K Freund                      Robt T Wiese
Emil J Mohr                        Leonora Hagedorn                  W D Kepler
Henry C Moeller                    Hy F Hermann                      Sarah A Walker
Wm M Clausen                       Julius Groenwoldt                 Mary J Kipe
                                   Minna Oetzmann                    Martha E Yocum
                                                                     Chas Kreiter
                                                                     Celia Schneckloth Est
                                                                     Jno Kluever

SECTION 22                         SECTION 23                        SECTION 24
O M Drenter                        Wm Gruenwald                      Missing
J M Drenter                        C E Glynn
Edw Speer                          Edw Speer
Jno H Barr                         Fred Krambeck
Emil John                          Cummery E Jones
Walter H Sawyer                    C Max Poenitz
W D Kepler                         Ella H Hiteman Life
Jno M Drenter                               Est
                                   P N Classen

SECTION 25                         SECTION 26                        SECTION 27
Missing                            D T Wilson                        Claus Jahn
                                   Jas H Wilson                      Carrie Harding
                                   Emaline Baker                     Wm Ihms
                                   Scott W Barr                      Adela & John Leppten
                                   C Max Poenitz                     Hy W Klindt
                                   Ella H Hiteman Life               H E Sawyer
                                          Est.                       Canada Barr
                                   P N Classen                       Max Burrmann
SECTION 28                         SECTION 29                        SECTION 30
Minna Oetzmann                     Frank Claussen                    George J Ruhberg
Martha E Yocum                     Frank Gaghagen                    Nick J Schnack
Gustav Eckermann Sr                Minna Oetzmann                    Geo A Gaghagen
Ora Drenter                        Henry D Lau                       Samantha M Gagehagen
Wm T Goettsch                      Emil Lehmkuhl                     W B Murray
Gust Eckerman Jr                   Julius Lehmkuhl                   Ferd & Emma Baustian
Wm & Mathilda Kreiter                                                Walter Koch
Meta Meyer
Adela & John Leppten

SECTION 31                         SECTION 32                        SECTION 33
John Koch                          C H Lippold                       Wm C Schaefer
Annie Wiese                        Christ Lehmkuhl                   Richard Copley
Henry Koch                         Wm P Schwartz                     Henry Schroeder
Chas W Lau                         Wm C Schaefer                     Jurgen Oetzmann
W B Murray                         Hans Emil Doerscher               Hermann Moeller
Ferd & Emma Baustian               Wm Ruge
Jorgen Hansen                      Wm O Schmidt et al
Hy Kreiter                         Richard Copley

SECTION 34                         SECTION 35                        SECTION 36
H E Sawyer                         Alvin W Wilson                    Missing
Hy W Klindt                        C H Watkins
Meta M Klindt                      J Holst
Jurgen Oetzman                     John Ravenhill
Hermann Moeller                    Jas H Wilson
Julius E Schluensen                D T Wilson
Emil Moeller                       Scott W Barr
D L Wertz                          Canada Barr
D L W Adm.
Alvin W Wilson
Canada B Barr