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No. 78 N. Range No.4 East of the 5th Meridian

Bordered on the North by Butler Township, on the South by Davenport & Pleasant Valley, on the East by LeClaire and Princeton Townships, on the West by Sheridan Township.  

(Although sections in townships read from right to left beginning with 1 to 6 and 7 being directly below 6 and reading then left to right to 12, etc., for the ease of transcription I will begin with 1 from left to right. For whatever reason the Lincoln Township maps are missing sections 1, 12,13,24,25,36. I have copied, verbatim, all abbreviations, misspellings and mistakes).

Transcribed by Lyn Batdorf

SECTION 1                               SECTION 2                                     SECTION 3
Missing                                 John C Holst                                  Ernst Muller
                                        James Henry                                   Claus H Moller
                                        Detlev Arp                                    Henry Schroeder
                                        Wm Speer                                      Hans A Schnekloth
                                        John R Henry

SECTION 4                               SECTION 5                                     SECTION 6
Anna M Wiggers                          August Gruenwoldt                             Fritz Priester
Christian J Koch                        Nic Denklau                                   Christopher Hacker
Peter Wiese                             Amalie Klindt                                 Fredk Baustian
Peter Klindt Est                        Lena Schneckloth                              Edward Dougherty
Lena Schneckloth                        Jochim Schneckloth                            Jacob Hoselton Est
Jochim Schneckloth                      Thomas Schneckloth                            Fr. Bastian
George N Amhof                          Christopher Hacker

SECTION 7                               SECTION 8                                     SECTION 9
Israel Barr                             Israel Barr                                   Jochim Schneckloth
Nic Denklau                             L. C. Stanley                                 George N Amhoff
Christian Rohlf                         W H Stanley                                   Henry Stutt
Hiram Goodwin                           Robert C McNary                               George Martin
Claus Schneckloth                       Claus Horst                                   Rudolph Ruch
                                                                                      Maria Ruch
                                                                                      Chas Rochau

SECTION 10                              SECTION 11                                    SECTION 12
Edward Dougherty                        Michael James & Pat Hirl                      Missing
Hans A Schneckloth                      Michael Hirl
Ferd Lage                               Joel O Jamison
Chas Vogt                               Nancy Nuzum
John Vogt                               Mary J McKinney
George Martin                           Margt Ralston
Nic Martin                              C M Jamison
James Martin                            Jas Hirl

SECTION 13                              SECTION 14                                    SECTION 15
Missing                                 Chas Vogt                                     John Nuzum
                                        Jane Birney                                   John Vogt
                                        Margt Birney                                  Chas Vogt
                                        Mary A Duncan                                 B.F. Bonnell
                                        Fritz Stroh                                   Geo C Gast
                                        W.D. Jones                                    Hy M Gast
                                        W.H. Jones                                    John Drenter
                                        Hannah M Jones                                Benjamin Criswell

SECTION 16                              SECTION 17                                    SECTION 18
Peter Schneckloth                       Henry Stutt                                   Claus Schneckloth
Chas Moeller                            Wm Moeller                                    James Guinan Est
Jacob C Highley                         George Staffe                                 Thomas Guinan
Charles Schneckloth                     Jochim Schneckloth                            Henry Koch
Hy M Gast                                                                             Henry Wellendorf
Jochim Wiese
Claus Schwartz
SECTION 19                              SECTION 20                                    SECTION 21
Claus H Meyer                           Ferd H Moeller                                Jochim Wiese
John H Mohr                             Christian Hagedorn                            W. Kepler
Henry Moeller                           Jochim Schneckloth Est                        Samuel McDowell
John Gaghagen                           August Gruenwoldt                             John Kluever
                                        Henry Gertz                                   William yocum

SECTION 22                              SECTION 23                                    SECTION 24
W. Kepler                               Benjamin Criswell                             Missing
John M Drenter                          W D Jones
Benjamin Criswell                       W H Jones
John H Barr                             Thomas Criswell
Emil Jahn                               Mary Ellan Jones
Mary E Thompson                         J A. Jones
                                        Mary Jones
                                        John Port Sen
                                        James Porter
                                        Richard Proudfoot

SECTION 25                              SECTION 26                                    SECTION 27
Missing                                 John Port Sen                                 Emil John
                                        James Porter1                                 Peter Hurst
                                        Richard Proudfoot                             Valentine Vogt
                                        Mahala Barr                                   Mary E. Thompson
                                        David T Wilson Est                            Claus Klindt
                                        James H Wilson                                Lucius Collins
                                                                                      Henry Ott
                                                                                      John Port Jr
                                                                                      William Barr
                                                                                      James H Wilson
SECTION 28                              SECTION 29                                    SECTION 30
Gustav Eckerman                         Henry Gertz                                   Heinrich Fellner
I C Yocum                               John Gaghagen Est                             John Gaghagen Est
Henry Gertz                             Peter N Lau Est                               Rudolph Koch
James Yocum                             Hans Plogmann                                 B Murray
Catherina Moore                         Chr Lemkuhl                                   John Baustian
Aug Gruenwoldt
Claus Klindt

SECTION 31                              SECTION 32                                    SECTION 33
Wm B Murray                             Hans Plogmann                                 Michael Gittens
John Baustian                           C A Ficke                                     Allen J Greene
Peter N Lau Est                         Hans C Doerscher                              Jurgen Olzmann Est
Thos W Copley                           Peter Schneckloth                             John Alexander
J C Murray                              Adam S Black                                  Hy Schroeder
Ernest Ihms                             Ad S Black
Louis Schroeder                         Michael Gittens
Hy Ade Est                              Christian Schwartz
Henry Wiese                             Christ Lehmkuhl

SECTION 34                              SECTION 35                                    SECTION 36
Lucius Collins                          Wm Barr                                       Missing
Henry Ott                               Hy Matzen
Hy Matzen                               James H Wilson
Peter Hagedorn                          David T Wilson Est
Jurgen Olzmann Est                      James H Wilson
Wm Wetstone                             John Ravenhill
John Alexander                          George Hyde
Wm Barr